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Hair Pulling

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Hair Pulling

So my wife and I were at a neighborhood party. Tara was off somewhere doing whatever and I was just milling about, refilling my drink as needed. It was slightly out of character for her to let me out of her sight as I tend to get too friendly with the fillies and she keeps a relatively short leash on me. She’s the love of my life. I work my fingers to the bone for her. I’d die for her. But, also, I’m a hot blooded Italian and sometimes I slip up.

I wandered over to a small group that included Stosh and his attractive wife Lia. As I approached I happened to overhear a part of a story he was telling that went like this:

“I kept a tight hold on the ponytail the whole time, I mean the goal was to deliver comfort, not cause pain.”

Tara and I include hair pulling in our lovemaking all the time. I enjoy the power and raw physicality of it while she enjoys the sensual scalp massage that borders on bondage. Pulling hers, or getting mine pulled – it’s our thing. I would die if I couldn’t pull hair or get mine pulled during sex. Really, nothing gets me going more, and I have a hard time resisting a girl with long shiny flowing hair. Tara keeps hers long enough to reach the middle of her back. She’s got the most amazing amber-brown hair with dramatic red highlights. I keep my hair in grand shape too.

So anyway, I walked up just as he ended his story with that line about pulling his wife’s ponytail. I liked them, they were magnetic and fun to hang out with. Thinking I would join in I offered my two cents: “We love hair pulling too. It’s a very erotic addition to our evenings.”

Instantly I saw a sea of four shocked faces gawking at me. Now, I have a habit of oversharing, but since they had already been talking about hair pulling I didn’t understand the surprise.

I pivoted from face to face when Priscilla, our prude of a blockmate, informed me rather snottily, “Stosh was just telling us about how Lia got her ponytail caught in the door of their car and had to get a new haircut after.”

I felt a little like dying, not too much, since I’m kinda used to saying the wrong thing. Though I was sure my little faux pas would get back to Tara and she was going to have some words for me. It wouldn’t be the first time she would have words for me. In fact, I’m actually surprised she hasn’t gone beyond words at times, you know, throwing dishes, or storming off to her mother’s.

I just slinked away, with an excuse, “Um, my drink’s empty. I’ll catch up with you all later.” However, I did catch a glimmer in Lia’s eyes as I left.

Free to find another group to join, I looked around. I counted four wives I’d had sex with. Three of the hapless husbands were there too: Jeremy, Horatio, and Scotty. Only Ty, a royal scocciatore, was missing. I got a secret thrill from knowing that when I talked to them about work or cars, that the dupes had no idea that I’d taken their place with their wives.

About an hour later I was drunk and barely remembered my unfortunate comment. That’s when Lia caught me raiding the lower cabinets behind the host’s bar to see if there was a higher quality whiskey.

Standing before me as I knelt there, she struck a suggestive pose, then she twirled her fingers irresistibly in my long locks. I was not surprised she was flirting with me despite being married. I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time I’d been the object of a woman’s uninvited attention, and since Lia was smokin’ I didn’t mind.

Pulling lightly on the tips of my majestic hair she cooed, “It’s like a lion’s mane.” referring to my twelve inch long full head of hair. I took pride in my manly long hair and loved the compliment. My hair is my crowning glory: my pride and joy.

She looked around furtively, “Would you like to come over for some hair pulling?” She didn’t wait for an answer before continuing, “My husband’s always looking at hair pulling videos online.” I wasn’t surprised given the ultra pixie cut she had. The poor man wasn’t handsome enough for a side-chick and would of necessity turn to porn. At the last second she added, “Unless my new short hair is a problem or you think you shouldn’t.”

Thinking about it, his hair was pretty short too. The only way either of them could get their hair pulled would be if they put in hair extensions first. I couldn’t imagine them having a healthy sex life without hair pulling: my bias. So I asked directly, “Do you put in hair extensions?”

“Something like that.” She answered mysteriously.

I lecherously looked up at her petite seductive body and imagined my two favorite hair pulling positions. In my opinion, all good hair pulling drives someone’s sex organs into the other person’s organs or face.

In one of my faves I stand by the side of the bed plowing into Tara’s pussy that’s right on the edge. She pulls my hair to set the rhythm and I pull hers, rocking her pussy hard into my cock. If I tried this with Lia I wouldn’t be able to grab enough hair to rock her pussy onto my bursa escort cock.

