Hannah’s Way Pt. 02

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Garter Belt

Hannah’s Way

This is a work of fiction with a healthy amount of facts. Hannah is a real person, and is like no other person I have ever met. The people you will be introduce to along her journey are also real and most of these adventures actually happened. I am fortunate enough to be her mentor, guardian, her lover and her Mistress. Please enjoy the read and leave a comment, even if you don’t like it. Everyone who has sex in this story is well over 18.

Part 2 – Over coming fears.

The concern she raised about giving out her actual street address to a complete stranger, even thought we were committed to her training. She still didn’t really know me. She still didn’t truly trust me. It hurt at the time and we talked about how we could overcome this. Hannah suggested her mother may be able to help us. She was an only child and was close to her mum. She would understand, she assured me.

Being a mother myself, I wasn’t fully convinced and only saw the down side to such a ‘coming out’. I told her we should wait, to take things slowly. As much as I was coming attached to this sweet young woman, I didn’t want her life turned upside down and me not being there to help her through it. Yes I was online, k├╝tahya escort for her. It isn’t the same as actually having someone there to hug, to hold, to listen to and to cry with.

So wait we did.

I was becoming attached to her in the most unusual way. Not only did she fulfil my desires to Domme a younger, cuter, pretty woman. But she appealed to me in other ways. Her sense of adventure, her willingness to want to explore her inner feelings and to make her fantasies actually happen.

We talked online daily, every day. Except the weekends, that she said was when she had to concentrate on her kids. Family time.

I stressed to her, at every opportunity that her family was her most important asset. Not her good looks, because they fade, not her charm or her blonde hair or perky tits, because they too will change with time. So we agreed that her weekends was to be devoted to her family.

She did concede that she would only let her husband fuck her if I said it was OK.

To have such power over her sex life was another of my thrills. The number of times I said no, was small. Knowing I could at any time decide when she would have her sexual gratification, was to escort k├╝tahya me comforting. She knew that when we played which was often, like all new relationships, our sex life, albeit self-gratifying, was frequent. She soon learnt that her Mistress always came first. That my needs came before her needs. That her Mistress comes first and always cums first.

This was a trial for her as we were continents apart and neither of us could look into each other’s eyes to know where we were in the process of our climax.

I so much wanted her to wear my day Collar. It isn’t so much a collar as such. But more a piece of jewelry. I did show her, she cried with delight. I explained to her that those living in the BDSM lifestyle would know what it represented. Other {Masters and} Mistresses would respect it. I explained to her that a sub can only serve one Mistress {or Master} at a time but we on the other hand can have many subs as I did and still do.

I also showed her a play time Collar. Red, thick, with a lead. Very erotic, very symbolic of who she is. She begged me to send them to her and I kept putting it off. It wasn’t the right time.

We talked about how I wanted her to behave, k├╝tahya escort bayan 100% totally obedient.

“Easier said than done.” I told her, words on a screen mean nothing if they weren’t backed up by proof. She agreed. I demanded more current photographic proof of her willingness to become who she wanted to be and who I demanded her to be.

They came, photos of her at home, in her underwear, naked, ones her husband took while they were out walking, flashing her panties.

All part of my requests being fulfilled.

She was indeed very compliant.

As we talked, I drew from her what she wanted to experience?

She then took me down a rabbit hole.

One that included her friends. Some friends who she had known most of her life. A photo of them as a wedding group getting dressed, very sexy in their underwear, and lingerie. I was taken aback.

Her trust in me was growing daily.

I asked about her friends, who they were?

If they were close?

Does she still talk to them?

Did they know about her desires?

Did she know if they were bi or gay? None were she said.

It was then a plan was starting to hatch. She said she wanted to be humiliated in front of one in particular, her closest friend. Very straight laced, very much a conservative type individual. I warned her by including her into this situation she was suggesting, it would harm and possibly end their friendship?

It was a chance she was willing to take.

End or part 2

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