Eki 02

Glorious Second

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I was standing, rubbing another man’s long hard cock with my own. It was so good I had to stop after only a few seconds, since cumming after the first touch of another man’s cock on mine would end the fun much too fast – always a danger with first times. Being this turned on is worth enjoying for itself, which you learn to appreciate after a few other first times ending deliciously fast. Especially when who knows what would happen in a few minutes? I kept pumping his hard uncut cock, which was long and thin, bending towards the right. This had been a fantasy which had taken root over years, and now for the second time, I was getting off with an anonymous man at a glory hole. In some ways, it was already hotter than my first time. This could become a very pleasant way to spend time.

A few weeks ago was the first time I got off at a glory hole, first watching porn and getting hard, then hearing the door to the next booth open, getting really hot imagining and then watching the cock on the other side of the wall getting stroked, almost cumming at the first touch of another man’s hand on my body, then cumming, unable (and utterly unwilling) to stop the hot semen rising from my balls so good as he stroked my cock, his arm reaching through the glory hole. After which I jerked him off in a few strokes, his spurts starting as I touched his cockhead coming through the glory hole – he was as turned on as I was. It was hot, hard, and fast. The faceless sex of hard cocks cumming was enticing, and very easy to understand and share.

I had gone back to the video store a few times since then, but apart from getting off to the porn, which has been a fun habit over decades, the other booth stayed disappointedly empty. The porn selection was good, with a MMF selection always getting me stiff, and several other good videos with men and women simply getting off – a couple in a large bathing space were getting into each other over a period of time and positions, half clothed, then naked and dry, then fucking, then wet, and so on through a number of very enjoyable variations. The woman getting fucked was sexy to watch, with dark pussy fur and hair, nice tits, and what seemed natural pleasure overtaking any acting – which certainly made sense to my cock as it also grew harder watching her. It was good porn to get off to, certainly. But the reality of touching another man’s cock with my hand had been exciting without fantasy, and watching him was a fine way to enjoy someone’s sincere pleasure matching my own.

Over time, the fantasy which grew often as I jacked off, alone, was to touch and stroke another hard cock with my own. I also did spend some time in the booth figuring out how to stick my cock through the opened gap – neither easy nor difficult, and not too awkward. It is natural to put one arm up and press against the hole, like the man at a glory hole getting off seen from behind, his ass tight and pushed against the wall in a picture I saw years ago in a German magazine, which essentially opened this area of eroticism to me. The idea Lara Travesti of a truly shared but unknowing orgasm was a game that men obviously played, and I wanted to join in. My first time had been ‘passive’ and ‘just happened,’ but it seemed time to learn how to be more clear in my wishes. In my experience, women don’t understand the entire rush behind getting off this way. A hard cock is pure sex, and pure sex makes a cock hard. The logic is pretty circular, the way fingers or wet lips or glistening pussy is. Or the way a hard cock is itself. And cumming is its own joy – and making someone cum too. You don’t need anything else at all as an explanation for those who have shared it.

I seem to fit into one of the standard demographics of someone who enjoys a glory hole, straight married, and since sex with condoms has never really appealed (lambskin with women is very fine, though), whatever fun is to be had with a cock should be as non-fluid as possible. Stroking and rubbing a man as turned on as I seems a basically harmless pleasure, one to really enjoy. When I was a teenager, getting off to straight porn with a friend or two was a fun, more than occasional pastime. All of us would stroke our own cocks, and occasionally watch each other, and even get off because another cock was too. When you are hard enough, other hard cocks are irresistible, something to openly watch and get turned on from. Of course, the same is true of any pussy being sincerely pleasured. In this sense, I definitely fit the straight definition – women as people are sexy, cocks are very sexy when hard and wanting to cum, and sharing pleasure with a man who is as visibly turned on as you is a very straightforward way to orgasm. Married men want to get off as uncomplicatedly as possible, and an erect cock is very uncomplicated, and extremely simple compared to the myriad of joys and challenges a woman is. This directness of getting off has its own honesty, a basic satisfaction of desire, and it avoids questions of homosexuality, since the complete facelessness leaves eveything unknowable. Cumming without a woman is a prickly question for a man, it seems. But enough of us want it that the pleasure seems quite attractive, regardless.

Today, after enjoying a few favorite substances, I went to the video store, and though one booth was occupied, it was in the row opposite the glory hole pair. But somebody being there was at least hopeful, and there was a certain tingling between my legs as I went into the empty booth. Getting things ready better this time, pants down, sitting, money in, porn on, my cock starting to feel very good in my hand.

The porn begins, some seen a week or so ago, including the sexy couple from before, and several other selections are hot. As generally happens, the porn is causing my cock to become the center of existence. Sex is wonderful this way, even solo. After a few moments, the door to other booth is opened, then closed, and porn starts playing. The thrill of what could happen starts to pulse, as I scan through Manavgat travesti the selections to find something to get even harder to, or to match his tastes.

