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Gobsmacked Ch. 01

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I didn’t know of this word before seeing Susan Boyle use it to describe her rise to fame on the TV show in England. I understand it to be a feeling of bewilderment, stunned and speechless. That is exactly how I have felt over the past several weeks. Let me explain.

My name is Jack Hanson and I have been married to my wife Janet over 11 years, shortly after college. I had decided to make mechanical engineering my career, and shortly after college I started my own firm with my roommate. We have a business that basically repairs conveyer systems. There are only 3 or 4 in the entire country that do what we do and we feel we are the best. Distribution centers, dairy’s, manufacturing are all customers. Needless to say we are successful and have earned a lot on money. I am the hands on guy, so I primarily go into the field and address the issues. This leads me to be gone from home 2-3 weeks or more at a time. Sometimes I handle more than one job at a time and I can be gone a month or more. I don’t have to explain that this causes stress and frustration at home.

Janet and I live outside San Antonio in a nice suburb, on a cul-de-sac for the past three years. Janet mingles with the neighbors, hell I couldn’t tell you who most of them are. I have met a few and a teenage girl a few house down watches our house when we go on vacation or when Janet meets me out of town. This leads me to my episode of gobsmacked.

Two weeks ago I was working in Denver for the past 12 days and had finally finished the job. I was at the airport when an announcement came that my flight was cancelled due to a mechanical issue. Since this airline was not a major player at Denver, no backup plane was available and I was re-scheduled for a morning flight. I called Janet with the news and she was more than upset; she had accepted an invitation to a party with Allie and Mark from down the street. We had discussed this over the past week and I had the full intent of going with Janet to the party. Not being the social guy, missing the party was no big deal, hell I was kind of happy; I was really only doing it for Janet.

Right after hanging up, I heard my name being paged by the airline. On seeing the customer service desk, the agent told me that if I hurried I could catch a flight with another airline to El Paso and then connect with their plane into San Antonio. All in all I would arrive about 5 hours after my original time. Considering that or another night in Denver, I opted to catch the flight. I didn’t call Janet back, hoping the surprise of me showing up would make up for her earlier anger.

I got into San Antonio close to 10pm and hailed a cab for the 40 minute ride home. Driving onto our street, I could see the lights and some cars at Allie and Marks house, the cab continued down to our house in the middle of the cul de sac. Janet had left an outside light and the hallway lights on. I called out for her but got no response. I figured she was at the party. Being hungry and feeling grungy from the travel, I popped a microwave dinner in and took a quick shower. The food was ready when I came out with a t shirt and cargo shorts on. After eating I was tired but feeling pretty horny and wanted Janet to get home.

At midnight I was getting pissed so I headed up the street with the intent of a quick hello, grab Janet, get her home and blast my nuts into her.

Since the street is somewhat rural in nature, the homes are set back from the road and some have large trees etiler escort or bushes covering the front of the homes. Allie and Mark’s home was like that; unless you were on the walkway, you could not see anyone coming. As I got close, I could hear music and voices, the party was still going on strong. As I cut across the front yard, hidden by thick bushes, I heard sounds from the porch. It wasn’t conversation but more of yeah, grunts and groans. It didn’t take long to figure something sexual was going on. This put me more in stealth mode and I got close enough to beam into what was happening on the porch without being seen. I was right, there was a man sitting on a lounger with a woman riding his lap. With a little more focus, I could tell the man was older, maybe 50 or so, but the woman was more like a girl. Petite blond with smallish tits and a beautiful ass bouncing on this guys pecker. Gobsmacked! The girl was Molly, the 19 year old daughter of Allie and Mark, and the girl that watched our house when we were gone. The man was Ned, another neighbor from up the street. I had met Ned once before for about 10 minutes and knew him to be a contractor with his own company. I also knew him to be married. To see him fucking a girl young enough to be his daughter blew me away. I knew I had to move away quickly as Ned was in the process of coming in Molly’s pussy. I slithered away, stunned, but my dick was hard as hell and hurting from what I had seen.

