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Game On Ch. 03

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This is the final chapter in the Game On Trilogy. Thank you for all the feedback and pleas for this installment with the tables of submission turned on Danielle. (As I’ve encouraged with the first two, if you do not find stories that include group sex, spouse sharing, bondage or anal sex enjoyable, no need to read further. Being forewarned, please do not leave negative comments about these.) You will find the first two installments of this series helpful for the backstory. Like the buildup of a good orgasm, this final chapter hopefully provides a climax worth the wait. Enjoy.



Danielle basked in the glow of her epic weekend of Sam’s complete submission. The more she reminisced about it, the more it made her hot thinking about how Sam performed for her all weekend, including all night for her friends. Her pussy gushed with arousal at the sultry memories. The weekend took her back to their college days when they were first dating, except now there were no limits to what they would require of each other. Danielle had tested the limits; Sam proved there was nothing he wouldn’t do when their new agreement required his complete subservience. He exceeded her high expectations and impressed her. She couldn’t help now fantasizing what she would require from him with her next win to take their game, sex life and his complete submission to another unbelievable level.

Danielle also delighted that her idea to rekindle their marriage through playful competition and wagers had started so well. It didn’t hurt that she won the first challenge by seducing the waiter at the restaurant. The fact that she had an unfair advantage was of no concern to her. Winning is winning, especially when the stakes are so high. If there were no limits to the loser’s weekend submission, there should be no rules for how one can use any advantage to win.

Truthfully, Sam couldn’t complain. The weekend of submission to the depraved fantasies of Danielle and her drunk friends left him exhausted and sore. Yet it was a weekend he would never forget, endlessly satisfying and fucking the five women until the sun came up. He lost the bet and was determined to pay up in a way that would not disappoint Danni. It was clear from her reaction in the days after that he did not. Her voracious sexual appetite amazed him all weekend. What Sam did not anticipate was how Danni’s competitive nature and experience of Sam’s submission made her ravenous for more. She was growing consumed by the adrenaline of playful sexual risk and dominance. Their marriage would never be the same.

“Ready for another round?” Danielle eagerly teased in the days after.

“You are insatiable,” Sam replied.

“You have no idea,” she answered. “After seeing what you are capable of, I am coming up with ideas you have never dreamed of,” she added devilishly as she slid her hand down his abs to the bulge in his pants. “No limits means no limits. I’m enjoying this new game in our relationship.”

“What’s the next game?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” she said playfully. “I suppose we could go back to the restaurant and see who can seduce another wait staff first,” she said, gloating in her first victory.

“Yeah, I think we ought to mix it up,” Sam said. “You enjoyed that way too much,” he joked.

“It looked to me like you were enjoying yourself too,” she said.

Over the next several days, Sam and Danielle threw out different naughty ideas for how they could compete for the next prize of the other’s submission for a weekend. The suggestions ranged from playing a card or board game at home, to more creative ideas like betting on sports games, competing for how many phone numbers they could get from strangers at a bar, to who could record making themselves cum the most while at work. Every suggestion gave one of them an unfair advantage.

“I’ve got it,” Danni said over dinner the following Wednesday. “Tennis.”

“You beat me in tennis almost every time we play,” Sam said. “You played in college,” he added. “You’d have an unfair advantage,” he said.

“Come on, Sam,” she shot back. “You keep up with me when we play at the club. You’re good. We have to pick something. I’m going crazy here,” she confessed, feeling horny. “I’ve got plans for you,” she said with a coy smile.

“I bet you do, and playing tennis would give you an edge.”

“Let’s make it interesting then,” she suggested. “Let’s play strip tennis. Each set costs the loser a piece of clothing. Winner determines what the loser takes off. We’ll play best of three.”

“Stripping on the tennis courts at the club?” Sam asked, surprised.

“Go big or go home,” she answered confidently, knowing she wouldn’t likely be exposing much.

Sam smiled. “Interesting. Best of three is only two pieces of clothes though,” he said. “And it definitely gives you the advantage.”

