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Got Milk? – Delilah , Mac Ch. 06

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7:28 p.m.

Mac shifts in his beanbag as he plays online on his PS4, listening to the trash-talking players he is up against. Normally, an online session of Tekken 7 would have him in gamer mode, but this time, it is merely a concept of killing time until his 8:00 destination to Delilah’s house.

Mac constantly looks at his cell phone to check the clock, but it is like time itself was slowing down. His penis begins throbbing through his sweat shorts with each thought of what happened earlier at school with Delilah and her foot and shoeplay teasing. Gone was the casual school outfit of his black collar shirt with blue stripes, and his dependable blue jeans. Delilah told him to dress comfortably, and what is more comfortable than a black tank top, and his basketball sweat shorts (which he even washed and dried off for this occasion)?

“Yeah, sure, just keep doing the same fuckin’ combo, asshole!” he huffs at his flatscreen, watching defenselessly as he gets sucked into another death combo by the other player. He decides that he has had enough. He is already sexually frustrated; no need to be full of gamer rage as well. Shifting himself out of his beanbag, he carefully walks over to his computer and sits down on his chair. As he turns off the screensaver, the clock on screen reads:

7:42 p.m.

“Damnit, why can’t it just be 8 already? I feel I can burst in my shorts at any second…” With a shake of his head, he ponders whether to just wait it off, or sneak a peek into his porn stash to ease his erection. It has been over a week since Mac has last released his pleasure, due to being busy and with his parents’ divorce situation. All he has on his mind at the moment is Delilah’s feet in those pantyhose. Mac grabs his crotch through his shorts, somewhat easing his sexual aches, but not enough to reach his preferred climax. He decides to save that for his best friend, who also made him promise not to hold back tonight. It is only a matter of time and patience.

Mac closes his eyes, daydreaming to the point where Delilah’s essence appeared in his sights. He imagines her outfit: The lovely black and white dotted blouse, the white floral skirt that barely went to her knees.

By impulse alone, Mac grabs his hard crotch as he imagines himself embracing her gorgeous legs covered by the seductiveness of her sheer dark pantyhose. He hears her ever lovely giggle as she allow him touch her. Mac licks his lips, enjoying the subconscious view of her legs. But it is her flats… her white flats that she got last year that make him squeeze his crotch unexpectedly. The white flats that were now worn out and stretched to the influence of her feet being inside them for one whole year.

Mac thinks about how much she potentially played with her ballet flats while sitting in her room, in the living room, her outside patio, or even standing up in the kitchen. He wonders just how much sweat and foot odor her white flats had accumulated throughout the year. How much her shoeplay with her feet would build up a sexual high whenever he would finally have the chance to sniff even one of them.

He squeezes his crotch even harder at his deepest craving; the possibility of her watching him as he brings one flat to his nose. The vision of her beautiful smile and the sound of her encouraging giggle takes over him, inviting him with her lovely voice to do what he pleased with her flat. He feels his hand stroke his penis through his shorts, lost in his own imagination as he finally inhales the flat…


Back to reality Mac falls, etiler escort as he hears a door slam, followed by muffled voices moving through his wall. Sighing a deep and disgusted sigh, Mac shakes his head at what he hears. He knows what is going down in the hallways. His mom and dad are in the midst of another verbal confrontation. He listens onto the ever violently growing conversation:

“Oh, sure, Jessica, blame it all on me! That’s all you’re ever good it, is taking your faults and tossing them at someone else!”

“Stop trying to flip this around! You’re the one that screwed us over, Stanley! Me and Macky!”

Yes, it already got to the point where he was being involved by name. Mac’s frustrations are now growing by the second, and he takes another look at his cell phone:

7:49 p.m.

“Fuck…” Mac scoffs at himself, not knowing what else to do to kill the time. The verbal battle between his parents is getting louder. It is all becoming too much for him to bear. He’d had enough. He has to leave and get out of there now. Walking to his door, the voices of his parents become more clear:

“Jess, just LISTEN to me for one second!”

“How about YOU go to HELL?!”

Mac opens the door, and storms down the stairs, hoping to avoid the conflict between his parents. He desperately wants to just leave and never come back. He make his way to the last step on the stair…


“Ugh…” he quietly grumbles. He hated his full name, but the respect he has for his parents forces him to stop in his tracks. Turning around, he looked up at his mom, watching him with her tear-induced puffy eyes.

