Friendly Swap Ch. 2

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Note: In part one of this true story (although the names have been changed), called “Friendly Swap.” I told you about the night I had when my buddy and I swapped girlfriends. I think it’s about time you heard the other half of the tale, Ray’s night with my girlfriend Terry. I’d like you to hear it from Terry’s mouth though. They did some things in bed that Terry and I never did. Let’s just say it changed a few things. Here’s how:

It’s not that sex with Dave was boring. He’s really a great lover. But we’ve been together for a while and, you know, sex can become a routine.

I spoke to Anna Nicole, and she felt the same way about her boyfriend Ray, who was Dave’s best friend and roommate. Their sex was good, but had become a bit uninspiring.

It’s too bad that sex can’t stay in the same “can’t wait to rip his clothes off” mode forever. But it doesn’t, no matter how much you love the person or how attracted to them you are.

What a waste, I thought at times. My Dave is an adorable guy. With his intense green eyes, blonde curly hair and terrific smile, he always charms the girls. Plus he’s in great shape, with a strong defined physique. Ray is different. He’s bigger than Dave, with dark straight hair and steamy Latin-lover looks. He’s not the “life of the party” type like Dave, though he does like to have fun. He always seemed a little more mysterious and romantic to me.

Anna Nicole and I frequently swapped stories of our sex lives. I told her how Dave could spend the entire afternoon licking my pussy and making me cum. How he loved to try different positions and especially loved doggie style. How it turned us both on when he talked dirty during sex, and he loved to hear me talk dirty even more. If there was something he hadn’t tried, he just had to do it. Vibrators, porn, you name it. His focus when making love was to have fun and satisfy me by making me sweat and stain the sheets with my cum.

Anna Nicole told me that Ray liked to take control. He was gentle and loving, but would pick her up and pound her hard and fast, delighting in seeing her big tits bounce all over. They hadn’t tried anal sex because he was afraid of hurting her with ultra-thick cock, or I guess the idea just didn’t appeal to him. Anna Nicole did tell me his cock was huge, though I’d never seen it. His favorite position was kneeling in front of her and holding her gorgeous legs up in the air while he rammed into her. Or, standing at the edge of the bed and doing her from behind, smashing into her while those giant tits swung around underneath her.

Our conversations usually ended with each of us lost in fantasy about the other’s guy, our eyes glazed over with the temptation and excitement of sex with a new man. Sometimes we would lose control and rub our pussies while we talked about it. Finally, we came up with the idea of swapping. It was sort of a joke at first, but after a while it became a goal for us. There were some challenges, we both agreed.

Should we approach the boys with our swapping scenario? Anna Nicole is a centerfold-quality knockout blonde with an incredible body and huge tits. Oh, how I wish God had given me a body like hers! Guys are always falling all over themselves when she’s around. I was sure that Dave secretly would have loved to fuck her anywhere, anyhow.

I had seen him steeling glances at her naked body when she got out of the shower. Or losing his concentration when she padded around the apartment in her underwear.

But Ray was his buddy, and would Dave risk straining their relationship? In fact, would it strain Dave’s and mine?

We decided to take a calculated risk and pose the swapping question to them. We weren’t married, and the possibilities were just too enticing. If it was going to be sex with someone else, who better than a close friend? If the suggestion was rejected or anyone insulted or hurt, we could just claim it was a bad joke.

Instead, the boys were ecstatic by the idea. I’m not sure if it was something they had ever talked about, but they decided in no time to accept our offer. In once small sense, I was surprised that David would so willingly allow another man to take me. That he could bear the thought of my sucking another man’s cock, or having it buried in my pussy.

But I knew that Ray was family to him. He knew Ray would never hurt me, because I was like family to him, too. And he felt, I later learned, that if I wanted to be with another man, to get it out of my system, then that man should be Ray. He also knew that Ray would take the secret to the grave with him, as Dave would for Ray.

I was very excited, and scared as well. It had been so long since I’d been with another man. And I’d never done the things I had with Dave with any other guy.