“Okay then, how about best of five,” she offered, knowing full well she still had the advantage. Although the tournaments at their club were always the mecidiyeköy escort standard best of three sets for women, she knew it wouldn’t take much more to win a third set from Sam with her skills and stamina. Danielle was in excellent shape.

“You have a deal if we both start with the same number of clothes,” he said. “You’ll have four with your bra and panties, so I get a fourth, counting my hat,” he said.

The suspense in the room was growing. Danielle could see that Sam was taking the bait and considering the idea. She couldn’t wait to have him again when she won.

“Okay, that’s fair to make it the same number of clothes,” she said. “Instead of four, I say we do it right and only wear three items of clothing. I’ll wear a sports bra, skirt and panties. That way the loser is left wearing nothing but their tennis shoes,” she added with a devilish smile.

“At the club?”

“Damn right,” she said daringly. “We meet at the club right after work on Friday. I’ll reserve one of the backcourts. The weekend of submission begins the moment the winner takes their third set. Loser leaves wearing nothing but tennis shoes.”

“Damn. I have a feeling this is a bad idea.”

“Weekend’s coming,” she said. “This is the best idea we’ve had,” she said, enjoying that it was her idea and it would give her the clear advantage for another epic weekend.

“OK,” he said, taking another sip of his wine. “You have a deal.”

Anticipation in the house grew thick for the big match. They both began to strategize and banter. Sam couldn’t resist stopping by the club during his extended lunch hour the next day to practice his serves. He looked for any advantage he could get. As he paused his play, one of the other members in a neighboring court waved at him. He politely waved back, realizing that although he and Danni would be playing in one of the backcourts, the low chain linked fences would give no privacy for a game of strip tennis. (He was impressed that his wife had even come up with the game. It was another sign of her heightening sexual preoccupation.) He also realized that the threat of complete exposure while playing would compromise his tennis game. Then he had a devilish idea.

Time passed slowly for both Sam and Danni at work the next day. There was a lot riding on their private battle of the sexes scheduled for right after work. The epic match distracted them both, making them mostly useless for their jobs that day. Danielle’s imagination ran rampant around the details of the weekend she had planned to enjoy Sam. She smiled at the thought of the ways he will be surprised by her sexual appetite and demands. He would never see it coming, and never forget it. It would be the greatest tennis trophy she had ever won. In her excitement, she got home first to get ready for the match. As agreed, she wore a brightly colored sports bra that held her ample tits firmly with a short sexy tennis skirt and matching white thong. The outfit showed off her bare firm tanned abs, long legs and tight ass under the skirt. She pulled her shoulder length brunette hair back with a hairband. She would be the sexiest woman on the courts. Sam arrived home shortly after for their epic tennis match. He changed into a white sports t-shirt with red shorts and his Adidas tennis shoes. The shirt was tight enough to show off his muscular chest and arms.

The Wager

“You ready to play Lover?” she asked, counting on her sexy appearance being a distraction.

“I’m ready to win,” he taunted playfully. The two drove in silence in their BMW convertible to the tennis club and walked together to one of the backcourts of the posh club. Danielle noticed some people she knew from their neighborhood, and from her work as she walked through. She relished the thought of Sam having to walk back through completely naked in front of all these people after she easily beat him in this epic tennis match.

“As a gentlemen, I’ll allow ladies first to serve.”

“That’s generous,” she said. “But I don’t want you crying later for an unfair advantage.”

“It’s my offer,” he said.

Danielle had no problem taking every advantage, although didn’t feel the need for it. She was confident the game and weekend were hers to take. “If that’s the way you want it,” she said, collecting a couple balls, pushing one under her skirt.

Sam and Danielle looked at each other across the net as they took their positions on opposite sides of the court. The stakes of the game intensified their usual playful competitiveness. Winner takes all for the weekend; the loser will be stripped and humiliated in broad daylight.

Danielle threw the ball up as her racquet perfectly sliced the air with precision, firing the brand new tennis ball like a bullet, with perfect placement in the back corner of the service box. “Ace!” she said with pride as she walked across the line for her second serve. She and Sam both silently felt her easy first point was a likely prophetic indicator of how the epic match would şişli escort go. With little effort, Danielle easily took the first game, and the first set 6/2.

