Getting Coached by Mr. Hawkins

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All in all, my senior year of high school had been a pretty good one. I had made some new friends, joined the track team, and thankfully had finally built up the courage to come out of the closet to my parents and a few close friends. It was a big relief to feel like I could completely be myself with regards to dating, although I did occasionally have to skirt around questions about why I didn’t already have a boyfriend. “Statistically there’s got to be some more guys at your school like you!” my dad would say unhelpfully. Well, even though I’d come out, it was a little more awkward to explain that what really turned me on was the idea of being with an older man…

One thing that had really helped my confidence during the year had been my P.E. class. I’d always liked sports, but had also been a bit on the scrawny side, so was never interested in trying out for any of the school teams, and had avoided taking any P.E. classes. Unfortunately, graduation requirements meant that I’d have to take at least one before graduating. I figured a Team Sports class would be better than Weightlifting, although we still had to do fitness days that occasionally meant time in the weight room. Because I couldn’t lift very much, I would usually try to spend as much time as possible on stretching and the leg machines, but my teacher, Mr. Hawkins, caught on to this. He pulled me aside one day after class.

“Hey Kyle, you’re running track now, right?”

“Uh, yeah,” I replied.

“Well, it might seem counterintuitive, but adding some muscle can really help you finish your runs. I know it can intimidating to do the bench press in front of a bunch of football players and cute girls, but if you want, I can show you some useful lifts after school sometime.”

Mr. Hawkins has always struck me as a typically macho coach kind of guy – the kind that turned me on (6’2″, muscular, black hair, with a neatly trimmed beard and just a touch of gray in his hair), but also the type of man that I tended to avoid. At best I figured he would show favoritism towards the jocks, and at worst I wondered if he suspected that I was gay and looked down on me. But I was struck by how kind his offer was, and figured it was worth a shot.

“I mean, I’m not going to qualify for districts or anything, but if you think it would help, I could give it a shot.”

“I’m glad to hear. Getting into a fitness routine that you enjoy, with both cardio and weights, will serve you well for your whole life. And don’t underestimate yourself, you put in the work and I wouldn’t be surprised if you made districts!”

I left school ecstatic. The idea of Mr. Hawkins taking the time to work with me definitely made me feel less nervous about interacting with casino ┼čirketleri attractive older men, and some work in the weight room would also help make me more toned. Over the next few days, I found my mind drifting to a picture of Mr. Hawkins as I stroked myself under the covers.

The night before I was to start working with him after school, I was terrified both of the thought of popping a boner in front of Mr. Hawkins, and also that I would make a fool of myself by not being able to lift very much. Ultimately the fear of looking weak in our one-on-one workout took over, so I at least wasn’t worried about getting hard in front of my teacher. After the bell rang for the end of school, I walked over to the weight room, took a deep breath, and opened the door.

“Hey track star, what’s going on? I like it when people show up right on time!”

“Hey Mr. Hawkins, just figured if I’m going to pack on some muscle, I might as well jump right in!”

I was weirdly enthusiastic about this workout. I usually didn’t talk like this, but Mr. Hawkins’ positive attitude was infectious. We started with some stretches, and when we did lunges, I noticed a substantial bulge in Mr. Hawkins’ shorts. My mind started thinking about the fantasies I’d had about this man, and felt a growing sensation in my own shorts…

“Kyle? Hey Kyle, you OK there?” Mr. Hawkins asked.

I immediately brought myself out of fantasy mode, and found myself in the middle of the weight room, holding a lunge position. Thankfully my erection had decided to inch itself up the side of my shorts that was opposite from where Mr. Hawkins was standing.

“Oh, I…sure, I’m good,” I managed to stammer in response.

“All right then, I was just saying that I think we’re well stretched and we can start with the bench press.”

I was back to worrying about how the weightlifting would go, which helped me go soft pretty quickly. Along with the bench press, Mr. Hawkins also showed me the shoulder press, lat pulldown, chest press, and tested me on the chin-up bar. It was a challenging workout, but Mr. Hawkins gave me lots of encouragement, and I ended up being able to lift a lot more than I had figured. Mr. Hawkins announced that I just needed to push through this last set and we would be done. I managed to push through the pain to lift the bar one last time, before my arms dropped in exhaustion.

“Buddy, that was awesome, you really pushed yourself! How good does that feel?”

I managed to push myself up into a seated position, and was surprised to feel Mr. Hawkins’ meaty hand on my shoulder.

“Pretty…pretty damn good. Yeah.” His hand lingered on my shoulder for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a few seconds, casino firmalar─▒ before pulling it away.

“Glad to hear it! I’ll let you hit the showers, and if you need anything else, I’ll be in my office.”