I thought of my second favorite position too. In this one I lie between Tara’s legs lapping her labia while she’s pulling on my hair, fiercely at times, guiding and forcing my face into her grotto.

This position could work with Lia. I glanced at her mesmerizing crotch, inches from my eyes, where I spied a beautiful mons veneris. It seemed so inviting I almost leaned forward to sniff it right there behind the bar at a busy party. But I couldn’t afford to get caught again.

I wondered what position she might have in mind. Rising to my full stature, I said, “Do you picture me lying on my stomach or standing by the bed?

Rubbing my arm she winked, “Lying down.”

I winked back. “Oh I think we are definitely on the same page.”

We made arrangements to meet at their home on a day Tara wasn’t going to be around. I didn’t even expect it to be the last time I cheated since I’m a buff, well built guy with abundant confidence and the glorious hair to go with it. Not that I could stop if I wanted to.

I arrived at the appointed time only to discover that both she and her husband were there, and they’d already been drinking since there were quite a few empty glasses on the table. I made a quick mental adjustment since it was going to be a threesome. It wouldn’t be my first.

I shook his hand with the right amount of grip to show dominance but not so hard as to neglect that he was about to give his wife to me.

Then I kissed Lia’s cheek, noticing she wore the same perfume as Tara. I asked, “Chanel no 5? It’s better on you.” She swooned just a little. It’s always good to compliment the girls you’re about to fuck. Even better to compare them positively to your wife.

Lia served chips and cocktails to warm us up. We had a pleasant conversation, chit chatting about all sorts of mundane things until Stosh kicked it off, “Do you like neck biting, Frank?”

Lia had a beautiful smooth slim neck, elegant even. Her new haircut really showed it off. “Yes,” I replied getting into the sexy spirit of things, “neck biting is a definite turn on.” I’d bitten the necks of several of the wives leaving the marks of my conquests.

Encouraged, he drove on, “How about ass slapping?”

I smiled from ear to ear, “Now you’re talking.” Gazing at red handprints on porcelain skin makes doggy style a hundred times better. It’s best to slap hard enough that it doesn’t fade too quickly.

“Tie up games?”

“Brilliant!” I’d never done it. But I was willing. I wondered where Stosh tied up Lia. Did they have a four poster bed? Or maybe special pink furry handcuffs?

Then Lia took a turn, “Testicle leashes?”

Oooh, apparently she was the kinkier of the two. I didn’t know if she planned to leash my balls or Stosh’s, but either way it sounded fun. “I’m game if Stosh is!”

Lia was sitting cross-legged on the couch and I could see the outline of her pussy again. It looked very enticing and I couldn’t wait to dive in.

In fact, I was about to go to her. To take her pretty face in my hands and roughly kiss her soft lips. Then I would travel where I wanted, ending up between her legs.

However, with a snap of her fingers she gave short curt demands, “Stand up and strip, big boy.” I’ve also never been commanded before. The novelty was a fantastic turn on. I felt great stripping for her as women always appreciate my firm form. I stood naked and unashamed knowing my body was better than her husband’s.

I had thought maybe both Stosh and I would serve her together but he stayed seated – watching us. Around now I figured him for a voyeur. Maybe another reason he resorted to internet porn when he had a hotty at his disposal.

Once nude I saw a sparkle in her eyes as they roamed over my strong muscular figure, lingering at my large hanging cock. At this stage women often ask me how big it gets. My answer is always, “It’s a real gut-wrencher at nine inches.” You gotta warn ’em.

She tipped her head almost imperceptibly at Stosh and he left the room, talking to himself in there, then returned with a box of toys. I loved that they had a whole box for their toys.

He fished around in the chest a bit then his hand came up triumphantly holding a little leather strap.

The two of them exchanged glances. I assumed they were debating non-verbally which of them was going to put it on me. I’m no stranger to a girl’s boyfriend or husband touching my tool – it’s pretty amazing after all. And I’ve stepped out on Tara, as well as previous lovers, a number of times, meaning I’ve got a lot of experience.

I widened my stance a little, proudly profering my balls to them.

Tentatively Stosh stepped forward, strap in hand. His cool fingers felt quite nice holding my testis this way and that, as he snapped it tightly into place. I already felt my circulation being restricted a little, causing my Italian salami altıparmak escort to plump up. My balls are bigger than average, just by a little, and I bet he got a secret thrill touching them. A few guys have enjoyed touching my massive cock as well – I never touch theirs ’cause I’m no fag.

