Eki 02

Gold Digger Ch. 02

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Early the next morning, Tyler leisurely jerked his six and a half inch cock that was out of his pajama pants as he watched mediocre gay porn on his computer. He could tell from the pained look on the bottom’s face that he was gay for pay. He usually avoided scenes like this, but he was feeling too lazy to find another one. He heard a knock on his bedroom door. “Come on in, Dev!”

“Good morning. What do you want for breakf- wait. You are jerking off? And you invited me in anyway?” Dev looked at the monitor. “Oh, that bottom is not having a good time. Those ‘Fuck yeahs’ are not convincing at all. He must really want an XBox One badly.”

“I wonder what it says about gay men that we like watching straight guys take it in the ass so they can buy video games,” Tyler said while still fapping.

“Probably that we haven’t outgrown the straight guy fantasies we had as teens. Anyway, want a hand?”

Tyler grinned as he got up. Dev sat down in the chair and Tyler sat on his lap. Dev groped his pecks and then moved down to his abs and happy trail. “Your workouts have been really paying off. Very swole.” Dev made a face. “God, I can’t believe I just said that word out loud. Tackle me if I say ‘on fleek’ next.”

“Dev, you’re a millenial. You can use slang and no one will side eye you for it. God, your cock is so hard,” Tyler said as he ground his ass on Dev’s crotch.

“Nope. No one wants to hear me say ‘This root canal is lit AF. Isn’t Dr. Shapur cool?’ Now shut up so I can jerk you off,” Dev ordered as he took his right hand and grabbed Tyler’s lotion covered cock. “What a pretty dick.”

Tyler moaned. He had always felt handjobs were underrated. The pleasure of another hand was so simple and intimate. “My dick isn’t that big. You have a better looking one.”

Dev kissed Tyler’s neck. “Pffft. A cock doesn’t need to be huge to be beautiful. And if everyone had a ten inch dick, bottoms everywhere would need donut pillows to sit on.” Dev looked at porn playing on the monitor. The stars had now moved into pile driver position. “That top doesn’t seem to be into either. Though I’d wager he’s doing it for child support money and not for an XBox One. This is sad. Can’t we just watch a Ryan Rose vid? Even the gifs of Jensen Ackles bending over I know you have saved on here would be better fap material than watching these two pretend they want to be fucking each other.”

“Uhh. I’m almost there, so let’s not bother. Jerk me faster,” Tyler groaned out as Dev quickly acquiesced to his request. Dev’s right hand was well lubed with lotion and pre-cum easing the faster jerking motion.

“Are you going to shoot for me? Cum for Daddy,” Dev whispered into Tyler’s ear. He thrust up to grind his cock into Tyler’s pajama covered ass.

Dev calling himself daddy and dry humping him was too much for Tyler. Ropes of cum exploded out hitting the monitor and keyboard. The rest dribbled out onto Dev’s hand.

“So what do want for breakfast? Spinach omelettes sound good?” Dev asked as he let go of Tyler’s wilting cock.

“Yeah,” Tyler panted out. “By the way, calling yourself Daddy is kind of creepy.”

“Agreed, but it is also hot. Now get up so Daddy can make you breakfast.”


An hour and a half later, Tyler was reading magazines in Dev’s waiting room. Nick Donovan’s appointment was in about 30 minutes, so he expected him to be there any minute. Dev had offered to let Tyler use his Kindle, but the gay romance novels on there were lackluster to him. You could always tell when a woman was the author of a gay romance novel by the lack of rimjobs. Though the magazines laid out on the table were worse.

“Dev really needs better subscriptions. The articles in this one: ‘I’m Having Alien Triplets!’ ‘I’m in a Polyamorous Relationship With Santa and Krampus!’ ‘My Husband Died Getting a Hickey from a Vampire!’ Just trash,” Tyler muttered as he threw the magazine back on the table. The receptionist Dolores shot a dirty look at Tyler. “What? Dolores, you know he needs better magazines. Though at least he has People and US Weekly.”

Dolores sighed. “I’ve been trying to talk Dr. Shapur into getting Better Homes and Gardens and Vogue, but he thinks that’s what people want to read while they wait.”

20 seconds later, Nick Donovan strutted in and walked over to Dolores to sign in. He was dressed casually in jeans and a gray shirt. Tyler discreetly stared at his ass. You could bounce a quarter off it. Nick got the paperwork that all new patients need to fill out and sat two seats away from Tyler.