“Where are you going, honey?” Jessica asks him.

He answers back as politely as he could, “Just out for a walk, you know? I need to clear my head.”

“Macky, sweetie, please don’t think this is all your fault. It’s just differences between your father and I.”

Stanley, Mac’s father, slightly scoffs at her. “Oh, NOW you’re gonna refuse to blame anybody. Where was that 2 minutes ago?!”

“Stanley, would you just stop being an asshole for one second?!”

“Mom, Dad, I…” Mac tries his best to plead with them both.

“Quiet, Mackenzie! This is between me and your mother!”

“Dad, I’m just trying to calm you gu—”

“Stanley, you do NOT take that tone of voice with Mackenzie!”

“Mom, PLEASE!”

“Jessica, will you STOP babying him?! For God’s sake, he’s 18! Take the tit out of his mouth for once!”

Mac closes his eyes hard, and takes his last step off the stairs. He is now at his limit and needs to leave immediately. “Man, to hell with this, I’m outta here!”

“Where the hell do you think you’re going, Macky?” his father yells as he follows his son down the stairs. Mac takes another step towards the front door, not willing to face his father. “Damnit, I’m talking to you, son!” his dad yells with more authority and anger as Mac takes one more step towards the door. Mac is internally begging that it would not come down to him and his father. He needs to escape.

“Dad, just leave me alone! I’m going out!” Mac yelps as he feels his father’s wrath subdue him. “Like hell you are! Treating me with such disrespect!” Stanley responds back to his son. Mac could only negatively chuckle at what his father says. Turning around quickly, his built-in frustration finally takes over. “And who the FUCK are you to decide what respect is, Dad?!”

Jessica looks on in horror. “Mackenzie, that’s your father!”

“You watch your tone, etimesgut escort young man! I’m still the head of this household!”

Mac shakes his head in complete sickness. “Sure, yeah, right! This coming from a guy who kept his ‘head’ in other houses! You had NO right to cheat on Mom, Dad! None!” Biting his lip from saying anything more drastic, Mac slowly backs away and resumes towards the front door. “Just leave me the hell alone, I’m going for a walk!”

“You think you’re just gonna up and leave after saying that to me?!” Stanley shouts as he dashes towards his son, his morality blinded by his own anger and stubbornness. “What, you’re going to that stupid girl’s house?”

“STANLEY!” Jessica yells in disbelief.

Mac almost grabs the doorknob off its hinges at the subtle mention of Delilah. He slowly turns back to his father. “You watch your damn mouth about Delilah, Dad. She is not stupid.”

“Who gives a shit what she is? She’s not MY daughter!”

“Dad, she’s my best friend!”

“And YOU’RE my son!”

“God, I can’t wait to get out of here!”

“Macky, please! Stanley, let him leave!” his mom cries out once again. Stanley forcefully grabs his son’s arm, preventing him from leaving the house. “You’re not going anywhere!”

“Dad, let me GO!” Mac yells, trying his best to yank his arm from his father’s grasp. “You’re hurting my arm, let me go!”

“You are NOT going over to that slut’s house!” Mac’s father yells, grabbing even tighter.


“SHE’S NOT A SLUT! SHE’S MY BEST FRIEND, NOW LET ME GO!!!” Mac yanks harder, his arm slipping a little from his Stanley’s hand.

“STANLEY, LET HIM LEAVE!” Mac’s mother cries with tears in her eyes.

“FUCK HER! FUCK THAT SLUTTY BITCH! You’re NOT going over there, and that’s FINAL!”

Mac is livid. With pure, unadulterated passion for the girl he loves, he finally makes one last desperate defense. “DAD, FUCKING LET ME GO!!!!” And with a yell of true rage, Mac violently etches his momentum into his father, shoving him against the right wall next to the door. Jessica falls to her knees in shock, and sobs.

Mac looks on in horror at what he did as Stanley grabs his head in pain. The impact makes the back of his head bash into the wall, creating a slight crack. Mac backs away slowly, a tear beginning to escape his right eye, and storms out the door, fading away into the night.

7:57 p.m.

