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Grandpa’s Man Cave

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For Glenn Saunders, the summer of 1979 promised to be pure hell. While his friends were enjoying the time after graduating high school doing things that 18 year old kids do before entering college or going on with life, Glenn was stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

His parents were spending the summer in Europe, and while Glenn could have joined them, he chose to stay home, the prospects of what a fun summer it would be without his parents around too exciting to resist.

“Leave you alone here?” his father said after Glenn told his folks he was happy to spend the summer at home, maybe get a job and prepare for college in the fall. “No way.”

While Glenn was not a wild and rambunctious kid, especially compared with some of his friends, there had been a few lapses in judgement, most recently when he got caught drinking with his best friend Kenny in the basement.

His parents weren’t too crazy about that, Glenn recalled, but they would have been a lot less thrilled if they knew that if they came home a half hour earlier they would have witnessed their only son with his lips wrapped around something other than a beer bottle.

So when Glenn was told that staying home alone was out of the question he tried to call their bluff. When his parents showed no sign of relenting Glenn changed his mind and told his folks he would go along with them, but by then it was too late because the accommodations and reservations for the vacation were all set. For two.

“You’ll probably end up having a lot better time with them,” Glenn’s father had said as he informed him that he would be spending the summer with his grandparents, who lived about 150 miles northwest out in the middle of nowhere. “You can help out around there – do some painting and whatever else they need doing.”

So Glenn went, expecting over a month of boredom. What he ended up getting instead is the subject of this tale as he recalled it.


About twenty minutes after my parents drove away, I was already bored out of my mind. It’s not that I didn’t love my grandparents, because I did. It’s just that when you’re 18 and you’ve just begun to figure things out about yourself, the last thing you want is to be marooned out in the boondocks with a couple of folks on the verge of becoming senior citizens.

Grandma Betty and Uncle Ed didn’t seem to mind getting me dumped on them, which I guess comes with the grandparent territory, but that didn’t help much. Already I had discovered one major drawback, which was the lack of cable TV. The choices were three channels that came in pretty lousy because of where my grandparents lived.

The second setback was that they had few neighbors, although Grandma said that there was a girl my age that lived about a half mile down the road. I wanted to tell Grandma that I wasn’t really interested in girls, but Grandpa came to the rescue.

“Betty, that girl is only about 12 years old, for crying out loud,” Grandpa scoffed. “You want Glenn to end up in jail? He’s a man, aren’t you Glenn?”

“Yeah,” I said, enduring the playful slug on the arm that came along with his comment.

“Time flies so fast!” Grandma clucked, and I guess that explained the somewhat juvenile Christmas presents I always got from them.

Fact was, although I was 18, I didn’t look it. At 5’8″ and about 130 pounds, I looked like the “before” pictures in those muscle building ads, and having a boyish face with dimples didn’t make me look any older either.

My youthful appearance used to bother me, but I had recently learned that my boyish looks definitely excited some people. That realization came when I became old enough a month ago to go to the adult movie house in Troy, New York, not far from my home, and found out that the action in the seats and the parking lot was better than what was on the screen.

To think that I could have been there, getting my dick sucked while watching dirty movies instead of wasting my summer in Watertown, New York, made this purgatory even worse. The fact that it was raining that first day had me trapped even more, which was why I started exploring their old house.

I had never been down in their basement, which I thought was some kind of our root cellar or something, judging by the way Grandma acted toward it. I guess she thought it was full of spiders and mice, because she always had Grandpa making trips down there, always refusing to venture into the abyss herself.

The thought of being attacked by rats was better than listening to my Grandma humming along with some corny radio station, and since she had sent Grandpa on an errand into town, I snuck down to the cellar.

It wasn’t anything like I thought it would be, with linoleum on the floor and shelves of canning jars along the one wall. Certainly nothing to be afraid of, and around the corner and under the stairs it got even better when I saw what had to be Grandpa’s man cave of sorts.

Nothing fancy, just an old love seat, an ancient refrigerator with şişli escort beer inside, and a television complete with one of those Beta tape players. There were a couple of tapes in cases with no titles on them, and under the shelf the player was on were a couple dozen more tapes without names on them.

