Fucksalott Farm Ch. 06: First Rites

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While outside, dogs fucked cats, birds worried about accidental fatherhood, and bunnies once again lamented having only their soft little selves for comfort, something darker was brewing up in one of the more isolated barns.

The goats, all of whom were female, each one of them their own brand of crazy or depraved were sat in a circle, each one at the point of a pentagram they’d carved into the wood with their hooves over days of fervent masturbation.

What, you thought that at least a ritual in this world wouldn’t be depraved?

Now, onto Lilith, who watched her wicked sisters with much the same bewilderment she always had. As the youngest, she was used to not being kept in the loop but…

“Seriously!? You want us to just masturbate until *SOMETHING* happens?” I was beyond bewildered. I was fucking incensed! We’d spent the last week doing nothing but carving stars into every inch of wood in this decrepit fucking barn, reading books so old that the leather was starting to grow its legs back, and masturbating nightly with the most ornate dildos I’d ever known!

My sisters nodded and answered, and in Viola’s case swore that of course that was what we were going to do. I just stared, open mouthed, my brush left hanging in my long, beautiful, smooth waves of black hair.

“Sweet sister, with time you’ll understand, but for now, you’re just going to have to accept that you’re young, and dumb, and you’ll always know less than us.” Victoria’s richly condescending voice answered, her hand already slowly stroking up and down between her thighs as if the act meant nothing. She was a bitch, but easily the prettiest of us… Bitch.

Viola scowled beside her, a reversed image of Victoria in every way but looks, while Victoria was pretty in the way you see the Zebra’s looking in the magazines, all ass length hair, thick thighs and soft features, even bearing the red eyes of the family summoner, Viola’s hair was short and choppy, her tits small and perky, eyes a bright, electric yellow, only a little brighter than the twins had, her tail a doe-like tuft to Victoria’s twin long whips, both ending in a ball of fur.

Viola’s attitude matched her looks though, and no matter what you said, she could find a way to argue with it. The pair could bitch back and forth for hours if you let them, Victoria’s eloquent retorts sparring with Viola’s bitchy retorts.

“So what? Not even any toys!? How *fun* could these demons even be if they wont let me enjoy myself just to fuckin’ get them here!”

Her scowl deepened, and at the mention of demons, the other two sisters perked up, Visha, who more than made up for Viola’s smaller stature with head-crusher thighs and face smothering tits, and Vaya, who’d managed to get both nipples, the full length of her ears, her belly button, clit hood and even the base of her throat adorned with golden piercings. Those two were much less vocal… Twins, also an extremely important point of any ritual group, with their matching inverted cross birthmarks on their foreheads and matching tattoos, both of whom figured the less time spent complaining brought them closer to their goal of getting a nice big demon daddy to fuck their brains out and make life more interesting.

Of course, then there was little old me. Well. Young actually, the baby of the farm, small in the chest area, though happily thick in the thighs, my hair fell a little past my shoulders and was my pride and joy. One time Sebastian had offered to get someone in to cut it down like most of my other sisters had theirs, but I made it very, *very* *VERY* fucking clear that a hair missing from my head would end up with him being separated very messily from his favourite puppy toy.

I like to think the fact he’s left us pretty much to ourselves since means he got the message.

After all, it’s always been a fact that we goats prefer… Other kinds of company, and it shows. While others wear coats of fur and fuck everything that moves, aside from our hair, and some fur in more private areas, we’re smooth as sin, our bare skin a soft shade of almond. (Private areas. Hah! Who am I kidding, I masturbate ritualistically with my whole family.)

That is aside from Victoria, who’s skin is now pale as death, aside from a mantle of deep black, velvet like fur around her shoulders, and her hands being a deep, but… Somehow soft black. Let me tell you from experience, when I first came of age, she showed me they don’t just look soft… I still shiver just thinking about it.

