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Ginger’s Hot Tub

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This is a scene I wrote in response to someone’s requirements. It features Ginger and Kathy, two friends who have a few drinks in a bar and go back to Ginger’s house for more tequila and a dip in the hot tub. Curious at how the boob job feels, Kathy asks to feel Ginger’s breasts. They’re just getting sexed up when …

I hope you enjoy it. I posted it in Group Sex but suspect it will end up in Loving Wives – we’ll see.

Feedback is appreciated – especially from Ginger *wink* – and can be made either in public comments below, PM in Lit forums, or email. If you want a response to feedback, then email is probably best.

I’ve read through this a few times but there are probably still errors remaining; please forgive me. Again, I hope you enjoy my little tale.

GA – Cancun, Mexico. 18th June 2012.

Their drinks arrived and Ginger offered a smile to the girl who delivered them to the table. ‘Thanks,’ she said and sipped the margarita. She perused the bar. ‘We were lucky to get a table,’ she remarked to her friend.

Kathy quickly studied the room; she saw subdued lighting, a band tuning up, and happy-faced people enjoying their weekend freedom. It was Saturday night, a rare opportunity for the two women to enjoy a few drinks and a girlie catch-up. ‘Yeah,’ she drawled. ‘Busy in here.’ She nodded in the direction of the bar. ‘And those guys over there are checking you out. They keep looking at your boobs.’ She pouted, expression petulant, and pointed at Ginger’s breasts. ‘No fair, you had them done.’

Ginger examined herself critically. ‘Am I showing too much?’

The attractive blonde grinned. ‘No, you dope. I’m just messin’ with ya.’

Ginger brightened and she returned the grin. ‘You bitch. You know I take you seriously. The smirk slid away and she regarded her friend seriously. ‘Anyway, you’re gorgeous as you are. All natural.’ She reached out and fingered her friend’s blonde hair. ‘I love your hair … and you’ve got a great figure.’ She paused and then said, ‘And you’ve got balls … Metaphorically speaking.’

‘Is that why you had your boobs done?’ Kathy asked ‘A confidence thing …’

Ginger considered the question for a moment and then shrugged. ‘I guess so. Partly.’ She nodded.

A man approached the table and interrupted their discourse. Kathy looked up at him.

The man’s eyes fell to Ginger’s cleavage. He smirked. ‘Hello, ladies,’ he said, thumbs hooked into the belt loops of his faded jeans.

Kathy’s eyes flashed when she noticed the man’s line of sight. She found his cocksure attitude abrasive. With a withering stare she studied him for a long moment; saw arrogant confidence in all of his … what … twenty-two years? OK, so he was film-star hot, good-looking with cute dimples and a tight tee-shirt across an obviously great body – the kind of guy Kathy would take home and use mercilessly before she threw his desiccated, exhausted ass out onto the street. But a devil sat on her shoulder that night.

With a dangerous grin Kathy pointed at Ginger and said quietly, ”She’s married … And if she were to have an affair, it’d be with me. So do me a favor and fuck off, kid.’ For emphasis she rose out of her chair and leaned across the table. Kathy reached a hand around Ginger’s head and pulled her friend’s face in for a kiss.

‘I think I’ve had way too much to drink,’ Kathy mumbled when the man fled.

Stunned, wide-eyed with shock, Ginger stared at Kathy. ‘Oh. My. God! … What the hell?’

‘Can we get a cab outta here?’ Kathy asked.


The taxi dropped the pair at Ginger’s home. The two women giggled at Kathy’s strong handling of the would-be lothario and, slumped together side-by-side, arms around each other, walked up the long, curving driveway carrying their shoes.

Holding onto her friend’s arm, Kathy stopped at the bottom of the wide steps that led up to the front door. ‘Damn but you’ve got a nice place, Ginger. I’m envious every time I visit.’

Ginger blushed, always uncomfortable when Kathy made comparisons between their respective fortunes. Self-deprecatingly, she replied, ‘I got lucky with a job interview after college.’