We had just gotten a VHS player at home, but the tapes we played we rented from the video store, and those cases had pictures and titles on them. These tapes Grandpa had looked like the stickers had been removed. Either that or they had stuff taped from the television.

Either way, at least this was going to give me something to do. I hoped Grandpa wouldn’t mind me snooping around in his fortress of solitude, but he was pretty cool for an old guy so I turned the TV set on and tried to figure out the Beta player remote.

When the TV, a decent 19″ color set, came on, I must have hit the right button on the remote because there had been a tape in the machine. I had been hoping for Clint Eastwood, maybe Dirty Harry or westerns, but what was playing damn near knocked me back into the love seat.

“Grandpa!” I whispered to myself as I watched the action unfolding on the screen, where two guys and a woman were on a bed, naked as the day they were born. “You dirty old man!”

Grandpa watched porn, just like I did at the Cinema Art Theatre, and when I called him a dirty old man that was a compliment, because Grandpa Ed immediately went up in stature in my book. This was heaven down here, to have dirty movies to watch without wondering whether the guy sitting next to you was horny or a serial killer.

Within a minute I had my pants down and was stroking away while watching these two guys have sex with this woman, and it got even better when the one guy started sucking the other guy’s dick while he was screwing the blonde.

There was a box of tissues on the floor next to the couch, and I grabbed one just before I started spurting. One tissue wasn’t enough, and after I cleaned up my mess it occurred to me that what I just did might have been twisted, but seeing the tissues and all made me realize that Grandpa did the same thing.

That thought didn’t gross me out. Far from it. A twisted thought went through my head, of Grandpa and me sitting down here late at night, jacking off while Grandma slept away upstairs, and as warped as it sounded, the idea turned me on.

Maybe because I knew it was just a fantasy, because there was no way in hell that would even happen. I put everything back the way it was and headed upstairs, happy that at least tonight when Grandpa and Grandma were sleeping, I would be down here having as much fun as an 18 year old guy could have, given the circumstances.


I was in heaven. What more could I ask for, I remember thinking as I looked around me? A quart of beer, one of the dozens in the downstairs refrigerator that I had borrowed from Grandpa, a comfortable chair and a wealth of tapes that I hoped were like the one I had watched earlier in the day.

The part where the guys did stuff to each other – now that was new to me. All of the movies they showed at the Cinema Art Theatre were of men and women, even though the crowd was all male and the things that they did to themselves and to each other were obviously not straight.

With all of those tapes to chose from, I hoped that at least one of them was gay in content. I liked the straight porn okay, but frankly I concentrated mostly on the guys, imagining that it was me sucking and being sucked off.

As it turned out, my hope in finding a tape with guys doing things together was a bit off. I had hoped that I would run into a couple more gay scenes, and I would eventually learn that virtually ALL of them were gay, but that came later.

I finished watching the tape that had been in the machine, and when that was over I grabbed another one at random, popped it in the machine and opened the beer while waving the remote at the screen.

An hour and a half later the beer was almost gone and the tape had ended. As it rewound I looked first at the pile of tissues on the floor around me and then at my dick, which was red and limp as a noodle. I lost track at how many times I jacked off during the movies, but considering that I was like every 18 year old kid, insatiable as hell, it was a whole lot.

The movie was men. All men, and men doing everything a man could do to another. Stuff I hadn’t even known about and stuff that my friend Kenny wouldn’t let me do to him. He used to whine that I couldn’t stick my dick in his ass because I’m too big, but I was nothing compared to some of those guys in the movie.

I put everything back in its place, deciding against watching another movie because my dick was too sore and my wrist was getting tired. Besides, I had all summer and there was probably enough tapes to be able to watch one a night.

Up in bed, I thought about those movies. Were there more gay ones? And what was Grandpa taksim escort doing with them? He was married. Maybe he got that one by mistake. It gave me something to think about, and if I had looked at Grandpa differently after seeing his man cave earlier in the day, knowing what I did now put him in a whole different light all together.


It had been a tough day, because I had spent most of it with Grandpa, helping him clear out the garage. I couldn’t get over the image of picturing him watching that gay movie and maybe jerking off.

