Fun Sex with My Family

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I was a 19 year old virgin until my favorite aunt gave me a birthday pity fuck. That sort of turned my world around, in a good way. Details later but first a little background.

My grandfather is an evangelist. He’s conducted crusades all over the world. My father followed in his footsteps. Together they now head a mega church in central California. Our family lives in a gated compound on a hill overlooking a university that Grandpa also established. The opposite side of the campus stands the church where they hold court.

Until my early teens we led sort of a normal life. As Grandpa’s international celebrity grew, he began to attract paparazzi and threats from some crazies that led to creating the family compound and adding a security detail. Inside the compound surrounding a spring fed pond are the homes of my grandparents, my mother Malana’s older sister Kieli and her daughter Cindi and of course ours. Also, there’s a security office, a recording studio, a print shop and a couple of guest houses.

We moved into the compound shortly after my 13th birthday. Me, my sister Becki, 2 years older and my cousin Cindi, 6 months younger, were then introduced to the rules which would govern us thereafter. We were never to enter an unfamiliar room or building unless security had first checked it out, we were never to be in a room of mixed company with the door closed. We would not be allowed outside the compound unless accompanied by security personnel. No one would be allowed entry into the compound without being vetted by security.

We were assured that these steps were for our own protection as well as to avoid any possibility of scandal for the ministry. At first us kids treated it as a lark, trying to beat the system. That didn’t last long as we became more isolated. Imagine if you will, inviting friends over for a play day. First, we had to submit a request, the invitee and their family faced background checks and searches before being allowed in. It didn’t take long for visits to dry up. Home schooling increased our isolation.

Becki, Cindi and I called ourselves the three amigos. We spent all our time together. We jogged together, swam together, played basketball and other games together, studied together. We were best buddies. Everything we did was under the watchful eye of SECURITY, around the clock bodyguards. Most of whom treated us like potential criminals. Along the way we did luck into a few that treated us well.

Atypical is a nice word to describe our family, dysfunctional is probably more accurate. All of our nurturing and love came from our mothers. Our grandparents were constantly traveling, we rarely saw them. I never saw my parents argue, I just rarely saw them together. Dad lived downstairs in his bedroom and office. Mom and us kids lived upstairs.

My mother’s older sister Kieli lived next door, but her and mom rarely spoke. Their younger sister Lani is a successful actress. She lives on the coast with her current girlfriend. Her career and relationships didn’t endear her to Dad and Grandpa.

My mother and her two sisters are Polynesian, born in Hawaii. They are beautiful, dark haired, with rich spotless, smooth and slightly tanned skin. Their delicate facial features and deep brown eyes are stunning.

What can I say about my sister and cousin? Like me both are blond, blue eyed with fair skin. They are pretty, smart, fun to be with, they love the outdoors, are athletic, enjoy physical activity. Becki is an extrovert, Cindi a little shy, she is the more thoughtful of the two and the more sensitive.

Bec and I are like two peas in a pod. extemporaneous, adventuresome, free spirits. “I dare you” and “Hey, watch this” are our battle cries, also why we bear numerous scars, sport broken bones (both our noses, and her an arm, me a leg). No matter the designer label, on us, our attire tends to look like Goodwill chic. Cindi on the other hand always looks well put together, while fun and active she tends to be more deliberate and cautious.

We were all home schooled through high school, Cindi and I are in our second year and Becki is a junior at the family university. The first few semesters were OK, subjects were interesting, most professors were boring. It was fun being in real classrooms, watching the girls in their sundresses and sandals, and sometimes shorts. Of course, our security discouraged any close contact. That all changed with the Covid lockdown. All students were sent home. Now we attend virtual classes.

Growing up, none of us ever had a real date. We tried a few times but with security requirements, it was never successful. I was a late bloomer. I had started college before I really became aware that girls were, well girls. I started to notice that their butts moved interestingly when they walked, there were fascinating lumps under their t-shirts, their skin was smooth and yummy looking.

I did spend some time studying the female anatomy on-line. But my first real life sexual experience came recently. Growing up, Aunt Lani always treated each of us muş escort bayan to a fun excursion on our birthdays. With her we’ve helicoptered, parasailed, windsurfed, watched movies being filmed on location as well as enjoyed trips to Disneyland and other fun locations. Now that we’re older she often treats us to a shopping trip and fine dining. Whatever the treat for the day, it’s always just the celebrant and her.