Kathy shrugged and moved her hand to take Ginger’s fingers. ‘Hey,’ she said and squeezed gently. ‘Good for you. As long as I can come over and use your hot-tub sometimes …’

‘Good idea,’ Ginger said. ‘We could take a little dip now.’

‘Come on!’ Kathy released Ginger’s hand and climbed the steps. She laughed as she looked back over her shoulder. ‘Hurry up!’ Inside, after both women had dropped their shoes by the front door, Kathy made for the kitchen. ‘I’m the one who works in a bar,’ she said, ‘so I’ll mix us some mean margaritas!’

While Kathy poured and mixed she heard the toilet flush upstairs. After a moment’s pause Ginger called down. ‘Little problem,’ she shouted.

Kathy sliced a lime and called back, ‘Oh yeah? What?’

‘Bathing suit … I don’t think any of my bikinis will fit you.’

Another pause as Kathy sipped her drink. şişli escort bayan ‘I wasn’t planning on wearing a costume!’ Kathy heard Ginger’s descending footsteps.

Her friend appeared. ‘You mean we should—’

‘—Skinny dip,’ Kathy finished. She nodded and gestured along the front of her body in a sweeping with both hands. ‘Yep. Nekkid,’ she drawled. With a teasing glint in her eye she continued: ‘I know I’m hot stuff …’ She leered at her friend. ‘What about you? Are you too shy to show your body off in front of me, Ginger? Too scared of the comp-ee-tishon?’

‘With these boobs?’ Ginger retorted. She rolled her eyes and gestured at her own chest. ‘Pfffft.’

On the deck at the rear of the big house Ginger gasped and turned to her friend. ‘How strong did you mix these drinks? Jesus, Kathy …’

‘Strong enough, baby. Gotta give you Dutch courage to put your nekkid body up to the contest with me.’ Kathy carefully placed her drink on a picnic table with all the exaggerated care of someone who knows they’ve had a lot to drink already. She smirked at Ginger. ‘If you’re too chicken, I’ll go first.’ She wriggled out of her dress, leaving it in an untidy heap on the wooden planks. Her underwear followed. Kathy posed with her hands in the air. ‘Ta-dah!’

Without further preamble she lifted her drink from the table and, after a delicate sip, eyed her friend over the rim. Next Kathy padded barefoot to the edge of the tub and set the glass on the decking before she slid into the water.

Kathy sipped at the reclaimed margarita and smirked while she watched Ginger undress.

‘Damn, Ginger,’ she said as she examined Ginger’s nudity. ‘Those tits are fine. You know … I’ve always wanted to ask you … but I wondered if … well … could I just touch ’em?’

Ginger eased her body into the warm embrace of the hot tub. She turned to face Kathy. ‘Sure,’ she said and shrugged. ‘I get asked that more often than you might think.’ She moved through the water and stopped a foot away from Kathy. Ginger offered her breasts and grinned ‘Here, cop a feel.’

Ginger gasped. It was the expression on Kathy’s face, that look and the fact that Kathy’s thumbs slid across her nipples, an erotic touch that had Ginger’s teats thickening in a strange rush of arousal.

‘Wow,’ Kathy whispered, pretending she didn’t notice the change in Ginger’s body as her thumbs teased the long teats. ‘They feel so … so …’ She shook her head, Ginger’s breasts still in her palms.

‘Kathy …’ Ginger croaked, her throat suddenly dry.

‘Yes, baby?’ Kathy said quietly while her thumbs continued their languid circling.

‘Uh …’ Ginger shook her head. ‘I …’

‘What, Ginger?’ the woman replied, her eyes staring into her friend’s, her fingers stroking the taut flanks. ‘Am I spending too long on your tits?’

Confused by the alcohol and the unexpected shift in mood Ginger remained mute and merely shook her head.

‘Can I …’ Kathy asked, hesitating. ‘Can I just kiss them? I just want to suck on your gorgeous nipples, Ginger …’ Her head moved down. ‘Just a little suck on your tits … Just to try …’

‘Oh, Kathy,’ Ginger moaned, her hand caressing her friend’s hair as the woman’s lips closed around her flesh. ‘Oh …’

Kathy’s tongue flicked over Ginger’s engorged nipples, one to the other, back and forth. She groaned and lifted each breast to her mouth, sucking and nibbling gently.

