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Gypsy Cure

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Little Red Pill

The condo was just what Spence was looking for. It was nice and spacious and had all the amenities you could want. The building was nice and exclusive and you had to be approved by the homeowner’s association to buy there. Luckily, Frank, who was showing him the condo, was not only the building manager, but also the head of the association.

“So, do you like what you see?” Frank asked.

“I really do.” Spence responded.

“Great! Why don’t we go next door to my place and talk about specifics.” Frank invited.

“That would be great.” Spence answered.

It was only a short walk down the hall to Frank’s condo. His place was tastefully furnished in an ultra-modern motif. It gave the impression of being Spartan and very masculine. That seemed to fit with Frank’s personality. He was a big man; over six feet tall and probably two hundred pounds. He seemed to be very fit for a guy who was probably at least sixty and with the exception of a slight beer belly, most of his weight was muscle rather than fat. Unbeknownst to Spence, Frank was also a very dominant gay man. He was a man who was happiest when he had a boy to serve him. He did not have a boy currently and he found Spence to be very attractive material. He liked his boys short and slight and Spence fit the bill nicely.

“How about something to drink?” Frank offered.


“I have coffee or tea or soft drinks. But, shit, it’s already after five; how about something with a little more kick to it?” Frank asked amiably.

“That sounds good.” Spence answered.

“Name your poison.” Frank smiled. “I have a fully stocked bar.”

“How about a scotch on the rocks? Single malt if you have.”

“Comin’ right up!” Frank smiled.

Frank poured drinks for them and led Spence to the couch in the living room. Frank smiled at Spence as they sat down on opposite ends of the long couch. He intended to question and probe until he could find the key to getting Spence into his bed and ultimately getting him to totally surrender to him.

“So, I need to put on my homeowner’s association hat.” Frank started. “Tell me about you.”

“Well, I’m retired; sixty-one years old.” Spence started.

“You could have fooled me.” Frank interrupted. “You could pass for much younger than that.”


“Do you have family that will be moving in with you?” Frank asked.

“No. It’s just me.” Spence answered.

“It says on your application that you’re married.” Frank stated.

“Yes, I am. But it’s a complicated situation.” Spence responded.

“How so?”

“My wife and I have grown apart over the years and I finally decided that it was time for me to live alone. The situation has just become unbearable. So I’m moving out of the house; hopefully to this condo. We’re only staying married for financial reasons.”

“Sorry to hear that.” Frank sympathized. “Does that mean I should expect wild sex orgies next door?”

“No.” Spence laughed. “I’m quiet and fairly conservative and these days it takes a little blue pill to even get it up.”

“My wife had the same problem.” Frank laughed.

“I didn’t realize that you were married.” Spence responded.

“Well, no longer married. My wife, Robert, and I were together for over fifteen years. But he was killed in an auto accident about a year ago.”

“I’m so sorry.” Spence replied.

“Thanks.” Frank answered. “Anyway, we were talking about your ‘problem.’ Robert had the same problem. As he got older he had trouble getting it up and finally his dick just went limp on me. That’s when I had to give him the cure.”

“The cure?”

“Yeah. It’s an old gypsy thing.” Frank said with a twinkle in his eye.

“You’re a gypsy?” Spence asked incredulously.

“No, no.” Frank chuckled. “But my mom came from a long line of gypsies. And my grandma used to dabble in the occult arts. She was a real wildcat. I think she was still fucking when she was in her eighties. My granddad’s dick went limp when he hit his sixties, but grandma wasn’t having any of that. She concocted her own potion and put it in pill form. She would feed grandpa the pills and he would get stiff as a board. Then grandma would fuck his brains out. And the great thing about grandma’s little red pill was that you didn’t have to take it forever; after about a month or less, your ‘problem’ was cured.”

“That’s quite a story.” Spence said. “You could make a fortune if you actually had a pill like that.”

“But I do.” Frank responded. “Grandma passed the formula on to me. When Robert’s dick stopped working, I made the pills and fed them to him. After taking them for about a week straight, his ED was totally cured and we fucked and sucked like we were kids again.”

“You should bottle them and sell them.” Spence said. “You could compete with Viagra and make a fortune.”

“Nah, let the folks buy their Viagra and shit. I’ll keep my pills for my special friends. You could be my special friend.” Frank smiled invitingly Kağıthane Escort and moved closer to Spence on the couch. “I’d be happy to give you one of my special pills.” Frank said as he placed his hand on Spence’s knee.

“Sorry, but I’m not gay. . .or bi.” Spence said as he squirmed out from under Frank’s hand.