Tyler decided to play it cool. “Excuse me, sir, but you look a lot Belek travesti like Nick Donovan.”

Nick smirked. “I get that a lot,” he said not looking up from the paperwork.

“Sorry if I’m bothering you. The resemblance is just uncanny. Vigilante is one of my favorite shows. Wait. You are Nick Donovan,” Tyler exclaimed.

Nick looked over at Tyler and smiled. “Caught me. Always great to meet a fan,” Nick said putting the pen down on the clipboard and extending his hand to Tyler.

Tyler eagerly shook his hand. “I’m Tyler. I’ve been a fan since Werewolf Cove very early in your career.”

“Really? The only good thing about that movie was my ass during the shower scene. Though I bet that’s the reason you liked it so much,” Nick said winking and looking Tyler up and down.

Tyler blushed. This was going better than he ever could have hoped. “Uh, yeah. That scene is why I own the DVD.”

“Tyler, would you like to visit the set of Vigilante? We’re doing night shoots tonight. You can come if you want. Though unfortunately I’m not filming a shower scene tonight, so you won’t see me naked. At least not on set,” Nick said grinning wolfishly.

This rich dick was really just falling into Tyler’s lap with pretty much no effort. “Would I be allowed on set?”

“Tyler, I’m the star of the show and I started getting a producer credit this season. I can bring on anyone I like and I’d like to bring you and show you around. Now give me your phone, so I can put my number in.”

Tyler handed over the phone as he curbed his desire to get up and start doing a “I’m going to get that dick and that money” twerk.


A few hours later, Dev sat eating lunch at the mall food court with his dental hygienist Ashley, a black woman in her mid-20’s and Tyler.

“So he just asked you to visit his set like a minute after meeting you? That sounds strange to me,” Dev said and then took a bite of burrito.

“I guess he liked what he saw. And calm down. He’s a celebrity, not a serial killer. I’m not going to end up the subject of an episode of Dateline. Though if I do, say nice things about me to Keith Morrison,” Tyler said as he took a sip of water. He wasn’t eating because he was hoping to get very lucky tonight. If it went well, he’d order a post anal victory pizza for Nick and him.

“Well, it won’t be the first time Dev has talked to true crime producers. They had to get permission from him to shoot exteriors of his house for Killer Husbands. That episode was wild,” Ashley said.

“Wait. Our house was on Killer Husbands?” Tyler asked staring at Dev in disbelief.

“My house. And yes, it was. The last owner chopped his wife’s head off,” Dev said nonchalantly.

“You bought a house where a woman was murdered? And you never told me about it!” Tyler sputtered out.

“I got a great deal on the house. The asking price was already pretty low, but I got them to knock it down 10K more, which gave me more money to remodel the master bathroom. And if it makes you feel better, she was beheaded in the backyard.”

“Dev, you are so cheap. I guess the bright side is I can use that as an anecdote at parties,” Tyler sighed.

“Let’s get off beheadings. Dev, I met a guy at yoga who would be perfect for you,” Ashley said going into matchmaker mode. “His name is Daniel and he works at a non-profit. I forget what the non-profit does. Anyway, he’s really cute and I can arrange a date.”

Dev narrowed his eyes. “The last guy you set me up with last year spent the whole date going on about how exotic I look and petted my hair like he was at a petting zoo. ‘Ohhh, Indian hair is so thick!’ Ash, I know you mean well, but I think you do that straight person thing where you meet a gay person and think ‘This person is gay, thus he’d be perfect for my gay friend!’ There are so many compatiblity factors in gay relationships. Is he a top or a bottom or vers? Does he want monogamy or an open relationship? Does he want kids? Does he prefer Adele or Beyoncé? Is he a DC or a Marvel? And so on and so forth.”

“Dev, he is woke. We had a ten minute conversation about climate change and whitewashing in Hollywood. Give him a shot,” Ashley pleaded.

“Go on the date, Dev. Though try not to go on any rants about TV shows or mention that you live in a house where a woman was murdered. That would be a boner killer,” Tyler said.

“Fine. Set up the date,” Dev conceded. “Tell him to meet me at the Chinese restaurant down the road from my house at seven.”

“Why not the Italian place? It’s nicer,” Ashley asked.