My last birthday, my 19th, she was filming in Europe so couldn’t make it back to the states. After returning, she reserved a guest house in the compound for a late celebration. We amigos met her car at the gate as she arrived and excitedly greeted her. We helped unload the car in between hugs, kisses and a lot of laughing.

Lani invited the whole family to join her the first evening. Only us three kids and Mom showed up. Once settled in, she distributed hand selected gifts for each of us. Then announced plans for the evening.

“Since we can’t go to a restaurant, I’m bringing the restaurant to us. A chef and staff will be here shortly to prepare a gourmet feast. I brought some special wine from France that I think you’re all old enough to enjoy. Afterwards I thought we’d enjoy some music and dancing to a great little trio, that’ll also be joining us. What do you all think?”

“As long as we’re with you it’ll be great.”

“Tomorrow Is Gene’s day, he and I’ll celebrate his belated birthday with a special treat I have in mind.”

We all enjoyed the special meal and wine, watched a preview of her latest film then enjoyed the trio on the deck.

The next morning, I was up at dawn. I knocked on her door as the sun was peeking over the trees.

She answered in a short white plush robe. “My aren’t you up early.”

She kissed me on the cheek, as we walked to the kitchen she said, “Have a seat at the bar while I fix us some breakfast.”

I grabbed a cup of coffee. We replayed last evenings events as she cooked. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her pretty legs and feet. We enjoyed a hearty breakfast then cleared the table, loaded the dishwasher and moved to the den.

Sitting next to me with her legs tucked under, she said, “Today is your day, what would you like to do?”

“Just spending time with you is special.”

She leaned over and brushed my lips with hers.

“That’s so sweet.”

“Sorry I missed your actual birthday, I’ve never been this late before, but I think you’ll like my gift.”

With her hand on mine, “I’ve watched you grow up and feel bad that you’ve not lived a normal life. There are so many things you should have experienced by now. As my gift, I want to give you some of those experiences today.”

“Really, like what?”

“Like necking, making out and petting, and other fun growing up stuff.”

“You mean we’re going to make out? You and me?”

“Yeah, if you’d like. I know I’m a lot older and I’m your Aunt, but it could be fun, for both of us. Have you ever thought about kissing me, really kissing?”

“Actually, I’ve thought about you a lot lately.”

Blushing, I added, “And not just kissing.”

“Well let’s start with a kiss.”

She pulled me close, touched her lips to mine then pushed her tongue in my mouth, darting around inside. I followed suit and explored the inside of her mouth. Our tongues touching was incredible.

We kept at it for a long time finally she pulled back and said, “What’d you think?”

“Wow, let’s do it some more.”

“OK, but this time, you can feel me up. Rub my breasts while we kiss.”

My hands rubbed and squeezed through her robe, while our lips and tongues were together. At one point, she moved my right hand down between her bare legs, my heart was about to explode. Then she placed her hand on my crotch. I was tingling all over, slightly shaking.

She began licking my eyes, nibbling at my ears then licked my neck and adams apple. I was so hot I thought I’d burst into flames. We continued to rub each other as I in turn licked her face, throat and top of her chest. She guided my hand under the robe across her firm belly to those mysterious mounds as she continued stroking my cock through my pants.

We kissed and sucked each other’s tongues for a while then she stood up and dropped the robe. She helped me pull my shirt and pants off. Both in just our underwear, we moved to the bedroom where she straddled me and pulled my hands to her chest guiding my fingers under her bra. She rubbed my nipples as I massaged her tits, soon she led my right hand to her panties and pushed a finger inside.

I touched a patch of light fur and felt her dampness. I traced her wet slit with a finger, pushed inside. My finger felt on fire. She inserted her finger from the opposite side, we rubbed wet fingers inside her until she pulled them out, inserting hers in my mouth as she sucked mine. I kept staring at the dark patch on her panties. She pulled her panties aside and for the first time I looked at a real live pussy. I felt wetness at the head of my dick.

She muş escort slid off to the side, lying next to me she put her hand under my shorts and played with my erection while we kissed.

She pulled my shorts down and said, “Oh, very nice.”

She kissed and licked my hard-on for a bit then removed her bra and panties. She stuck her finger in her pussy then into my mouth again.