‘My pussy is getting wet,’ Kathy sighed as she let a pink teat slip from her lips. She circled the areola with her tongue. ‘I’m getting hot and horny, Ginger …’

‘Oh, shit,’ ginger moaned. ‘Me too. Kathy … What are you doing to me? I never thought you …’

‘I’m not a dyke, baby. You know that. I love cock, but I just had to touch you … Had to kiss your breasts.’ She gazed into her friend’s face. ‘I want to kiss your mouth, Ginger.’ She paused, her hand moving below the waterline towards her groin. ‘I want to kiss your pussy, too,’ she added.

Ginger felt warmth spread through her, a glow that focused on her pulsing clitoris, suffusing outwards to tighten her nipples further. Her breasts ached for Kathy’s touch; her sex flooded, and she wondered, at the back of her mind, her senses suddenly overwhelmed, what it would be like to have Kathy’s tongue on more private places on her body.

How different would a woman be compared to her husband? Would Kathy be soft and tender?

And what would she taste like? If Ginger were to reciprocate, how would it feel to lick a pussy? Would she feel dirty? Ginger doubted that. In that moment, when her friend’s lips touched hers, as her mouth opened tentatively and she felt Kathy’s tongue slip across hers, Ginger doubted she’d regret anything that Kathy suggested.

‘Cherry lip-gloss,’ Kathy said, wiping a hand across her mouth after breaking the kiss. ‘Isn’t this hot?’ she murmured. The waters churned around her, bubbling and foaming as she moved away from Ginger. ‘Do you like escort istanbul me kissing you, Ginger?’ She smiled at her friend. ‘I couldn’t help it. The booze, touching your breasts … I just felt an impulse to kiss you. Do you mind?’

Ginger smiled shyly. She reached a dripping arm out of the water. Sipping at the margarita she thought for a moment.

‘I don’t really know how I feel, Kathy. I think that I’ve had way too much to drink than is good for me …’ She paused. ‘But I’ll worry about it in the morning. Right now …’ Ginger shot the rest of the tequila in one. ‘Kiss me again …’

‘Where’s Mike?’ Kathy enquired.

‘My husband’s out with TJ. Some bowling meet.’ Ginger held her arms out towards her friend. ‘Kiss me again.’

A noise from inside the house startled the pair. They broke apart quickly, both turning to face the back door, the way through to the deck from the house.

‘Shit,’ Ginger gasped. ‘What time is it? Have they finished bowling already?’

A man appeared – early thirties, powerful shoulders packed into a tight fitting tee-shirt. Another man, similar age but slighter in build, with fair hair and a neat goatee, followed.

‘I thought you’d still be out,’ the big man said. ‘Me and Teej thought we’d have the place to ourselves. We were gunna watch a game on TV and have a celebratory beer.’ He eyed his wife, wondering, due to the lack of any visible bikini straps, if she were topless in the tub. He turned his attention to Kathy, his eyes flicking to her shoulders which were equally bare. ‘Hi, Kathy,’ he grinned.

‘Mike,’ Kathy returned, rising out of the water slightly after she noticed the man’s sight line. Let him see the tops of her boobs. ‘Who’s your friend?’

‘TJ,’ Mike answered. ‘Buddy of mine.’ It dawned on Mike that the women might be more than topless in the water.

‘He’s cute,’ Kathy replied. ‘You boys should join us.’ She turned to Ginger, grinning. ‘What do think, Ginger? Shouldn’t those boys get in here too? Enjoy this with us?’

Ginger blinked quickly. ‘Uh …’ she stammered, caught by surprise at her husband’s sudden appearance. Kathy’s suggestion caused all sorts of thoughts to tumble through her mind. Uppermost was their nudity; how was she supposed to behave in front of TJ? There were no towels to hide behind when she emerged from the tub – which she’d have to do eventually. Kathy and Mike seeing her completely bare was one thing … but TJ? She hardly knew they guy. Not that TJ was looking too comfortable himself. ‘I …’ she continued. ‘I mean … If they want to,’ she finished feebly.

