From Lust to Love Ch. 03-04

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Chapter 3

As I was exhausted from the ‘encounter’, I, therefore, changed to nightdress and retired to the bed.

While I was reading a book, I heard a knock at my door.

“Yes! It’s open,”

Erum walked in.

“Are you Okay?” Said she shutting the door behind her.

“Yeah! Why?”

“You were limping and now you’re looking pale too.” She had a concern in her voice.

“Oh, nothing. I’m just tired.”

“I understand,” Same crooked smile ran on her face as she sat besides me on the bedside. “But, you enjoyed?”

Ops. She definitely knew. Nevertheless, her direct enquiry surprised me and I pretended not to understand her.

“Enjoyed what?”

“Now don’t fool me sis,” said she fondling my arm. “Your screams can be heard in every nook and corner of the house; even the neighbors had gotten awake.”

I was still surprised by her free talk about my sexual encounter; instead of getting upset she appeared completely comfortable with it.

“They got attracted much before me sis.” I cut her sarcastically in. Winking at her, I continued, “But who cares about poor them.”

“One do; I do. Especially when they hear those sexy sobs.” She discreetly diverted her conversation to me. “The sobs were irresistible.”

“What do you mean, irresistible? I retorted.

“Irresistible means irresistible. Don’t you know the meaning?” She teased me.

I kept staring her.

“Okay. We couldn’t hold us from peeping through the keyhole.”

“WHAT!!! Y-you, you watched me… Us?” Another shock hit me. “And what do you mean by us? You don’t mean Tahseen also…” I could not complete the sentence. My mind was boggling.

“Yes. Both of us,”

I hated that crooked grin of her. “You filthy rascals,” My voice chocked. I was really pissed off. How could they do it to me? She! Tahseen! How could Erum spy on me, her sister, making love to her dewar (husband’s brother) along with her hubby eying through the keyhole? I felt betrayed.

“Now don’t be stuffy. An eye for an eye is the rule. But it was sweet and mindblower revenge. Now we are even with both of you.”

What the hell she meant. I thought. No, no, that can’t be it. She couldn’t know that! That I watched them fucked together? Oh my God! Definitely, she knew that too. But then why she looked so cool? Why isn’t she furious or mad on me? What was going on?

“W-what re-revenge are you t-taking about?” I stammered.

“Cool it Annu. Don’t be upset.” Her tone was calm and steady. “I knew you were there.” Same old cunning grin ran over her face. “After all how you found that slit in the curtains to spy on us.”

“What!!!” Another moment of shock. “You set me up!!! No, you couldn’t,”

“Well, not you really. But we always made sure that the curtains were drawn up in a way that it could be seen from out side. We love being watched while fucking each other. It’s so thrilling and exciting and make us hornier than ever.”

I was speechless. She carried on, however.

“Nabeel was one willing horny young audience to us. He was a real hot number. But tonight we’re glad to have a new spectator. We knew that we’d attract you tonight as you were too close to the action.”

“We? Y-you mean, Tahseen also knew that I was there?”

“Of course. In fact he picked you up first and told me that you finally had ended up the ‘snoop-spot’. I got such a kick that I came then and there.”

My mind was whirling. What an intrigue!

“Excited, that your own sister watching you both!”

“Making love. Yeah.” She completed my sentence.

“How sneaky.”

“But we really enjoy this.”

“You’d rather be ashamed off,” I tried to keep my tone calmer.

“Com’ on, don’t be silly. Do I not know you? You’re not less kinky when it comes to sex.”

“But I was never that outlandish nor have the guts.”

“When you’re with Tahseen, and I’m positive that Nabeel must be no different, sky is the limit to realize your fantasies. Tahseen barely has any inhibitions and he wanted me to be one like him.”

“And sure you are now.”

“It’s so thrilling. Anyway, are you on pills?”


“Silly you…”

“He didn’t come in me…” I interrupted her and was surprised over my own bluntness.

“See… You’re getting into the ‘business’.” She laughed. “But you must be careful. I’ve a spare bottle, I’ll give it to you.”

“Tell me, Erum,” I asked after awhile. “Are you also on them?”


“But why? I mean your are married,”

“Well, we, Tahseen and I, had decided not to have kid for at least a year or two.”


“Nothin’. We just want to enjoy ourselves before I got involved fostering kids.”

~ * ~

A few days passed by with nothing interesting took place. It was weekend and I was bore to death. I had a plan for the evening with one of my friends but she had to attend some family emergency at the eleventh hour thus spoiling our evening. Now I was standard. Nabeel was also not bahis firmalar─▒ home and Erum and Tahseen were getting ready for a weekend party.

As the couple got ready to leave, I saw Nabeel entered the house.

“Hi, everybody,” He cheered.