“Do you like how I taste.”

“Oh, yes?”

“Then you’ll love this.”

She sat on me and lowered her pussy to my mouth, “Lick it and tell me what you think.”

After a while she turned around, her pussy still on my face and started licking my erection. With my hands on her butt, I pulled her so tight to my face I could hardly breathe. She started sucking me. I wanted it to last forever but quickly came in her mouth. She continued to lick me as I sucked her pussy. She attempted to roll off, but I held her tight. Soon, she started shaking and whimpered.

As she relaxed, she kissed me and said, “I certainly didn’t expect that. You just made me come. You’re a natural pussy eater.”

We laid together for a while then she said. “Let’s take a break You need some fluid.”

Walking naked to the kitchen she poured us another cup of coffee and grabbed us a couple of cinnamon rolls. Sitting next to her at the bar, I rubbed her legs and stared at her tits and pussy while we ate. I started to get hard again.

She touched my growing erection and said, “I think it’s ready.”

As she led me to the bed, she asked, “What’s today’s date?”

“The 24th.”

“You’ll remember that date the rest of your life.”

She laid me back on the bed and sat on my legs.

Gazing into my eyes she said, “The basic position would have you on top of me, but I want you to be able to see your dick enter me, so I’m going to sit on you.”

She kissed the head then slowly sat down on my hard-on. Watching my dick disappear inside her was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen, and the feeling was intense, beyond belief. She slowly moved up and down. I couldn’t take my eyes off her pussy lips as I slid in and out.

Again, I came much quicker that I wanted, she inserted her finger inside and wiggled it against my softie. I reached for her tits and rubbed them, squeezing her nipples. She leaned forward with her globes over my mouth. I licked and sucked them, my soft prick still inside her. After a while she raised up releasing me.

She wrapped her hands around my softie and slowly jacked it, licking drops of cum from the tip.

She smiled, “I think you need to start breathing again. We’ll come back to this later. Now let’s shower and take a ride.”

As she stood up, she rubbed her panties over her crotch, then on my face, stuffed them in my mouth, “Yours to keep to remember your first fuck.”

In the shower, we washed and played with each other.

As she turned the water off, I asked,” “Where we riding to?”

“It’s a surprise, I’ve packed a picnic lunch, we’ll eat when we get there.”

We drove about an hour, then pulled into a scenic overlook on a hill above a bridge spanning a small ravine. As with most California rivers the riverbed was dry. We enjoyed our lunch while watching a series of bungee jumpers.

She asked, “Ever bungee jumped?”


“Want to?”


“Yes, that’s your surprise if you want. We’ve got appointments in a half hour.”

“You going to jump too?”

“If you do.”

I gathered up our trash and took it to a trash can.

As I opened the door to get back in, Lani said,” Honey, look at your pants, you’ve got a hard on again.”

“Yeah, I know. You make me hard.”

“Well, you can’t jump like that, get in the back seat.”

She got out and sat in the back with me. “Just pull your pants down in case I dribble a little.”

With my rod sticking up, she wrapped her hand around it and said, “Certainly don’t want you breaking this off.”

She sucked it into her warm mouth.

I hated that I came so quickly.

As she swallowed, she grinned and mumbled, “Thanks for dessert.”

She licked me clean, hopped out.

Back in the drivers seat she said, “Let’s do this.”

Riding home with the top down we giggled like little kids replaying our jumps and the rush we felt. Back at the house we hurried to the TV and played the video souvenir of our jumps.

She said, “You screamed louder than I did.”

“Did not, you screamed like a girl.”

“I am a girl.”

“Wow, don’t I know.”

After watching the film a few times, she looked at the bulge in my shorts and said, “Looks like you’re glad to be back. What shall we do now? I’m all yours.”

“Can I undress you?’

She held her arms aside and grinned, “Please do.”

I hugged her and we kissed. I unbuttoned her shirt, removed it, carefully folding it and laying it aside. I raised her arms over her head and proceeded to lick her arm pits before removing her bra and suckling her boobs. Moving behind her I massaged her tits as I kissed escort muş and licked her neck. I tongued her ears and sucked her lobes. I rooted my nose through her hair then slowly licked her shoulder blades then each vertebra from her neck down to the top of her crack.

Laughing, she said, “Maybe we should move to the bedroom.”