Mac runs as fast and as desperately as he can, fighting back escaping tears at what just happened between himself and his father. How could his father treat him that way? How could his father say all those horrible things about Delilah? Almost tripping over his own 2 feet, Mac kneels down, coughing and gasping his way back to whatever composure he had left. He has to get to Del’s house, and he was still 4 houses away. Mac walks in a huff, completely upset and angry.

He needed Delilah. He needed to see her.

Mac coughs and sniffles, trying his best not to break down as he finally runs at the destination: Delilah’s house. Walking on her front lawn instead of taking the entryway, Mac breathes hard as he finally makes his way to her front door. She said 8 sharp, but the recent unfortunate circumstances made him 2 minutes early.

He knocks on her front door, and rings the doorbell. Wiping more escaping tears from his eyes, Mac shakes from an uncomfortable fear of thinking about the recent confrontation with his parents. Ringing the doorbell once again, he turns his back on the door, staring at the crescent moon shining etlik escort in the sky.

The door finally unlocks, and opens. Standing in its way was the object of Mac’s passion: Delilah.

She happily smiles as she steps out the door, still wearing her blouse, white skirt, and the lovely sheer pantyhose and white flats. “Jeez, man, you just couldn’t wait, could ya? Hehe, you’re 2 minutes early!”

Mac feels her hand touch his shoulder as he quietly and slowly turns around, his eyes red from the tears he tried so hard to fight back.

Del’s smile suddenly turns into a concerned frown. “Dude… what’s wrong? W-what’s the matter?” Mac could only shake his head again as Del drags his now sore arm into her house, closing the door behind them. “Tiger, talk to me… what’s going on?” she asks him again.

“My… my p-parents…”

“Damn, AGAIN?” Del asks nicely as she rubs her friend’s shoulder, doing her best to ease his soul. “Was it bad?” Mac sniffles as he speaks. “Horrible… just really horrible…”

“Do… do you want to talk about it?”

“I… I just… want… I just want to—” Mac sobs out as his emotions finally break him. He leans his head on Delilah’s shoulder, crying away his pain. Del lovingly brings her arms tightly around his own shoulders, caressing him with care as he sobs his heart out.

“It’s ok, Mac… it’s alright. I’m here… that’s it, I’m here… let it out…” She places loving kisses on his forehead, doing her best to calm him down. “Everything is going to be ok, tiger… I’m here for you…”

Mac responds by embracing his own arms around her waist. “I… needed.. t-to… get out of there… I can’t go… I can’t go back tonight…” Mac cries softly as his tears pouring from his chin dampen Del’s blouse on her shoulder. She doesn’t mind at all, and kisses his forehead again. “Like I said… I’ll have the place all to myself this weekend… you can crash here if you need to.” She smiles at him with a love that she’s hidden for a long time. “You can even sleep in my bed with me.”

Mac clears his throat, and looks up at with the tears slowing down, and his breathes easing back to normal. “Thank you…”

“Are you going to still want to do this tonight?”

“Yes… please… I need this more than anything now.”

“Hehe, that’s good… because in case you didn’t noticed, I haven’t took off this outfit since I got home from school. Not even my flats or pantyhose.”

“You have no idea how pleasing that sounds to me.”

She kisses his forehead once again. “Want me to play with my flats again for you, tiger?”

Mac nods intimately. “Yes… definitely yes.”

Delilah giggles once more. “Hehe… OK. I’ll play with them real good for you with my feet… get your mind all cleared up.”

Mac sighs at her, the pain and rage subsiding within him finally. “You’re amazing, Del…” he says to her, making her blush again.

“Anything for you, sweetheart.” she affectionately says to him. Hearing her call him “sweetheart” gives Mac a warm feeling inside. They finally look into each other’s eyes, their spirits connecting on an even more emotional level. Mac has to express his feelings for her.


“Yeah…?” she says softly.

“I… I love you…”

Del smiles brightly, a tear of her own pouring down her left cheek. “I’ve been waiting for that a long time, dude… I love you, too….” A soft sob escapes her, and she leans closer to him, whispering with her newfound joy. “I love you so much, tiger…”

They embrace in a passionate and true kiss, now ready to take the next step in their friendship/relationship.

8:04 p.m.



Author’s Note: This is mostly a setup for the remaining chapters. I guarantee this will be the only chapter of this kind. The real action begins afterwards. Thank you for your patience.

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