When I first met Dave, I was just 18. My high school boyfriend, John Porter, had never tried anything more than kissing and some petting with me. I might have gone further, but I’ll never know. He didn’t try – the wimp. I was a virgin.

When I met David, I was excited but frightened. kaçak iddaa He was so much fun, so sexy and charming. He loved to sing. I wanted him bad, in a way that I just couldn’t understand. But I knew he’d been with girls and I didn’t know what to do at all. How could I ever please him?

He was so incredibly patient with me though, never pushing me to do things I felt uncomfortable with. It was four months before we went all the way. But then we made up for lost time, and I found myself something of a nymph after all.

I’ll never forget the first time he made me cum. We were in his bed laughing and playing after partying a little at the campus pub. I was feeling light and uninhibited. Dave was kissing me and playing with my breasts. I lifted my shirt to give him better access and he squeezed my breasts together and licked my nipples. I felt myself getting strangely wet and starting to tingle inside.

I told Dave to do what he wanted, but not to penetrate yet. I just wasn’t emotionally ready. He smiled knowingly at me and pulled my pants down, pushing my underpants aside. With his hands still on my nipples, squeezing and pulling them, he began to lick my pussy. It was so nasty, and yet so erotic all at once, and he really loved what he was doing. He held my pussy lips wide and licked all around the inside of my slit. Then he took my clit on his mouth and sucked on it. This new experience was making me shake all over.

Soon he was rubbing my pussy lips with his fingers while his tongue continued to lavish attention on my clit. I stroked and squeezed my own nipples. Suddenly it began to happen.

I had this feeling, like a tingle in my body that started to become a raging fire. It wasn’t just in my clit, but in my stomach, my legs and arms, my neck. The feeling became more intense with each second, with each stroke of his tongue. Finally, it was like a torrent of pins and needles flooding my system, overwhelming me.

“Oh my God, ” I moaned, turned on even more by hearing my own desire-filled voice.

“Oh . . . .my . . . .Goooooddddd . . . . .” My body shook like the bed was vibrating, my breath coming in spurts as the full force of the orgasm hit me. Dave kept licking my clit until I pushed him away, catching my breath and collecting my thoughts after this, my first orgasm. It made me angry at every boyfriend before him, who never gave me this unspeakable pleasure.

“Fuck me,” I begged him, at once scared and unimaginably lustful.

“What?” he asked, wonderfully surprised, yet cautious. “But Terry, you just said . . . I don’t want to take advantage of the moment . . .”

“I know what I just said, baby. That was before you gave me the most unbelievable feeling I’ve ever had in my life. Now I know that it’s time, and I want to feel you inside me.”

Dave took off his shirt and threw it aside, as I stripped off my remaining clothing. When he pulled out his cock, I gasped – I’d never seen one so close before. It was so long and thick, with throbbing veins running up the smooth shaft. I wondered what it would feel like inside of me. Would it hurt? I was about to find my answer.

Dave spread my legs apart and lubricated himself with the juices flowing freely from my pussy. Then he stuck just the swollen mushroom top of his cock in me. It seemed to go in easily enough. Then he pushed himself in, just a little at a time.

Finally, he sank his entire cock into my pussy, breaking my cherry at last.

“Ah – ah –oh.” I cried, a mixture of pleasure and pain seizing me. Dave gently pistoned in and out of my pussy, now stretched to accommodate him. I had never had such a feeling of fullness in me. I looked into his eyes as he held himself gracefully over me.

Slowly, but oh so surely, my brain cells began to catch up with what my body was feeling. They became saturated with desire, with the desire to be fucked!

“Fuck me harder,” I pleaded. It feels so fucking good. Fuck me . . . ” I was a girl no longer, and the woman in me needed his cock – badly.

David grabbed my ass and squeezed it as he plunged his shaft deep inside of me. I could literally feel the tip of his cock make contact with my cervix. Every time he pulled out and then thrust in, waves of pleasure shot through my body. Then that feeling started to build again. But this time it was different. This time, I felt it all over, from my toes to my forehead.

