Gramps Enlightenment Pt. 03

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This is Pt. 3 of Gramps Enlightenment. It can be read as a standalone but to get the context I would recommend reading Pts. 1 I can’t believe she is lucky as well!’ Nicky replies sullenly, looking down and away from James.

He reaches out and turns her face back to look at him ‘I am struggling to understand it myself…… but we can’t talk about it now mum will be here in a moment and she might not understand!’

‘But why haven’t you ever done things with me?’ As she asks this she can feel her nipples pressing into her T-Shirt as she had removed her bra in the toilets not long ago.

Hearing the pleading in her voice and noticing the reactions in her body as she asks, James takes her hand ‘I didn’t start this today……. Apparently, you have all noticed how I react when you pop in to see me and use the pool in the garden……. Which incidentally has seen more use in the last year than ever before……….. Michelle supposedly dared Sian to try to tempt me……… I am a fella, I am not going to say no……. Once I was sure that Sian was serious my body just took over.’

‘But what about me?’ Nicky pleads.

‘Do you want me to pay attention to you as well?’

‘Yes, gramps……. I have wanted to fuck you for ages.’


‘Don’t you want to?’

‘Oh, sweet young lady if you could only see through this table you would know the answer to that.’

Hearing Sian and Michelle approaching and seeing Patsy at the tills paying James smiles ‘Let us get this move out of the way and now I know how you feel I am sure we can sort something.’

Having kicked her shoe off Nicky runs her foot up her Gramps’s leg and manages to quickly feel his cock straining in his trousers with her toes which made both her and James smile broadly.

Sian and Michelle decide to sit on either side of James, both leaning up to kiss him on the cheek and in tandem saying ‘Thank you for putting up with us today.’ Sian putting her hand into his lap to squeeze his erection through his trousers at the same time.

Patsy is just approaching the table and as it is side on can see Nicky running her foot up James’s shin and also Sian appearing to be fondling his groin. Shakes her head as she casts her mind back over 20 years to a time when she had the best day, evening, and night of her life.

‘Food will be out in a moment.’ Patsy says as she approaches…. Nicky withdraws her foot…. Sian withdraws her hand….. James notices the stocking tops as his daughter walks toward him and her skirt flaps open.

‘OK, I am looking forwards to eating something tasty.’ James answers as he playfully squeezes the ass cheeks of both Sian and Michelle.

Looking out towards the motorway and still seeing loads of traffic. ‘Dad……. I think we might need to think about staying over tonight……. It is gonna be so late by the time we clear the car, and van escort you will have been cooped up with those two all day. So I don’t think it will be safe for you to drive all the way back home.’ Patsy says as she pushes her plate to the middle of the table after finishing her food.

‘I looked earlier and it said it is only a 4-hour drive from home so why is it taking so long? I know there is lots of traffic now, but that might clear soon.’ James says as he again feels Nicky rubbing her toes on his shin and both Sian and Michelle rubbing his thighs, coming perilously close to his balls with every stroke.

‘I don’t drive as fast as you and the car is quite weighed down!’ Patsy whines.

‘OK, well sounds sensible…… We can book a room for you and Nicky and I’ll sleep in the car……. I ain’t wasting money on two rooms……. But we will have to go over there.’ Pointing to Tesco’s and get some clothes….. Even with a shower in the room, which by the way I will use your shower, we are still gonna be smelly.’ James grumbles.

‘Yeah, I should have packed a change of clothes for us anyway…….. I didn’t think it through………. Sian, where is your letter to tell you where to collect your dorm keys?’ Patsy sighs as she thinks her dad is annoyed with her.

‘In the case in the middle of the back seats…… All the stuff we need is in there….. T-shirts, Shorts, Knickers, and Bras you name it Michelle and me thought it through.’ Sian sarkily answers her mum ‘In fact that case is a pain in the arse the corners and wheels keep hitting is all, don’t they grampa?’

‘Well, here take the keys and go and get the letter, make sure of what time we have to collect the keys by……. This day is turning to shit!…….. I don’t want to stop again once we get going’ Patsy growls.

Taking the keys Sian looks at Michelle ‘Come on, you can come with me.’

‘That sucks…….. You are gonna get another fuck out of Grampa James.’ Michelle grumbles as they head across the car park.

‘If we move the stuff from the middle of the seats we can both get another fuck if we are lucky.’ Sian utters smiling with lustful thoughts.

As they get to the car there is another car just pulling in next to them.

The old fella driving gets out of the car ‘Bring that bloody letter with you so we can check it for where to get the keys and what time…….. If you hadn’t pissed about putting that bloody slap on this morning we would have been there by now……. It is too pissing hot anyway for all that stuff…….. Remember you are up here to learn not to get tarted up and fuck anything that moves!’

The young girl that got out of the back seat of the car looking like she is about to cry is gorgeous with a fantastic figure. Wide hips, a beautiful bubble butt, and huge tits with a mega cleavage…… ‘Sorry, Grandfather……. escort van I know I am here to learn.’ She smiles at Sian and Michelle and shrugs her shoulders.