After a minute or two, I start to slowly and tentatively open the slider on my side, to only hear the slider on the other side close quickly. The Literotica glory hole FAQ was actually helpful here (any FAQ that gets you hard reading it is a good one) and this example kind of proves the universal point about the basic enjoyment being shared. Part of the etiquette seems to be getting hard before checking the other cock out. I can understand this, since hard cocks understand each other real well. And having a hard cock in a glory hole logically means getting off with another man, who is as clearly turned on as you. I still can’t contain the erotic rush of the kinkiness of playing with another man’s cock brings me just writing this.

After a couple of minutes of stroking myself watching the couple on the screen enjoy their fine fucking, at just about the moment when I began considering tapping on the other slider, it opened, and his cock was hard and being stroked, like mine. I tend to be a bit vocal, and the first light moans were unavoidable as I watched the cock I hoped to play with. His style was to rub his fingers over the top and tip of his cock, then sliding down again below the head. My style is a pretty straightforward ring of thumb and fingers stroking below and up to the glans. He had a black bush, and the way he sat, I couldn’t really see his balls. But my eyes remained fixed on his shaft with the rush of watching him, and knowing he must be watching me.

After a couple of minutes, I pulled my pants to my ankles, and opened my legs wider as my cock stood straight in my pumping fist. At this point, I put my fingers slowly and hopefully offeringly through the glory hole. After repeating the gesture a couple of times, he slowly got up as I did myself, my hand pumping my cock, and then his hard cock was jutting through. I ran my left fingers over the length, around the head, then circled it. He grew harder and straighter, and seemed to enjoy what I was doing. My hand was real slow on my excited cock as I pushed it down, looking at his cock undeneath mine, getting closer. Then I felt my cock pressing against him, and it couldn’t go any farther. Touching another hard cock with my own, stroking my shaft up and down his. Hot skin, velvet smooth and dry, and as turned on as I was, the moaning was again unavoidable.

I had wanted this cock, was as hard as he was, and now, I started feeling its slender length with my own, doing something I had never done before. The feeling was too intense, so I started using my right hand on him. After only a moment, he pulled back out, and I wondered if the problem was my cock stroking him. He sat back down, as did I, both of us stroking, I certainly watching him and showing off in turn. We played with ourselves for a couple of minutes, and then his fingers came through the opening. I got up slowly, stroking Side travesti the length of my cock, knowing he could see how turned on I was, and because there was no way to stop myself. And no need.

I turned to face the wall, cock in hand at the height of the glory hole, and put myself into paradise, in the hands of an unseen stranger, whose cock I had already pleasured. His fingers were on me, and I started to press against the wall, my right hand no longer stroking, but now crooked over my head. The moans were impossible to stop, though it was possible to keep them low. I had wanted another man to jerk me off, and he was doing wonderfully. I kept pressing more firmly against the wall as my cock kept feeling better and better. My cock was becoming the true center of my existence, and his fingers were a constantly new sensation, with a different texture and pressure than anyone else I had felt there. This was the second time another man was stroking me, and this time it was plain to him and myself that this is what I wanted – to be stroked so good by another man I had already stroked.

He made me cum with an impossible to describe sensation of fullness. I started moaning things like ‘oh god, good….god…good….’ This was so unbelievably hot, I was just losing myself completely in the hands of another man. As he kept going, I tried to make my moans clear enough so he knew what he was doing to me. There was no way to stop myself ‘…god…fuck..cock…cum..cummm..good..cum hard….harder….god good…, ‘ and then no words at all to describe what he understood perfectly. I couldn’t stop pumping, and there wasn’t any doubt he was making me cum so good. Being flat against the wall was an exotic position somehow, and his touch became impossible to separate from complete pleasure but still separation was also real – kinky. After my cock grew softer and was finished cumming, I moved back and looked down. My cock was dry, and I still have no good idea what he did that was so good – rubbing his cock against mine is a guess which completes the fantasy well, and considering how good and unknown feeling it was, a good guess. I sat down fulfilled but still hot.

He sat down and started stroking again, as I watched. He got hard, and I saw him stand, slowly mounting the wall while I watched his hard horny cock, and then he pressed himself through again. I got up, stood to the side, and rubbed my less hard cock against his length, then reached down to get him real hard. Unlike me, this game didn’t seem so new to him, and I have never really tried to make a cock cum before. Feeling one swell and slip and change under your hands is interesting work, and very sexy. I played with his cock in a number of ways, from light touching along his shaft to a tight fist around his cockhead, pumping hard. The way he got harder and seemed to press tighter against the wall as his cock came through were as clear to me as I was to him before. I played with his cock for several good minutes until he started to cum, jets spurting for a while, then only drops from his still hard member, then a shrinking cock which was finally pulled backed. I had felt another man as turned on as I, and we made each cum hard. This wasn’t the sort of magic my first time was – this was skillful work by two men sharing themselves briefly.

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