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Girls at the Office Ch. 3

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It was Wednesday morning and Thomas was back at his desk for the first time in five days. Saturday had been any normal day for him but that night he had run into Danielle out on the town and had been dragged back to her place not to see daylight again until Tuesday morning. They’d spent the entire time either eating or fucking and the whole experience had left him drained. Neither of them had bothered calling in sick on Monday but Thomas had done so Tuesday simply because he needed sleep and badly! Most of Tuesday he had spent in bed recovering. After 14 hours sleep, he finally felt ready to face work again.

He had stumbled into work ten minutes early and apologised to his boss for not being in on Monday. He made some bullshit excuse about a 48 hour bug and the boss had believed him! Maybe he was a better liar than he thought he was. He’d gone to his desk and started to plough through the work that had accumulated there in his absence. No-one had said anything until a voice distracted him from his work.

“Well Tiger, seems you had a rough weekend!”

Thomas looked up to see Melissa leaning over his partition. She had deliberately positioned herself so her big tits hung over the top of it, threatening to explode out of her sweater.

“Hi there gorgeous,” said Thomas, glad that a friendly face was the first to greet him. “How are you?”

“Pretty good thanks,” she replied, “but I do need some help later on. In the basement?”

Thomas couldn’t believe his luck. Melissa had flirted with him ever since the incident in the basement but they hadn’t had sex since then. Obviously with all the attention that he’d been paying to Danielle, she had got a little jealous and more than a little bit horny. Looks like he was up to bat again.

“I think I can squeeze that into my schedule,” he smiled.

“Great!” she squealed. “I’ll be down there in fifteen minutes. Don’t forget about me!” She gave a sweet little wave than disappeared back to her desk to prepare for her imminent pounding. Thomas just smiled. He was the luckiest man on earth at this moment. He had two women who wanted nothing more than to shag him senseless. What could possibly go wrong?

The screensaver on his computer abruptly bleeped to an end with his mail system informing him that he had mail. Idly he clicked to open it.



I understand that you were not in work either Monday or Tuesday. I expect you have brought in a doctor’s certificate as per company policy. Please come and see me immediately.

Anne, Human Resources.


Tom’s heart sank. The company was notoriously rigid on its sick leave policy. He may have been able to fob off his boss with a dubious story but Human Resources were a different matter. His bubble well and truly burst, Thomas got up and headed up to see the dreaded personnel officer.


Thomas had only met Anne a couple of times. The first had been when he had first joined the company a year ago and had his customary tour around the building followed by a debriefing of company procedures, Dullsville the entire two hours. The second time had been at the office Christmas party when they’d played “Pin the Tail On The Donkey” while pissed and Tom had staggered into her and grabbed her boobs by accident. Even though it had been a passing grope, her nipples had stood straight to attention like tent pegs. A swift apology later and the whole incident had become history. The first time she had been all business but the accidental groping had been on a more social occasion and she’d been quite understanding about the whole situation. However, he knew that today groping was probably not on the menu.

Anne sat behind her desk in a sensible black dress. She was in her twenties yet still had the eyes of an eighteen-year old. She was definitely a larger size of woman but still curvaceous enough to make heads turn when she passed. Plus, she had a gleam in her eye and a wicked smile that just seemed to invite trouble. Her infectious laugh made it impossible not to like her.

“So there’s no note,” she re-iterated. She hadn’t been horrible to him yet but he could see it coming.

“No,” he replied, “Like I said, I was unable to move from the bed for two days.” He knew that in some respect, that wasn’t too far from the truth.

Anne sat back in her chair and folded her fingers in front of her.

“My problem Yozgat Escort Thomas, is that I don’t believe you. You see, I spoke to Danielle Young yesterday morning. She claimed that the pair of you had both contracted flu and wouldn’t be in. Given that you’ve just told me the illness was more D & V than flu, I’m inclined to think you’re not telling the truth.”

Thomas said nothing. What was there to say? He’d been found out. Goodbye working with sexy women, hello dole queue. His silence was seen as an admission of guilt by Anne.

“Do you know the company’s rules on fraternising with staff?” she asked. “It strictly forbids any ongoing relations between work colleagues as it just leads to slackness and loss of productivity.”

Thomas tried not to display any emotion. She had no proof that he and Danielle had been sleeping together but if she went on to tell his boss, he could lose his pay rise for the year or even his job if she felt like pushing for it and he really didn’t want that. His rent was getting tighter and living in the city was becoming increasingly expensive. Thomas began to fear for his job.

“Anyway, I think it’s all bullshit.”

Thomas looked up from his reverie. Anne was leaning forward again, her top displaying a large cleavage of milky white skin. Above it, she was smiling again and Tom could detect a faint gleam of naughtiness in her eyes.

“Pardon?” he asked.

“I think the company’s policy sucks,” she continued, “if two people get on in work there’s no reason not to socialise together, even if you do end up dating.”

“Danielle and I aren’t dating,” said Thomas. He noted that Anne’s smile slid up another notch.