‘Dad, stop being so grumpy! It isn’t Lauren’s fault she wants to look good all the time.’ Complains the statuesque blonde, as she slowly uncoils herself from the passenger seat. ‘She takes pride in herself just like I do.’

‘A fat lot of good that does you, your husband still fucked off with his secretary.’

‘Wow, I am sure happy Grampa isn’t a miserable fucker like him.’ Sian whispers to Michelle as they unlock the doors of the car.

‘I don’t think he has fucked anything in years with an attitude like that.’ Michelle giggles ‘Mind you looking at that girl……. I wish I had a cock….. I would fuck her and bounce like hell on those tits…… It ain’t fair she obviously got our supply as well!!’

Sian gets the letter out of the case ‘Hold this, if I move this stuff and pile it up higher we can have more room and really blow Grampa’s mind…….. As well as blow his cock……… I wonder if he has ever had a finger in his ass whilst fucking.’

‘Oh my god, you are crazy Sian…….. He won’t go for that…….. Will he?’

‘We can only ask.’

Clearing the used wet wipes from the footwell to dump in the bin as they pass Sian and Michelle head back to the table where the others are waiting.

‘Grampa, you can’t sleep in the car.’ Nicky protests…….. ‘Why can’t we all share a room??’

‘Nicky don’t be silly…….. There is only one bed in most of the rooms in the UK, unless it is twin……… Even if we got a twin we can’t both sleep in a single bed!’ Mumbles Patsy, secretly thinking how hot it would be sharing a room with her dad……. She knew he slept naked.

‘But don’t they have bed settees…….. Or those beds on wheels?’

‘Let’s see what time we have to pick the keys up.’ James quietly says ‘We might end up having to get a room for Sian and Michelle if we are too late.’ Just as he says this a gorgeous blonde walks by trailing a really angry-looking older guy and followed by a really stunning girl with the biggest tits he had ever seen…….. Automatically following them with his eyes as his mouth falls open.

Nicky nudges her mum and mouths (He is a horny old goat today……. I bet he would fuck them)

(Stop it that is Grampa you are talking about) Patsy mouths back but feeling her own juices start flowing as she thinks about possibly seeing her dad’s cock in the morning as she knew she would be awake before James and Nicky…….. She could then use the showerhead to get herself off.

‘Here we are.’ Sian throws the letter on the table, which is now clear of plates. ‘I think it is 8 O’clock, that is 20.00 isn’t it?’ as she looks at James and slides onto the bench alongside him and drops her hand van escort bayan to cup his balls.

‘It is indeed.’ James replies as he pops his hand on her leg under the table.

‘Well it is just after 3 now so another 2 hours and we should be there.’ Patsy asserts.

‘Look at that traffic mum.’ Nicky indicates the cars backing up on the motorway.

‘Maybe a bit longer but we should be there by 6 ish at least……… an hour or so to clear the car…… Another hour to settle them in……. So maybe 9 to get moving again……… No that is way too late Gramps……. Let me look and see if there is a Premier Inn or something close by’

‘OK, but we need to move so can you look as we are traveling?…….. Patsy, you OK to drive, or do you want me to?’

Sian and Michelle both look around James in shock.

‘Yes, I would rather drive than crush up in the back…….. I don’t know how you can do it.’ Patsy immediately replies.

As Patsy says this James who has slowly been edging his hands up the thighs of Sian and Michelle extends his little fingers to gently stroke the lips of their cunts, feeling moisture already making them slick.

‘OK, quick toilet break, pop over to Tesco and pick up some cheap clothes just to get us through and then back underway.’ James asserts………. As he says this he feels a hand splay over his ass and an insistent finger extend along his ass crack.

Patsy and Nicky hadn’t noticed the change in the seating configuration in the car but Nicky had waited with James as he was paying for the few bits they had picked up in Tesco……. Linking her arm through his as they walked back to the car…. ‘You know what we talked about earlier?’

‘Yes….. What about it?……. Nicky, I have been gazing at you ever since and imagining taking your clothes off and making love to you.’

Squeaking slightly as she tightens her grip on his arm Nicky leans in closer ‘I want you to fuck me, not just make love to me…………… If I manage to find a place with a sofa bed or even two double beds can I jump in with you after mum is asleep tonight………… You know she sleeps like a log once she is gone…….. Dad said you used to joke about it when you went on tour with the rugby club……… I understand if you can’t fuck me tonight after doing Sian and Michelle today……. But I just want your hands on my tits and your cock pressed against my ass as we sleep.’

‘Nicky, we will have to be careful…….. What happens if we sleep too long and mum catches us?’

‘Gramps……. I think if you fucked mum she would be over the moon herself…… She is missing dad badly…….. She is even wearing stockings to feel sexy and womanly……… That can’t be comfy in this heat.’ Nicky confided just as they approached the car.

‘Here, you will have to keep this upfront with you; we have no room in the back.’ James says as he opens the door for Nicky and leans down to speak to Patsy.

Noticing her skirt has fallen open to display her stocking tops and if he isn’t mistaken her legs were slightly apart with her hand rapidly lifted up to the steering wheel.

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