Next to the bed, I unbuttoned her shorts and sat her on the edge. There I removed her sandals. Taking time to lick her feet and suck her toes. I pulled her pants off and licked the inside of each curvaceous leg from ankle to thigh. Spreading her legs, I rubbed my face over her camel toe, inhaling her woman scent. Pushing the panties aside I kissed her furry patch and ran my tongue up and down her slit. Finally, I pulled the panties down and off.

I rolled her on her stomach. I stared at her lovely ass as I rubbed her legs. Finally, I rubbed my face on her butt cheeks and kissed and sucked each side, then spread them exposing her little puckered hole. I ran my tongue in her crack and focused on that hole, enjoying the ultra-smooth skin there.

She murmured, “I’ve never had this much attention in my life, you make me feel special.”

I replied, “You are special, I just love every inch of you.”

“Well, I don’t think you’ve missed too much of it.”

I gently rolled her over, laid my penis on her thigh as I sucked her breasts. My dick was leaking, I was trembling, sweating. Then I slowly thrust my dripping dick in her amazing pussy. Once fully inside her she wrapped her legs around me urging me even closer. With my tongue exploring her mouth, I pumped in and out, in and out until I gushed into her. Her fingernails dug in my back as she bit my shoulder. We laid together as I slowly shrunk, still inside her.

After a while, she said, “I want to suck it, now.”

I watched as her lips encircled the head and then the shaft disappeared in her mouth.

I said, “I love you.”

She replied, “I know. That’s cause I’m your first.”

We took several breaks but returned to the bed frequently. It was getting late when Mom called and said it was time I came home.

We walked to the door, I said, “Thanks for the most awesome birthday ever. I’ll never forget today.”

“It was special for me too.”

We kissed goodnight.

I slept with her panties over my face.

The next few days were fun replaying the bungee jump with the girls. Obviously, I avoided mentioning the rest of my present, all though Becki kept prodding me for details about what else we did.

Dad liked having our presence at his sermons. It gave him a certain family legitimacy. Twice on Sunday and every Wednesday we would sit front pew in the church. That ended of course with Covid. Now service is conducted in the church parking lot.

This week he was delivering a message to a group of ministers in Dallas. We were expected to attend. We flew into D.F.W., took a limo to a big hotel downtown, were escorted to our rooms. As usual each room was checked by security before we could enter. Mom’s room was close to the elevator so was secured first, then next my sister’s room. My room was next door to hers.

It was late, I settled in, watched a little TV then went to bed early. In the morning we were all escorted down for breakfast while our rooms were cleaned. Texas was a little more open than California, but we still wore masks going in and out and everything was socially distanced. Upon returning to my room, I noticed the door between our rooms was slightly ajar. I opened it and lightly knocked on the second door.

She asked, “Who is it?”

“It’s me, is your door unlocked?”

Shortly it opened. We stared at each other and the open door then burst out laughing.

“Can you believe this, our crack security staff didn’t check the doors.”

“So should we tell someone?”

“No, let’s just enjoy being together without anyone looking over our shoulders.”

She moved to the couch, sat with her legs tucked under her and motioned for me to sit beside her.

We giggled like little kids and joked about how shocked everyone would be if they saw us now. As we were laughing, she leaned over and kissed me, not on the cheek but mouth to mouth.

I said, “That felt great.”

“I know. I haven’t had a real kiss in so long, I forgot how nice it is. Let’s make out.”

This time our tongues did some exploring. I laid back, pulled her on top as we continued to smooch. My breathing quickened. I could feel my heart beginning to pound. Her breasts rose and fell with each shuddering, breath. My hands moved under her blouse, rubbing her bare back, touching her bra strap.

She whispered, “Have you ever fucked?”

“Huh, yes, once just recently. How about you?”

“Once, sort of.”

“How do you sort of fuck?”

“It was with a woman, right after my 19th birthday.”

“Let me guess, Aunt Lani, right?”

“How did you know? Oh, that was the rest of your birthday present, huh? You actually fucked Aunt Lani?”

“Yeah. She was my first, it was fantastic, she taught me a lot. So, how was it for you? You know, having sex with a woman?”

“Actually, she did most of it. I felt things I’d never felt before. I now play with myself all the time, thinking of her tongue. I know you jack off. I can hear you sometimes at night.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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