Grandpa was in his early 60’s, and he was in good shape for a guy his age. Grandpa Ed was about 6′ tall and thin, but he was a strong guy. I had to hustle to keep up with him during the day, and by the end of it I was beat. I took a shower before dinner, and after we ate I pretended to be tired and went to bed, hoping that would give my grandparents the same idea.

Eventually I heard the TV upstairs go off and their footsteps head down the hall, so after I waited a while for them to settle in, I snuck back downstairs and made myself at home in Grandpa’s Fortress of Solitude.

The tapes weren’t in any order, but I put the ones that I had watched to the side and grabbed another one at random, and after helping myself to another quart of beer I settled in.

In The Navy. That was the name of the movie, and this seemed old even though it was on videotape. Men, mostly the same two guys, and although it wasn’t as good as the one last night, which was in color, the content was to my liking and I was hard in no time.

I was about to cum but I heard the creaking of floorboards above me. I froze in place, holding my breath as the footsteps went in the direction of the bathroom. I heard the flushing of the toilet a minute later, and then the sound of the sink running and stopping.

The footsteps began again, but not back the way they came from. The steps were coming toward the basement door, and I stopped the tape player and turned off the TV. Then came the creaking of the basement door opening, the stairway light coming on, and then the door closing. Was that just Grandma peeking downstairs because she had heard me down there?

No. It wasn’t. The door had closed behind the person who had turned on the light and that person was coming down the stairs. Since Grandma wouldn’t come down her to save her life that meant only one thing, and I sat there in the shadows wishing I could disappear as the footsteps came across the linoleum and around the corner.

“Hi Glenn,” Grandpa said calmly.

“Hi Grandpa,” I mumbled, and then mentioned something about it being warm upstairs and I came down to the basement because it was cooler.

“Watching a little TV?” Grandpa said as he eased into the couch next to me.


“That’s why it’s down here,” Grandpa said. “Grandma can’t hear too good but I could hear you down here. Heard you last night too, but I thought tonight you might like some company. Turn it on.”

“Uh – the tapes didn’t have titles on them,” I mumbled while fumbling with the remote. “I just grabbed anything.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Grandpa said as the screen lit up and the movie resumed. “They’re all pretty much the same – oh – it’s the Navy fellas. Pass me that beer, Glenn. You don’t mind the backwash I hope.”

My hand was shaking as I handed Grandpa the beer and watched him take a deep swallow. This couldn’t be happening. Me and Grandpa sitting in our pajamas watching an old gay porn movie while drinking beer.

“You like this kind of movie, don’t you Glenn?” Grandpa asked as he handed me the beer back, and I jumped when his hand came down on my thigh, not just because it was cold.

“Um – never saw this kind before,” I mumbled while Grandpa’s long bony fingers squeezed my thigh.

“But you like it, right?” Grandpa continued. “Your Mom? She suspects that about you, you know?”

“Mom?” I said. “Suspects what?”

Grandpa didn’t say anything, but he didn’t have to because the look he gave me with his eyebrow arched said a whole lot and made my feigned ignorance more obvious.

“I like girls,” I said, and that was true as far as it went.

“So do I,” Grandpa said, and we looked at each other intensely and in ways we never had before.

“I didn’t mean to pry,” I said. “I’ll replace the beer.”

“Nonsense,” Grandpa said. “Beer is meant to be enjoyed, just like the movies and our bodies. Now that you know my little secret and I know yours, maybe you would like to see something else.”

Grandpa got up and reached back behind the TV, pulling a brick out of the wall and pulling out a tape before replacing it and stopping the tape player to put that one in after taking the Navy guys out.

“This isn’t a real movie like some of the other ones,” Grandpa said as he took the remote from me. “Rather crude looking, but before I show this to you I need you to promise me something. Promise me that everything that you nişantaşı escort see down here stays down here. Do you know what I mean?”


“Do you want to get comfortable?” Grandpa asked as he took off his bathrobe, and when I shook my head he added, “If you want to, feel free.”

Grandpa was wearing pajama bottoms but was naked above the waist. His lean frame with the cloud of silver hair on his chest, so close to me that I could feel the heat from his body, was unnerving to me, and when he started the movie his hand went back on my thigh.