Thoughts ran through my head as I made my way to the locker room, but I convinced myself that Mr. Hawkins was just trying to congratulate me. I stripped my clothes off and threw them in a locker, before grabbing a towel and hopping in a shower stall. I normally hated the idea of showering in public, even though I had gotten more accustomed to it by being on the track team. Being naked around a bunch of idiot high schoolers, who were always ready to point out someone not looking or acting normally, was not exactly my idea of a good time. But the shower area was completely empty now, and as I lathered up my lean body, I found that image of Mr. Hawkins’ package coming back into my head. I started rubbing my ass cheeks, and looked down to see my penis standing at full attention. It stayed like this as I finished washing my hair and rinsing off, and after I turned the water off, I found that I couldn’t help it any longer. I started stroking myself, letting precum ooze out that I could use as lube. I closed my eyes and leaned against the wall of the shower stall, bucking my hips and pretending that Mr. Hawkins was fucking me. “Oh Mr. Hawkins,” I moaned softly. Just at that moment, the shower curtain was drawn back, and Mr. Hawkins was standing there stark naked.

“Oh Jesus, Kyle! Sorry, I’m so so sorry!” he yelled, before quickly sliding the shower curtain back. Instinctively I drew the curtain back once more, and saw Mr. Hawkins covering his crotch with his hands.

“I didn’t hear water running, and figured you had gone home,” Mr. Hawkins explained. “I did not mean to sneak up on you like that.”

I grabbed my towel and quickly tied it around my waist. was blushing heavily and my hard-on had gone away instantly. I could have just awkwardly said goodbye and then avoided Mr. Hawkins as much as possible for the rest of the year, but something in me told me to stay.

“Were you able to hear me?”

Mr. Hawkins didn’t say anything, but the look on his face indicated that he had.

“I didn’t mean- I think I was just-“

“No, it was hot,” said Mr. Hawkins finally. I was stunned, so much so that I wasn’t able to stop my towel sliding off and exposing my naked body to my hot teacher.

“I’d heard some kids talking about you, that you might be gay.”

“Do you think that’s weird?” I asked.

“Not at all,” he replied. “I’ve done some experimenting in my time.” He removed his hands from his crotch to reveal his growing cock. It was thick, veiny, and beautiful.

“And nothing turns g├╝venilir casino me on more than a cute little twink screaming my name.”

With that, he stepped over to me and wrapped his muscular arms around my body. Lifting me slightly so that our faces were level, we looked into each other’s eyes, and became locked in a deep, sensual kiss. My head was swimming – I was making out with my teacher, and both of us were completely nude! We continued to kiss as he held my with his left arm, while his right started to smack my ass. I moaned uncontrollably.

“You like that, don’t you?”

“Uh-huh,” was the only response I could muster in my state of ecstasy.

“I’ve got something that you might like even more.”

Mr. Hawkins loosened his grip on me and pushed my shoulders down. I took the hint and dropped to my knees as I backed into the empty shower stall. Right in front of my face was the cock I had always dreamed about. I had never done anything with a man before, so I tried to imitate the gay porn movies I had watched over and over on my computer. I started by licking the bottom of Mr. Hawkins’ penis from the base to the tip, before taking the entire head in and out of my mouth, with my tongue continuing to lick all around it.

“Mmm, yeah, that’s right. Suck that big dick like the little slut you are.”

I didn’t think it was possible, but being called a slut by this total hunk just turned me on more. I tried to take as much of his cock in my mouth as I could, and I could feel my own cock starting to leak as well.

“Let’s see how far you can go,” Mr Hawkins said, as he held my head with one hand, and started slowly guiding his cock down my throat. I tried to relax my throat as much as I could, and was able to take maybe half of it before I started to gag and Mr. Hawkins slid out of my mouth.

“That was really good Kyle,” he said, ruffling my hair. “We’ll work on that some more. You can just focus on what you were doing at the beginning. That felt great.”

Having recovered from coughing, I returned to licking all over Mr. Hawkins’ penis. He really seemed to enjoy it when I licked the bottom of his penis head while simultaneously stroking his shaft. Focusing on this for a few minutes, I suddenly felt his legs tense up, and Mr. Hawkins’ sighs of pleasure got more intense.

“Oh, oh, oh, are you ready for my big load?” he bellowed. I didn’t have time to respond before waves of hot, sticky cum came flying out of his cock, covering my face and chest. I licked my lips and looked up at Mr. Hawkins for the first time since I had started blowing him. We could both barely comprehend what had just happened.

“Uh…wow. Listen Kyle, I-“

Before he could say another word, I wrapped my mouth around his softening cock and stroked it, taking a couple more spurts of cum into my mouth before staring into his eyes and swallowing.

“Yes, Mr. Hawkins?”

“There’s a lot more I’ve got to show you.”

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