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Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 52

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Approaching Miss White, the Dean stood between the bound woman’s legs, letting the strap-on fall onto her stomach so she could see its relative size. It extended well past her belly button.

Miss White swallowed, her eyes bugging out slightly. Surely the Dean would have some mercy on her, not tear her up inside? She opened her mouth to plead for leniency, but she just couldn’t do it; she still had some pride left. What was going to happen would happen.

The Dean pulled her hips back, letting the giant bulbous head slide down Miss White’s pelvis and come to rest against her puckered, hungry pussy lips. Leaning forward, the Dean braced herself against the table with hands on either side of Miss White’s torso. In this stance she would be able to both watch the dildo go in and see the look on Miss White’s face as it happened.

Jodie, meanwhile, took up a position near the head of the table. From there she had a good view down between the two women, past their breasts, to where the enormous phallus was poised at Miss White’s entrance. Miss White took a deep breath, exhaled it, and tried to go limp; she was as ready as she’d ever be.

The sound she emitted when the head pressed into her surprised everyone in the room: It was high-pitched, piercing, entirely unlike any vocalization she normally made. It was followed by a low, guttural moan of the deepest pleasure. Already Miss White was as full as she could remember, and as the strap-on slid deeper into her, her eyes rolled back in her head and suddenly she was coming — trembling and crying out, pulling futilely at her bonds.

As the intense climax ebbed, a great sense of calm and well-being washed over her, then was quickly replaced by a new sense of urgency as the dildo continued to push up into her. She felt like it was pressing into her stomach, trying to work its way up to her chest, and still there were several inches left to go. Just when she thought she was about to be split in half, the Dean reversed direction and began to slowly pull out.

Miss White felt the strap-on slide out of her until just the head remained inside. Her pussy was throbbing and her heart was pounding, but she felt a certain sense of relief. She’d taken more than she thought hd porno she could and survived. But the Dean’s second stroke was harder and deeper, and Miss White felt a sweat break out on her forehead.

Jodie, watching, began to touch herself. At some level it was appalling to see the formidable Alexis White tied, exposed, and ruthlessly fucked. But it was also indisputably sexy to watch.

The Dean gradually increased the tempo of her thrusts, taking great satisfaction in Miss White’s facial contortions and helpless, raw-throated cries. From time to time she tugged on the chain connecting the clamps on Miss White’s nipples, inducing a different combination of expressions and vocalizations.

At this point Miss White entered a sort of fugue state. Everything blurred together: There was a lot of pleasure, and there was some pain; the Dean’s face loomed above her, then Jodie was peering down through her glasses. The Dean was not entirely in control of herself anymore either; her eyes were blazing and her nostrils flaring as she pounded into Miss White again and again, driving the monstrous cock home with complete abandon.

When the Dean reached down and brushed Miss White’s clit with one finger, she came so hard that it seemed like she might tear the ropes holding her right in half. She was still coming when the Dean unsnapped the clamp from her right nipple and pulled it off. Miss White sighed as the feeling began to return to her teat, then whimpered as the Dean’s mouth closed on it.

The Dean resumed thrusting slowly as she popped off the other clamp and moved her mouth to that breast. Jodie, feeling bold, leaned down and began to suck the one she had abandoned; the Dean allowed it. After a few minutes of this treatment Miss White spasmed violently, let loose with an incoherent wail, and lay still; her eyes were still open, but she could not in any meaningful sense be said to be conscious.

When a semblance of awareness returned, Miss White saw the Dean standing near the end of the table where her head was, gloriously naked — no strap-on, no dress, just smooth ebony skin glowing in the firelight. The Dean stood up on her tippy-toes and leaned forward until Miss White’s head was engulfed in her crotch. sex izle The musky scent was overwhelming, intoxicating; Miss White nuzzled her nose up between the Dean’s pussy lips, coating it in the other woman’s juices.

As she felt a tongue begin to snake up inside her, the Dean stretched out her arms and began to untie the ropes holding Miss White’s legs. This took a minute, as she had done a quite thorough job, but eventually she accomplished it. Then she freed Miss White’s arms, which was somewhat easier.

Now the Dean slid her hands under Miss White’s ass and lifted her slightly. As Miss White wrapped her arms around the Dean’s legs, jabbing her tongue deeper into the creamy hole above her, the Dean bent forward until her head was between Miss White’s thighs.

When she felt the Dean’s hot breath on her cunt, Miss White thought she knew what was coming next. She was surprised to suddenly feel herself being lifted into the air. Next thing she knew she was hanging upside down with her face in the Dean’s crotch as the Dean’s powerful tongue penetrated her.

Jodie watched in amazement as the two women engaged in a furious standing 69. Miss White’s knees were on the Dean’s shoulders, her arms wrapped around the Dean’s waist, her head gripped between the Dean’s thighs.

Finally the Dean took a few steps to her left and they toppled over together onto the couch, landing with the Dean on top as they continued to feast on each other’s cunts. They were in a frenzy now, all inhibitions gone, racing to see who could make the other come first.

But the Dean was in a much more sensitized state, and when Miss White began to suck her clit she spasmed violently, then relaxed. This allowed Miss White to gain just enough leverage to turn the both of them over. Now the Dean was on her back on the couch, Miss White straddling her head. Holding the Dean’s hips, Miss White lifted herself slightly and began to grind her pussy down onto the black woman’s face. The Dean did not fight back; she just extended her tongue and continued to probe deeper, letting Miss White’s sweet nectar pour into her mouth.

When Miss White felt her orgasm approaching, she let herself fall forward and again clamped her lips onto the altyazılı porn Dean’s clit. This time they came together, holding on to each other for dear life, moaning, sighing, laughing, crying. Then it suddenly became very quiet in the room, the only sound the heaving of the two women’s chests as they tried to catch their breath.

Jodie was completely slack-jawed. She knew that she had just witnessed something incredible, something that she would remember for the rest of her life. Even so she had the presence of mind to find the camera and erase the pictures the Dean had taken. She almost couldn’t do it — they were magnificently beautiful images, and she made sure to commit each one to memory before deleting it.

After a few minutes Miss White and the Dean began to slowly untangle themselves. Miss White stepped over to a nearby chair — moving gingerly, like she’d just run a marathon — and sank down into it, sighing and shaking her head. The Dean rolled over and came to a sitting position, staring blankly into the middle distance.

Jodie walked over and sat down on the arm of Miss White’s chair, making it clear where her loyalty lay. Miss White smiled weakly — she knew that Jodie would never look at her in quite the same way now. She hoped, though, that she had managed to retain at least some sense of dignity in the younger woman’s eyes.

Miss White glanced over at the Dean and their eyes met briefly. Certainly they were seeing each other in a different light now; they understood each other in a way they hadn’t before. They weren’t going to friends, or even allies; but they could at least be respectful adversaries.

At last the Dean stood and turned toward the door. “I trust you can find your way out,” she said, matter-of-factly but not curtly. “Safe travels to you both.” And with that she was gone.

Miss White and Jodie retraced their steps back through the drawing room to the foyer, where they found their clothes and dressed. Bundling up tight, they stepped out together into the cold night air.

As they headed home Miss White put one arm around Jodie’s shoulders, partly for warmth, but mostly because she was having trouble walking properly. Jodie felt strange having Miss White lean on her, but also immensely proud, both of herself and of Miss White. She knew that night had been very difficult for the older woman — pleasurable, yes, but also humbling. But now this episode was over, and who knew what might happen next?

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