“Going somewhere?”

“Yeah.” Replied Tahseen. “To Rahims’.”

“You’re looking gorgeous, bhabi. Beautiful sari.” He praised Erun.

I observed that Nabeel’s eyes were stuck at her extended chest.

“Thanks Nabeel,” Erum was flattered. I was sure that she swayed her breasts slightly. I was amazed by such lewd action from my sister. Then got stunned over Tahseen’s reaction who perhaps had also noticed her wife’s motion.

“Isn’t she sexy?” He stroked her ‘bumps’ and looked towards both of us respectively. “Anyway, guys,” he continued without waiting a reply, “we’ll not be home till late night, so have your space and enjoy yourselves.”

“Sure, we do.” Nabeel replied.

“Okay Annu, take care,” Tahseen told me.

“And you too Nabeel,” Erum added.

As they went off Nabeel said to me, “Erum indeed looked sexy today!”

I gave a nasty stare and retorted back instead, “Where were you?”

“With my friends” He was surprised over my curtness. “Why?”

“I was bored to death.”

“Oh, I see!” He added, “I believe you’d some plans with your friend. Didn’t you?”

“Yes. But she canceled; some family engagement.”


“So what?”

“I’m free too now. So we can make our own plans. What about dinning out tonight.”

“Not a bad idea.” I cheered up.

“Good. Let me have a quick shower.”

“Go ahead. I need a wash too. But be quick, don’t take all the time in the world.”

“I’ll not.” He walked towards his room then turned back and asked, “Are you taking a shower too?”

“Yeah. I’m feeling to it.”

“Then… why don’t we do it together?”

“What!” I was shocked by his proposal. “Together what?”

“I mean when we both need a shower, so why don’t we bathe together. No point in wasting extra water.” Said he with a sly smile.

“You must be kidding,” I was still surprised. “How can…”

He cut me in, “Why can’t we.” Then looking at my perplexed face he added,” “Well, we’ve seen each other naked, haven’t we? So what’s the problem with having a shower together?”

Believe me till then the idea of bathing together with your lover never struck me. It was wicked but tempting idea.

“Come on, it’ll be a lot fun.” He leapt ahead, took my hand and dragged me into his room, closed the door and straight to the bathroom. I kept quiet. He opened the bathtub-tap.

“I’ll be back in a moment. Let me changed to my swimsuit.”

As I turned around to leave, he grabbed my arm and said, “Swimsuit?” He laughed loudly. “Now look who’s kidding! Yeh beach nahin ha, janoo, yeh mere gusilkhana ka tub ha. It’s not a beach honey; it’s a bathtub in my bathroom. Come on, apne kapra utaroo, take your clothes off.” With this he began unbuttoning his shirt.

“I still need to ago for a while.”

“What for?”

I was too shy to tell him about my urge, so, I kept quiet.

“Tell me why you need to leave.” He stressed upon my reply.

“Well… I-I… Oh Nabeel, you imp… I need to use toilet.” I could barely express myself.

He laughed again, heartily this time. “Ha, ha, ha. Big deal! You can use it here, why’ve you to go to your room for that.”

I blushed. “Go out then.”

“Oh, my too modest girl. Don’t worry, you’ll be all right soon.” Laughingly he went out of the washroom.

I locked the door. I needed to pee badly. When I got through, I let him in. He was still amused.

“You take long peeing, dear.” He said with a devilish grin.

I reddened again. “What’s so funny? Don’t you want a shower?”

“Oh, sure I do.” He was already shirtless. He unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans. Then off went his briefs. He was stark naked now. He crossed over into the bathtub.

After peeing I hadn’t pulled on my shalwar, but my kamiz was covering up to my knees.

“Take off you kamiz and come in.” Said he standing under the running shower with a limp penis.

I shyly did so and went into the bathtub with my bra still on. He embraced my naked body and kissed me on the lips. His tender touch was as usual sensational. He quickly undid my bra and hung it on the shower. Soon our tongues crossed into each other mouths and got wild while the water was splashing over our bodies. It was a unique and pleasant experience. I felt his cock swelling. I touched it with my free hand and then hold it. It yanked further out. It was fully erected and hard and of course ready for action. I began stroking him softly. He was pulling, twitching and caressing my tities with both hands and I was mourning with pleasure.

After a few lovely moments, he held my hand stroking his shaft and said in hoarse tone. “Aaj tuhari bari ha, tonight it’s ya’re turn.”

“Mere bari! Kiss cheez ki? My turn! ka├žak iddaa For what?”

“Us din maan ne tumhain chata tha, aaj tum… the other day I sucked you, today you…”

I was glad that he asked for it. I wanted to take his cock into my cock-hungry mouth, wanted badly to taste that ‘dickhead’ but was waiting for him to ask me first. I bent on my knees without further asking and aimed his dick to my mouth. His mushroom-headed cock was looking monstrous. I kissed its head, then opened my mouth and took the head in and circled my tongue around the rim.