I was in a quandary, do the parents know about Molly, do I say anything when I see them. All I could rationalize was to get Janet and take her home. I also could not use the front of the house, so going along the side I was going toward the back of the house. The storm door was closed but the exterior door was open and I could see straight into the kitchen. I could see Allie, walking straight in my direction. She had on an apron and was carrying brownies in a pan. I was in the process of knocking, when from the corner of my eye, I saw someone enter the kitchen. It was an unknown man, naked, with a semi hard cock slapping from thigh to thigh as he walked. He strode straight up to Allie, licked her cheek and playfully grabbed her ass while grabbing a brownie. Allie squealed and laughed while turning slightly. It was then I noticed she was naked, as the man’s hand grazed and then slapped her ass. She mouthed something to him and he turned and went back toward the den. Gobsmacked! Holy shit, my neighbors were swingers. While this info rattled into my brain, my thought went to Janet. What in the fuck is she doing in there? And why would she go to this party?

As I backed up from the door, I slowly went towards the windows in the back of the house that I knew looked into the den and living room. I just had to know what else was going on in there. Gazing into the den, there were two women, one black, one white, both wearing garters leaning over the back of the couch. I could not see their faces. Behind each woman was a man, the black woman had a white guy and the white woman had a black, fucking them hard and fast. Their cocks were pumping steadily into their cunts with their balls slapping the women’s asses. There was foam on the cocks as they were pumping, so either these folks were juiced up or they already had loads of cum in them. The two guys were giving each other high fives as they continued to pound those pussies. As I began to focus more on the people than their actions, I eskort istanbul could tell it was Mark, Allie’s husband fucking the black woman, and Terrell, a black neighbor fucking the white woman and slapping her ass as he pumped. This got the women to look back towards their fuckers. I then saw that the black woman was Tonya, Terrell’s wife. The white woman was none other than my own Janet! Gobsmacked again!

Every emotion that the good lord gave a person was now coursing thru my body. How, why, you name it, I’m surprised I didn’t pass out from the train wreck in my head. I was so stunned, I did not notice the figure coming up to me from the backyard. Within seconds I was getting a warm hug from Molly.” Oh Jack! I so glad you made it in,” she stated as if what I was witnessing inside was a social event rather than an orgy. Molly glanced down and could see the tent in my shorts and without another sound, proceeded to grab my zipper and open my shorts. In the next instance she had my cock fished out and was playfully stroking my balls and shaft. Now I’m kind of average I guess, about 7-8 inches when hard and fairly thick. What Janet always loved about me was that I shot cum like the best porn star, easily 6-7 strong, long ropes worth of cum. By the third fuck, I would still shoot better than most men’s first. On top of this I had gone without for several weeks, so you can image Molly’s hand being like an electrical shock to my skin.

As soon as my cock was out, Molly knelt down and began to stroke and rub my balls. She then proceeded to open her cute lips and lick under the shaft of my cock and down to my sack, she then inhaled my balls and started a strong suck action, almost like getting a hickey. Of course this was driving me insane and my cock was as hard as a diamond and Molly’s sucking was making it twitch. Molly then engulfed me and almost achieved deep throat much to my amazement. Thoughts that this was a 19 year old, a neighbor and that her parents were less than 20 feet from me, flew out of the window. Emptying my nuts in this minx was the only outcome. Fearing that my load size would freak her out if I came in her mouth, I just blurted out, “Molly, I have to fuck you now”. Molly proceeded to get up and turn around while dropping her shorts. While bracing against a support column for the patio cover, Molly looked back and said,” Fuck away and come in my cunt”. I was already in the process of entering her when she said this and was surprised to find her cunt both tight and expansive to where I could go down to my balls easily. Considering Molly was petite, about 5’2″ and 100 or so pounds it was surprising. Reaching up under her halter top I began to play with her B cups and found rock solid nipples greeting my fingers. This was meeting with Molly’s approval as she moaned loudly with my contact of her tits. My mission was one minded, blow my load into this hot twat.

