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Glorious Frustration Relief

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Lydia was frustrated. Once again, the cute guy from shipping and receiving had flirted with her and then left her hanging. Jackson, a colleague in another location reached out to her through Google chat and interrupted her mental rant. When asked how she was, Lydia was honest with her friend and wrote “F’in frustrated. Again.”

Jackson replied “What did he do this time?”

Jackson knew that she’d been flirting with this guy and that he’d been hot and cold a few times before.

“He told me that he could maybe come for a visit after work today. That was just after lunch. Then nothing. And I saw him leave. He was carpooling with someone! So tell me, how on earth could he have come to my place if he was carpooling? “


“Yeah, oh. He gets me all hot and bothered and then outright lies! He’s just a damn tease.”

“So why do you keep responding to him?”

“Cause he’s cute and he’s my only prospect right now… pathetic, right?”

“So how worked up are you?”

“Enough that if you weren’t happily married and faithful, I’d drive over there and do you right now.”

“I’m five hours away!”


“There are other ways you could relieve that itch you know.”

“Jackson, I’ve been solo relieving every night and it’s just not enough!”

“I know, you said that last time we chatted. I’m talking about you going to into the city, only 45 minutes away and actually getting fucked!”

“What, pick up a homeless guy and take him to a motel?”

“Well, that would be an option but it’s not what I had in mind. I thought you might need something a little more anonymous…”

“Well, what is it?”

“You could go to an adult store and to the back room and go into a room with glory holes.”

“Jackson! You can’t be serious!”

“Think about it, Lydia! You could go there, be totally anonymous, get relief for your itch, try a few different guys and then come home totally satisfied.”

“You cannot be serious! How would I know if they’re clean?”

“You can bring condoms and put them on the guys. If they pull away, they’re not worth your time.”

“Jackson! There is no way I’m going to do that!”

“All right, all right, it was just a suggestion. Anyhoo, I have to run. Good luck with your frustration!”

They signed out and Lydia sat there and thought about what Jackson had suggested. Could she really do that? Seriously? True, she was absolutely totally horny. She really needed a hard cock in her lonely pussy. But glory holes? No!

She thought about it for two days. She solo played at night but it just wasn’t satisfying her, she really needed a good fuck. By Friday, as Lydia got ready to go home, the thoughts were still fighting in her head. Her horny side called on her curiosity to help argue her reluctance. They were soon joined by her sense of adventure and then, her hormones joined in and by the time she made it to the end of the company driveway, she turned towards the city instead of towards her home.

Her crush had once again been nothing more than a tease that day and her needs were sky high. He’d sent her a picture or his hard cock and she had wanted to lick the screen of her smart phone. Yet, he’d gone Yozgat Escort home without another word to her. Again.

So she was going to take care of her needs and then she wouldn’t be so darn vulnerable to him. At least for a while anyway. While she drove the highway into the city, she continued to convince herself that this was the right thing to do to relieve that itch.

She got into the city and headed to the area she’d scoped out on the net. Just thinking about it, she was already wet and her nipples were hard nubs, showing through her bra and shirt. She parked her car, took some money out of her purse and hid the purse in the trunk. She made her way inside and went to the counter. After consulting the price list, she handed the clerk some money and asked for tokens for the video booth as well as a box of condoms. The clerk barely looked up from his smart phone and handed her the tokens and the condoms.

Lydia made her way to the back and found the row of booths. Along the way to the back of the store, she had noticed some men browsing movies and magazines. She walked too fast to notice much about them and besides, she didn’t really want to know. She picked a booth that was open and got in. There was only a dim light at the top, only enough for her to find where to put the tokens in. As soon as the machine processed the tokens, she was given the choice of four movies. She picked one and it started. There wasn’t much preliminaries and the actors were soon naked and going at it. Though she knew all of it was fake, it still turned her on even more than she already was.

Lydia had never been so horny in her life. She took off her clothes and hung them on the back of the door. As she watched the movie, she played with her nipples and her pussy. With the glow from the screen, she was able to see three holes on the one side and one on the other side. The room was very narrow. About two and a half feet wide so she would have no problem reaching both sides at once. That was the idea, wasn’t it? She was nervous and excited. Very excited. Her pussy was totally wet in anticipation of what was to come yet she still couldn’t believe she was actually doing this.

It only took a few minutes and a penis showed up in the lone hole on the one side. Lydia tentatively went to it and examined it. It was average length and girth and she easily wrapped her hand around it, giving it a little tug. She heard its owner moan through the wall. Encouraged, she stroked the cock for a while. Then, she could no longer hold back. She bent down and took the cock into her mouth. Finally! To have a cock in her mouth after weeks of lusting after that big tease! Jackson had been right to suggest this.

She licked and sucked and suddenly, she felt hands on her behind. Startled, she stood up and saw that a pair of arms had appeared through two of the holes on the other side. She repositioned herself and allowed the hands to roam all over her body. They soon focused on her nipples and she enjoyed that for a while. Then, remembering the great cock she’d been sucking, she bent down and started sucking it again.