“Baby – I think – I think I’m going to cum again. It feels – it feels so very intense – so absurdly intense.”

“Let it wash over you,” Dave coached, his voice thick with passion. “Let it consume you. Don’t think about it – just be in the moment.”

Somehow, even without experience, I knew what he meant. The feeling was truly like waves washing over the shore, but more concentrated with each thrust of his cock.

I was finally on the verge of coming, and David could tell. I threw my head back and my mouth opened involuntarily. At that very moment, David took his finger and just lightly rubbed the outside of my asshole, without even penetrating.

That kaçak bahis was all I could take. The feeling was more powerful than anything I had ever experienced. As my climax came, my body was wracked with orgasm. I shook as if feverish, wailing uncontrollably.

“Oh . . . . Oohh . . . .OOOHHH . …. MY …. GOD!!” I managed to scream, as the feeling immersed every pore. Fluids gushed from my pussy as never before. Saliva even formed at the corners of my mouth. My head shook from side to side.

Within moments, I watched as David withdrew the instrument of pleasure from my pussy, and it spurted its liquid love all over my stomach and breasts, leaving a white trail from my pubic hairs to my neck.

That was our first time making love. After that, I could hardly stand to be out of David’s reach. I learned to love sucking his cock, and doing so many things in different ways.

I’ll never forget the first time we made anal love. He had gotten me so hot and horny, that by the time he shoved his cock in my ass, I was begging for it – and it felt sooo good.

And now, here I was, on the verge of making love to another man – the first and only since David. I could feel the excitement building within me.

I hoped Ray would be pleased by me, though I knew he would. We’d often flirted in fun, and a girl can tell these things. I was so aroused at the thought of my boyfriend fucking my best friend. It would be a story we’d still be talking about when we were old enough for the nursing home.

Better still, we’d be doing it at the same time in the boys’ apartment. Only a thin wall separating us. I wondered if we’d be able to hear each other talking, moaning, cumming.

I prepared myself for Ray. I carefully applied perfume to my neck, pussy and inner thigh. Then I put on my tight shimmering red dress, with no bar or panties underneath. Ray had seen me in this dress before and complimented me on how I looked wearing it. Let’s just say it left little to the imagination – which was just how I wanted it.

When I called out to Ray, I readied myself on the bed. He might feel uncomfortable if I was standing when he came in.

I sat waiting for him. Ray came in to the room, smiling and, I could tell, quite embarrassed.

I got up and went to him. “Ray,” I told him, “I know this is going to be a little uncomfortable at first for both of us. But, so you love me?”

He hesitated a minute at the question. “Yes, of course I do Terry, you’re one of my best friends. And I don’t want anything to change that.”

“It won’t,” I assured him. “But let’s have some fun, get a little something out of our system. And as long as we’re doing that, there’s no one in the world I’d rather do it with than my best guy friend in the world.”

Ray smiled warmly. He was touched. “Well now, ” he teased. “Let me have a look at the goods then.” He walked around me, checking out my dress.

“You look damn good, Terry. Damn good.”

I did my best to look seductive as Ray encircled me. Coming around my front, he took me in his strong arms and kissed me. As our tongues met, the pent-up anxiety of what we were doing began to melt away. We became two people highly attracted to each other, two lovers about to reveal our bodies and souls to one another.

After a few minutes, Ray pulled down the top of my dress to reveal my breasts, which he carefully held as he kissed my neck. “I know they’re not as nice as Anna Nicole’s.” I whispered, a little self-conscious of my body for the first time.

“They’re perfect, Terry,” Ray replied. “You’re perfect.” I kissed him even harder.

Ray reached around and held my ass cheeks in his strong hands. I was getting so hot at this point, I wanted to fuck him right then and there, but I knew I should be a little more patient. Instead, I just helped him remove his shirt.

He was so handsome, with strong, defined chest and shoulders and washboard abs. He even smelled good. I slowly kissed down his chest and stomach, then helped him undo his jeans. What I saw shocked me – literally took my breath away.

