GF Asks to be Poker Game Prize

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“I want to be the prize for your boys night poker game?” Asked a suddenly shy Andrea. The question that brought about this startling answer centered around sexual fantasies and her answer stopped me dead in my tracks.

Let’s back up a little before we unpack the previously low key Andrea’s newly revealed desire to be used as a poker prize by a group of drunken twenty somethings.

Andrea and I are what you’d call friends with benefits. Both of us are working full time and going to school in the typical early twenties hustle. No time for real relationships, but not ignoring our physiological need for fucking. We had stumbled across each other in a class eighteen months ago and within a few weeks discovered the perfect FWB fit.

Andrea was maybe 5′ tall, curvy hips and 34D tits that look huge on her tiny frame. Her Middle Eastern creamy brown skin and dark hair give her a mysterious foreign look that matches the smoky tones of her smooth voice.

I’m your typical white guy, ten inches taller than her, light hair and an athletic build. I prided myself on my eight inch cock in high school, but found college and work had relegated it to the occasional porn based jack off. That was until Andrea came into my life. Her matter of fact way of asking to be fucked was a pleasant alternative to the dating game I had failed at in the past.

Simple texts like “I’m not working tonight and just shaved my pussy smooth, do you want to see?” Where now a high point of my day. We often hooked up at her apartment and had broken more than a few pieces of furniture.

As of late we had been texting each other sexy fantasies and I had revealed my desire to be with two women. She mocked the cliche nature of the fantasy, but soon fell into a sexting thread that described how she’d make the other girl clean my cum out of her pussy or hold her head as I fucked her face. She was damn creative and often left me with a raging hard on in the middle of classes.

Her fantasies often revolved around being used as a submissive, clothes ripped off and hair pulling. Her thick mane of black hair was ripe for pulling and I’d had fistfuls of it while I fucked her from behind in the past. She also seemed to like dress up and role play and owned more than a few sexy school girl, cheerleader and maid outfits under the guise of Halloween attire. My guess is most have never left her apartment and that’s pretty ok with me!

Our fantasy teasing action had escalated over the last few months and it seemed as though if we were not working or in class, we were sexting and more often than not we were sexting while at work or in school. Hard to focus on quantum mechanics when your FWB is detailing how she wants to be tied up and gang banged by your buddies.

That all came to a head late last month when I swung by Andrea’s place for our Friday evening blowout. I had picked up Chinese and was looking forward to sex after endless texts and not seeing much of each other for several weeks.

Andrea answered in full makeup, thigh highs and a basque that displayed her tits spectacularly. Her heels were easily 6″ tall and she had undoubtedly had a few drinks.

It wasn’t totally out of character for Andrea to greet me dressed up (so far cheerleader in pigtails was my favorite), but it was unusual for a Friday as she has to work at the bar by 8:00pm.

I must have paused too long staring at her amazing body as she grabbed the food and said “I hope you have enough for three”. It’s Chinese, so I started to explain, there’s always too much, but stopped as it clicked. Three? Dressed slutty, but has a friend over? I was struggling to process as Andrea ripped open the food and dug in as I tried to get my head around the scene.

Andrea looked up at me through giant fluttery eyelashes and asked “Are you curious who’s here? Are you ready for a really big surprise?”

I was still struggling with the math when her friend Celina walked out of the bedroom “Do I smell Chinese? Did you get Beef & Broccoli?” Asked Celina as if this were a routine dinner and she wasn’t wearing a nearly matching outfit to Andrea’s.

Celina walked straight up to me and kissed me hard on the lips while rubbing my cock through my pants. “Easy girl, we don’t want to break him, at least not this early in the evening” instructed Andrea as Celina nibbled my neck and continued to rub my cock.

“Are you ready for your surprise? Remember telling me your ultimate fantasy was two hot girls? Well, it just so happens Celina has had a six month dry spell and I thought, maybe I can help you both.” Andrea explained in her highly animated way.

“Can you fuck us both? But maybe fuck me first, I need a really hard pounding” shared Celina as she ground her body against mine.

All the while Andrea watched, eyes slack while licking soy sauce off her fingers. “Happy birthday baby, I got you a hot little slut, she’s mostly unwrapped already, I hope you like her”

I had processed by this point, weeks of sexting where clearly as much research as they ankara moldovyal─▒ escortlar were erotica on Andrea’s part and I had a fourteen day hard on that was now making the decisions. I slid my fingers up the back of Celina’s head, gently grabbing a fistful of hair and tilted her head back so I could kiss her neck and cleavage. She moaned and felt as though she would fall over.