“Gay. Bi. They’re just labels that we use to try and describe the spectrum of sexual behavior. My Robert was straight when I met him. But it didn’t take me long to turn him into my ‘Bobbi.’ By the end of our ‘courtship’ I had him nursing on my cock and begging to be fucked like the little slut I had turned him into.”

“Look, I appreciate the offer,” Spence said, “but I think I’d better leave now.”

“Don’t you want the condo?” Frank asked.

“Yes, of course, I do. But I’m getting a little uncomfortable with where this conversation is headed.”

“Sorry.” Frank smiled. “But you can’t fault a guy for trying, can you? You are a really sexy guy and you got my cock twitching and my juices flowing.”

“No, of course not.” Spence smiled back.

“Great! Let me refill our drinks and we’ll get down to brass tacks and paperwork.” Frank swooped up their glasses and walked to the bar and poured them new drinks.

Frank liked this boy. He liked his looks and his demeanor. He felt that Spence would make a wonderful slave wife. After Frank poured the drinks, he reached into a drawer in the bar and took out a little container full of grandma’s pills. The pills worked exactly the way Frank had described to Spence. Of course, Frank hadn’t described the side effects; how the pills weakened your will and gave you the desire to submit. Frank smiled to himself. The boy didn’t stand a chance.

Frank walked back to the couch and handed Spence his drink and sat down next to him. He pulled a small metal pill box from his pocket and, opening it, he removed a little red pill and placed it on the cocktail table in front of Spence.

“Just to show there’s no hard feelings, I want you to have one of my special pills. This way, when you get home tonight, you’ll get a nice hard-on and you can feel good.”

“I really shouldn’t.” Spence said warily.

“Nonsense! The effects will last for days. You’ll have the best sex you’ve had in years; even if all you do is jerk off!”

“Well. . .okay, thanks. I’ll take it home with me.” Spence said reaching for the pill.

“You really should take it now.” Frank urged. “Some people have an allergic reaction to it. If you do, I can help you through it.”

“I don’t know.” Spence hesitated.

“Go on. Take it. It can’t hurt you. It will only make you feel better than you’ve ever felt in your life.”

Spence brought the pill to his lips. He hesitated, then popped it into his mouth and swallowed, washing it down with scotch.

“How soon will it take effect?” Spence asked.

“It acts pretty quick.” Frank smiled.

“I . . .I’m feeling a little woozy, a little weak.” Spence said.

“That’s one of the side effects.” Frank said. “It weakens your muscles a bit and makes you feel a bit lethargic, more pliable. But it also heightens your response to sexual stimuli. Here, let me show you.”

Spence sat there helplessly as Frank unbuttoned Spence’s shirt, exposing his bare chest.

“How does this feel, baby?” Frank said as he rubbed his hand across Spence’s chest and pinched his nipple. It was as if an electric shock coursed through Spence’s body directly from his nipple to his cock. His cock began to grow harder and harder as Frank rubbed his nipple between forefinger and thumb. It was almost as if, Frank was inflating his cock through the nipple.

“Ohhhhh, please!” Spence moaned as his stiff cock tented his pants. He tried to get up from the couch before this went any further, but his muscles would not respond to his mental commands.

“Going someplace, honey?” Frank laughed. “You’re not going anyplace till I’m finished with you.” Frank said as he placed his hand on Spence’s throbbing prick and squeezed.

“Ohhhh, Yesss!” Spence moaned and arched his back to increase the contact of his cock with Frank’s hand.

“That’s it. Moan like the little bitch you are.” Frank hissed as he unzipped Spence’s pants.

He quickly removed Spence’s shoes and socks and stripped him of his pants and briefs. Spence’s cock stood hard and throbbing and pointing at the ceiling.

“Oh, please! Yes, please!” Spence begged as Frank wrapped his hand around his hard rod and slowly jerked him off.

“That’s it, baby. Beg Frank for it. Beg like the little slut you’re becoming. ” Frank urged as he pulled Spence’s foreskin down, exposing the slick, sensitive head of Spence’s cock.

Spence had never been this hard in his life. His heart was pounding madly in his chest as he felt himself losing control. His hips began to shake and buck as Frank pulled his spunk higher and higher towards his cock head. Then Spence cried out, a huge, animal cry of pleasure as the sperm erupted from his cock in Kağıthane Escort Bayan long ropes that hit the cocktail table, the couch, Spence’s chest and legs. He came and came and came again as Frank expertly milked the juice out his hard, throbbing penis.

Then it was over. The orgasm subsided. Spence felt spent and used. Frank was still working Spence’s cock; slowly, now, with gentle squeezing and stroking. Spence’s cock usually went flaccid right after ejaculation, but it was still hard and stiff as a board. Spence was afraid. Something was going on here; something more than just the response of his body to Frank’s touch. It was almost as if Frank was assaulting his mental and emotional defenses and making him pliant and helpless. He couldn’t surrender to Frank. He must resist and get away!