Now though, no time for the past, the future called, and apparently it called for a pentacle with a hot sister masturbating at each of the stars points. Victoria got everyone in line and in place with sharp orders casino ┼čirketleri from a tongue as soft as… as… Nope! Stay in the now Lilith…

Finally, one of us was kneeling over each point, each of us nice and slick from hours of teasing preparation all day long, despite some eye rolling and complaints, not a one of us was unhappy to be finally able to touch,. stroke, rub and generally have fun in whatever way we liked. I pushed my hair back over my shoulders, fingers running down and stroking over a pussy slick with the saliva all of my sisters had made sure to lavish me with. Apparently I was somehow special to this ritual, and oh girl did I feel it…

Just an hour earlier, I’d been placed in a chair, with my legs forced apart, and told that as the focus of the ritual, it was going to be me who “Channelled” Everyone else. For that to happen, I’d need a connection with them all, and though it took me only a second to figure out the meaning, by the time I had, everyone else was ready.

Vaya was up first, as the next youngest, and likely from her own experience of knowing exactly how that place can be stimulated in so many ways, she stayed on hands and knees, pressing soft kisses to my tiny, sensitive clit, taking it softly between her lips and gently running her tongue side to side over it, letting only my tiny, delicate hood lay between her licks and the most sensitive part of my body./ I grabbed the back of her head, but after a steely glower from Victoria’s red eyes, resisted pushing my pretty sisters mouth against my clit for more. She licked slow, as she was supposed to, but in the last few seconds pushed my clit hood up, running her tongue against my bared little nub with slow, agonising licks, until Victoria grabbed her by her bleach white hair and yanked her back… She wasn’t supposed to go so far at the end like that, but the hair pulling was just because Victoria was kind of a freak like that.

Next, Visha, who took a “Quantity over quality” kind of approach to my needs, and pressed her open mouth to my pussy without a moments hesitation, both of her soft hands holding my inner thighs with a gentle touch, her wide tongue lapping sloppily at my pretty little virgin cunt with the kind of lazy roughness I’d have expected from a cow, not at all afraid to put her whole weight behind every single lick, her tongue grinding up between my delicate lips, as her own plump lips made sure to keep in every drop of her saliva and my wetness, her tongue moving in a slow, relaxing way that I was more than happy for after that precision strike from Vaya. Finally, my pussy focused tongue massage was was put to an end when Victoria slowly wrapped her hands around Visha’s long, smoothly curved horns and pulled her away from me…

Viola was next, and honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect… I’d never been with anyone but Victoria, and even that was only a rare treat. Just as my pussy was starting to feel the cold against its wet, neglected, swollen flesh, my bitch of a big sister came in like a fucking wolf!

Viola wrapped her arms around my legs and pulled them in on either side of her face, something I was only to happy to go along with as her tongue lashed and licked, squirming against my tight, virgin slit as bright, sadistic eyes gleamed up at me, her tongue, split down the middle at her request some time ago licking up and down, running against my now verrry much prepared pussy felt so much sharper and more accurate, no matter what she did it felt fucking amazing, her nails digging into my thighs as she held on tight, her tongue begging to slide up, running my clit between the twin halves of her tongue, before she darted it down and began to push the split serpent once again inside of me!

My eyes were closed when Victoria cruelly cut our fun short, grabbing Viola’s horns and yanking her violently back away from me, Viola’s nails clawing shallow red furrows into my soft flesh as she pulled away, giggling evilly as she wiped her mouth and rolled her eyes at Victoria’s annoyed glare.

Now of course, it was my eldest sisters turn… I had no clue what to really expect, I’d only had teasing kisses and finger touches from my big sister in the past, but now there was no rule on what she could do… If anything, I had a feeling she’d put a claim on being the first to go truly inside of me before the ritual, explaining why Viola’s… Blessing had been cut so short.

Considering what I’d heard from bedtime gossip though, all of Victoria’s “Private conversations” with my sisters had been practice for what she’d do with me… Nobody had a full picture, but I knew they were jealous that all of those pieces they had would be put together on my now soaking, and thoroughly teased casino firmalar─▒ canvas.