Andrea chimed in between egg rolls, “she likes it a little rough, doesn’t do anal, but could swallow a coke bottle if you asked her to”

That seemed like my cue to pick her up (she was just as small as Andrea) and carry her to the bedroom. A semi rough toss onto the bed was met with a guttural moan and “Fuck I need this, so bad”

As I stripped, she shimmied out of underwear, bra and shoes, leaving just her thigh highs framing a very shaven pussy. I love smooth pussy lips, and after a bit of hard kissing, had my head between her legs.

From behind me I heard Andrea say “I told you he loves to eat pussy, lay back like a good pillow princess and let my man take you to heaven”

Celina responded with a series of distorted fucks mixed in with loud moaning. I was glad to hear Andrea was in the room as well.

It wasn’t long before Celina arched her back, grabbed my hair and came all over my face in a staccato of animalistic groans. This was really hot and I needed to fuck one of them very soon!

Andrea plopped down on the bed next to her friend and played with her nipples. “Is this what your fantasy is like? Two drunk and horny girls that just want to fuck the night away?”

She knew damn well every detail of my fantasies and was now assuming a starring role in making this one a reality.

“Fuck me baby, Celina can’t have all the fun tonight” begged Andrea as she pulled her legs up and apart.

I slid over, dragged my tongue across her wet slit and moved up to push my dick into her. Andrea moaned as I slid in and clawed at my back while wrapping her legs around me.

Celina reached over and kissed me, licking Andrea’s juices off my lips. “She tastes good, doesn’t he? Asked Celina as Andrea began pleading for a hard fuck.

This was pretty much dead on my dream and I knew I’d need to make one of Andrea’s come true as well.

The two of them must have pregamed as Andrea was cumming in minutes, begging for me to fuck her harder and dragging her nails across my back. I slowed down the pace as Andrea’s orgasm crescendo subsided and she whispered in my ear

“Do the same to Celina, I want to watch you cum in her pussy and lick the cream pie out when you’re done” there was the subby Andrea I knew and loved.

Extracting myself from Andrea’s fucking gorgeous body, I crawled up to Celina, she had her hands on my cock and guiding it into her hole before I had even made it all the way to her side of the bed.

“Please fuck me, just like you did Andrea, fucking rearrange my guts, fuck me like you hate me” ordered Celina as she guided me into her very wet slit.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck fuck, yeh that’s it, fuck you’re big… give me a sec, ok that’s it, push it all the way in, oh my fucking god…” this woman was in mad heat or really knew how to stroke an ego. Either way, I was ready to fuck the life out of her.

Slow strokes escalated into hip thrusting pounding that rocked the bed and elicited more swearing from Celina. I had to repeatedly drag her down the bed as the thrusting pushed us too close to the head board.

“Fuck her baby, make her cum for me, make her your little slut, this is so fucking hot” moaned Andrea as her fingers danced on her own clit.

Yeh, this was the fantasy alright.

Celine’s head was rocking back and forth, her dark hair splayed all over the pillow and her eyes clenched shut and hands pulling at her nipples. “Oh god, I’m going to cum again, fuck me, fuuuuck” groaned Celine as her back arched and arms flung out. I have not seen a woman cum for that long, not even in porn. Her back stayed arched for what felt like twenty minutes and I could feel her pussy clamping down on me with each guttural moan.

“You didn’t cum in her, did you? Maybe you want to cum in my mouth and watch us snowball it? Is that what you want baby?” Asked Andrea as she slid off the bed and spun me around to face her.

“Mmmm, she tastes good on your cock” shared Andrea before diving down until I could feel her throat on the tip of my dick.

“That’s hot” came from Celine as she pressed her hard nipples into my back and kissed my neck. “It’s hot watching Andrea get all slutty on your cock” purred Celine into my ear.

Andrea was possessed, a hand at the base of my dick, the other massaging my balls and her mouth and tongue in overdrive. All the while Celine whispered in my ear how hot it was to watch her friend deep throat.