“Even so, we’re all human and we like company don’t we?” Underneath the table, Anne slid her foot out of her shoe and gently rubbed Thomas’ leg with it. Tom felt her slide her foot up him and met her eyes. Both of them understood what was going on. “It’s like me, I tend to get a bad back quite often and when you live on your own it’s hard to get someone to massage it for you. I think I would like to trust my workmates enough to help me out, wouldn’t you?”

She held his gaze as she ran her foot up and down his leg.

“Yeah, I can understand that,” replied Thomas, getting out of his seat. “We all need a little relaxing every now and then.”

“Precisely,” said Anne. Tom had come to stand behind her and place his warm hands on her shoulders. He began to press on the flesh, rubbing it slowly. Anne purred in pleasure. “We should trust each other more….”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Tom answered. He kneaded her soft flesh through her top, running his hands down her spine, pressing into her skin. As he scraped his fingers over her lower back, Anne closed her eyes and grinned like a madman. Tom returned his hands to her shoulders and began to caress the skin around her neck, leaning in to gently kiss the naked flesh at the nape. Anne shuddered as he did this, her own hands softly rubbing her nipples through her clothing. She took hold of her top and pulled the neckline wide.

“We all have needs…” she sighed. Top looked down her top from behind her and plunged his hands into the inviting white valley beyond. Anne squirmed in her seat as his hands touched her breasts, his gentle fingers sending tremors through her. He cupped her breasts, feeling her nipples burrowing into his palms.

She felt behind her for his leg and groped her way up it. She found his cock hard and ready for him, still imprisoned in his trousers. Breaking contact, she swivelled in her chair and grabbed for his belt, tearing it apart and ripping open his trousers. His dick sprang out to meet her and she snatched at is with both hands. Thomas groaned as she pulled at it, even more so when she put it in her mouth and began to suck on its engorged head. She was tearing at her own top now, pulling it off her torso and stripping her bra from her frame. Her breasts weren’t enormous but they were both a fair handful, each crowned with a nipple bigger than Thomas had ever seen. It was to these she turned her attention, gathering her boobs in her hands so that she could wrap them around Tom’s big cock as it slid in and out of her mouth.

“Oh Christ!” he yelped as he felt the softness of her boobs around him. Her tongue danced on the end of his cock as she attempted to stuff as much of his dick in her mouth. “Anne, I’m gonna…” was all he could managed but she knew what Yozgat Escort Bayan was coming.

“Good!” she exclaimed and pulled his cock from her mouth. Tom exploded, his member spurting thick bursts of cum over Anne’s face and into her mouth. She sucked him some more, getting the most out of it she possibly could as cum dripped down onto her naked breasts. She let a hand drop to her lap, a solitary finger teasing her already throbbing clit to orgasm as she sucked on Toms dick. It was all it took to push her aroused form over the edge. She moaned against Tom’s member as wave after wave of pleasure hit her. Her pale skin was flushed suddenly red and for a moment, Tom swore he saw her nipples get even bigger. As the orgasm passed, she took his cock from her mouth and sighed in satisfaction.

“Mmm,” she exclaimed as she let him go, “I love watching men cum.”

Tom rubbed her breasts, letting his essence oil her ivory skin. He knelt to take one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking it so hard that she squirmed. He caressed her bosom, from the outside, the underside, her cleavage, from the armpit to her taught nipples. Anne was scraping his cum from her face and feeding it to herself, licking her fingers with delight.

“That was great Tom,” she said, “Perhaps the two of us could meet up some other time?” She was reaching for her clothes, the session was closed it seemed now she had what she wanted from him.

“Oh no,” said Tom, “Not so fast. Not till you’ve I’ve been inside you.”

Anne looked down at him from where he was nuzzling her breasts. She made a noise to protest but Tom’s hand thrust into her knickers stifled it. He gasped in surprise as he made contact with her completely hairless pussy.

“Oh, no Tom, I can’t….” was all she could manage in protest as Tom explored her outer folds. He found her inner lips and began gently teasing her entrance as he sucked on her tit. Anne squirmed in her seat as he kissed a path down her belly, licked the areas around her bellybutton and blew warm air up the inside of her thigh.

Anne rolled in pleasure but at the same time despaired at her lack of control. She’d made this guy cum all over her in her office but now he wanted to shove that monster dick up her. This wasn’t what she had planned at all…but she couldn’t move from her seat. Tom had spread her thick thighs and was now kissing her shaven pussy. He inserted one finger into her as he took her clit into his mouth and let his tongue dance over its shiny hood.

Another orgasm rocked Anne’s frame, causing her belly and boobs to quiver in excitement. She screamed out loud as she came, unaware of where she was anymore. She was lost to Tom’s ministrations now, no longer caring where she was. He eased her skirt off her wide hips leaving her totally naked, her pale white form displayed before him. He stood, his cock having regained its strength and standing out in front of him. He ran it’s head across her face, pushing at her mouth with it.

“Oh Tom, please…” was the limit of her protests before she took him back between her lips, sucking on the enormous member in front of her. He gripped her hair in his hands as her mouth slipped up and down on his organ. Hastily discarding the rest of his clothes, Tom pressed Anne’s mouth onto his cock, her supple lips locked around him.