Victoria got down on her hands and knees before me, crawling closer in a way that made her hips sway like serpentine hypnosis. As she reached me, her arms lifted, and wrapped around my slender waist, soft hands grasping at my back with the almost unnoticeable sharp claws she bore at the tip of each finger. Looking down into her softly glowing red eyes, I gasped at the pain…

A tiny, almost unnoticeable smile twisted her lips in such a delightfully twisted way, her eyes were… I said that Viola had a sadistic look, and until I saw Victoria’s only moments later, I believed that.

However, compared to the malevolent joy and passion tempered desire that burned deeply in Victoria’s smouldering gaze, Viola might have had the sadistic potential of a child…

Her head came in closer to my pussy, every movement slow and painfully teasing, her eyes never leaving mine as I found myself already breathing deeply through my parted lips, my chest rising and falling dramatically with anticipation…

Her tongue slowly passed out of her open mouth, and I felt… I watched… I experienced her slowly run it in a neat, tight, controlled circle around my sensitive little nub as if she had a perfect knowledge of everything my body would react to the most. The tip of her tongue just barley brushed at my sensitive core, the grazing touches sending violent shivers up through my spine at that smile widened just a few evil millimetres when she watched that shiver reach the base of my skull, and make my eyelids flutter.

It felt beyond sinful to enjoy something so good, and once she reached the apex of one more ring around my clitoris, she dragged her tongue down with surgical precision, making sure I felt and clunk to every torturous second of that long awaited contact… Before her tongue slipped down and ran along my slit.

I almost forgot my place, forgot my reason for sitting in that chair, forgot everything beyond those ruby red eyes and that demonically skilled tongue, as I almost begged for her to go back and give me more and more and MORE until I could cum for her and show her just how much I appreciate my big sister’s skill!

Instead, she shot her slender tongue up into my cunt and forced another choked breath from my lungs, her claws digging even deeper into my flesh on either side of my spine, playing with my like a puppet on strings as I arched for her and pushed against her mouth, her coal black lips pressed to my quivering cunt as her tongue slid into my deepest, untouched depths, my head rolling back on my shoulders, eyes closing to lose myself in the feeling as she slipped and slithered her tongue between my virgin tight walls, licking in deep before moving her mouth against me, forcing more of her dexterous tongue into my body as she licked up along what felt like the inside of my stomach, and for a moment I wondered if my eldest sister was a little more latenly demon than the rest of us, if may7be she really did have a tongue so long to go so deep!

Before long though, her tongue pulled out of my body again, and I found my hands gripping her shoulders, my much blunter nails digging into her black mantle’s skin as she dragged out every second of her tongue leaving my body.

Once she was finally free of my tight walls, she let out a long, satisfied breath against my now overly sensitive, achingly needy pussy, and pressed her wine red tongue to my clit without any teasing this time. Her mouth began to move in slow, evil sawing motions, up and down, up and down, the focus of every motion to press her skillful tongue, now kept thick and stiff against my clit, as she sawed her instrument of my painful pleasure against the very core of my whole being at that moment. I had to remind myself to not speak more than a gentle moan for her, but if I could I’d have been moaning like a whore just so that she knew how much I wanted her!

Her movements got faster and faster, each one pressing in a little deeper against me, each motion sending another piece of me screaming to her, wanting to give every part of myself to her just to make sure that my big sister never ever stopped!

I felt the tension I knew so well rising in my chest, inflating like a balloon, sending every other through fleeing from my mind as my finger dug in so deep that if I even had the strength to open my eyes and look down, to pull myself away from this supernova of ecstasy I knew I’d see blood!

I came closer and closer to that edge, my mind sprinting for it, closer and closer, just wanting to throw myself off into a sea of orgasmic satisfaction, whispers of “Yes yes yesyesyesyesYesYes” spilling through my lips g├╝venilir casino until!-

She pulled away. Victoria forced herself back away from me, and now matter how deeply my nails clawed her she left me right at the precipice of a pleasure I’d never known could exist.

