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Gay and Married Outdoors

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Note: Thought is not necessarily related, you might want to also read “Gay and married.” story.

This is a partially true story based on my experience. The names are changed to protect everyone’s privacy.


Ever since we’ve had our “awakening”, I and my wife are having a great life together, just like two best friends. We are present in each other sex life, just that we are both on the same side of the dick.

The only time when we fuck each other is when we are using the double headed dildo she both on our wedding anniversary.

My wife is a beautiful women so she has no problem in finding herself a fucker, but since we are in this together, she only wants guys that are willing to fuck both of us or at least to fuck her while her hobby is watching them.

Some guys run away when they hear this, some are very into it and some are saying they only want her but end up fucking both of us.

We have also registered on a gay dating site as Mike & Anna, with all the details on our arrangement and plenty of pictures with us. We are discreet, but we’re not hiding, so we’ve uploaded clear face pictures there.

We’ve decided to go on an extended weekend somewhere in a quiet place, surrounded by nature. Its summer and we love the outdoors, especially to stay naked in the wild or at least to take a barefoot walk.

We’ve arrived early in the afternoon and we’ve been charmed by the beautiful heals and forest around the place, so we got our room, took a shower and went to enjoy the surroundings.

It was hot and we were dressed accordingly and soon found ourselves enjoying a great barefoot walk in a beautiful forest.

We did walk awhile enjoying the beauty of nature until we saw we will soon get out of the forest and there’s a small lake just a few steps away. This was really good news considering the heat, so we rushed there.

Nobody seemed to be around so we got naked and jumped into the water. As we cooled off a bit, we did notice we were not alone as we tough.

A few steps away there were four guys enjoying a naked sun bath. We got a bit closer and I apologized for disturbing them.

“No problem. You can join us if you don’t mind our nudity, which I guess you don’t since you’re naked too.” said one of them.

“We definitely don’t mind nudity,” said my wife with a big smile on her face.

We went to them and they introduced themselves: Tom, Will, Nick and Jeff.

“You look very Silivri Escort familiar, but I’m not sure where I saw you before.” said Tom.

Me and my wife both realized how we look familiar to him, but just smiled at each other without giving any hint.

“So, what are you guys up to?” said my wife trying to break the ice.

They all smiled and then Nick said: “I don’t know why, but I feel comfortable with telling you this,” and continued after a short break, “Me and Tom are married and bisexuals, Will and Jeff are a couple. We all met on a gay dating site and we found this to be a quiet place for us to have sex, until you showed up.”

The big smile came back on my wife’s face as I said, “There’s your answer! This is why we look familiar.”

“Oh men…don’t tell me you are Mike & Anna! I tough this is not possible and that profile is only a joke.”

“Well, I guess we’re as real as we can be.”

“And all is truth? You’re married and both get fucked by other guys?”

“Yep, it’s all truth!”

“Man, I wish my wife would be so open minded. Though I’m only active and I do enjoy fucking both man and women.”

We soon found that Jeff was the only bottom and he was about to take tree cocks up his ass, which made me a bit jealous but also very horny. My wife was already getting closer to Tom and it was clear that he was happy with that.

Will and Jeff’s hands were all over each other and they started to kiss.

That was the point where all the sexual tension exploded and while I was passionately kissing Nick, I could see Tom kissing my wife and pushing two fingers into her wide spread pussy.

Tom started to lick my wife’s pussy exposing a beautiful uncut erection.

I went down on him and started to passionately suck his cock while Nick was moving his soft thong around my aroused asshole.

He stopped for a few seconds and then I felt his finger pushing lube inside me. I was so aroused that he could easily use two fingers to lube my gay pussy.

His job on me was done so he moved over and started to fuck Jeff’s ass. Will was enjoying a blowjob from my wife while Tom was on his back with her pussy sitting on his face.

His position was perfect for me to get up and then slowly sit on his boner.

I started to move up and down taking more of his cock with each move until I could feel his balls against my but chicks.

He pushed me on the side, spread a leg in the Silivri Escort Bayan air, put his arms around me and found his way back into my asshole. He was pushing harder and deeper with every move and it wasn’t long before I was shooting my sperm on the ground.

