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Greg sat and stared at the kid. He was amazed and remembered what it was like to be that young and be hurting like Eddy was. Eddy was just 23 years old, and was crying and feeling as though his world had just fallen apart and his heart had been ripped from his body, still beating, and then had been flung back in his face. Greg remembered that kind of pain all to well. He’d been young, in love and newly gay once too. And had experienced almost the exact same thing – a strong infatuation with another man – about the same age – that had used Greg to feel his own way out of the closet – but never meant any of the sweet nothings he’d whispered in Greg’s ear.

Looking back, now with quite a few years of emotional growth and experience, he couldn’t believe he’d ever been so naïve about “love” and thought that the first man he’d been with would be his forever true love; that they’d live together, happily, in love, for the rest of their lives. Of course, if that had been the case, Greg’s life would have been over just months after they’d met!

It had been a typical Friday night for most people, but it was a very special night for Greg. He’d just told his mom and dad that he was gay and that he was never going to be straight and never get married and have kids like his other brother and his sister. And they’d actually taken the “news” pretty well. There was no crying, no hysterics, none of the drama he’d heard so much about from other people. His dad asked if he was sure and his mom, basically, told him that it was about time!

Even though Greg had been “out” and about – to himself and to the guys he’d see at the local bars, telling his folks was the first big step he’d taken in his coming out process. He felt so much better, now that he didn’t have to lie – or at least not be 100% truthful – to his parents about himself or his life and his future.

So Greg was going out to celebrate and have a good time. With his new outlook on life and his new openness about being gay, all the walls were down and he had no fears at all. He strode into the first club – Zenith – and headed for the bar. The place was crowded tonight and he was looking at all the guys. Some he recognized from other nights here, some were new.

When it was his turn at the bar, he said “John, give me a run & coke, with a lime!”

“Sure thing, Greg,” the bar tender turned away to get a glass and make the drink. “It’s a little busy tonight. Some group is here in town for meetings, and a lot of them must be gay!”

It didn’t hurt that Zenith was just two blocks from the hotel row and the convention center. “Yeah, I kind of noticed the crowds. Nice; must be a good night for tips!”

John placed the drink in front of Greg and took the five dollar bill Greg had set down. “Some yes, some no,” John replied. Some of these guys are very liberal with the cash and some aren’t.” He handed Greg back his change and headed off to get another patron’s request.

Greg dropped a buck on the counter and turned into the crowds. During the evening, he’d met a few friends and found some hot guys to flirt with. A few flirted back, and by the end of that evening, Greg and Jake had gone back to Jake’s hotel and done it all – from swapping hot, wet kisses to equally hot and wet blow-jobs.

And the night had been capped off with them flip-flopping in the sack, tacking turns fucking the other until they both finally erupted with loads of cum flying in the air and landing on each other and on the bed. For Jake, it was a scene right out of porn; for Greg, he felt a little something more.

Jake had been in town for the rest of the week; he and Greg spent many hours together – dinner, drinks, sex. They enjoyed each other’s company and bodies and all was good. But then, the night Jake had to go home came. After they fucked for the last time – long and slow and passionate – Jake told Greg that he was heading home (a known fact) but also that he had a boyfriend back in wherever it was that he was from.

Greg was hurt by this revelation. Even though he knew nothing would probably come of the week with Jake, he’d secretly hoped that maybe, just maybe, Jake would want to keep in contact and maybe they could develop some kind of a relationship. Well that was blown now with the news that Jake had a boyfriend and obviously cheated a lot.

Greg got dressed quickly and left the room; but no so quickly that Jake could notice how used Greg felt. The swapped contact information and promised to “keep in touch” but Greg threw away the slip of paper once he hit the lobby. He went back to Zenith and drowned his sorrows in another drink.

That was the night he’d met Bryan. And that was the night he fell in love again for the first time with a man.

Bryan had been cute and cool, sweet and kind and sexy and hot and all of the things that make us go “WOW” when we see those combinations. Bryan took all of Greg’s attention, even if only because Greg was putting it all on Bryan. He was sexy. He was hot. He looked like Paul Walker, Bomonti Escort but with a more “innocent, boy next door” shine. He was about 6′ tall and probably weighed in at no more than about 180 pounds. Blue eyes, blondish brown hair and a great smile. His eyes had a bit of a mischievous spark and were deep and beautiful.