“Because that place is pricey Kemer travesti and I’m not spending that kind of money on a man I haven’t even seen naked,” Dev said and then his anxiety set in. “What am I going to talk about on the date if I’m not babbling about the second season of True Detective? The first season was so good, but the second season was a poorly plotted mess.”

“You could talk about current events or about yourself. Maybe bring up fun facts,” Ashley suggested.

“You bring up your big dick. That would be a good conversation starter,” Tyler said.

“How would I bring that up? ‘Pass the egg rolls. By the way, I have a huge dick.’ That wouldn’t be awkward at all,” Dev said mockingly.

“You could say ‘What’s big and brown and could be in you if you play your cards right’ or ‘You know Boomer Banks? My dong looks kind of like that.’ Or ‘Remember when we got ten inches of snow last year? I’ve got ten inches to give as well.’ Even if the rest of the date sucks, he’d be curious about your dick,” Tyler said laughing.

“Tyler, how do you know the size of Dev’s peen?” Ashley asked and looked at Tyler and Dev suspiciously.

“We live together. I accidently saw him coming out of the shower.” Tyler decided he didn’t want Ashley to know that he’d recently been more intimate with Dev. She didn’t need to know that Dev had cum on his face yesterday or gave him a handjob this morning.

“Ash, we better get back to the office,” Dev said getting up.

“And I better get home. I have to shave, pick out an outfit and douche and shower before I see Nick tonight,” Tyler said picking up his water bottle and standing up.


Dev sat alone at the restaurant. Daniel was four minutes late, which was a strike against him since Dev despised tardiness. He felt his phone vibrating in his pocket. He pulled it out and rolled his eyes when he saw it was his mother Neela. He swiped to answer. “Hi, Mom.”

“Vimal told me you were going on a date with a man. Dev, you are never going to be happy if you continue in this homosexual direction,” Neela said raising her voice.

Dev groaned. He knew he shouldn’t have told his brother about the blind date when he called an hour ago. “Mom, I’m gay. It isn’t a choice. We’ve talked about this.”

“What about children? A man can’t carry a child. Find a woman. Even if it was a white woman I wouldn’t complain.”

“Mom, I don’t want children. I just want to eventually find a husband and live a blissfully child-free life.”

“Who will take care of you when you are old?” Neela asked forcefully.

“I assume it will be a poorly paid nursing home worker who will mildly abuse me. I’ve got to go. Bye, Mom,” Dev said hanging up.

Five minutes later, a lanky late 20’s man with brown hair approached the table. “Hi, are you Dev? I’m Daniel.”

Dev shook his hand. “Nice to meet you.” Daniel took his seat across from Dev.

Dev waved down a waitress who took their orders and left.

“So, tell me about yourself,” Daniel said as he took out his phone.

“Well, I graduated high school when I was 15 and…” Dev noticed Daniel was typing on his phone. “What are you doing?”

“Just tweeting. I’m listening to you go on,” Daniel said looking up and then going back to paying attention to his phone.

“What are you tweeting?” Dev asked being careful to hide how annoyed he was

“Oh, just about this date. ‘On a date with a Muslim. #Woke’ My 326 followers expect regular updates,” Daniel said not looking up from his phone. “Shit, it’s 325 now. Which asshole unfollowed me? I bet it was Becky. Just because I think peas in guacamole are stupid…”

“Um, I’m not Muslim. Common mistake. I was raised Hindu, but now I consider myself agnostic. What-” Dev stopped talking as he realized Daniel wasn’t paying attention.

The next two minutes were filled with Dev staring at Daniel as he typed on his phone. Apparently getting unfollowed over peas in guacamole was serious business.

Dev tried to think of something to get this date back on track. He wasn’t going to talk about TV shows, so he decided to go with fun facts like Ashley suggested. “Fun fact: Dolphins are rapists,” Dev said and immediately regretted saying it.

Daniel finally looked up from his phone and put it down on the table. “What is fun about that? Calling it fun contributes to dolphin rape culture,” Daniel said completely seriously.

“Uh, I guess it’s not fun. I’m sorry. I get nervous on dates and you being on your phone wasn’t helping,” Dev said fidgeting.

“Sorry if I was ignoring you. I’m a little Travesti attached to my phone. I’ll focus on you now. So, do you miss the jungle?”

