Getting Steve’s Attention Ch. 03

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Big Dicks

Steve got up early as he usually does on workdays, showered, and left for work, at the hospital, he is a surgeon. I got up about an hour later and got ready to head in also. I am a doctor too, but I do research, so I can go in later than Steve. As I showered, I noticed the queen of spades tattoo on my ankle. It brought a smile to my face. There is only one thing I love more than Steve, that is, fucking with his mind. As a sex researcher, I learned years ago that sex is 5% physical and 95% mental. The mind fuck is the thing that makes the sexual act exciting and amazing. Anyone can rub themselves to orgasm and get a physical release, but nothing is like getting the mental release also.

Normally, I would have removed my tattoo in the shower, but instead, today, it was going to stay on. I got dressed in a skirt and nice blouse. I popped on some ankle high booties, that make my legs look sexy. I looked down to find the just the top of the tattoo peaked out from the top of my boots. If I wiggled my ankle, you could clearly see what it was. I thought, perfect, just the right amount of danger to keep me on edge all day. I zipped off to work.

All day, I had appointments with couples that were part of the cuckold lifestyle. I am in the process of doing a research paper on what types of people join the lifestyle and what their experiences have been. As it turns out, the cuckold fantasy and lifestyle are the fastest growing kinks in the last few years. Many companies are wanting to discover what marketing opportunities there are and how they may service the community. My research is funded by an association of those companies.

The first few couples were pretty typical, folks in their 40’s, only limited sexual partners before they were married, getting bored with their relationship, looking for some spice. I dutifully asked my questions and noted the answers. After lunch, a couple came in that remined me of Steve and me. She (Beth) was 35, petite, cute and full of spunk. He (Paul) was 50, tall, handsome CEO of a local company. They had met about 5 years ago on a dating app and their relationship blossomed quickly. They spoke about wild sex and ığdır escort dirty little kinks. The two of them seemed perfect for each other and sexually perfectly matched. I enquired as to why they were getting into the cuckold lifestyle.

Paul said at 50, he has begun to feel his sex drive slow down a bit. Beth was in her sexual prime and wanted to make love twice a day if she could. Paul said he had never met a more sexual person in his life and although sex with Beth was beyond fantastic, he was having a hard time keeping up. So, one day he asked Beth if she had ever thought about fucking someone else. At first, she said no, that Paul was all she needed, but he pushed harder. Finally, Beth admitted that she played with herself and fantasized about other men inside her womb often. She was embarrassed at first, but Paul told her that the thought of that made him hard. Soon, they were role playing in bed.

After about a year of role play, Beth said she was ready to try it for real. A former boyfriend from college was going to be her first. She had fucked him in college and was comfortable with him. Paul was too, as he knew that she no longer had feelings for him, it was just raw sex. The date happened. Beth came home to an anxiously awaiting Paul and gave him all the details. Beth said that the sex they had afterwards was the best they had ever had to that point. Since then, they had played a couple times a month. I must admit, my pussy was very wet listening to them. In fact, I feared that I might be dripping a bit, so I crossed my legs.

As I did, they both stopped speaking then looked at each other and smiled. I asked them why they had done that. Beth looked at me and told me that I was a lucky woman. I was confused and asked why. She said that she understood why I had the queen of spades tattoo and that she was thinking of getting one too. I sputtered a bit, and then got back on track. I asked Beth if she had been with a Black man. She said that her boyfriend (James) from college was Black, he was the one she chose to fuck the first time. Beth told me that she wanted to fuck him because he was totally different ığdır escort bayan than Paul. Paul is a passionate and gentle lover. James was just the opposite. Sex for him was 100% physical, raw and all about him. When she had sex with Paul, they made love. With James, it was sex, raw, hard, deep, and exhausting. Once he finished fucking her, she was like Jell-O, unable to get out of bed. No man had ever matched her sex drive except him.

At this point, I needed a break and asked for a moment to go collect myself. I went into my office bathroom, pulled up my skirt. My panties were drenched. I pulled them down and began rubbing my clit. I closed my eyes and imagined Marcus throwing me on the bed, impaling we with his thick cock and using me like a cheap whore. I imagined his strong hands holding me down as he used me like a sex toy for his complete and ultimate pleasure. I rubbed quicker as I fantasized about what it would feel like to lose total control to this man, to be fucked into submission and left on our bed, spent, and dripping his potent seed from between my legs. It was all I needed, my body tensed up, my clit became rock hard. My head flung back, then forward as I curled into a ball and had an earth-shattering orgasm that seemed to go on for a full minute.

A few minutes passed before I collected myself enough to return to my guests. My pussy was tingling, very wet and wanting a cock but I was not going to get that yet. I made my way back to my chair to see broad, knowing smiles on both their faces. Beth asked if my lover treated me the way hers did. I just shook my head yes, not wanting to admit it was still just a fantasy. They spent another two hours with me giving me details of their cuckold lifestyle. By the time they were finished, so was I. I cancelled the rest of the day and called Steve. He had finished his surgeries for the day and was getting ready to go home. I told him that I needed him in my office right away, I had a problem he needed to fix.

Steve arrived quickly, with a concerned look on his face. He asked what was wrong and I pointed to the floor and told him to get on his knees. escort ığdır I pulled up my skirt and pulled my panties down. I grabbed his head and shoved his face into my soaking wet crotch and demanded he suck my pussy. Steve’s hand grabbed my ass cheek and went to work. Steve has the most amazing tongue, that he routinely uses to get me off. I threw my head back and closed my eyes. His warm tongue between my legs felt like heaven. He came up for air and asked why I was so wet. I told him that I was imagining Marcus pounding my pussy into submission and then having his tongue clean and soothe it afterwards. Steve moaned a satisfying low growl and dove back into his work.

I began to taunt him. I softly told Steve to clean Marcus’s cum from my womb. I wanted him to taste my lover’s potent seed. Steve began to tremble between my legs. I continued and whispered how big he was and how he filled me up. I told him that Marcus used me like a cheap whore, held me down and took what he wanted. I told him that Marcus placed his hand around my throat, then bent down over me and kissed me deeply. His thick tongue probing my mouth, filling it with the taste of him. I had no choice in the matter, I was his and his alone, to do what he wanted. I was his sex toy and there was nothing Steve could have done to stop it.

Suddenly, my body re-acted and I had a strong orgasm. It had snuck up on me. Not the normal build up, just a total electric shock coursing through my body. As I filled Steve’s mouth with my now abundant juices, he made a muffled growl and shivered. I caught my breath, open my eyes, and looked down. Steve’s face was covered in my juices. His hair looked like he had been in a tornado. My juices were all down the front of his scrubs. Steve was a disaster and looked shocked. I pulled him up and kissed him. The taste of me on his lips filled my mouth. He responded with a deep passionate kiss. We kissed for quite a while and without thinking, I slipped my hand down his scrubs to tease him a bit.

My slender fingers slid down the cage to the tip, where once again was a small bubble of Steve’s cum. I looked up and made a pouty face and asked him if he had another ruined orgasm. He shook his head yes. I collected his little dollop of sperm on my finger, then brought it to my lips and rubbed it across them like lipstick, then kissed him again. I then whispered in his ear, “I want you to get use to the taste of cum.”

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