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Gloryhole Lunch Break

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I was horny. I went to work horny. You see, I had been stroking myself in bed when I woke up that morning, but didn’t let myself cum on purpose. Then before I went to work I put on my brass cock ring and my brass crown ring. Both fist snuggly against my shaft even when soft. The moment I got hard, my skin would pull against the bonds of the rings as my cock began to engorge, trying to thicken, billowing around the rings. I could flex my cock and feel the tightness of the rings squeezing me back. Incredible.

Off and on like this the whole morning at work — I’d start thinking about getting sucked off and my cock would swell in my pants. I’d enjoy the sensation and the feeling of getting horny right then and there. Take lunch, for instance. I’m there eating a burger and sitting at a high table where my crotch is able to been seen by the other customers in the tiny stand-up burger bar. Right there I started getting hard as I imagined about the two guys that stepped up to the burger counter to order, wondering what their cocks might be like. I wondered how big they were, how veiny they might be, how mushroom-like there cocks heads would be, how yummy their pre-cum must surely be in my mouth.

After lunch, I was even more worked up, so I drove to the nearest adult theater I could think of, knowing that I might catch a few guys hanging around the booths at the end with the glory holes cut in the walls. I walked in and went straight to the back of the store, and walked up to the three booths I liked the most. The center one had a glory hole on either side, so the occupant Sefaköy Escort could get at two cocks at the same time. As luck would have it, the occupied lights on either side were lit, but the throne in the middle was vacant, and in I walked.

I put some money in the video machine, clicked through some channels until I find the ones where somebody was getting head, and unzipped to let my engorging manhood out of its’ confines. Immediately it swelled to its’ full size, jumping as I flexed it. I began stroking it and looked down to the opening on my right. Already there was a finger beckoning me to slide my cock through to the other side.

I spread my legs a little so I could line my cock up and then I slowly eased it through to the person waiting for it on the other side. Without hesitation, I felt lips wrapped around it and immediately I was swallowed into their throat. This glory hole was big enough, so I pushed forward so my balls popped through, allowing me to shove the final inch or so of my shaft into this talented person’s oral opening.

I kept my hips pressed against the wall, letting my anonymous participant to do his thing. I looked to my left so I could see the video of a guy sucking off another guy on the screen and I unconsciously licked my lips. The cock on the screen was gorgeous and I wanted it in my mouth. At some point I’d have to be on the receiving end of this noon time adventure.

The guy going down on me was fantastic. He just kept a fast, steady pace, using only his mouth and tongue: Back and forth and back Sefaköy Escort and forth. He had me wanting to explode within minutes, but I wanted the sensation of being on the edge to last, so I pulled my balls and cock back out of the hole. I lightly stroked my spit covered cock to the video on the screen for a little bit, with fingers beckoning me from holes on both sides of my now.

I slid my cock through to my new friend on my left and immediately felt a hand wrap around my shaft and some lips sucking hard on my cock. These glory hole guys want cum and lots of it, but I wanted the sensation of being sucked on by some horny, slutty guy to last. This new guy sucked and stroked at the same time, a nice variation from the guy on the opposite side. I let him have at me for a few minutes, but I was soon at the edge of cumming again, so I pulled out.

I went back to stroking while watching the video. This time the screen was filled with some guy bound and gagged, with a cock strap around the base of his cock and some big, weighty metal donut around his ball sack, separating his balls from his cock and pulling them down wards. Nice visual for a needed break from my oral bitches.

Out of the corner of my eye, a finger protruded out of each hole on either side of me, silently calling my cock back to their mouths. Then an idea struck of having a bit of more fun with both of them. I slid my cock back into the hole with the deep throater on the other side. Immediately, he went to work again, taking me in deep. Up and down he went a few times, and then Escort Sefaköy without warning, I pulled all the way out.

I swiveled around 180 degrees and immediately slid my cock through to the mouth/hand pro, who wasted no time getting busy. A few strokes from his talented combo and I pulled out and away from him. I turned back around to get deep throated again. I gave my oral suitor 30 seconds or so, and then back to the waiting hand and mouth on the other side. 30 seconds and it was back to the throat.

This went on for several minutes, with the idea of what I was doing being as exciting as the actual sensations going on. I could feel my balls tightening and my cock head getting even bigger, straining even more against the brass crown ring. I decided this would be a great time to unload a gusher, so I swung back to my deep throated friend, anticipating spewing down his throat.

This guy had been wanting to oblige since the start. I’m sure he could taste all the pre-cum oozing out of my cock. He kept slamming his head down on the wall, stuffing my entire cock into his mouth and throat right up to my balls. That did it. My balls convulsed and stream after stream of hot cum gushed up and out of my cock, spurting right down this guys’ throat. He kept me buried that way as my cock continued to throb and jump, spurting my seed into his stomach.

As I slowed down on my convulsions a bit, he slid his mouth back to my cock head and used his slick tongue to lick up the remaining cum. In another minute, I slid my cock out of the hole and tucked him back into my pants. I decided that I was very satisfied and sucking on somebody else would have to wait for another day. With that, I turned around, and walked out of the booth. As I walked past the cashier for the adult store up front, I smiled as the guy said to me “Come again!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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