‘What do you say boys?’ Kathy smirked. ‘Feel like a dip?’

‘Uhm … I think I’ll take off, Mike,’ TJ responded, shuffling nervously. ‘Good to see you, Ginger.’ He raised a hand in farewell, and then winced when he realized the gaff. ‘I mean …’ he shrugged ineffectually. ‘You know what I mean.’

Kathy moved to the steps, hands reaching for the rail.

‘Oh, don’t go, TJ,’ she said, pouting at the man’s decision to leave. ‘Why not relax …’ Kathy hauled herself from the tub. Three pairs of eyes surveyed her naked body as water cascaded from her. ‘I’ll just pour us girls another margarita each … Do you boys want a beer?’

Mike answered, a slow grin forming on his face. ‘I’ll have a beer, Kathy. Thanks.’ He motioned to his friend. ‘Waddya say, Teej? You want a beer? No need to rush off, eh?’

TJ watched Kathy’s rear, dripping water, disappear into the kitchen. ‘I guess I could use a beer, yeah, sure, Mike,’ he said.

‘Did we interrupt a nice girls’ party,’ Mike grinned as he stripped quickly and entered the tub. ‘You looked kinda shocked to see us, Ginger.’

Thankful for the shadows on the decking, suffused light from the kitchen being the only illumination, Ginger blushed at the inference and replied. ‘I didn’t realize how late it was … I was actually wondering who it was when you came home.’

‘You caught me by surprise too. Coming home to find you and Kathy bare-assed out here.’ He smirked at a silent TJ. ‘Not that we’re complaining, eh, buddy?’ he winked. ‘Did you see Kathy’s ass as she walked on outta here? Wooh,’ he whistled.

Mike was showing off in front of his friend, Ginger vaguely grasped. His in and out of work job situation made him resentful of Ginger’s employment status; he took her success as a threat to his manhood. This was why he was posturing and posing in front of TJ. Ginger sighed. So be it, she could put up with a little of Mike’s ego.

Kathy returned. She placed fresh margaritas on the deck next to the tub. ‘I’ll be right back with the beers, boys,’ she said with wink and a wave.

‘Smooth pussy, too,’ Mike commented. ‘Just how I like ’em, eh, Ginger?’ He too winked, a long, slow, lascivious droop of an eyelid. ‘Hey,’ he said abruptly. ‘Show TJ your tits, babe.’ Mike looked at his friend, who was by now looking like he was regretting his decision. ‘Fantastic boob job, man. You just gotta see ’em. Go on, Ginger,’ he nodded. ‘Let TJ get a escort taksim look.’

‘They really are great,’ Kathy interjected, reappearing with a can in each hand. ‘Cheers, boys.’ She bent and picked up her glass. ‘To Ginger’s boobs!’ Kathy laughed and sipped, her eyes twinkling with mischief. ‘Go on, Ginger,’ she exhorted, joining in Mike’s refrain.

Kathy slid back into the water. Somehow she eased into the gap between Ginger and her husband.

TJ shrugged and swigged beer. ‘It’s OK,’ he said, smiling shyly. ‘I mean I don’t mind. If Ginger doesn’t want to …’ He took another chug. ‘It kinda makes me uncomfortable you two going on about it.’

What a nice guy, Ginger thought. Having the balls to stand up to Kathy and Mike like that. Ginger felt a warm rush of affection for the man.

Mike shrugged his shoulders, slightly deflated. Then his eyes widened and he swallowed. He looked first at Kathy, and then glanced at his wife. He turned back to stare at his wife’s friend when he saw Ginger’s attention was focused on TJ.

‘Well,’ Ginger began. ‘I wouldn’t mind showing you, TJ. What I mean is, I don’t mind really. You wouldn’t be the first to take a look.’

Kathy snorted. ‘Or a feel,’ she grinned.

