Girly Shopping

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Kerry nodded in agreement to a shopping trip with her husband the following day, although she hated clothes shopping with Rick it was a necessary task to get him updated and at least a little smarter before he started his new job the following week. Rick was not the easiest person to shop for or with, like most men he would pick up the first functional item he liked and if it fitted he would purchase several of the same. Kerry however like most women liked to try on every single item she liked then sought approval. Rick was well used to sitting in the waiting area of many a department store dressing room and nodding approval to each outfit in which she emerged.

That morning Rick answered the telephone whilst Kerry was in the shower discovering that it was Marlice one of Kerry’s friends enquiring if Kerry was free for the day he tried to divert her but her insistence Rick found himself inviting her along on the shopping spree with the promise of lunch at the new Italian restaurant that had just opened in town.

When Kerry came downstairs and emerged into the kitchen with her usual bright and breezy demeanor Rick couldn’t help but smile as he admired her natural beauty, he thought how lucky he was to have such a sexy beautiful wife.

She looked particularly beautiful this morning in a floaty summer dress, as she turned to grab some coffee from the pot Rick admired the outline of her figure grinning as his eyes landed upon the peachy shape of her butt. She turned and asked where was the first point of call. As he felt the familiar stirring in his groin resisting the temptation to say the bedroom.

He couldn’t help noticing everything about her, from the little white strappy sandals that matched the shoe string straps of her dress to the visible panty line made by her panties to the strappy bra that looked part of her dress, he thought she looked just perfect.

Explaining that Marlice had called desperate and insistent to spend some girly down time, when she grinned at the thought of Marlice coming along he felt rather selfish that he wanted Kerry all to himself, so he tried to seem pleased and explained how he had in an attempt to make the shopping trip a little more pleasurable for her invited her along. Kerry seemed more pleased than he would have liked since he had been hoping to get some down time himself alone with Kerry himself but he pushed those thoughts aside, realizing just how selfish he seemed he smiled back glad to see that he had pleased her.

They picked up Marlice on the way into town, when Rick stopped the car and peeped the horn Marlice came to the window and Rick was pleased to see Kerry grinning. They seemed to be waiting only a few minutes before Marlice bounced down the steps of her apartment and onto the street. Rick although totally in love with and dedicated casino ┼čirketleri to Kerry could not help thinking how totally hot Marlice looked, in a more suited and booted way, he found himself lingering over her dress style just a little longer than he should resulting in him receiving an icy stare from Kerry. Rick knew she had noticed him eyeing her friends ample breasts with her nipples jutting from her shirt as he opened the back door for her to hop in the vehicle.

Although Rick was somewhat attracted to her body shape he was not enamored by her personality at all, in fact he would go so far as to say she irritated him, Marlice always had a lot to say about herself and seemed pushy in her manner. He would even go so far as to say he felt she pushed Kerry around a little, there were some personality traits that Rick did not take to and overbearing domineering women was not one of them.

Rick pulled the vehicle away from the kerb and whilst the women chatted he wondered how Kerry and Marlice had become friends since Kerry had quite the opposite personality to her friend. Arriving in town parking was a bit of an issue so Rick suggested he drop his wife and friend nearer to the centre of town and he would find parking and catch them up. He watched as both women climbed out of the car and made arrangements to meet them once he had found parking and walked back into the centre.

As Rick walked from the car twenty minutes later he called Kerry’s cell phone and enquired on their location, he was familiar with the small but expensive clothes boutique she mentioned and expected to find both them with armfuls of items ready to be tried on.

When Rick entered the boutique he was informed by the sales assistant that Kerry and Marlice had already started and disappeared with various items to the changing area and suggested he wait by the entrance.

Maybe the expression that crossed his face or for some other reason the assistant appear to feel sorry for him. Rick was not surprised when a few minutes later the sales assistant sympathized with him before passing him some reading literature and inviting him into the staff room next door for coffee from the espresso machine, he smiled appreciatively adding a thank you before following her and taking a very comfortable seat.

Kerry and Marlice had quite obviously shared a double cubicle opposite the entrance since Rick could hear their giggles and coos as they appeared to be trying on various items. As Rick entered into a brief conversation with the sales attendant his wife was in the state of undress but was not trying on clothes but currently warming to a woman’s touch in a newly developed sexual relationship with her friend. The muffled noises were actually his wife’s attempt to cover her heightening sexual arousal brought on by Marlice’s casino firmalar─▒ fingers caressing her inner thigh and dabbling into the crotch of her panties.

