Giving a good show at the bar

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I was really horny that long weekend.
Worst of all, my loving hubby had not fucked me properly during the last weeks…

Now I was sitting at the bar; having a drink, as I stared the guys around. My long legs were crossed and the short black dress was exposing my garters holding my sexy black stockings.

The only people gathered were two huge biker type men playing pool and a handsome bald guy sitting alone at a table, eyes locked right on me.
I saw a smirk on his lips as he mouthed just four words:
“Spread your legs slut…”

I gasped softly and blinked. I flushed a deep red but then my legs slowly start to part. My short skirt began inching up higher still.

Soon I was fully exposed to his lustful eyes.
My shaven little mound, pink and wet, glistening in the shadows.

I was spread for the entire bar to see, my feet hooked on each side of the stool. I shivered a little, starting to feel wet and horny…

I saw the bald guy’s eyes rise again to my exposed cunt and he held his finger up. The bastard licked it. I could see his tongue curling around it for a second. His message was unmistakable…

I glanced quickly at the duet playing pool. They had yet noticed my exposure. Then I moved my feet up to the higher rung on the stool so that my knees were level with my waist and then my sweet little pussy puckered and opened wider.

Then I leaned my back against the bar and lifted my hips just a bit so that my ass was resting on the edge of the stool.
My eyes locked on the hot bald man and I smiled at him slightly…
Then I slipped a finger down and inside my wet cunt; gasping loudly and biting down on my lip.

One of the bikers stared over at me gasping and he looked stunned for a few seconds, holding his pool stick.

But then I noticed the bartender was moving behind me.
Suddenly he reached and grabbed a handful of my blond curly hair; yanking my head back hard.
I yelled, but could not stop touching myself…

My eyes were still locked on the bald guy sitting quietly at his table across the bar.
The bartender, having not met with any resistance went one step further. Keeping a firm grip on my curly blond hair with one hand, he reached with the other one and opened my corset…
My boobs sprang free, with my nipples very hardened.

I yelped again and squirmed; this time stopping my fingering.
The bald guy spiked a brow at me. So, biting my lip, I started again, this time, moving two fingers in and out of my hot cunt…

The bartender yanked back on my hair again to arch my back, his greedy little fingers moving to pinch my hard nipples hard as he leaned in to bite at my neck, leaving faint little marks there…

Both bikers playing pool moved quickly towards the action now; one of them still carrying his pool stick, an evil grin in his eyes.
My upper back was still pressed against the bar now because of the bartender was holding my hair. My boobs were jutting out obscenely and my hips lifted; my shaven cunt in full view…

The bartender was pinching my nipples hard, making me wiggle and buck my hips.

Then the biker called Big Tom spread my thighs even wider…
He smiled as he saw how wet I was and he said to his mates that I was ready for a good cock.

The bartender then let go off my hair; but he grabbed my arms, dragging my hands up over my head. He pinned my wrists on the wood plank; my back still arched and my cunt now fully exposed.

A soft whine escaped her lips… panic, fear, arousal…
But I had asked for it…

Big Tom then pinched my swollen clit hard, making me buck my hips; raising them up to his hand as letting out a long loud moan.

I saw the bald man leaning back in his seat, smiling, sipping his drink and watching the show.

Then Big Tom started fumbling with his belt buckle, yanking his zipper down and letting his hard cock spring out. Then I knew why his friends called him Big Tom: his eleven inches brushed against my pussy lips; slipping against the wetness on my taunt little thighs. He groaned with pleasure, telling me he was going to tear me up with his tremendous dick.

And with only that as warning he pushed forward, nailing into me, stretching my little but wet twat, almost tearing me with his size.

I cried out in pain; pinned with the strength of his thick cock.
The bartender let go my wrists and he began again to pinch my nipples; twisting them, squeezing them hard as I writhed and tried to accommodate the huge cock that started to fuck me in earnest. The bartender again pulled my arms up, so that my ass was right off the stool and my lower back was suspended as Big Tom kept hold of my upper thighs in order to keep up the violent thrusting.

Soon that bastard seemed to be ready to blow his load, tearing into my tender tight cunt as I squirmed hard, wiggling and panting.
My own body was slick with sweat and near the edge myself…

Suddenly the other guy, called Mad Dog, banged his pool stick against the side of the bar in order to get their attention.

I saw his hard erection bulging against his blue jeans…
He told the others that I had another hole and they could share…

Big Tom then slipped off from my wasted sore cunt; but he inserted two fingers on me. I responded panting and writhing, as I started to cum hard around his fingers.

Then they dragged me to the green pool table.
Big Tom wanted to cum inside me; so he lifted my body and dumped me across the corner of the pool table.

He made me sit right over the corner and he pulled me by my armpits, guiding his hard cock back into my stretched wet pussy, groaning as my wetness enveloped him.

He started fucking me in a wild way, making me gasp and cry loud.

The bartender pushed my head down, making my red lips touch the tip of his hard cock. When he tried to enter my throat, I choked a little, but then I managed to suck him deep.

Big Tom had me straddling his dick and them I felt his mate Mad Dog was spreading my buttocks and he was spitting on my very tiny puckered asshole. He inserted a huge finger in, teasing it open.

I tried to move away from his finger but I was getting the maximum penetration of Big Tom’s huge cock. Mad Dog did not let me evade his finger; he pushed it deep, testing my tightness with a smile.

Mad Dog spread wider my tight ass again; but this time he eased the thick end of the pool cue into me; working it back and forth, trying to loosen my tight little butthole.

The bastard started to fuck my ass harder with the spear of wood, rolling it around, jerking it in me, moving against the rhythm set by Big Tom’s cock in my wet horny cunt.

Mad Dog kneeled on the pool table, parted my buttocks with his hands and then pushed his hard dick into my tiny asshole…

I felt he was tearing me up; but then I tensed my back and started to cum hard onto Big Tom’s cock.

As I cum, the bartender filled my mouth with his warm semen…

I could feel Mad Dog shoving himself deeper in my anus. He was tearing me more, making me growl in pain as he threw his head back in pleasure.

I twisted my body, nowhere to go; no way to get away…

The men started to shudder, they tensed their hard bodies and suddenly, meeting each other’s eyes, they pulled off from my holes.
Then they exploded, shooting their hot white spunk all over me.

I licked it off my red lips, as I smiled to the exhausted guys…

As they fell away, I rolled off Big Tom; but then I felt a huge orgasm growing through my body. I fell to my knees, as my fingers stroke my slick and sore cunt. I came hard, as those men watched me.

I saw the bald man smiling quietly and rising slowly from his chair. Then he moved over to the floor and dragged me into his arms; placing my spent sore body over his shoulder.
He moved to the front door, tugging down my dress after sinking his teeth into my ass cheeks, to leave his own mark.

He threw me down in the passenger seat of his car and moved to get into the driver’s seat.

I just slumped in the seat… exhausted, slick with cum and limp.

He looked down at me as he started the engine.
He smiled and I could hear his words as I was closing my eyes…

“I loved the show you gave me there, babe…”

I sighed happily; I was again in my loving Victor’s arms.
And it was a short drive home…

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