It was her husband’s snigger that raised Ginger’s antennae. There was something in the tone. She couldn’t quite understand the feeling she experienced at the noise. There was something nasty laced through it, as if it had a playground bully’s sneer attached. Then she saw Kathy’s arm below the waterline. The angle of her arm as it disappeared from view, the proximity and positioning of Kathy near Mike …

Ginger gasped. ‘Are you … Are you touching my husband’s cock?’

The couple sprang apart as though scalded.

‘Shit, Ginger, no,’ Mike objected furiously. ‘No way, baby. You’ve got that wrong …’

Despite the amount of alcohol inside her, Ginger moved quickly. She stood alongside her husband and shot a hand into the water.

She found him hard.

Staring at Mike for long seconds, Ginger thought a thousand thoughts.

Guilt came at her, roaring and snarling: I kissed Kathy. I was going to let her lick my pussy. I would probably have licked her too …

Her husband’s erection, big and stiff in her hand, coupled with the rush of desire engendered by Kathy’s attention earlier, sent an arterial burst of lust surging through her – a cocktail of desire and tequila.

‘You want Kathy to touch your cock, Mike?’ she whispered, her eyes narrow, expression dangerous as she squeezed the man’s girth. ‘Go ahead.’ Ginger spat, suddenly furious. ‘Let her. Fuck her hand … She can play with your cock, Mike … Just like she played with my boobs not ten minutes ago.’ Ginger turned to her somewhat shame-faced friend. ‘Go on, Kathy,’ Ginger snarled. ‘Touch him. Kiss him … Hell, fuck him. You were going to lick my pussy tonight anyway …’ She clamped her mouth to Kathy’s shocked lips, pushing her tongue into her friend’s mouth. She pulled away from the blonde. ‘Fuck it, TJ,’ she said as she moved to the side of the tub and offered her breasts to the shocked man. ‘Just touch my tits.’

Unsure, and with a glance at Mike, TJ knelt on the planking and reached for Ginger’s wet breasts.

‘Well look at that, Mike,’ Kathy murmured. Her hand reached for him again. ‘TJ’s got his hands full of Ginger’s boobs.’ She moved close to the man as he stared in disbelief at his wife and his friend. Kathy’s voice crooned in his ear, distracting him. ‘Let me touch you, baby. Let me feel how big and hard you are, you sexy bastard.’ A fist closed around Mike’s rigid girth while Kathy’s other hand caressed one big shoulder. ‘This is a chance, Mike,’ she whispered. ‘I’ve wanted to fuck you for ever … And I’ve seen the way you look at me … This is it, Mike. This is our chance. All you have to do is let it go. Ginger and TJ … You and me … Think about it, Mike. Think about fucking my tight pussy. Think about me sucking your thick cock …’ Kathy’s hand squeezed gently, moving slowly up and down. ‘I’ll even lick your wife’s pussy, Mike. Would you like that? Seeing Ginger come on my face?’

Mike growled, a low deep rumble that grew louder as it came from his belly to his chest to be finally vocalized in his throat. He lifted Kathy bodily from the water. The woman squealed, convinced that Mike was going to throw her clear over the fence in a fit of temper. TJ and Ginger, his hands cupping her breasts, both started at Kathy’s scream.

Instead the big man plonked the blonde on the edge of the tub. He pushed her legs apart and, after long, lingering, lust-filled stare at her sex, split her labia with his fingers and pressed his mouth to her opening.

‘Oh, fuck …’ Kathy groaned. ‘Eat me, Mike. Eat my pussy.’

‘Oh. My. God …’ Ginger muttered as, wide-eyed, mouth gaping in shock, she watched her husband devour Kathy.

‘Shit …’ blurted TJ. ‘What the fuck …?’ He stared at Ginger. ‘Jesus, Ginger … I …’

‘TJ,’ Ginger said as she continued to watch. ‘Will you do that to me?’ she asked. Her hand moved between her legs. ‘I’m so fucking turned on now …’ Ginger groaned. ‘Oh, TJ … just look at them. That’s my husband and my friend … I want to do it too. Look at Kathy’s face … make me look like that, TJ. Please …’

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