Resisting the temptation to cum in her mouth again, her pulled himself away and dragged her to her feet. He pushed her roughly over onto her desk, the pens and paper digging into her soft fleshy body.

“Now you’re going to feel me,” he said, “but first, let’s do something about you screaming at orgasm. Let’s face it, you’ll be doing it a lot.” With that, he grabbed a reel of sticky tape from her desk and sealed her mouth shut. Anne wriggled in excitement. She loved being tied up and gagged like this. All he had to do was tie her wrists together and her fantasy was complete. But he left them unbound to her disappointment. He dismay was short lived though as she felt him rub his cock against her pussy lips.

“Open wide,” he smiled as he pushed his cock into her wet cunt. As his head passed the entrance, she moaned loudly, his swollen member stretching her wide. He pushed into her as she gasped, feeling him fill her up and then some. Her frame trembled and her knees shook. He didn’t seem to stop! There was no end to him! Surely she couldn’t take anything this size!

Just as she thought she was Escort Yozgat about to burst, Tom slid his entire length into her. Anne was tight but was very, very wet, her juices dribbling from her pussy and down her pale thighs. Once her was sure he was all in, Tom began to slide back and forth in her, his member lubricated by her juices. Anne met his thrusts, her big bottom moving in unison with his motions. He grabbed her back to steady himself as he fucked the tight little hole of this big woman. She felt incredible, her pussy muscles gripping him as he pushed into her.

Tom raised her slightly and reached around her torso to grip her breasts as they jiggled back and forth. Her nipples were rock hard and he tweaked them between thumb and forefinger causing her to shudder in pleasure. Clearly Anne’s nipples were large and very, very sensitive. Tom spied a couple of bulldog clips on the desk and scooped them up. Anne wasn’t aware of them until he had clamped them onto her nipples, the cold metal pinching her rigid flesh into points. Anne went wild.

She bucked and thrashed in ecstasy as the clips bit into her tits. Her motions forced them off of the desk and onto the floor where she laid on her back and spread her legs, inviting him to enter her once more. Tom needed no such invitation and slammed straight back into her, his big dick thrusting into her depths. He gripped both her wrists and held her to the floor, his forcefulness clearly turning her on even more than just simple fucking. The tape on her mouth was still tight and he could hear her breathing hard against it. As he felt his orgasm nearing, he looked down to see her form beneath him, her belly pressed up against him and her tits jiggling excitedly from every thrust, nipples still held captive by the clips. Her panting became more and more laboured and he knew she was due for another orgasm. Holding off for a few more seconds, he saw her eyes roll back in her head as electric bolts of pleasure shot through her. She shuddered beneath him, her white skin once again regaining its rosiness over her chest and neck. Anne groaned against the tape, the lack of release just turning her joy back in upon herself. She could feel her pussy shuddering as wave after wave of ecstasy crashed down upon her. As the last ebbs of her orgasm throbbed from her, Thomas tore the tape from her mouth, allowing her to take in huge gulps of air. She moaned as she came down from the high only to feel Tom pick up his pace suddenly. Aware of his impending climax, she squeezed her pussy tight, the muscles gripping him, holding him.

“Cum for me baby,” she encouraged as she felt his cock twitch inside her. It was all he needed to hear.

With a wet sound, Thomas pulled his cock out of Anne’s pussy as he began to squirt forth his juices. He shot his jizz over her naked form, the cum landing on her big belly and tits, even hitting her chin as it spurted forth. Anne grabbed his spasming organ and sat forward, directing it towards her mouth. As the head passed her soft lips, he shot forth a second load, her soft hands massaging his balls as he came in her mouth. She greedily swallowed his load, sucking the last drops from his member as it blew his seed into the back of her throat.

Spent, Thomas lay down on top of Anne, his cum making their bodies slide together. He kissed her, tasting his own cum in her mouth. She sighed in pleasure, her pussy still throbbing in aftershock. Thomas gazed into her eyes. She truly was a thing of beauty. The passion in her eyes was reflected in his own. It was the gasp from the door that broke them from their moment of passion.

Looking up, they saw Melissa with her back to the closed door, her mouth gaping open. Her legs were wide open and she had one hand clutching at one of her big tits, the other firmly entrenched in her knickers where she was clearly masturbating.

“Melissa?” said Tom, slightly embarrassed.

“I……snuck in here…..just now…..!” she gasped, her orgasm close. “I came to see…why you weren’t down…..stairs and I….!”

Melissa’s eyes rolled back in her head as her orgasm hit. Her knees quaked and her fat thighs trembled as she sunk both hands into her knickers, her tits shuddering as she came. As her orgasm relented, she looked down at the cum covered pair. Thomas had rolled over slightly and Anne was already playing with his dick again, licking at its end.

“You were right Mel,” said Anne, “He is fucking huge.”

“Indeed,” said Melissa, sitting down next to Anne, her hand joining Anne’s on Tom’s cock. “Plenty to go round eh?”

Mel took a long suck on his dick then kissed Anne. Tom saw tongues meet between the two as Anne placed her hands on Melissa’s tits. It was going to be a long day…

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