The leash consisted of a thin, super long chain, which he left hanging down to the carpet.

Motioning to the floor by the ottoman she asked me if I was ready to start.

Not exactly at the spot to which she’d pointed, I got down between her legs, gently nudging her to spread them. She still had her leggings on so I decided to warm her up before removing them. I put my mouth right up to her bewitching mound, breathing hot air through the thin material, infusing the area with my heat. I felt her body melt in surrender.

She murmured, “Oh, what a pleasant surprise.” As if she didn’t know for a week I was gonna be face to cunt with her sex.

I was waiting for her to grab a giant handful of my hair, but when she didn’t, I suggested, “Would you like to run your hands through my hair?” Carefully she began stroking my long luxurious hair sending warm feelings coursing through my being. Next, speaking to Stosh she said, “This would be a great time for the nipple clips.” I agreed, as I could see her alluring nipples poking out through her shirt. I knew they were turned on and ready to be released.

But I was mistaken since the wonderfully vivacious Lia had better plans. They must have had a hundred clips, each attached to a thin chain, which they then attached to a hundred tiny bundles of my hair, promising tantalizing pleasure to cum. In all my years of hair pulling this was a brand spankin’ new concept. I could barely contain myself as I awaited the results, to see if it felt better than regular hair pulling.

I stayed with my buried in her crotch the whole time, inhaling her captivating feminine scent and touching the area softly with my lips. My heat was returned to me as the blood flow to her pussy increased, heating the area noticeably.

A long time later, when they were finally done, with much rattling, she started gathering the chains in my hair into a group which she then handed to Stosh, who connected them to a ring. The anticipation was unbearable.

There was some fiddling around as he removed a potted fern from its plant hook on the ceiling. Lastly, with a long rope, he fed the rope through the hook, handing the end back to Lia.

Very sexily she tightened the rope, it zipped through the hook until it pulled on my hair sensually. It didn’t pull evenly, yanking uncomfortably on some strands more than others, but it was still a decent hair pulling apparatus and I only winced audibly once. Though a little pain can be a turn on.

She pulled it taught, lifting my head from her still clothed pussy. Try as I might, I couldn’t return to that pleasure trove.

I was kneeling on the carpet kind of suspended by my hair. My fingertips could barely reach the floor, but if she were to relax her hold I could easily fuck in this position and my cock stayed ready, assisted by the encircling leather.

Meanwhile Stosh took hold of the cold chain on my ball leash, connected it to another rope, and wrapped it under and around the ottoman. I found myself hanging by my head, bent over the ottoman, and secured into place by my balls. I wouldn’t be able to fuck this way, but if she scooched up to the ottoman I could eat her snatch. All in all, the leash and the kinky situation was a unique thrill.

Stosh went over to sit next to Lia on the couch. “You’re quite the ladies man, Frank?” I shrugged my shoulders with a nod.

“And you’ve been with your share of women, even wives from this neighborhood?” With a sly grin I confirmed what he was saying.

Lia took out a pair of handcuffs – they had black fur on them. I mused that maybe it was she who was dominating him instead.

Then she took out a tiny pair of scissors, the kind I’ve seen Tara use to trim her eyebrows. Putting them both before me she started talking, “You’ve got a choice Franky. We can put the cuffs on you and the sex begins, or you can cut off your hair and escape the nipple clips that have you bound – before things get out of control.” She didn’t sound so playful, which was bewildering.

Though honestly, it didn’t seem like too hard of a choice. My cock filled and it clouded my thinking. Clearly I would chose sex. I opened my mouth to tell them, but before I got too far she added, “Oh, and I invited Tara over for a drink. She’ll be right here in this room in about an hour.” A nasty chill ran through me.

Now this was a different choice altogether! When Tara came through the door would she find me naked with half my hair cut off, or naked and having sex?

Panicked, My hands flew to the hundred or so nipple clips firmly attached to bundles of my hair. Looking at the tiny scissors I just knew there was indeed görükle escort no way I could cut out each tiny clamp in time. And unscrewing them would take even longer. I would also have to explain why I’d cut my beautiful hair. And why I was naked. And in their house. And no doubt Lia and Stosh would not support me.