“Be my baby.” Frank whispered in his ear. “Surrender to Frank and be my little bitch.”

Then Frank’s lips covered his. Spence clenched his teeth tightly closed as Frank’s tongue licked his lips and teeth seeking entry to his mouth. Spence stubbornly denied him entry. But Frank moved his hand from Spence’s throbbing cock to Spence’s chest. Spence gasped and his lips and teeth parted as Frank roughly squeezed his nipple. The minute Spence’s mouth opened, Frank plunged his tongue inside. New waves of pleasure coursed through Spence’s body as Frank’s tongue massaged his tongue. Spence opened his mouth wider and Frank plunged his tongue as far as he could into Spence’s mouth. Now their tongues were lapping together wildly, saliva dripping down the sides of Spence’s mouth. Frank’s hand was back on Spence’s stiff, pulsing cock. Frank began jacking him wildly as Spence moaned and hungrily licked at Frank’s tongue. Then the spasms coursed through Spence’s body again. He was cumming and cumming and cumming! Sperm ejaculated wildly onto his torso and the couch and the floor. Spence cried out in ecstasy as Frank’s mouth released him. His body was shaking as the orgasm subsided. He clung to Frank for a few moments, until Frank released him. Frank looked down at his new boy and smiled triumphantly.

“Now I’m going to make you my little pussy-boy.” Frank said. He stood up and then swept Spence into his arms and carried him into the bedroom.


The bedcovers were already drawn back. Frank dropped his naked prey onto the bed and quickly shed his own clothes. Spence’s eyes grew wide as he looked at Frank’s large, erect cock. It was much bigger than his own, maybe nine inches long and thick with a large mushroom head. It throbbed and pulsed as Frank crawled onto the bed next to Spence.

“How are you feeling, baby?” Frank cooed as he wrapped his hand around Spence’s still-hard cock.

“Please, no more.” Spence pleaded weakly.

“Don’t you like the way I make you feel, honey?” Frank asked as he alternately stroked Spence’s cock and fondled his balls.

“I’m afraid.” Spence whimpered as Frank ran his thumb over Spence’s moist cock-head.

“What are you afraid of, honey?”

“Afraid. . .afraid of what’s. . . what’s hap. . . happening to me.” Spence moaned with pleasure as Frank squeezed and pulled on his throbbing rod.

“You’re surrendering yourself to me, baby.” Frank whispered. “You’re becoming my pussy-boy. You want to be my pussy-boy, don’t you?” Frank urged.

“I. . .I don’t. . .I don’t know.” Spence moaned as Frank stroked and petted his cock.

“Of course you do.” Frank said. “Say it. Say you want to be my pussy-boy.”

“Oh please, yes, please. I want to be your pussy-boy.” Spence begged.

“That’s a good boy.” Frank affirmed. “You should call me ‘Daddy’ from now on; don’t you think? Don’t you want to be a good pussy-boy and call me Daddy?” Frank urged as he moved his hand down to Spence’s ass and began to knead and caress his little ass-cheeks.

“Yes. Yes. Yes, Daddy.” Spence groaned as Frank slipped his fuck-finger into his new boy’s ass. Spence squirmed as the finger slowly penetrated him.

“You want to be Daddy’s pussy-boy, don’t you, baby?” Frank cajoled as he slowly finger fucked his boy.

“Yes, Daddy, Yes.” Spence moaned.

“Tell Daddy, honey.” Frank urged.

“I want to be your pussy-boy, Daddy. Please make me your pussy-boy. Ohhh.” Spence moaned as Daddy’s finger pleasured his asshole.

Frank withdrew his finger and leaned over to the nightstand to grab a jar of lube. He put a generous gob of lube on his fuck finger and reinserted it into Spence’s ass.

“Daddy will make you his pussy-boy, baby. Daddy will fuck your tight little ass and transform it into a tight little pussy. Right boy?”

“Ohhhh, yes, Daddy. Anything you want.”

“Yes, bitch.” Frank chuckled. “You will do anything Daddy wants.”

Frank removed his finger from Spence’s lubed ass and dipped back into the jar of lube. He coated his thick, throbbing cock with gobs of lube and then threw Spence’s legs over his shoulders. He positioned his mushroom head at Spence’s rosebud and gently pushed in.

“Oh Escort Kağıthane no! Please! It’s too big!” Spence begged as Frank took his cherry.

“Your pussy can take it, bitch!” Frank said as he slid his throbbing rod further into his boy’s pliant ass.