“Aaah,” Nabeel grasped. I gradually took in as much of his erected ‘meat’ as my mouth can accommodate it. He was big enough to be covered completely by my mouth. Holding it with one hand, I started licking it. His dick stretched further in my mouth and literally felt like steel.

“Aaah… eeeits beautiful… Annu… Ooooh… keep movin’… faster… haaa faster…” He was mourning in ecstasy. He began thrusting his hips and no sooner her was pumping my mouth hard and fast as if it was a cunt.

“Aaaahaa… tum c-chaatna janti ho… chandu, ya know how to s-suck a cock… baby… Ooooooh” Then he asked me in a whispering tone, “Annu, kaya main tumhare muon main aa sakta hoon, may I come into yar mouth?”

My instant reaction was a no. I had sucked on male dicks before but never allowed them to come into my mouth or over my face. But with Nabeel, I don’t know why, my values tumbled like a house of cards. I wanted him to shoot his load right into my mouth. I had a strong craving for to taste his semen – stuff I never had done before. Without saying anything further, I kept licking his dick. I knew that he was going to shoot his load in no time, so, I increased my pace.

“Oooooh… yes… yes… I’m cumin’… I’m cum…” He tried to withdrew his cock from my mouth, but I didn’t let him loose. As he was at the point of no return, he fired his load then and there, right in my mouth, with such a force that amazed me. “AAAAaahhhaa…” Loads of cum; I couldn’t gulp the entire down the throat and I pushed him softly away. He was still spurting as he withdrew. The next thick stream of cum hit my chin and another landed onto my cleavage. I stood on my feet and spited the cum into the toilet. As I caught my image in the life-size mirror, I saw cum drooling out of my mouth to chin, running down to the belly through the cleavage. It was a funny picture of me. I smiled. Instead of repulsion, it tickled my fancy contrary to my thoughts. Strange.

I washed my mouth, cleaned myself and went back into the bathtub. Nabeel’s cock was half erected, amazing that it was not completely lifeless. I straightaway grabbed his penis.

“It’s still alive,” Said I kissing him on the lips.

“Yeah. Ye tumahre under gushna mangta, chand, it wants to enter you, honey.”

“Not now.”


“I’m starving, silly.”

“Kiss cheez ki bhook ha, starving of what?” He gave a meaningful smiled.

“Tum… You…” I wrenched his cock teasingly.

“Aah,” He in retaliation brought his hand to my pussy and shoved a finger into my love-hole with considerable force.

“Oops. You bastard,” I twisted the prick again.

He reciprocated his action and then kept stroking his finger in my well-lubricated tunnel.

“Ooooh… Yeah, finger-fuck me to a quick climax.”

He pulled the finger out, however. Turned me around and made me sit on the side of the bathtub. I was resting against the wall now. He spread my legs and sat between them and inserted two fingers into my cunt this time. He began finger-fucking me.

“Aaahh… yes… Karte raho, keep doin’…” His pace increased and no sooner I felt my orgasm building. Sensing my excitement, he found my clit and at the same time was stroking it with his thumb.

“Ooooh… haaaa… Haan, yes… Ahaaa… zoor se, harder… Oooh yes… I’m cumin’…”

And I did come.

His dick was hard again. After picking my strength, I got hold of his prick and made him stand pulling it upwards.

“Chloo,jeildi se gusel kar lain, let’s have a quick shower. We’re too late for dinner and as I told you, mujay sakht boohk lagi ha, I’m starving.”

“Lakin, but…” He tried to say something.

“No buts.”

“I want to…”

“Mujay puta ha, I know,” I interrupted him, “tum kaya chate ho, what you want. Khane ke baad kerain ge, We’ll do it after dinner.”

“Sure? Waadah, promise?” He was too skeptical about my offer.

“Sure I do.” I added, “Come on Nabeel, I like doing it with you.”

“Kaho ke tum ghar aa kay mujse fuck karo gi, say you’ll fuck me once we were home.”

“Main keh rehai hoon na, main kernoon gi, I’m saying, I’ll do.”

“Do what?” His eyes twinkled with wickedness.

I looked into his eyes but said nothing.

“Kaho na, Come on, say it.” He coaxed me.

“M-main khane ke baad tum say f-fu…fuck kerron gi, I-I’ll f-fu…fuck ya, after dinner.” I stammered.

“Good girl.” He kissed me.

~ * ka├žak bahis ~

We had dinner at one of the best eating-places in the town. Food was delicious, and Nabeel’s presence had made the atmosphere more romantic. Then we drove around the coast chatter and tickling and were home after midnight. Once we inside the house he asked me:

“Why don’t we sleep together tonight?”