“You really love this, don’t you?” Tom whispered.

“Yes, please don’t stop!” I told him trying to hold my breath.

He turned me on my back, put my legs on his shoulders and started to fuck me even harder.

I could feel his dick getting bigger and soon I felt a river of hot cum flooding my ass. It felt perfect…

He felt on his back and I realized we were all drugged with the beautiful smell of orgasm.

“That was great. It’s been awhile since I fucked a pussy.” said Will.

“Yeah, me too!” said Tom and started to laugh.

We all jumped into the water laughing and playing.

Nick got on my back, put his arms around me and started to kiss me on my shoulders.

I lay my had back and he whispered while kissing my neck: “I hope I’ll get my turn on you,”

I could feel him getting harder, pressing his cock against my butt.

I didn’t get a chance to say anything as his hands were all over me and his erection was rubbing between my but checks.

I opened my eyes for a moment and saw that the others were already in action, offering a tree way to my wife right were we fucked couple of minutes ago.

Me and Nick were still in the lake, near to some big rocks, where the water was right over my knees.

He pushed my back to bend over, I put my hands on the rocks and spread my legs.

I was still well lubed and some of Tom’s sperm was still inside me, offering a perfect extra lubrication.

Nick slapped my but chicks, spread them and I felt his hard dick pushing his way in. He was considerably bigger than Tom, both in length and thickness.

As his dick’s head was all in, he put a hand on my shoulder and grabbed my hips with the other pulling my ass all the way on his big, hard cock.

It was feeling great and I was paralyzed with pleasure.

My dick was about to explode as his last inches found their way in, completely filling my ass.

My whole body was his now and I couldn’t be happier. He realized that and started to move in and out with slow and long moves and then faster and faster.

His strong hands were pulling me towards him and my but was hitting against his body.

Again, Escort Silivri I couldn’t hold any longer and my dick started to skirt until dry. He continued to fuck my ass harder until I heard his breath getting faster and his cock feeling even bigger and then filled me with his big, hot load of sperm.

He continued to fuck my ass until he was getting limp. I could feel his sperm pouring down my balls and my legs.

Nick stopped, took his dick out, moved next to me and told me to clean him out.

I started to lick the juice from his now limp cock and balls, enjoying the great taste and texture.

As I was done with the cleaning, I got up and we kissed.

It was a long and passionate kiss, with our sweated bodies robbing against each other and our tongs playing.

“Let’s go see what the others are doing,” said Nick while he took my hand and started to walk to shore.

They were all laying exhausted on the grass and I could see my wife’s breasts covered with sperm and her pussy and ass dripping man juice.

“I see you had some messy fun out here,” said Nick with a big smile on his face, and addressed me: “Your wify if pretty dirty. You should help and clean her up a bit.”

Thought it’s been a long time since a kissed her body, I couldn’t let all that man juice wasted and I couldn’t say no to Nick.

I got on my knees and started to lick the sperm off of her tits, pussy and ass. The taste of the fresh cum, mixed with her and the others sweat was like the perfect cocktail.

“I might be wrong, but did Jeff just enjoy a blowjob from a woman?” said Nick.

Jeff smiled: “Guilty. But these two dicks were fucking her and I might be gay, but a do enjoy a good blowjob. And I have to admit it was a great one! She sure knows how to suck a dick, almost as well as a guy.”

It was getting late, so we decided we should head back.

Since we were all alone, we said it would be shame to waste the moment by dressing, so we started to walk back all naked.

On our walk back we mostly talked about our relationship and how we manage to understand each other.

Tom and Nick wished to have such a relationship with their wife’s, but on the other hand they are bi and wouldn’t like someone else to fuck their wife’s.

As we were getting closer to civilization we put our clothes on and shared a big last kiss.

Nick and I spent some more time kissing and hugging…the experience we shared on the lake is special for both of us and created a connection.

We exchanged contacts and promised we will meet again here or somewhere else to continue our experience.

It’s been a great day…great outdoor sex, an even greater connection with Nick and a beautiful nude walk.

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