“I’ll be nice and take your shirt first,” she gloated. Sam pulled his shirt over his head, exposing his muscular chest and abs. “That’s the way I like it,” she said. “It’s just the beginning. Toss your shirt to me,” she said as they switched sides. “It belongs to me now; before long, you will too.”

The second set was a little harder for Danielle to beat Sam, but still took the set 6/4. She felt focused and determined. “This is going to be a great weekend, she said. “I’ll take those shorts now,” she insisted.

Sam had known better than to wager his clothes and complete weekend submission on a tennis match with his wife. He was usually able to keep up with her when they played, but there was no question that she was the better player. She was also intensely competitive and was usually unbeatable when the stakes were high. He was experiencing how high they were as he lowered his shorts, leaving him with only his boxers and tennis shoes.

“Damn, you look fine,” she complemented in a sincere but gloating way. “I’ll take those,” she said. Sam and Danielle met at the net. He handed her his shorts. “You thought the last weekend of submission was something; you’re not going to believe what I am going to make you do as soon as I finish you in this next set.”

Sam knew she was probably right about the game and not bluffing about her depraved plans. Without strategic intervention, she would probably easily take him. In his own mind he repeated the realization that accepting her challenge to play for submission was a bad idea. They both took a drink from their water bottles, as he tried to psych himself up for the third set. The task of winning three back-to-back sets without dropping one to Danni would be nearly impossible. All she needed was one more. He had never beat her in back to back sets, let alone three. Sam picked up his iPhone to check messages and sent a quick one before taking his position to receive her serve to start the set.

Just as Danielle was about to toss the ball to start the second set, Sam waved in the direction of the clubhouse. Danni glanced over and saw Carl and three other men walking toward them.

“Hey gentlemen, glad you could make it,” Sam called out.

“Are you kidding? We wouldn’t miss it,” Carl answered. “This is going to be a show.”

“Wait!” Danielle said. “You invited them?”

“Yeah, to cheer me on,” Sam said with a broad sly smile.

“You son of a bitch,” she said, suddenly feeling more self-conscious at the thought of an audience of men watching them play. She knew they weren’t there to root Sam on; they were there to watch her strip. “That’s not fair,” she said. “We didn’t say…”

“We didn’t say we couldn’t,” Sam interrupted. “As you said at the restaurant, there is no such thing as ‘fair’ when we play without limits. Of course, you can always forfeit and start the weekend right now.”

“I don’t think so,” she said with heightened competitive resolve. “The only show they’re going to get is me systematically stripping you of those boxers,” she said. “That’s probably what you guys came for,” she added sarcastically toward her unwanted audience.

Sam enjoyed seeing Danni trying to hide her nervous fluster behind weak smack talk. He could tell the men showing up unnerved her like he hoped.

“That would be a disappointment,” Carl said.

The look in the men’s eyes told Danielle their lust to see her body exposed was undeniable. Their unexpected presence heightened her nerves and distracted her focus. She couldn’t believe Sam would invite the four men in hopes of seeing all or even part of her naked. She convinced herself she was one win away from taking it all. She had nothing to worry about, she assured herself. What surprised her most was the growing undeniable arousal rising in her at the thought of being exposed. She tried to push it way. Her body tingled; she felt her soft swollen lips between her legs moisten under her short tennis skirt. Her thong was quickly soaked. She had come with her libido on fire in anticipation of a weekend of unbridled sex. She came to win another weekend of Sam’s willingly submission to her every pleasure and depraved fantasies. She came hot and ready. She never anticipated her own lust might compromise her. Danni looked across the net at the beautiful shirtless Sam wearing only his boxers smiling back at her.

“Love, love,” he said announcing the score, ready for her serve to begin the third set. Danielle won the first game of the set with her serve, although it was close. Sam wondered if his plan to fluster her with his gawking friends was going to work, or if he would just be all the more embarrassed losing his clothes in front of his friends. They would never let him live it down. Danni secretly felt ruffled but determined. She was frustrated she allowed Sam to take the second game to tie. The heightened taksim escort sexual rivalry went back and forth, each one winning their serve until the set score was six to six. The suspense rose with every game.

