Heather’s Hiding 2

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I woke early the following morning before it was light with Stephen sound asleep beside me. I’d asked him to stay, as he’d given me two more wonderful orgasms with his tongue and was well on his way to achieving my third when I cut him off short and ordered him between my legs for a nice slow and sensual fucking. He’d risen to the occasion so to speak, and over the next forty minutes or so I enjoyed a very reserved but purposeful ride with his thick cock well inside me, never taking more than half of it out at any time, as he pumped away at perhaps ten or twelve strokes per minute. This caused his pubis to grind against my clitoris for most of the time, and I’d enjoyed a further two explosive orgasms and a good few mini cums over the period. In the end I’d dug my finger nails into his arse cheeks and told him to ride me hard and fast. I could feel my orgasm building again as he pounded away at my cunt and after no more than a minute or so I was right on the edge. I quickly slipped my forefinger up his arsehole which set him off no end, and he bucked and moaned and pumped his seed deep into my fanny. I’d locked my legs around his back and thrust my cunt against his pubis and had a phenomenal orgasm with my whole body trembling and my vaginal muscles in convulsions, trying to squeeze his spurting length from my body using my pussy power alone. Stephen seemed to black out for a moment before coming-to and then breaking into a broad silly grin, like a young lad who’s just enjoyed his first blow-job. I suppose we just drifted off to sleep after what had been a frantic couple of hours.

Now fully awake I visited the loo before opening the curtains to let some light into the bedroom. I set the camera on my phone to record and placed it in the opening of my handbag before setting the bag on the bedside table. The camera had a good view across the bed with the light coming from behind. Happy with my preparations I gently eased the duvet back to uncover Stephen’s naked body. He was lying on his back with his dick hanging towards me and I quickly positioned myself on the bed and knelt down so I could take him in my mouth. I alternated between wanking and slowly sucking his member, and very soon he was starting to harden for me. In no time his cock was once again standing proudly and, with my lips locked around his bell end, I swung my leg over his body and lowered my cunt down onto his face. I suppose he must have woken with my moist and fragrant fanny only an inch or two above his mouth, and my arsehole about to rest on the tip of his nose. His shriek lasted a few milliseconds before I smothered all sound from him, and his hands locked around my thighs as he desperately tried to wriggle free. I’m a pretty solid unit however, and he wasn’t going anywhere. I came up for air and squeezed his cock tightly in my grip.

“Good morning Stephen. I hope you slept well. You see I woke up a while ago Stephen, and I just though how nice it would be to have a young man lick my fanny for a while and then give me a good doggy-style seeing to. What do you think Stephen – wouldn’t that be nice? What’s wrong Stephen – has the cat got your tongue? No? Well you had better start using it on my clit then, hadn’t you? Come on lad, give it a good lick now, or do you want me to squeeze these balls a bit and perhaps give them a twist eh?

I cupped his balls and waited for a response. Nothing happened so I squeezed them both quite hard and twisted them towards me He really started to struggle now, kicking his legs and slapping my thighs, and I smiled happily at his muffled screams. I’d bloody well show him who’s the boss on my patch.

“Come on now Stephen, I’m not letting go until you start to behave. Come on, lick it lad!”
At last he started to lick at my fanny and I lifted my hips ever so slightly to let him breathe.

Good boy Stephen – I knew you’d see it my way! Now lick a bit further up, right on my clit. That’s much better. That’s it. Good boy! Now I’ll just give this nice cock a little suck and make sure it’s really hard before you fuck me with it.”

We were positioned across the top of the bed with my arse pointing at the camera just a few feet away. I sucked greedily on his cock which was now glowing purple and so hard you could have used it as a hammer. I considered sucking him off to completion but I really needed him as horny as possible so I deep-throated him for a minute then lifted myself off him and knelt on the bed with my arse still facing the camera. I continued to wank his erection and barked at him to get around behind me. This he did, and looking back between my legs and his, I could just see the camera with his tightened scrotum above it.

“Come on now lad – don’t dilly-dally – get your cock up my cunt right now! That’s it, now fuck it hard and talk dirty to me! Call me all your dirty names and tell me what a slut I am. Come on now – fuck me hard laddie!”

And so he did! I never said another word as he fucked me rigid and called me all the whores, sluts and tarts he could think of and lots more besides. It could only have been a couple of minutes before he was ready to come but he quickly withdrew and jumped around to face me before shooting his load into my face and then spreading his spunk all over with his bell end, all the time verbally abusing me as his dirty, filthy whore. In the end he thrust his cock into my mouth and, clutching a handful of hair, he reached over and spanked my arse hard.