With her cunt muscles working hard, I was feeling the cum begin to boil. With as much warning as I could muster, both verbal and physical, I started to cum in Molly. The first jet spray felt long and ropey, quickly followed by another and another. Molly was overjoyed, stating ” I can feel your cum everywhere inside me, its so hot!”. I continued my assault on her pussy and by now when I would withdraw some, her juices and my cum had created a frothy mess on both of us. Exhausted, I pulled out and Molly turned around and gave me a hug saying” Wow, we are going to be great escort levent fuck buddies!”. Reality set in for me then. I had just fucked a young woman. Everything I witnessed so far this night was placing a toll on me. I started to shake and became weak in the knees. Molly grabbed me and led me to the back door saying, ” You poor thing Jack, let me get you a drink”. As we entered the kitchen, no one was around. Molly reached for a pitcher and poured a tumbler size glass, which after she handed it to me, I downed quickly. It tasted sweet, but obviously was alcohol filled. I poured another for myself and drank it just as quickly. I then remember leaning into Molly and then it was lights out.

I started to notice light filtering in thru the shutters as my eyes creaked open. I was in a bedroom, someone draped over me with their thigh on my cock. It was somewhat painful as I knew I had to take a piss. With my eyes adjusting more now, I could tell I was in Molly’s bedroom and she was the one laying on me with her head resting on my shoulder, asleep. I could feel our groins being crusty as well as wet as we were both naked. There was just enough light filtering in to see my clothes in a pile by the closed bedroom door. Molly made a few sounds as I raised her head off me and slowly slid out of the bed as my woody and the call of nature was driving my actions. I quickly looked at my watch, it was almost 7 in the morning. As I got out into the hallway I could not hear sounds from the rest of the house. Down from Molly’s was a bathroom and another bedroom. I passed the bathroom to follow sounds coming from the bedroom where the door was half open. Somebody was fucking in there. As I peered in, gobsmacked again, on the bed was Janet, still in garters with her ass high in air, back arched, taking a major fucking. Hank, a teenage boy, 19 I think, who lived several streets away, a kid who mowed our yard, who was Molly’s quasi boyfriend, was fucking Janet in the ass with hummingbird like speed. Janet was in constant orgasm mode as this kid was driving a long cigar size cock in to her bowels. I wanted to scream out to Janet ” what the fuck” but couldn’t for some reason. It was then that Hank started yelling “cumming” as his ass cheeks hollowed out as he pulsed and shot his cum into Janet’s asshole. I turned before they could see me and rushed into the rest room. To shaky to stand, I sat on the commode, letting my dick soften enough so I could piss. Holding my face in my hands, I realized I had to confront Janet and get some explanation. After finishing my piss, I got up to rinse my face off. I would leave the bathroom and go back into the bedroom where Janet was and make her go home with me to talk. As I walked in, Janet was now in the missionary position with none other than Terrell driving his black cock into her cunt.

Janet’s hands were on his ass and his hands cradled her ass as he drove that snake in hard all the way to his nut sack. I just had the overwhelming urge to get the fuck out of this house.

Going back into Molly’s room to fetch my clothes, I was now gobsmacked again. On top of Molly, holding her legs out in the spread eagle position, pumping his dick in her was none other than Mark, her father. The way they talked to each other during this fuck made it obvious that this was not a first. I quietly scooped up my shorts and shirt and got dressed while walking toward the back door. There were some people, all asleep and naked spread out in the den and living room. I got outside and headed toward my house, squinting in the morning sun. I had a lot to digest. In the past 6-7 hours of my life I had fucked a teenager, seen swingers in action, interracial sex, incest and my wife act as a super slut. Yep, gobsmacked is a great word.

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