Dev stared blankly. “The jungle? I was born in northern Virginia. Do you think I’m like Mowgli? Fuck this. You are not worth me or my big dick. You show up late, brag about dating a brown person on Twitter as you ignore me and then you have the nerve to assume I was raised in the jungles of India. I don’t have a fucking Indian accent should have been your first clue. If I stay, you’ll ask me to do a Bollywood dance number.”

Daniel blanched. “Are you implying that I’m racist? Being called a racist is worse than actual racism! Everyone knows that!”

Dev stood up and took out his wallet and threw a hundred dollar bill on the table. “Then tweet about how the mean brown man hurt your feelings to your 325 followers, which by the way isn’t a lot. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must return to the jungle. Baloo needs me!”


Tyler walked with Nick around the set of Vigilante. It was unseasonably warm, so Tyler was just wearing jeans and a tank top. He thought about dressing up more, but he didn’t want it to seem like he was trying too hard. Nick was in his red leather Vigilante costume.

“And there’s our DP Bob. And one of the PAs Shelly. And there’s the guy who plays my dad on the show Andrew. Let’s go talk with him,” Nick said leading Tyler over to the tall 40-something year old man.

“Hey, Nicholas. And who is this?” Andrew asked. Tyler noticed an edge to his voice.

“This is Tyler. He’s a big fan and I’m showing him around. I might show him even more later,” Nick said making a big show of putting an arm around Tyler.

“Oh. I didn’t know you were seeing anyone. Well, I’ll let you get to it,” Andrew said walking away.

“Say hi to your wife for me,” Nick called out to Andrew’s back.

Tyler was smart enough to immediately figure out he was being used in some sort of game between Nick and Andrew. Oh, well. He could at least maybe get some hot sex and gifts out of this.

Nick then led Tyler to his trailer. As he walked in, he was stunned by how nice it was.

“You have a fire place in your trailer? And marble countertops!” Tyler loved HGTV, so the sight of marble countertops almost made him hard.

“Yeah, I get treated well. Would you do me a favor, Tyler?” Nick asked.

Tyler stopped drooling over the countertops. “Sure.”

“Would you take off your pants and get on the couch? I have a kissing scene tonight with Rachel and I have a ritual of eating a man’s ass before I kiss her. That may seem uncalled for, but she’s a homophobic bitch who forced me into coming out by calling up the tabloids. The network won’t fire her, so this is my petty revenge.”

Tyler was unbuckling his pants as soon as Nick stopped speaking. He kicked his shoes off and threw his jeans and underwear to the side. He was Donald Duck-ing it as he got on his knees on the couch just wearing his tank top presenting his ass to Nick. “Come and get it.”

Nick got behind Tyler and took his ass in his hands. “What a nice ass.” He gave it a smack causing Tyler to yelp. He spread the cheeks. “What a beautiful asshole, Tyler. Do you bleach it?”

“Nope. My asshole is naturally beautiful,” Tyler said proudly.

“Well, it sure looks tasty.” Nick gave Tyler’s hole a long lick. “And it is.” Nick went back to licking Tyler’s asshole like it was the most delicious meal.

Tyler groaned. He couldn’t believe a celebrity he jerked off to was tonguing his ass. He moaned as Nick dipped his tongue into his asshole. Maybe he could get Nick to forget all about Andrew.

Nick stopped licking and massaged Tyler’s butthole with one finger. He eased it in. “Oh, that’s tight. That’ll feel really good around my dick later.”

“Uhhh. Fuck. I’m looking forward to it,” Tyler said moaning as he clenched on the finger.

Someone knocked on the trailer door. “Nick, we’re ready for you,” a woman’s voice shouted.

Nick took his finger out of Tyler, but before getting up he gave it one last lick. “To be continued. Got to go give Rachel a taste of your ass. You can chill out here while I film.” Nick exited with a wave.

Tyler put his pants back on and looked for the remote control for the TV. He found Nick’s Kindle. A person’s taste in books said a lot about them. He figured it could give him some insight into Nick.

He turned it on and was horrified by what he found. “Ayn Rand? Ann Coulter?” He thought back to the time Nick criticized Beyoncé on Twitter and “#NickDonovanIsOverParty” trended on Twitter. He should have seen this coming. “Fuck my life.”

He dug his phone out of his pocket and called Dev. “I just had a Republican’s tongue up my ass!”

Dev laughed for a full 30 seconds. “Well, now you know how billionaires feel.”

To be continued…

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