“That’ll teach you, you dirty filthy whore so you are – that’ll teach you!”

Well we’ll just have to see about that I thought to myself! At this point I turned on the waterworks a bit which allowed me to get up and go to the toilet for a quick pee and a freshen up. I washed his spunk from my face and had a quick peek in the mirror at the glowing hand-prints on my bottom. I pulled on a robe and wrapped it tightly over my chest and tied the cord firmly below my bust, the desired message being that show-time was now over. Back in the bedroom Stephen was now gathering his clothes from where they had been discarded. His cock had a long drip of spunk hanging from it and I was tempted to clean it off with my tongue, but decided to be discreet for once and see him on his way.

“I’m sorry about the way I pressed myself upon you just there – it must have been a startling way to awaken, but you rose well to the occasion and I really enjoyed the ending.”

“Yes, well it certainly was a bit of a shock and I’m not sure that I care for you telling me what to do either. However, you certainly are a very good ride Heather, and I did enjoy putting you to the sword once again. I do feel we need to re-establish the pecking order in the relationship however, so I think a further trip across my lap for you would be appropriate.”

I was bristling with indignation at being called a “good ride” and his audacity to even suggest a further spanking, but I held my candour as I now had other priorities, top of which was to move Stephen on and then jump into a quick shower with my amphibious vibrator.
“Well that’s as maybe Stephen but I’m going for a shower now and I’ll see you down at breakfast in 45 minutes. I’m sure we’ll have time for a further chat after breakfast and before we hit the road.”

Reluctantly he seemed to agree and he quickly dressed. He gave me a hug and I gave his cock a squeeze through his trousers and beamed at him before ushering him out of the door.

I switched on the toy while the shower was heating up and I was soon multitasking, already ploughing my furrow as I adjusted the temperature. I was coming heavily a minute later. I washed my hair and then hopped out and dried my body before once again wrapping myself in one of the hotel’s robes. I usually let my hair dry naturally for ten minutes or so before finishing it with a drier.

I retrieved my phone and uploaded our video to my iCloud account. I fired up my lap top and located and opened the file. I started to dry my hair as I watched events unfold on the screen before me. I smiled at his struggles when I sat on his face and, although my body was blocking the view, I felt my juices start to flow as I recalled wanking and sucking him up to a full erection. I watched the whole scene with a broad smirk on my face as I planned our next meeting and what I would say. I stopped the action at the point where Stephen was spunking on my face and looking towards the camera. I moved the lap-top onto the bed and then sat with my back against the headboard, positioned the screen between my legs and then hit play. I opened my robe and slicked up my labia and clit with fanny juice before quickly rubbing one out as I watched him spurting and then rubbing his spunk into my face. Now I was ready to face the day!

I laid out my usual grey business suit on the bed and turned my attention to my underwear. Yesterday’s bra would be fine but I dug out a pair of barely black hold-up stockings which I usually carried with me for unexpected encounters of the amorous kind. These were the same colour as my tights so were effectively interchangeable. On my last trip north I had picked up a very young lad who was hitch-hiking on the northern side of Fort William on a typically wet day. He was on his way to The Isle of Skye, as was I. We stopped for a cup of tea in Kyle and I changed into my hold-ups in the ladies. Half an hour later I turned off the main road down a track for half a mile or so and parked the car next to a rusty shipping container in a disused quarry facing out to sea. After a while he asked why we had stopped there. I told him that I was a rather predatory female who needed a lot of sex and wouldn’t it be a good idea if we moved into the back seat and he gave me a good fucking. He’d looked outside at the torrential rain which must have helped but when he looked back at me I’d pulled my hem up a bit to reveal my nylons. This clinched it. Once in the back I soon had his rather small but thick cock out and, after a perfunctory blow job, he was soon balls deep inside me with my legs hooked up over his shoulders and me trying not to rip the headlining with my heels! So I suppose I really was a bit of a tart but I enjoyed sex and being sexy, and it had bought me quite a bit of success over the years and was about to bring more.

Now fully dressed, I left the room heading down for breakfast, fifteen minutes late as is a lady’s prerogative. In the lift, I rewound the video on my phone to the part where Stephen is about to do me doggy and call me a dirty whore. His poised bottom fills perhaps a third of the frame and there, at the top of his left-hand cheek, lies the ticket to my promotion and Stephen’s humiliation. A small but clearly discernible heart shaped tattoo inscribed Stephen Rebecca.


The doors open and I go to join Stephen for breakfast!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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