“Cum in her mouth, I want to see you fuck her face and cum between those pouty lips” demanded Celine as she slid off the bed and knelt next to her friend. Looking down at the two of them, lost in lust sincan ukraynal─▒ escortlar absolutely pushed me over the edge and I came buckets into her mouth. Andrea gagged a bit as the volume of cum overwhelmed her ability to swallow and as she pulled away to breath, Celine dropped her mouth onto me to catch the last few shots. My mind was soup and I fell back into the bed.

The girls eyeballed each other and were soon kissing, my cum Dribbling out of mouths onto firm tits and insistent moans coming from both.

The evening ended up being more of the same and included Celine making Andrea lick my cum out of her pussy as well as pushing her tongue into my ass as Celine blew me. This went on until two in the morning before we finally passed out.

I woke to just Andrea and kissed her hard before she got up and hit the shower. Still in thigh highs, she padded out of the room, ass wiggling and hair going every direction.

“I think you really helped out Celine, she was struggling to concentrate at school and has a huge test coming up, a hard fuck was exactly what she needed” explained Andrea as if I had mowed her friends lawn instead of fucking her for six hours.

Here’s my chance to repay the favor and maybe learn a new kink. “What do you need? What’s your ultimate fantasy?” I asked. already having some of the pieces to that puzzle.

Andrea came out of the shower, a shy look on her face “You won’t mock me if I tell you? It’s super kinky and probably not even possible.”

I raised an eyebrow. At this point, I would do anything for this woman.

“OK, you know how you and your crew play poker every month?” I nodded, but couldn’t really make any erotic connections.

“I want to be the prize for your boys night poker game.” Stated Andrea with a nervous look on her face.

“Tell me more” I asked.

“You know, I want to be dressed slutty, maybe chained to the table or made to serve drinks while you guys play. The men would probably feel me up all night and the winner gets to fuck me in front of everyone.” Explained Andrea, blushing the entire time.

“Damn, that’s really hot”, and we paused looking each other in the eye and letting that twist sink in.

That was pretty hot and played nicely into her subby side. I didn’t see the friend involvement coming, but I did just fuck her friend, so that’s probably fair.

The picture was starting to come into frame, “I see you with a collar and a leash and probably made to suck each guy off before the winner fucks you” I added, hoping to show her I liked the idea and make her more comfortable with opening up.

Andrea’s eyes closed and her lips pursed as she seemed to be imagining herself serving the players.

“Maybe, but I’m not sure I’m ready for that…” Andrea trailed off as the scene seemed to be unfolding in greater detail in her mind.

“You did just lick my cum out of another woman’s pussy, so I’m not sure this is as big of a leap as you may think” I explained.

We kissed, fondled and cleaned up before I had to go. The evening was fresh in my head and I replayed much of it on an endless loop during the drive home.

I knew I had to make her fantasy a reality and spent the next few weeks working out the details. We had a game coming up, but a few of the guys had already dropped out. Probably for the better as that left five of us and a pretty manageable group.

Ron was a rugby player studying to be a lawyer, he was easily 200lbs of lithe muscle. James was more of a computer geek, but rumor was he had a huge cock. Allen was tall and darker skinned, not even sure what his nationality was, but had to be something Middle Eastern and Chip was our happy go lucky “fuck college”, I have a startup going, player. All solid dudes that I could count on when the times were good or bad.

I had to be clever with Andrea’s invite and thought a package would do the trick. I spent the day shopping with Celine (handy, right?) and picked up a little plaid skirt, white thigh highs and platform stilettos as well as a leather collar and matching cuffs. She would present as a submissive school girl, which seemed like a lovely prize to me. Also included was a scripty invitation to be the guest star at next Saturday’s monthly poker game at my place. I’m sure she’d get the innuendo.

She’d received the invite earlier in the week and immediately called me. “Is this what I think it is? Oh god, I’m not sure I can do it. Will everyone fuck me?”

“Yes it is exactly what you think it is and every one may fuck you if that’s your fantasy, but I imagined it more as only the winner fucks you. This is your fantasy, so you tell me!” I declared and Andrea just moaned through the phone.

Later that day she snapped a shot of herself in the schoolgirl outfit, staring at a butt plug with a faux surprised look. Damn this woman was hot and she was clearly going to play along.

I spent Saturday prepping my place and stocking up on booze and lube. A fine combination if I do say so myself. elvankent minyon tipli escortlar Around 6:00, Andrea comes in wearing a long coat and a weary look in her eyes.

“It’s Ok baby, I’m here and have your back, you say the word and we’ll stop, no matter what.” I explained and could immediately see the tension drain out of her shoulders.