Greg had been sulking and playing one of the bar counter games – plugging in quarters and playing work games and puzzles. He felt the presence of somebody looking over his shoulder but focused on the game. He’d come across a difficult puzzle and was no where near figuring the answer when he heard “try the letter M” from over his shoulder. He looked back, and saw a man – that sexy Bryan – and he pushed M on the screen. Suddenly, the puzzle made perfect sense and he won the round.

He turned to the man and said “Thank you. I guess I wasn’t seeing the obvious.” He raised his glass towards the man in a toast.

The other man returned the toast. “My name is Bryan.”


“You’d better get back to your game; I don’t want you to lose on my account.”

“That’s okay,” Greg replied. “I’ve got the top scores anyway. But would you like to play?”

“Sure. As long as I can play with you,” Bryan replied. There was a wink and a mischievous grin with the reply. He squeezed in next to Greg, their bodies touching lightly. Greg felt a charge of excitement course through him.

They played the touch screen game for about an hour, chatting about the games and some of their likes. They got better acquainted and talked about themselves to each other. Greg was feeling good about the night, now, hours after having been “dumped” by Jake and he was enjoying the time with Bryan. He decided to make a bold move and see what would happen.

“So… um … Bryan; I’m having a good time with you, but I can’t help but wonder how much more of a good time we could have together. If we left here and went, I don’t know, but… maybe someplace else?” Greg was feeling shy and bold, all at the same time. It was truly the first time he’d ever asked a guy to go someplace else. Usually the other guy asked or it was just kind of understood and they’d leave and figure it out as they left.

Bryan’s smile appeared and he waggled his eyebrows. “You bet! What did you have in mind?”

Greg smiled back and he shyly looked away. “Well, something involving you and me and no clothes and maybe some lube?” Bryan laughed and grabbed a hold of Greg, pulling him up to kiss him and hug him. His body felt good against Greg’s and his thoughts of Jake slid away.

“I’ve been waiting all night for this,” Bryan whispered in his ear, nibbling on the lobe as he did. They set their drinks on the counter and Bryan led Greg from the bar. They walked out to their cars and stopped.

“So,” Bryan asked, “where should we go?”

Greg mentioned that he had his place, but that he had a roommate and didn’t like bringing guys back there. Bryan told Greg to follow him to his place and told him about where it was and they were off. A few minutes later, they pulled up in front of a Spanish style building with arched windows with awnings, red tile roof and lush, tropical landscaping, illuminated by low lights. It was like out of a TV show. Greg followed Bryan into the parking area and parked where Bryan indicated. The got out and walked to Bryan’s apartment.

Seconds after closing the door, Bryan pinned Greg against the wall and kissed him hard, his tongue invading Greg’s mouth, his hand above his head, and Bryan’s body pressed against his.

Greg kissed him back and hard as he could, and both men ground against each other against the wall. Greg could feel his cock swelling in his pants and could feel the outline of Bryan’s own cock, rubbing against his leg. Greg pulled one hand free of Bryan’s and reached around to pull Bryan even closer. He slid the hand around and grabbed Bryan’s hard cock and Bryan let out a moan of pleasure.

Greg could feel the hard thick length of Bryan’s cock. It was bigger than Jake’s cock had been and felt good through the jeans. He wanted to feel that cock out of the jeans; in his hands; in his mouth; in his ass. He really longed for this cock, more than he’d longed for any other cock or man before.

Bryan’s free hand was running across Greg’s body, massaging and grasping his pecs and his ass and his cock. Each time his fingers brushed across Greg’s nipples, a shudder ran up his back. He pushed his tongue deeper into Bryan’s mouth with each pass and with each grab of his body. He’d feel his own cock throb and twitch with each pass of Bryan’s hands, as well.

On one pass, Bryan’s hand stayed at Greg’s crotch and began to work the zipper and buttons on his jeans. Slowly, ever so slowly, Bryan worked at Greg’s jeans and finally got them open. He slid his hand around the back and slipped a finger into the top of Greg’s ass, pushing on the back of the jeans with his hand, lowering them for even better access to the sweet round butt. Bomonti Escort Bayan Each inch the jeans dropped was another inch closer to Greg’s ultimate pleasure of the night.