On the screen, it looked like a home movie of sorts. There were two men, an old guy and a young one, and the old guy was undressing the other, who looked about my age. I smiled when I saw the kid’s dick, which looked a lot like Kenny’s, small and skinny, although when the old guy pulled on it it got longer fast.

“This was filmed with a home movie camera set on the dresser,” Grandpa said as the young guy knelt down and undid the old guy’s trousers, and when the pants dropped to the floor and the young guy pulled down the boxers I let out a gasp.

“Holy shit,” I said under my breath as I looked at the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life.

The thing looked like an elephant’s trunk as it swayed between the old guy’s skinny thighs, and it seemed like it hypnotized me, so much so that it took a minute for my eyes to leave the outrageous organ long enough to look at the face attached to the body.

“Grandpa?” I gasped, my head jerking back and forth from the TV to the old guy looking at my reaction.

“It was a few years ago,” Grandpa said. “Had a little more hair back then.”

“Who’s that? Is that…”

“Your cousin Steven,” Grandpa said. “He spent a week here on his way out to college. He didn’t know about the camera until it was over, but he liked it so much he got somebody to transfer the film onto a Beta tape for us.”

As my cousin stared pulling on Grandpa’s cock on the TV, my eyes went to my grandfather’s lap, and while there was no sign of the monstrosity that was beneath the fabric next to me, the fact that I knew what was there made me want to see it in person.

“Here,” Grandpa said as he reached behind me and pulled a bottle of Corn-huskers’ Lotion out of hiding. “It’s okay. I’ll join you.”

Grandpa stood up and dropped his pajamas, leaving me the choice of looking at Grandpa with his erection getting jerked off by my cousin, or the real thing, very limp and very large hanging over the edge of the chair cushion after he sat back down.

“Go ahead,” Grandpa said. “Doesn’t look like you have anything to be ashamed of, and I take the fact that you’re aroused as a compliment.”

It was true, because my boner was making a tent out of my pajamas, so I stood up and unsnapped my bottoms and stepped out of them, my very ordinary cock bouncing around in front of me wildly.

“Nice,” Grandpa said as he reached with a hand covered with gel. “You’re a pretty big fella, aren’t you?”

That was absurd, of course, even though it felt good to hear it, but the sensation when Grandpa’s weathered hand grabbed my cock and began stroking it was even better.

“How does that feel?” Grandpa asked as his slick hand slid and spun up and down my erection.

“Good – Grandpa…” I choked out as my knees turned to jelly.

“Sorry,” Grandpa said as he let go of my dick just before I came. “Sit back and relax.”

I did as I was told, but the movie became more of a night light than entertainment, even though it was fascinating. Next to me Grandpa was watching the screen while pulling on his cock, and that had my undivided attention.

“Takes me a while to get it up these days, I’m afraid,” Grandpa said, apologizing while his fist stretched out an already incredibly long cock to absurd proportions. “It might help if you lent a hand, so to speak Glenn. You don’t have to…”

I reached over toward Grandpa, and I was embarrassed when I could see my hand shaking like I was having a seizure. Even in the dim light it was noticeable to Grandpa, who let go of his cock and held my hand.

“No need to be nervous, Glenn,” Grandpa was saying. “You have been with fellas before, haven’t you?”

I nodded, but while I had held a few cocks in the past, this was different. For one thing, this was my Grandpa, not my friend Kenny or some anonymous stranger that offered me a ride home. The other thing was that, while the half dozen dicks I had handled where of various sizes, none of them were anything near the size of Grandpa’s.

Grandpa was telling me not to be nervous, but that didn’t make it so, and he was bringing my hand closer and closer to his cock until my hand was on it.

“There,” Grandpa said as he leaned back into the love seat while my trembling fingers tried to wrap around his greased, spongy organ. “See? I’m just a man, just like you.”

I nodded, although I was not a man like Grandpa. My dick was drooling pre-cum like a defective faucet and was threatening to erupt even though it wasn’t being touched, and even as engorged as it could be was little more than half the size of what I was lifting in both length and thickness. My thoughts went to my friend Kenny, who often looked in awe at my cock, and wondered what he would think about this.

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