“God, I’m so turned on and so terrified at the same time, I’ll go get ready.” Andrea gestures to the bathroom.

We kissed hard and I ran my hands across her warm body “this is really hot, I love your fantasy.” I reassured her.

Within the hour, the crew was in the house, beers were flowing and we were talking the typical smack.

“Ok guys, I have a special plan for tonight. It’s my place, so I’m going to raise the stakes to a whole new level. Buy in is now $500 and the winner of the night gets a very special prize” I shouted over their resistance to the doubled buy in.

Ron was the first to ask “That’s a lot dude, what’s the special prize?” And on cue, Andrea walked into the living room.

“I’m the prize boys”. Whoever has the most cash left after we pay the house gets to fuck me on the spot” revealed a newly confident and now tipsy Andrea.

The guys all looked wide eyed at me followed by a fair number of “Really?”, “Are you sure?” And “You’re fucking with us?” responses.

Not to be deterred, Andrea walked over to James, kissed him hard on the mouth and said “May the best man win”. Brains short circuited.

It was on and for the next hour we played like mad men. The upside for me was the guys were very distracted. In fact Chip was having a crap night and nearly out of cash.

“Andrea, why don’t you step out of your panties and give them to Chip for good luck. He really needs it.”

Andrea did as told and even pulled Chips hand between her legs to show him how wet she was.

“I hope this helps, I wouldn’t want to see you drop out before you had a chance to fuck me.” Whispered Andrea to a shocked Chip.

She served drinks for the next hour and was felt up on the regular. To keep things interesting, I pushed a remote vibe into her wet pussy and showed the boys what I could do to her at the push of a button on my phone.

“Maybe we’ll use that to call for drinks or maybe the winner of the next hand gets to control her?” I teased.

Andrea’s eyes had rolled back in her head as she hung onto my arm. “Yes sir, what would you like to drink?” she asked, playing the part perfectly.

I had set it on the table and James pushed the button again only to hear Andrea in the other room moan loudly.

Poking her head out Andrea asked “Can I get you something else sir?” And James answered with “some more pretzels would be great.”

Another twenty minutes of drinking and fondling and Allen had finally won control of the vibe. “Come here dear.” He commanded Andrea.

She wiggled over to him and he made her sit on his knee as he triggered the vibrator. .

Andrea groaned, threw an arm around him and pushed her head into Allen’s neck. I was pretty sure she was going to cum in front of the entire crew and within minutes made it clear she was indeed doing exactly that. I could barely see her face but what I could tel she was getting off on the pure erotic humiliation. Now slack jawed and breathing hard, she thanked Allen and walked towards me.

“That was a good girl, but you should apologize for leaving a wet spot on James’ pants.” I suggested.

Andrea’s head was now downcast and her cheeks an even brighter red.

“I’m sorry sir, my pussy gets very wet.” She purred, knowing damned well the effect it would have on the room. Andrea looked back at me with a sly smile.

I still had the leash and clipped it to the ring on her collar and told her to kneel by my side during this hand. She reveled in the humiliation, closed her eyes and dropped to her knees until we needed refills.

At this point no one could concentrate, including Andrea as she spilled a drink on James during the next round.

“Andrea, I want you to get on your knees and apologize to James for spilling on him.” She looked hard at me “I think you know what I mean” and with that she dropped to her knees and we could hear his zipper pulled down and the change in expression on his face as her talented lips engulfed his cock.

Andrea finished him off, rose and apologized “I hope using my mouth helped show how sorry I am sir.” James couldn’t form words and tried desperately to concentrate on his hand as Andrea wiggled away to get refreshed.

“Ok crew, the winner of the next hand gets Andreas top and bra as well.” I bellowed to a seemingly no longer shockable group.

Fun twist, I won that round and called Andrea over to remove her garments. Now wearing only a leather collar and plaid skirt, she was the epitome of slutty servant and the guys took more than a few opportunities to tweak her now exposed nipples.

Back to my bag of newly acquired toys, this time I placed a bottle of lube and a butt plug on the table for all to see. Chip jumped in with “Let me guess, the winner of the next hand gets to push a plug up Andreas ass?”

“Absolutely right my good friend Chip, we may need to use her ass later and I want to make sure it’s ready.” I explained while Andrea bit her bottom lip in a lovely mixture of fear and erotic agony.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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