With his own hand, Greg also began to work on Bryan’s jeans, working the belt free and unbuttoning each button of the fly. The feel of the tight cotton of Bryan’s underwear was a super sexy feel to Greg’s fingers, as he slid them along the length of the cock still within the material. His own ass was now free of his jeans as they slid to his knees, freeing his cock. Each rub of his cock against the jeans and the cotton of Bryan’s underwear sent more shivers of anticipation and desire through Greg’s cock, making him want more of Bryan’s body to be pressed into or against his own.

Bryan let go of Greg’s other hand and reached down to take off the rest of Greg’s clothes. He slid his mouth down Greg’s neck and across his chest, nibbling on the nipples as he passed. Greg’s nipples responded to the touch of tongue and teeth by hardening and sending more pleasure into Greg’s body. He was ready to burst with passion and lust for this man. He was ready for whatever would come.

Bryan stepped back from Greg and looked his body over. “Wow. Very nice!” he said as he pulled his own shirt off and removed his jeans. Now, standing in just his briefs, Greg could truly admire Bryan’s body and his build. His body was well toned and had the look of “natural” toning, rather than the more sculpted – and forced – look of a gym-tone physique. His abs had a smooth look, without a pronounced six-pack of ridges, his pecs were firm and formed, and his legs were shapely and smooth.

Greg’s own body was in great shape, as well, but since he worked out at the gym, he had more pronounced toning and sculpting to his muscles. His butt was rounded and well shaped from years of stair-climbers and workouts, and always drew compliments. While his cock was not as big as Bryan’s, he wasn’t a shrinking violet, either.

His cock jutted hard, strong and proud from his balls and the smattering of curly dark hair that surrounded all of it. That same hair led up to a line that rode up the center of his abs to furl out across his chest, in a light coating of the sexy fur.

Bryan’s body had limited hair, with just his legs and arms having a layer of the soft fuzz. Since his underwear was still in place, Greg couldn’t see the dark mass of pubes that surrounded the cock and balls and was neatly trimmed. He soon took care of that, though, but reaching out and pulling Bryan closer by the waistband of the briefs and then pushing them down as he dropped to his knees. Once he was faced with the cock, he put his lips around the head and tasted the bit of clear fluid that had leaked from within. It was sweet and salty and wonderful on his tongue. He slid the cock deeper into his mouth, nearly pressing his lips against the base, but not quite able to swallow the entire length. That was something he would work to accomplish.

Bryan’s body swayed a bit as Greg’s mouth and tongue worked along the shaft and around the head. He reached up with one hand and caressed Bryan’s balls, feeling them swell and get hotter. He could feel Bryan’s legs shake with desire and heard the moan from his lips. The stiff dick felt and tasted so good between his lips, he felt as he could stay this way for ever. But his own body wanted more.

Bryan’s hands grabbed Greg’s head while he thrust his dick in and out of Greg’s talented mouth. It was an incredible feeling for both men and created an instant bond for them. Greg continued to work the balls with his hand and the head with his tongue; Bryan moaned with each passing minute, each motion and feeling driving him further towards ecstasy. Greg’s hand slid to his cock, stroking it in time with each stroke of the cock in his mouth. But still, he wanted more. He let Bryan’s cock slip from his mouth saying “I want you to fuck me. I want that cock in my ass!”

Bryan pulled Greg up and led him towards the back of the apartment. They reached the bedroom and Bryan flipped on the lights and grabbed Greg again, pushing him to the bed. Bryan then fell on top of Greg, grinding his cock against Greg’s cock and stomach and shoving his tongue deep in Greg’s mouth.

Pulling back for a moment he answered Greg’s previous plea, “Oh, yes. I want to fuck you hard and long and feel you cum and cum and cum again while my dick is inside you.” He reached over to the nightstand and opened a box; it was full of condoms and packets of lube. He removed the foil packs and opened them, smearing lube on his cock. Greg shifted on the bed and got on his hands and knees. Bryan slipped his tongue into Greg’s ass and tasted the hole. Greg moaned and grunted with pleasure.

“Now fuck me, Bryan! Fuck me! I want your cock inside of my ass!” Bryan used more of the lube on Greg’s ass, slid the condom down his cock and lubed his cock up some more. He then climbed behind Greg and put his cock into the round and firm ass and Escort Bomonti slid it in, inch by hard inch.