I liked my hair too much. And I really wanted to have sex with Lia too. If I was going to pay the price for an affair with Lia I might as well do the crime. “I choose the cuffs and the sex.” I declared bravely, willing to suffer the consequences. With yet another notch in my belt Tara might ratchet up her response – meaning more than stern words and a cold shoulder.

“Interesting.” Drawled Stosh, getting up to fasten my hands behind my back. The cuffs clicked snuggly, and between the furry metal restraints, the clamps, and the testicle leash, I wasn’t going to be going anywhere soon.

“I’m really glad that that’s the choice you made, Frank. It’s only fitting that the first part of your punishment include those whom you’ve wronged.”

Confused, I just stared at her, until Jeremy, Scotty, Horatio, and Ty strolled into the room from the bedroom. At that moment I knew they were going to do something awful to me. “Let’s not be rash guys. There’s no reason to beat anyone up.”

Lia snapped her fingers again to get my attention, “Franky, Franky, don’t you listen? You made the choice to be handcuffed and have sex? Well you’re about to have a lot of sex, and Stosh and I are gonna watch the whole thing.”

Stosh interjected, “He stuck his face in your pussy too.” Then with an outright accusation he continued, “And I saw how it affected you.”

She answered him, “Oh, I know, honey, but my pants never came off. I’ll tell you what, you can have whatever kind of sex with him you want…as long as your pants don’t come off.” He seemed nonplussed, but he accepted her judgment as fitting.

The four that were going to abuse me started to either remove their pants or at least pull their dicks out through their flies.

“Wait!” I cried. Trying to think how I might at least minimize this. There was no way the men were going to leave. But it didn’t seem fair that Lia was going to watch my humiliation. I hated the idea that a member of the fairer sex would see my degradation, and I said so.

She bent down low, putting her angry countenance right up in my face, “I had to watch my heartbroken friends as their marriages were almost destroyed. I had to listen to Tara as she cried on my shoulder time after time. You better hope that they finish with you before she walks into this room…in forty-seven minutes…or she’s gonna witness it too.”

One of the guys sneered, pulling on his stiffening erection, “I don’t go this way, but tonight I think I’m gonna like this a lot.”

The reality sank in, “Scuzi! Don’t do this. I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll never cheat again. I’ll cut off my hair. I’m sorry. Just don’t do it.”

Ty pulled on the rope, the hundred tiny chains jangled. My head jerk up to look him in his steely eyes, “It’s too late for that. You’ve showed no contrition until the final hour, so you’ve got this coming. We’ve got such a short time to make up for however much time you spent with our wives. I heard you met mine six times before you discarded her.”

There was plenty of grumbling from the other guys so I knew I was in for quite an ordeal.

Scotty displaced Lia in front of me on the couch, his dick was naked and even though it was floppy there was no doubt he intended to put it in my mouth. His eyes were full of venom, “After Trina was with you she never sucked me the same way again. She always seemed somehow…disappointed. Do you know how much that hurts? You’ve ruined blowjobs.”

Taking the reins from Ty he made my head bounce a few painful times, causing me to grimace and grunt with each paradoxically enjoyable pull of the rope. Then sitting on the edge of the sofa, he bounced my face right onto his package. “I believe I can inflict a lot of damage if I were to really pull on this rope. You better not give me any more reasons.”

Behind me Stosh was talking to Jeremy, “Here you go, bud. The least I can do is grease the pig for you.” Then I heard and felt a tube of lube splutter it’s cold vindictive contents on my virgin asshole. Stosh worked it in with some unseen toy from their chest.

Soon enough Jeremy lined his hard cock up with my hole at the same time that Scotty stuck his in my mouth. Together they fucked me at both ends not caring if it hurt, or more likely, wanting it to.

Jeremy’s dick filled out, just plugging the entrance to my throat when it reached its full but average length. My mouth made loud obscene coughing and gagging noises as he ravaged it.

Scotty’s pole felt thick as it seemed to rip and tear my anal ring, even with all that lube running down over my bound balls.

He went at me violently for five or ten minutes, then slapped my ass hard with several resounding wacks. Through gritted teeth he told me, “She came home with red handprints on her bum several times before it dawned on me. Afterwards, never knowing if I might be accosted by another handprint killed me. And I still can’t look at my own wife’s naked butt without ‘seeing’ those tell tale marks.”

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