Game Day (Mom/son, erotica, romance, depravity)

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Kelly Linden turned over and accidentally touched her son, or rather his penis.
“Oh My God!” she exclaimed when she realized that her unruly teenager had a super sized hard on. His penis, “its really a phallus” she murmured, was in its full 11″ glory, glistening and shimmering in the faint light of the room.
Kelly ran her fingers up and down the massively thick shaft gently, all the while rubbing her clitoris with her other hand.
“My baby!” she groaned. “My sweet little baby” she moaned again before lowering her mouth on her son’s cock.
She sucked her favorite candy cane and it helped her forget her pain, her asshole of a husband and Kevin’s father, sleeping in the other room and the fact that her life was sad, pathetic and lonely but for her son’s presence.
She felt safe and secure when she sucked her son’s penis, felt rewarded when he unloaded his massive balls into her mouth and down her throat and felt specially honored when he let her suck his sweet anus.
“I love him”, she reflected and sucked harder.
“He is the only man I ever wanted”, she thought and sucked even harder.
In response to this relentless vacuuming by his mother, Kevin’s balls started moving under the velvety sack as he stirred in his sleep.
“Mom…” he groaned in his sleep.
“Shhhh baby.” Kelly soothed him before going back to her job of providing massive suction on his teenage cock.
It took less than a few minutes for Kevin to cum. He groaned, sometimes loudly, as he filled his mother’s mouth with his delicious, warm seed.
Kelly gulped it down. As always it tasted sweet as it coated the insides of her throat and food canal with gooey goodness.
She kept sucking to get every last drop and didn’t leave her son’s dick till it started to deflate.
Then she loosened her lip lock around that big shaft and let it slip out while retaining all the white fluid inside her mouth.
Sitting at the edge of his bed, propped up on her right elbow, her massive tits resting on the bed and her wide ass hanging off the bed, she threw her head back, letting the thick cream flow down into her belly slowly, letting gravity do its work.
She savored the moment of being eternally bonded with her son, the third time that night.
Then she smiled and slowly got up.
She hated the next part but knew she still had to do it.
With heavy feet and her sheer nightie d****d on her arm, she walked to the door of her son’s room and unlocked it and began the long and unpleasant trek to her own bedroom.
She noticed herself in the full length mirror as she passed the open bathroom. Her entire body was glowing. Even her breasts looked less saggy and her ass definitely had perked up.
“My body has grown so radiant!” she thought stopping in front of the mirror.
“Its his cum. Its my fountain of youth!” she said to herself excitedly.
Then she sighed and stumbled into her own bedroom where her husband snored, sprawled on most of their king sized bed.
“Asshole.” she cursed him under her breath and then slipped under the covers without bothering to put her nightie back on.

She dreamed of her son and his big cock as it plowed her soft cunt somewhere on the beach. Suddenly a huge wave washed over both of them. Kevin smiled but the wave took her. She couldn’t breathe anymore.
Panicked, Kelly opened her eyes, fighting for air and saw her husband’s ugly face as it closed in, trying to kiss her.
“What the fuck.” she almost yelled at him.
“Stop it Dan!” she yelled.
“I can’t get hard”. Dan said disappointed.
“I know. And the doctor said you have a weak heart so you need to watch out for that too.” she reminded him, almost gleefully.
Dan rolled off her and landed with a thud.
“I will make you some coffee.” she said with a sigh.
“Okay!” Dan said, happy that his wife still cared even though he suspected she was seeing someone else.