With each push of the hard cock into his ass, Greg moaned and grunted with delight. His ass flexed and twitched around the hard cock and fit to it like a glove to a hand. He rocked back against Bryan, wanting the whole cock in his ass, and Bryan obliged, shoving his cock deep into the ass, fully thrusting it as deep as he could. He leaned forward and reached around to Greg’s chest, pulling on the hard nipples he found there. He grunted as he felt Greg’s ass flex tighter around his cock, loving the feel.

He couldn’t remember a single time he’d felt so in-tune with the guy he was fucking as he felt with Greg. They each seemed to anticipate the other’s movement and their rhythm was perfectly matched. Each thrust of his cock brought a grunt from Greg and each flex of his ass got a response from Bryan; moans and grunts and sighs mixed with other guttural sounds of pleasure.

Bryan pulled his cock out of Greg’s ass and pushed him over on the bed. “Come on. Put your legs in the air. I want to see your face while I’m fucking you!” Greg complied, laying on his back and pulling his knees to his chest. Bryan mounted up and slid his cock all the way in, each of them grunting and panting in time. It was incredible. Greg’s hand stroked his cock, matching each of Bryan’s thrusts deep inside. He knew that both men were close to cumming and he wanted to explode with the lust and passion he was feeling.

With each passing moment and thrust, they raced to the edge, their lust and passions culminating towards their orgasmic finish. Each tug on Greg’s cock matched the flex and thrust of Bryan’s cock in his ass. Within seconds, both men were grunting, moaning and panting, their breath racing in and out of their lungs. With the final deep thrust of his cock, Bryan pulled his cock out of Greg’s ass and pulled the condom off, just as the first wave of cum spurt from his cock. Greg’s own cock started letting loose loads of hot cum, at the same time, with each stroke. Bryan reached and began stroking his own cock, pulling more cum from it, spraying Greg’s abs and mixing their fluids.

With a final shudder of release and grunt of pleasure, the two men slumped together, breathing and grunting with satisfied pleasure. Between gasps and panting, they’d kiss each other, passionately and tenderly, as the orgasmic pleaser of their coupling drained. They both were so spent from the experience, neither remembering so good an encounter with another.

This was the way of their relationship over the next few months – with fiery episodes of passion and lust and all consuming sexual desire. Neither of them ever denied the other in any way, taking their relationship to new heights of sexual pleasure and thrills.

But, as they say, the candle that burns twice as bright, burns half as long, and it was only months later when the two men knew that it couldn’t last. Greg had fallen madly for Bryan, but soon found out that Bryan was still closeted in many ways about his sexuality. He was about the same age as Greg, but had not had the support to fully come from that closet and it created more rifts than their lust and sexual compatibility could conquer.

Greg was devastated and spent many days and weeks in solitude, crying and wondering “why” and being in pain. But time does heal wounds and soon Greg was feeling better and started going out and dating again. He’d met many men during the intervening years; had some great times and some good loves, and he went on with life.

Now, tonight, here he was at Zenith, talking with Eddy and seeing his own past in Eddy’s story. He’d met Eddy at the gym a few months back and they’d become workout buddies, each spotting the other during sets and offering support when the other just didn’t feel up to the work out. They’d hung out a few times; seeing movies, having dinner; but nothing ever grew between them. Now, tonight, Greg could see some of himself in Eddy and felt more than friendship for the first time.

Eddy was, as Greg had seen, quite the guy magnet in the bar. He had been the high school star quarterback and captain of the baseball and wrestling teams. He’d been blessed with a good build to begin with and his strict regimental work outs only made his body beefier and better toned. If he’d been going for “massive size”, Eddy could have easily made a name on the body-builder circuit and probably could have captured many a title and award.

But his gayness had kept him from trying to get into that world. He’d been closeted during high school, but he’d also had a few experiences with other boys and knew where his real desires lay. But he never thought much of the world of sports beyond his high school years. He’d gone to college and studied sports medicine and was decided what to do with his life. That’s when he’d met Mark and fallen in love.

Eddy worked part time, as needed, as a personal trainer, trying to help others achieve results from their work outs at the gym. And Mark had stopped one time to ask a few questions about technique and then they talked a bit more and started dating. And it was good, for a while, but then Mark grew tired of Eddy and wanted something else – the next flavor of the month, basically.

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