Good Neighbors Ch. 047

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I had a hard time choosing what to wear to my lunch with my business partner. As I looked at the different dress shirts, polo shirts and the like, my neighbor walked in. She swatted my butt since I was just wearing a pair of boxers. I turned around and she giggled a bit.

“I told you I preferred you naked, Romeo,” she said.

I smiled at her.

“My business partner does not. Any ideas?”

She walked in front of me and started fishing through my hung clothes.

“When is the last time he saw you?”

“Missy’s funeral. Why?”

She pulled out one of those camp style shirts. It was red with a black dragon design on it. She then pulled out the jeans she had me buy a few weeks prior.

“It sounds like a casual lunch. You don’t want to be too dressy.”

I looked at her choices and leaned in for a kiss which she readily accepted before grabbing my butt again. As I looked for a clean pair of boxers, I could hear the water running in the bathroom. I turned and walked in before seeing my neighbor in the shower. She was checking the water temperature as she was looking at me slyly. I smiled before dropping my boxers and slipping in with her.

We spent the next fifteen minutes trying to take a shower as our hands kept groping each other before she started to wash my hair. I was trying to be still as one hand was in my hair and the other was stroking my cock. She pushed me under the spray and made sure my hair had all the shampoo out before she slipped to her knees. She started taking me down her throat while I turned off the water. My hand slipped into her wet hair to hold her in place while she kept taking me in.

It was a few minutes before she stood up, my cock still hard, and led me back into my room as we grabbed some towels. We started drying each other off before I pushed her onto the bed. She landed on her butt before I hit my knees and started kissing up her eskişehir escort legs. She started moaning a little as I eased my way back towards her pussy before my lips landed there. I feasted on her for a little while before my alarm went off.

I turned towards my alarm clock and hit the button before I opened my eyes. I loved dreaming about my neighbor. I loved the ideas it gave me to try with her whenever I had the chance. I started to get up as I looked to make sure I was in my bed. Sometimes, I was so comfortable in hers that I would forget where I was. I looked over and saw the bed empty. I started to get up and hit the shower before my cell went off. I looked and saw her face smiling at me.

“Good morning, Beautiful.”

“You sound peppy, Romeo. Still have that lunch date with your partner?”

“I do. I really wish you could come along.”

“I’ll be fine. I have a few calls to make and such. Will you visit me afterwards?”

“Of course. I love spending time with you.”

“Well give me a call when you’re headed home, and I might have a surprise for ya.”

The last line filled my mind with tons of possibilities. As I headed towards the shower, I thought about possibly what the lunch was for. Besides being my business partner, Matt had been my friends even before Missy was in the picture. There were parts of me hoping there would be no business talk, but I knew better.

We met at one of his favorite restaurants. As we sat down to some Italian, we started talking about the previous day’s call and some of the details I missed. I tried to follow as best as I could before I started feeling the numbers click in my head again. We started discussing ideas on streamlining processes and some other things before he smiled.

“I get the feeling there’s something different about you, Leo. You don’t seem that moody. How’s the home life?”

I eskişehir escort bayan started talking about dealing with my grief and how my neighbor lost her husband also. I talked about how we became closer as friends and such and how it’s been getting easier day by day. He looked at me skeptically before he smiled.

“Well, if you need to go babe hunting, just let me know.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, dude. So should I start coming by the office more often?”

“To be honest, you seem to have a good handle working from home. Maybe checking in once a week would be a good idea though. Some of the admins keep wanting to check up on you and stuff.”

“Okay, I’ll stop by on Thursday.”

We ended our lunch, and I took my time getting to my car. The last thing I wanted to think about was work. When I looked at my cell, I saw a text. I opened it and saw my neighbor’s face smiling at me. I called her back right away. She seemed super happy. The drive back was uneventful before I pulled into my driveway. I looked over towards her house and decided to walk over. I opened her door to find her sitting naked on the couch. It looked like she was waiting for me. I walked over and before I could say a word, she was up unbuttoning my shirt.

“I missed you, Master,” she said, her lips finding my neck and pressing in.

I stood there as she kept taking my clothes off one article at a time. Once she had my chest bared, she started to kiss down my chest. Her kisses felt warm and soothing. I started to open my mouth before she kissed her way up and her lips found mine. It was then she took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom. I walked behind her, her hips shaking the way I love seeing them before she suddenly turned and lowered herself on her knees.

“Looks like someone is struggling in there,” she said.

Her hands undid my escort eskişehir belt and undid my fly before I could respond. Her face went straight into my groin before my boxers were down just to tease me. She pulled back and smiled at me before she pulled everything down. My cock sprung up ready. I was still speechless as she blew on the head of my cock a little. Her hands took me and started to stroke me.

“Looks like someone missed me,” she said with a laugh.

She let go for a moment as she helped me slide my legs out of everything before she stood up and led me to her bed. As we started to embrace and kiss, I started to feel the weight of the world lifting. We started to make out while we talked.

“Anything interesting from the lunch, Master?” she said, her kisses still punctuating every word.

“Just the fact I’m gonna have to visit the office more often.”


“That’s gotta suck.”

Longer kiss.

“Could be worse. He did say the working from home seems to be helping.”

Neck nibbles on her.


Kissing below her earlobe.

“I think you should work from home as much as you can.”

Neck nibbles on me.

“Maybe I could become your assistant.”

Her hands went straight to my ass and squeezed.

“I wouldn’t say no to that.”

I slid inside her and started to stroke inside her slowly. I could hear the intake of breath as I made love to her. Our hands were still rubbing on each other as I was taking leisurely strokes inside her. There was a little more of that until her hands found my ass again and pulled me inside her deeper.

“Take me, Master.”

I started to fuck her in earnest. I could hear her moan as I watched her face. I loved seeing her face when I took her. I loved seeing her reactions when I had the different things happen. Her legs wrapped around me, keeping me in place. There was no doubt in my mind where she wanted my seed.

“Fuck me!! Fill your girl.”

I felt my cock release inside her as her legs unwrapped. It was as we recovered that she was smiling at me.

“On second thought, I’d distract you too much,” she said, a sarcastic smile crossing her slips.

I kissed her deeply.


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