As I looked down into her bright eyes, I saw a smile worthy of the devil himself on her lips as she wiped them clean of saliva and her little sisters cum…

I felt a hot tear of frustration run down over my softly chubby cheeks…

My other sisters stood around silent, enraptured by the performance that made all of theirs feel like uncoordinated virgins by comparison.

“Well then girls… Shall we get ready?” She asked, the kind of casual command in her voice that made my abandoned pussy cry out in need for it to come back…

Back to the present, though I was beyond happy to have so much fuel for my own personal fire down below… I Looked around as everyone settled down, some with their eyes closed, Victoria’s half open in some kind of trance as Viola’s whole body moved with her hands motions, rocking her hips against the touch of her own skin just for more fun.

Despite being abandoned and left to its fate in one of the outer fields, this barn we’d began using to hide our little rituals got fixed up before I even got to know it existed, and quickly the temperature built up… I started to touch myself, and found a buzzing, fuzzy tension already right at the surface as I began to stroke… To touch… To feel as my fingers ran up and down along my slick and shaven garden.

My eyes had closed… I was getting into the fun, and could already feel the soft pressure in the back of my head, as if a headache could be a good thing, and I always imagined it would feel so similar to if Victoria grabbed the back of my head and forced my face into her beautifully trimmed cunt..

I touched… I felt… I lost myself for a time in the sensations that came into my mind and wrapped every single thought in a hazy layer that made them all just so nice and easy to handle… I heard the soft gasps, bated breaths and lusting sounds that poured like a lewd chorus from my sisters without end…

I opened my eyes when I felt myself getting closer and closer, not wanting to cum too soon and ruin the ritual, only to see… To… See…

the lines of the carved pentagram than ran between us had filled with some viscous glowing liquid, the right light that came from it thrumming in a rhythm that seemed in time with every breath from my mouth, every stroke of my own fingers. At the tip of each arm of the star, one of my sisters was positioned, their own cunts leaking that translucent goo that ran thickly down their legs, squirming across the floor as though it had a mind set on its own goals as it completed the star and began to glow brighter, the red growing stronger and lighter, pulsing between a deep ruby and soft pink.

Viola and the twins went at their own rates, Viola’s much faster than anyone elses, all of their eyes bearing the same yellow iris, glowing brighter and brighter in time with the pentacle, as Victoria’s own blood red eyes cast the red glow onto her cheeks, joining the light that now spilled over their bare and sweat slicked bodies, casting sharp blades of red light upon their most intimate curves, from the tips of their horns to their glistening lower lips.

I wondered if my own purple eyes glowed the same, but before I could think to try to check, I felt something force my hand, literally.

My hand began to move in faster and sharper motions, my middle fingers tip rubbing at my little tormented clit for all it could, my arm aching with the effort, that pain being drowned out by the waves of pleasure the touches gave me, my legs beginning to shake but refusing to fail as my fucked up family began to moan and breath in time with me, a connection built I hadn’t even noticed as we all worked towards our own climax!

Viola was the first, and after that a cascade as Vaya and Visha came together, the same way that they did everything else, before Victoria let a staggered scream of lust and satisfaction tear from her throat into the hot air around us… Their pleasure hit me as waves, coming to me down the lines of the pentagon as a climax better that any I’d had even at Victoria’s meticulous hands rocked my body and shattered my mind, sending every thought within scattering to the wind, my knees buckling as one last thick glob of that thick red goo spilled from my pussy into the circle!

I collapsed back, my sisters all following, one by one, even Victoria left speechless and gasping as she finally giggled to herself, and a laugh much more masculine and jubilant seemed to come from the air above us, before being whisked away on a gentle breeze…

I smiled to myself, a hand holding my pussy softly as I stared up at the ancient rafters of the barn… I’d done it… The First Rite was complete!

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