Giving Head For The First Time

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This isn’t a story so much as an account of the first time I gave a blowjob.

I came to sucking cock a little late by today’s standards. I was already 18 and in my first year of university. I’d just started seeing a guy, I won’t say his name, but he’s now my ex-boyfriend – long story.

Anyway we were at his place. It was a share house close to the university which he shared with about three other guys. My guy was good looking but a bit of a geek.

We were sitting together in his bedroom listening to some old Cure songs when we started kissing. Despite being a geek he was a good kisser and I was turned on enough to not push his hand away when he pushed it up my t-shirt and started massaging my breasts through my bra.

My hand brushed over the front of his pants and I felt a hard lump in them and knew that he must have had a hard on.

I wasn’t one of those wait until you are married types but I’d always been a bit scared of going past kissing.

He was getting more and more turned on though as he felt me up and I let him lift my shirt up and start kissing my C cup breasts through my bra.

I felt him reach around my back and start fumbling around with my bra strap. Part of me was kind of scared where this was leading but another part wanted to find out. After what felt like ages he finally managed to unclasp my bra and he lifted it and my shirt up over my head in one swift movement.

He seemed transfixed as he stared at my breasts, pushing them back and forth before finally moving his mouth on to my left nipple and sucking hard while his hand kneaded my other breast harder and harder.

He kind of gently pushed me back down on to the bed as he suckled me then to my surprise he stood and quickly took off his pants.

I won’t lie, his cock was just average sized, maybe 5 inches kocaeli escort long but even so was kind of scary looking to me. So hard and almost pulsing in front of him.

He straddled me, moving his cock across my belly before rubbing it over my breasts. He slid it into my cleavage and pressed my breasts together and started to thrust it in and out of my cleavage.

By this stage I was getting turned on for real. I was still scared but I loved how hard his cock felt between my tits and how this animal side of him had been released as he started groaning.

His breathing was shallow and I don’t think his eyes had left my tits the whole time. His thrusting cock started peaking out above the top of my tits and he seemed to be trying to thrust it closer and closer to my face.

He let go of my tits and took me by the back of the head and raised me up into a sitting position before him on the bed. Now, without a word, he pushed his cock towards my mouth. I looked up at him and saw the most intense look of desire I had ever seen.

I wondered what he would do if I said no.

But luckily for him I decided to give him a little of what he obviously wanted.

Keeping my eyes on him I opened my mouth just slightly and he took his chance. He pushed his cock into my mouth.

It was a hot night and the first thing I tasted was his sweat. His cock was like a warm sweaty sausage in my mouth but super hard.

He kept hold on the back of my head and started to slowly thrust his cock into my mouth. I was still looking up at him a bit shocked he had managed to get his cock into my mouth without even asking.

He began thrusting harder as his grip on the back of my head grew tighter and that was the moment I found I loved to suck cock.

I knew I could either fight back or go with it. All I kocaeli escort bayan had to do was give a quick bite and it would be over but instead something inside of me told me to just relax and go with it.

Once I made that decision, to just completely submit to him, everything changed for me. I let myself be at his mercy and I’ve never found anything more exciting than knowing someone was getting off using my body.

He reached down with one hand and started softly slapping my breasts to make them bounce while his other hand curled around my hair and he forced me to take his cock further into my mouth.

It plunged down all the way into my throat and I gagged on it but he didn’t stop pounding it into my mouth so I quickly had to learn how to stop myself from throwing up.

Surrendering myself completely I put my hands behind my back and increased the suction of my lips around his shaft, all the while looking up at him as he stared at me with lust in his eyes.

“Suck that cock you fucking bitch!” he said.

I almost laughed to hear him say it. He was normally such a timid guy but suddenly this animal had erupted in side of him as his cock started fucking my face with an amazing intensity.

I started letting out a low moan. At first I didn’t even realise I was making the sound but I was becoming more and more turned on by the rawness of the encounter. I was totally under his control and I loved it.

All my senses were focused on the feeling of his cock in my mouth. The way it smelt and tasted, the way my tongue flicked around the head of his cock as it pulled back to my lips and the look of hunger in his eyes.

I was so lost in the moment I didn’t even think forward as far as what would happen when he climaxed.

I felt him tense up and both kocaeli escort hands grip my head and push it down hard over his cock. I couldn’t have pulled away even if I wanted to.

He cried out like a roaring elephant, his one coherent word was “Swallow” and I felt warm liquid explode into my mouth. I tried to pull away but he tightened his grip and I had to let him cum in my mouth.

A second wave flooded my mouth and I had no choice but to swallow. His whole body seemed to tremble and he kept crying out as a third and fourth wave of salty cum landed on my tongue.

Panting now he finally released the grip on my head and pulled his cock out of my mouth. I fell back on to the bed exhausted by strangely satisfied as I swallowed the rest of his cum in my mouth.

I looked over at him and saw that his expression had changed. The lust was gone. Now he looked guilty and a little worried.

“Sorry,” he said.

“What for?” I asked.

“You know, cumming in your mouth.”

I didn’t know what to say to that. He’d obviously gotten off on it and I have to say so had I. But now that he’d cum he was his old self again and I thought he might think I was a slut if I admitted it had kind of turned me on.

I noticed he was looking at the corner of my mouth.

“You’ve got some still there,” he said and started reaching his finger towards my lip where some cum had leaked out of my lips. Before he could reach it I licked it off my lips with my tongue and swallowed it.

I will never forget the look on his face when I did that. It went from horror to disgust and then finally he seemed to relax, like it finally registered that I actually liked it, and he smiled.

I went to kiss him but he pulled back and I realised the salty taste of cum that lingered in my mouth was probably not something he was keen to share so instead I reached down lower and kissed his neck and then his chest.

His hands went back to my head and at first I thought he was just going to hold me but he started pushing down on my head and I realised he was already after round 2……

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