Kelly put on a more modest gown and quickly applied light makeup before heading to the kitchen.
She didn’t have to wait long. In less than 2 minutes, Kevin sneaked up from behind her and grabbed her tits while grinding his cock into her wide ass.
“Good morning!” he said massaging her large pendulous tits, rather roughly.
“Go and sit at the table. Lose the underwear.”
Kevin smiled. He loved their dirty games though he always felt his mother didn’t know where to draw the line.
In a few minutes his dad come and sat on the table too. He was already dressed for the office.
Then, five minutes later Kelly came out of the kitchen. Kevin almost fell off the chair as he saw his mother’s naked breasts bouncing around on her chest as she walked out with a pot of steaming coffee in one hand and cups in the other. Fortunately, his dad always sat with his back to the kitchen so he couldn’t tell what was making Kevin’s jaw fall to the floor.
“Give your father his newspaper.” Kelly said nonchalantly as she reached over her husband’s shoulders and put first the coffee and then the cups down. Her tits hung precariously close the Dan’s head.
Kevin nervously pushed the newspaper toward his father who picked it up and started to flip through it, muttering to himself.
Kelly, now emboldened, swung around and poured her husband his steaming cup of java and then pushed it to him, staying topless, her gown fallen off her shoulders and around her ample bottom.
Dan picked it up without looking up from his paper.
The slutty mother meanwhile walked over to her son and put the other two cups down. She then poured his coffee.
“Do you want any milk in yours hun?” she said, rubbing her nipples suggestively and pointing them over his cup.
Kevin gulped nervously, looking from his mother’s large tits to the top of his dad’s balding head visible over the newspaper.
“No?” Kelly said again. “May be you’d like to suck it straight from my breasts.”
Kevin was now nervous as hell.
Kelly laughed gently.
“Oh don’t worry about that asshole. He can’t hear a damn thing on his left side.”
Then, with her husband less than 3 feet away, but safely tucked behind a newspaper, Kelly Linden pushed her engorged nipple into her son’s mouth and urged him to suck it.
As he did, she massaged and milked her other breast, letting the thin streams of her breast milk fall straight into his coffee.
In a few minutes both of Kelly’s breasts were empty, the dark coffee had turned light and Kevin had a huge hardon.
“I want cream in mine too.” Kelly whispered.
“And I am gonna get it straight from the source too.” she said caressing her son’s cock through his PJs.
As she ducked down, Dan looked up suddenly.
“Hey, where did your mother go? I wanted more coffee.” he said grumpily.
“Umm….I think she went into the kitchen dad.”
“Hmm…..” Dan mumbled and went back to his newspaper.
“Pour him his coffee. If he asks, tell him I did it while he wasn’t looking.” Kelly whispered from under the table.
Kevin, got up but stayed low to hide his nakedness as he poured more coffee in his dad’s cup. Then he stole back to his side on the table.
Kelly poked her head out to look at this and smiled and when Dan started to sip his coffee again, both mother and son laughed at this stupidity.
As Kevin squirmed in his seat, his mom kept polishing his cock.
It had been less than 2 hours but Kelly could feel that her son’s balls had had enough time to restock their delicious supply. She worked harder.
In 2 minutes, Kevin started to groan.
“You OK?” Dan asked Kevin suddenly?
“Ye….Yeah.” Kevin said nervously.
“Stop whining. You sound like your mother.” Dan muttered and went back.
This made Kelly fly into a rage she hadn’t known for a long time. She almost bit Kevin’s balls off but then started to suck even harder and made him cum with her experienced mouth.
With her mouth full and tits still naked, the 50 year old mother ducked out from under the table and marched to her husband and circled around to stand behind him.
She looked up at Kevin and blew him a kiss, caressing her supersized breasts.
Then, with her son watching slutty mother reached around and kissed her husband, unloading her son’s fresh cum into his mouth.
Kevin watched open mouthed.
“Mmm….” Dan moaned but Kelly didn’t let go. She kept pushing all of her son’s cum into her husband’s mouth, forcing him to swallow it.
Thinking that it was her saliva, Dan didn’t hesitate.
After she was done, Kelly looked up at Dan and kissed his forehead, leaving a big, invisible cum stain there.
“I love you” Dan mumbled and then realized his wife was topless.
“What the….” he started to say.
“Oh my God! Dan!” Kelly screamed in mock anger.
“Control yourself. You will scar my son with your lascivious antics.”
“Sorry” Dan said sheepishly looking at his son.
Meanwhile Kelly straightened up again. Making no attempt to cover her tits, she stood behind her husband.
She pretended to put a finger in her mouth and mock gagged on her husband’s head, as her lover across the table relaxed.
“You are late for office.” She finally said while flipping Dan off with her middle finger.
“I will get ready.” Dan mumbled again and started to get up.
Kelly quickly pulled her robe around her shoulders and let Dan plant a kiss on her cheek. But as he did that, she flipped him again, letting her son see how little she respected her husband and his father. Then she mouthed “I love you” to her son while pushing her clingy, overweight husband away.
Dan trotted off, gathering the pages of his newspaper that he intended to read in the bathroom.
“Asshole”, Kelly said as Dan left the room and shrugged her robe off, getting naked once again.
“Mom! That was fucking awesome!” Kevin said excitedly. He was now standing, his large but spent cock stirring again though still resting on his large balls.
Kelly almost ran to her son. The two unholy lovers embraced and kissed each other several times before Kelly led her son to the upstairs bathroom, naked.
Dan was now in the bedroom, probably getting dressed.
The naked mom-son duo entered the bedroom while Dan leaned into his closet looking for his clothes.
“Honey!” he yelled out thinking his wife was still downstairs.
Kevin jumped but Kelly remained calm.
“HONEY” Dan yelled again.
“What?” Kelly whispered walked over to stand right behind him, making him jump.
“Where’s my blue suit?”
“Its in the back. You will have to go into the closet.” Kelly said, refusing let go of her son’s cock even as she stood 6 inches away from her husband.
“Oh Yeah!” Dan muttered. “I see it.”
Kelly walked into the bathroom with her son.
“What are you doing mom?” Kevin whispered as his mother knelt on the plush mat and took her son’s cock into her mouth, without bothering to close the bathroom door.
“Having some fun” Kelly whispered, letting go of his hardening rod.
Then while they heard Dan trying to put on his old suit, for which he was clearly too fat now, the mother continued to perform fellatio on her young son.
“These damn suits.” he cursed. “They keep shrinking”
Kelly now pushed her son into the bathtub and closed the shower curtain, while she stood outside, both still fully nude.
“Ssshhh…” she motioned with her finger as his dad walked in.
“What are you doing?” he said, a little surprised to find his wife naked, her wide ass and shapely back gleaming in the recessed lights of the large bathroom.
“What does it look like I am doing Dan?” she retorted, irritated.
Dan sighed.
“Remember I fucked you in the bathroom the first day we moved in.” he said looking into the mirror.
Kelly made the gagging gesture again, letting her son see from the little crack how little she cared about it.
“I wish we could be like that again.” Dan continued.
That made Kelly gag for real.
“But you still stuck around. Thank you Kelly.” Dan said.
“Yeah. You don’t know how lucky you are.” Kelly said nonchalantly and then knelt again.
Then, with her back to her husband and her son still hiding behind the curtain, the depraved mother grabbed the thick cock and closed in on it.
Kevin slapped his hand on his mouth, shocked at his mother’s depravity and afraid that his dad may hear him.
But this just excited him more. He started to fuck his mom’s mouth, trying to cum into her.
The very next second, Dan was done. He looked at himself one last time, sprayed his cologne and then wheeled around and marched out.
As soon as Kelly heard him leave the bedroom, she threw the curtain open and grabbed her son, kissing him madly.
“I want you to fuck my ass.” she said, breaking the kiss and no longer caring to keep her voice low.
“I want you to fuck my cunt”. Kevin smiled.
“I want you to bathe me in your cum.”
“Yes mom.” Kevin said.

Part 2 coming soon.

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