I didn’t reply immediately. I didn’t mind, in fact, I like the idea. “But, what about others?”

“What others?” He continued, “Ah, them! Don’t worry about them, they’ll be back late and wouldn’t be up early, so who’s going to know?”

He has a point there. I just nodded and went into my room to change. I put on a black negligee. There was nothing sexy about that outfit. I did not have any sexy garments then, if I had, I would have definitely put that one on.

Anyway, after change, I went into Nabeel’s bedroom. He was lying on the bed under a white sheet. All lights were off except the two lamps. Some nice fragrance got through my nostrils. Nabeel has successfully given a romantic touch to the room ambiance.

I quietly went to the other side of the double bed and slipped into the sheet.

“Beautiful nighty, negligee,”

“Thanks.” I added, “Room is getting’ romantic,”

“And, me too.” He grabbed me and planted a soft kiss over my lips.

“Tumhain pata ha Annu, you know Annu, you’re gorgeous, really beautiful.”

“Thanks again,” I reciprocated his kiss.

There I realized that he was naked under the sheet.

“Ops. Tum nange ho, you’re naked!”

“Tum bhi apni nighty utar do, you too take off this negligee.” He took the sheet of us and threw it aside.

I obeyed him submissively. We both were now naked. His wanting lips touched mine and pushed his tongue; I opened my lips to allow his tongue in my mouth. Soon we were French kissing each another and our tongues getting wilder and wilder. His hands, on the other hand, were vigorously exploring my naked body.

Glued to my mouth, he soon was laying over me. I clutched his butt-cheeks and dug my nails so hard that I was sure they had left deep marks on his skin.

Then I was on him playing with his firm body.

Kissing, fondling, twitching, biting, and sobbing we rolled all over the bed in total frenzy of emotions. We were really enjoying our foreplay to the up most.

Once I was over him, he took one of my boobs into his mouth and licked it. Then all of a sudden he bit my erected nipple piercingly.

“Oooooohhh…” I howled. “Ya bastard…”

The ‘prick’ giggled in response.

I grabbed his cock in my hand and twisted it real hard to take my revenge.

“Aaaaahhhaaa…Ya bitch…”

“Now we are even.” I gave a naughty smile.

In a whiz he got hold of my body and twisted me over. He was on top of me then. He positioned his throbbing steel-hard cock with his hand and banged it in my cunt with all his might.

His big and hard dick ripped through my tight cuntal walls. “Aaaahhhaaaaa…” I shrieked with instant pain.

He was so randy by then that he was in no mind to give any heed to my anguish. He started stroking my pussy in full throttle. In and out, in and out, in and out. Certainly my initial pain was momentary, and I was soon enjoying the way he was screwing me. Like a real man. Every thrust of his enormous cock was a source of bliss to my reeling mind.

“Aaah… Yes, Kerte raho, keep it up… yes, yes…”

Soon my orgasm started building up. “Nabeel! …I’m cummin’… yes… yes… aaaaaah… “

Very surprisingly I wanted to him to talk dirty and me reciprocate the same, but was chicken to express my desire loudly. I had never made a noisy-fucking before. Perhaps listening to my sister and brother-in-law talking bitchy the other night had provoked some veiled lusty instinct within me. Only afterwards I came to realize that I actually love to talk and to listen real dirty whenever it come to sex. I now speak all those four-letter and taboo words even with my girl friends freely while conversing sex. I definitely get a kick out that.

Anyway, back to the scene.

“Aaaahhaaaa… Tum boathat tung ho, you’re so tight… Ooooohhh…”

And I came in no time. He kept me stroking with same old vigor and then he suddenly stopped.

“No… Don’t stop…” I was in complete ecstasy.

“Main tumhain peecha say karna chata hoon, I’d like to do you from behind.”

“Are you goin’ to fuck my butt?” I asked in horror.

“Agar tum chahti ho to, if you want that way?”

“Nahian, nahian, no, no.”

“Keuwn nahian, why not?”

“Yeh bohat bara ha, dard hoo ga, it’s too big, it’ll hurt. Abi nahian, not now,”

“Okay, main tumehain doggy style main karna chata hoon, I wanna do you doggy style.”

I nodded and stood on my ‘all fours’. He spread my legs a little and touched my wet pussy with his hand. Then he inserted two fingers in my love tunnel and started finger fucking me.

“Aaaah… it feels so goood, kerte raho, keep doin’…”

His free hand began caressing my hanging boobs.

“Yes… yes… zoor say, harder… faster… yes… aaaaaahhh…”

“Keun, maza aa raha ha kutia, ya bitch, enjoying it?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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