“Tie break,” Sam said, proud he had been able to hold his own against his wife. It was the closest set they had played. He served to win the first tiebreak point. Danielle collected two balls to serve the next two points. “A lot riding on this,” he said.

Danielle uncharacteristically faulted with her first serve, forcing her to use her second softer serve. Sam took advantage of the opportunity and won the point. Danielle could feel the sweat forming after a challenging set and now down by two in the tiebreak. She served to win the next point. Sam served his next two, winning both pushing his score to four. He also felt the momentum of the set changing in his direction. His confidence grew.

“Damn,” she said, as Sam politely tossed a couple balls over the net for her serve. Danielle could see the growing anticipation on the faces of the four men studying her body. She worked to focus as she threw the first ball up for her serve. She took both of her serve points, inching back with a score of four to three.

Sam smiled at her as he bounced the balls dramatically before he served. His confidence and hope were growing. Danielle tried her best to focus but couldn’t help being distracted by the ogling men. Sam’s first serve got past her. It was rare for him to ace her. She fought back with his second serve, winning the point. Danielle got her turn to serve with a score of four to five.

“You’re serving for your top,” Sam taunted out loud to add to her pressure.

“You’re dreaming,” she feigned. Sam couldn’t see her heart race at the thought of taking her top off. The men lining the small fence next to the court responded with catcalls. Danielle blushed, and couldn’t believe she was fighting for the set and her top. Her body tingled again at the thought of playing “exhibition” tennis in front of them. She had been certain she would easily take Sam in the first two sets as she had, giving her enough of a lead to make a third win almost certain despite the added endurance challenge. She told herself she needed to win this tiebreak. She tried to regain focus and composure by reassuring herself. “All I have to do is win these two service points to put myself in the lead,” she told herself. “Then I’ll put him away.” Even if she somehow lost, she knew there was no way Sam could win back-to-back sets from her.

“Wet dreams,” Sam answered with a smile.

Danielle threw the ball up and swung her racquet with force, but connecting off the sweet spot, sending it wildly off course. Sam smiled as he watched the ball veer defiantly into the neighboring court. “Damn it!” she whispered to herself, feeling flustered. She rashly pulled another ball from beneath her skirt, threw it up quickly and punished it over the net. It was long.

“Long! Double fault,” Sam said annoyingly.

“Damn it!” she yelled out loud. Her competitive frustration was growing. Danielle walked along the line for her next serve.

“Score?” Sam asked, calling out annoyingly across the court.

“Three to six,” she answered.

“Set point,” Sam said.

The men watched with baited breath.

“Set point,” she repeated as she threw the ball up. She connected perfectly, firing the ball into the back outside corner of the service box. Sam was there this time, ready to fire it back to the opposite back corner of the court. Danielle sprinted, as she was famous for, getting to the ball just in time to hit it over. Sam rushed the net, meeting the ball just as it crossed over, tapping it back at an impossible angle. Danielle watched the ball bounce away, with the set and the price of her top.

The four male spectators cheered as if watching the finals of a major championship. Sam couldn’t resist his broad satisfied smile. Taking the set was as much a surprise for him as it was Danielle. “I’ll take that top,” he said unapologetically, mimicking her merciless competitiveness.

Danielle stood stunned in the center of our court. She saw Sam without his shirt and shorts from the first two sets; now it was her turn. The addition of Carl and his friends made the loss more significant. It was one thing for her to take her top off in front of Sam; it was another that he arranged for her possible exhibitionism in front of men lusting for it. She realized the only way she could finish what she started and win the match was by first removing her top. She dutifully reached down pulled her sports bra over her head, freeing her large firm round tits. The sudden exposure sent a buzz of embarrassment through her body. Her face turned red; she was overwhelmed with self-consciousness. She glanced over to the cheering men. Her unusually large puffy nipples hardened from involuntary arousal seeing the admiration of her male audience; they couldn’t see the gush of wetness further soaking her panties beneath her skirt. Flashbacks of arousal flooded her mind from her experiences of submissive humiliation when she and Sam played their sex games in college. But that had always been in the intimacy and privacy of their apartment. This was taking it to a new level.

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