Marlice had convinced Kerry some weeks ago that they could have a lot of fun being friends with benefits so to speak and although Kerry was not entirely happy with the idea Marlice was insistent and pushy. Now the issue was being pushed with her husband sat within hearing distance. Kerry was finding it difficult to resist since Marlice was unstoppable until she got what she wanted, as much as Kerry tried to prevent it happening she knew she was hooked on the sexual thrill and drive to have her under any circumstances.

In this instance Kerry found herself with her back toward Marlice in a double cubicle, whilst slipping off her shoes to try on a pair of jeans, she had felt Marlice move closer and pin her to the cubicle side. Having heard Rick arrive and not wanting to alert him to what was happening she had said nothing allowing Marlice to do her thing, aroused by her closeness as she felt Marlice lean into her back she relented to Marlice kisses on the nape of her neck as she felt her gather the material of her dress and tug it upward toward her belt. Marlice now tucking the hem into her belt pushed her knee between Kerry’s and pushed them her legs apart.

She felt Marlice kiss on her shoulder and the nape of her neck and her fingers now probing deep within her panties, she sighed quietly but inwardly moaned when Marlice slender index finger slid along her pussy lips and located her clit.

Now gently caressing her clit and making her pussy ache for more, Kerry shuddered and bit her lip to stifle any noise that might be omitted in the ever increasing throws of pleasure washing over her.

Marlice now quietly assuring Kerry that she would not stop her administration until she made her cum hard continued to manipulate her clit, whilst reaching her left hand down the front of her dress and searching her bra for her left nipple she gently caressed the swelling bud.

Having found the hard little nub between her pussy lips she relentlessly caressed it though the material until she felt Kerry ‘s pussy twitch and release her lubricant. Kerry moaned and threw back her head as Marlice fingers took advantage of her pussy juices and circled around her clit slow but deliberately bringing her closer to her climax.

Kerry knew that her husband was sat less than a three meters away and might hear or become suspicious of their movements but was too far gone to stop Marlice. Kerry’s legs were now spread wide and Marlice was fingering her hole intently with her thumb and frigging her clit with her index finger manipulating not only her clit but her g-spot. Kerry knew she wasn’t going to take much more before she came and squirted g├╝venilir casino cum in her friends hand. However Marlice had other plans known only to Kerry when she lowered herself to the floor face directed at her vulva and climbed between her legs.

Removing Kerry’s panties Marlice’s tongue soon made contact with her juicy pussy almost making Kerry cry out with the sensations as her wet tongue circled several times around her engorged clit and delved deep inside her cunt. Still fingering her hole Kerry found herself grinding against her friend face and pushing her head further into her cunt lips.

Kerry could see Marlice’s image on the floor her own legs spread wide and fingering her own sweet pussy, her face deep between her own thighs her mouth now sucking, nibbling and sucking on her sweet pussy, Kerry watched through her own pleasure as Marlice fingering her own clit through the gusset of her panties in a frenzied motion diddled her own clit and fingered her own pussy deeply. About to cum herself she plunged her fingers deep inside Kerry and took herself over the top thankful that her moans and audible ohs and ahs were stifled by Kerry dripping pussy. Marlice’s oral administrations now taking Kerry over the top too.

Kerry aware of her friends orgasm found herself nearly squealing out loud but bit down on her own hand as her pussy contracted and she squirted a jet cum into her friends waiting mouth followed by another and wet another. Her clit felt on fire and it seemed an age before Marlice stopped eating her out.

Obligingly Marlice took her fluids with an eagerness that knew no bounds and relished cleaning her pussy further as Kerry came again before finally coming down from two of the most exquisite climax’s. Marlice was whispering “good girl,” as she caressed Kerry’s trembling ass cheeks.

Both now sitting to gain composure Marlice smiled at her quickly getting dressed the girls sprayed themselves with body spray and tidied themselves before exiting the cubicle and facing Rick who appeared engrossed in a magazine, he turned toward Kerry and said “did you find anything you liked Honey?” smiling at her husband and friend Kerry replied “Oh yes, only we are shopping for you not I!”

Rick told the girls to move onto the boutique next door whilst he paid for the items Kerry had decided to take, as they giggled their way toward the door Rick thanked the attendant for the fictitious coffee, reading literature and the private showing of Marlice and Kerry’s sexual gratification in their cubicle observed from the staff room. Little did the two friend know that Rick had watched their hot performance and had known the attendant Tammy for years. Knowing she was a good friend who had recognized his wife instantly she had alerted him to their actions before he even reached the boutique was confirmation of the good friendship and even more so that she had been happy to oblige pretending to offer him coffee before exquisitely sucking his cock to his own huge climax whilst he watched his wife get off. More of this story to cum…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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