“Please, Daddy, it hurts!” Spence whined.

“Take more, bitch.”

“Oh, god.” Spence groaned.

“Take more, bitch.” Frank urged as he slid the rest of his cock into the boy. “Now Daddy will plow your field and plant his seed in you. Then you will be mine!”

Frank withdrew almost all of his cock and then slowly slid it back in. Spence could feel it pulse with life as it slid in and out of his tight ass. He began to get used to the big snake sliding in and out of him. The pain began to dissipate. He began to feel something else. Was it pleasure? No! It couldn’t be! This man was fucking him. He couldn’t like being fucked like some dumb little girl! But he did! He liked it. No. He loved it! He wanted it! His own cock had never lost its hardness. Now he could feel his tool responding to Daddy’s fucking. He was losing control again. His mind was going blank and all awareness was transferred to his cock and his ass.

“Please, please, please, Daddy.” Spence began to beg.

“Please what? bitch?”

“Please fuck me, Daddy. Please fuck me!” Spence breathlessly begged as he squirmed under Frank’s huge body.

“Yes, baby. That’s it, baby. Now take Daddy’s spunk, baby!” Frank cried out as the spasms began to shake him.

Spence could feel Frank’s cock tense up and then it was spewing its seed into him. Over and over, Frank came, filling Spence’s ass with his semen. Spence lost all control of his body and mind. He was senseless with pleasure now. His orgasm shook him violently as he came yet again, his spunk squirting onto his own face and chest. Mewling and gurgling sounds came out of his throat as Frank’s cum began to drip out of his ass onto the bed. Spence threw his arms around Frank’s neck and held on tightly for dear life as the two rocked back and forth in the throes of passion. Spence wrapped his legs tightly around Daddy’s hips as his body shook with the violence of his orgasm. Frank plunged his tongue into Spence’s mouth and hungrily lapped at Spence’s as another orgasm coursed through his body, depositing another load of hot sperm into his new boy’s pussy. Slowly, their spasms subsided and Frank relaxed onto his boy’s body.

“Who do you belong to, baby?” Frank demanded.

“I belong to you, Daddy.” Spence moaned.

“And what are you now, baby?”

“I’m your pussy-boy, Daddy.”

“Good boy!”

Frank slowly withdrew his cock from his new pussy and rolled off of Spence. He lay on his side and perused his new boy’s body. Spence was still shaking a little, but he was beginning to calm down a bit. He lay on his back with his eyes shut tight. His cock was still rigid and pointing at the ceiling. Frank knew from prior experience that the little red pill would keep Spence hard for three or four hours. Even though Frank was no longer on the pill regularly, he still stayed hard himself for two hours on average. And his stamina allowed him to go at it again after a short recovery time. It was one of the pleasant after effects of regular usage of the pill. But now, his plan was to keep his new boy existing solely on a plane of pleasure for as long as necessary. Frank intended to keep him on the pill continuously for at least a week. A week of pleasure and the pill would work on the boy’s mind and will until the boy surrendered totally to his new Daddy. Frank was going to literally fuck his brains out and destroy his will to resist.

Frank smiled at the thought and then flipped the boy onto his side like a lifeless little rag doll. Frank snuggled up and spooned him. Lifting the boy’s leg slightly, Frank slid his still hard cock into the boy’s man-pussy. The boy moaned as Frank entered him. Frank wrapped his hand around the boy’s cock and the boy began to fuck Frank’s meaty hand.

Spence was lost in unknowable pleasure. His cock was rubbing against Frank’s hand and he could feel Frank’s cock moving in and out of his new pussy as he fucked the hand. Animal sounds issued from his throat. Spence thought that cumming again was impossible, but nevertheless he came. He came gently this time, his seed spilling onto the bed and Frank’s hand. When Spence had shot his load, Frank placed his cum-soaked hand over Spence’s mouth. Spence slurped up his own cum as he felt Frank spasm and deposit another load of spunk into his male-pussy. Spence fell asleep with Frank’s cock imbedded inside of him.


Spence sat on the floor between Daddy’s legs, his head resting on Daddy’s naked thigh. He had lost track of time and had no idea how long he had been living here with Daddy. He only knew that Frank was his Daddy and his Daddy took care of him. He was Daddy’s pussy-boy and he had been fucked frequently the entire time he had been here. He was living on almost a purely sensual level. He craved Daddy’s tongue in his mouth. He loved when Daddy licked and bit his nipples and sucked on his little titties. He became ecstatic when Daddy sucked the juice out of his hard little clit. And he lost all control when Daddy plunged his cock into his male pussy and fucked him till he was incoherent with pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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