The hands reached downwards instead of up and made their way to her hips and pussy. Soon, Yozgat Escort Bayan she was being thoroughly examined and probed. Then, the guy pushed a finger into her wet pussy and started finger fucking her. Lydia let out a loud moan of appreciation and the vibration around the first cock had it blow its load down her throat. That hadn’t been her plan but she found that she didn’t mind his taste and swallowed it all. As soon as he was done, he pulled out so Lydia turned around.

She saw the guy’s cock through the third hole in the wall and reached through to grab it. The guy wasn’t going to argue that so he cooperated. His cock was bigger than the first. She lowered herself to lick it and suck it for a while and then asked through one of the holes “May I put a condom on you?”


She took one out of the package and put it on the hard cock. Then, she turned around and guided the cock into her wet pussy. The guy reached through the other holes and grabbed a hold of her hips so he could fuck her at his pace. Lydia moaned as her itch was finally getting scratched. Then she noticed that a new cock had shown up in the other hole. This one was slightly darker in colour than the first two and was nice and thick. She reached over and stroked it, matching the pace and intensity of the fucking she was receiving.

Lydia bent down a little more and found that she could suck on this new cock at the same time as she was getting her pussy pounded. The way the guy pounding her pussy was going, she doubted he would last very long. Indeed, within a few minutes, she heard him grunting and felt him simply pull her pussy to him while he came.

When he was done, she pulled away and he did the same. She quickly put a condom on the other cock and stuffed it into her pussy. She held herself with the two holes for the arms while setting the pace of the fuck herself this time. The man didn’t move. He let her set the pace and allowed her to play with him as she liked.

A new man came to the side with the three holes. He put his hands over hers and put his face at the hole. Then, he said “Kiss me”

Lydia bent down and kissed the man tentatively through the hole in the wall. That brought her forward a bit and only the tip of the man behind her was being stimulated. Well, he must have liked that because she heard him grunt his release into the condom. Very quickly, he pulled out of her and away from the wall. Dang, she’d been hoping to get off on that one!

The man she’d just kissed, heard her groan of disappointment and asked “Did he finish before you could get off?”


“Give me your pussy, let me lick it.”

She moved forward and tried to push her pussy against the hole. She could barely get it there and he was only able to tease her with the tip of his tongue. Then, the man said “Turn around, bend over as if you wanted to fuck me and allow me access from behind.”

She hesitated.

“Don’t worry; I won’t fuck you unless you give me permission.”

She did as instructed and found that it gave him much better access. He licked and probed her with his tongue. When she bent down even more, he found her clit and really flicked his tongue on Escort Yozgat it, driving her to a first orgasm.

When her orgasm subsided, she said “give me your cock”. He obliged.

He was bigger than all three other men yet not overly so. She stroked him with her hand and then started giving him oral pleasure. Wanting to ensure she’d have him in her pussy, Lydia was careful to not send him over the edge. When she’d had her fill of licking and sucking his cock, she put a condom on him and turned around to impale herself on the hard cock. At first, he reached through the hole and grabbed her hips but then, he pulled her up and caressed her nipples.

He teased her nipples, gently pinched them and rolled them between his thumb and forefinger. At the same time, he gently fucked her, making sure he didn’t pull out too far and pop out. He increased the pace and continued teasing her nipples, making her moan loudly. He was good. He was really good. And she was in heaven. Finally, she was getting the fucking she really wanted and needed. After a while, Lydia felt the tension mount in her pussy and called out “don’t stop, please don’t stop!”

He continued at the exact same pace but increased the pressure on her nipples. It was at the limit of pleasure and pain. Oh, it was delicious. She loudly cried out the intense orgasm that shook over her. They both stopped moving for a few seconds. As soon as she started moving slightly again, he pushed her down and grabbed her hips again and pounded into her. It didn’t take long and it was his turn to groan his release.

It was only when he pulled out that she noticed another cock in the hole across the small room. Though she had already had two orgasm, she just couldn’t ignore this other beautiful cock. She hadn’t had any in a while and she was going to take advantage of this for sure. As she was still a bit sensitive, she opted to give this one a good blow job which he obviously appreciated as evidenced by the groans and words of encouragement through the wall.

Another cock and pair of hands showed up behind her. By then, she was ready again so she turned around, gave the new cock a few tugs to ensure it was at full mast and then put a condom on it. She quickly turned back the other way, pulled the cock into her pussy and resumed licking and sucking the cock she had temporarily abandoned. She was getting fucked steadily while giving head to another great cock. This truly was heaven. She’d have to thank Jackson for this suggestion.

It only took a few minutes and she felt another orgasm building. She concentrated on the cock in her mouth to try to delay her own orgasm, wanting to savour it. The man clearly enjoyed her efforts and soon came into her mouth. As soon as he was done, he pulled out and she straightened up and pulled the hands on her hips to her breasts. Her lover took the hint and played with her nipples. They were super sensitive from the other guy and soon, she was having a third orgasm.

The same scenario happened two more times. But then, she was sated. She told the last two that she was done and didn’t want to see anyone when she’d leave. Both said they would tell others. By the time she was dressed, there was nobody outside the booths. There were still men in the store but they didn’t say a thing and she quickly exited and ran to her car.

It was with a big smile on her face that Lydia drove home. Once there, she sent a quick email to Jackson: “Thank you for the suggestion! It worked!”

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