Ray’s cock was huge, the biggest, most imposing thing I’d ever seen. I swear, it was like a baseball bat. It must have been ten inches long and as wide around as a can of tennis balls. And speaking of balls, Rays looked like two ping pong balls in a sack of flesh. They hung like ripe fruit against his muscular thighs. Anna Nicole teasingly bragged that Ray had a big cock. She didn’t tell me he had a cannon, though. No wonder he was afraid of putting it in her ass.

I was impressed. My mind could barely comprehend a cock so large. It seemed against the laws of physics. Looking at the cock must have caused some kind of primitive chemical reaction in me, because I felt my self literally begin to drool. But the last thing on my mind was fear.

Ray looked at my face for a sign of regret, for a sign of uncertainty. There was none.

Sliding me face down Ray’s torso, I took his massive tool in both hands and began to stroke it lightly, while I let illegal bahis just the tip of my tongue dance over the huge mushroom head. I didn’t know how much I could fit into my mouth, but I was going to give it my best shot – and hope for Ray’s!

Up and down I went, my head bobbing on his flesh pole while I did my best to get it soaking wet. Ray threw his head back as the feeling of pleasure swept over him. I gently massaged his balls and asshole as I slurped his cock.

Ray held my hair out of my eyes as I greedily lapped at his gorgeous cock. I could hear soft moans coming almost involuntarily from him. He watched my full lips bend back as my mouth accommodated more and more of his cock. Finally, it was hitting the back of my throat, while still only about half way in my mouth! My pussy was dripping into my underpants, I was so excited.

“Oh my God, Terry,” Ray gushed in surprise. “You must have no gag reflex at all, Anna Nicole could never take me down this far. It feels so good . . . “

I just smiled up at him and blew him with no hands, while both of my hands held and caressed his large balls. Ray was loving it, but didn’t want to waste his load down my throat, so he pulled out and lifted me up, taking my hand like a gentleman to help me stand.

Turning me around, Ray bent me over and placed his huge mushroom shaped cock head at the entrance to my pussy. I turned around and looked at him, anticipating how that monster would feel inside of me.

“Go ahead Ray,” I encouraged him, “stick that big, beautiful cock inside of me. Make me cum.”

Ray placed just the head inside. I gasped for a moment, allowing my vagina to stretch open for him. I was so wet though, that within moments he had his whole ten inches buried inside of me. The feeling was indescribable, like being filled with a water balloon. I

Could feel it throughout my body, sending shivers out like tentacles from an octopus.

“Oh Lord Ray,” I shrieked, “I can’t believe how . . . good this feels . . . I’ve never . . . felt anything like it . . . in my life.”

Once Ray was comfortable that he wasn’t hurting me, he began to piston in and out of my wet pussy. He started out slow, pulling almost all the way out before driving back in. It gave my body the sensation you feel when you are driving up a steep hill, then reaching the top and driving down a steep downhill.

It was then that Ray did what Anna Nicole told me he would, took control. He put his hands on my shoulders for support, and began to slam in and out of my stretched pussy. Did I say hard? He was fucking me like his balls were on fire and he was trying to use the breeze to put them out!

My body was just overwhelmed by the sensations traveling through it. I started to drip sweat off of my back, my pussy juices flowing copiously down my legs.

I could feel and hear Ray’s balls as they slapped the back of my ass with each powerful stroke. Slap – slap – slap. Now I knew what girls meant when they said their boyfriend was fucking the shit out of them.

Ray was a machine, I swear. He didn’t slow down, he didn’t stop, he didn’t tire. He was the fucking terminator. My knees got weak as my orgasm began as a ripple and quickly escalated to a flash flood.

“Ahhhh . . . . Ray . . . . I’m cumming . . . . so hard,” I screamed. “Nnnn . . . . mmm”

Once I came down off my climax high, I sat down a moment to recover. But I had another mountain I wanted to climb.

“Ray,” I asked shyly, “Would you do something for me?

“Sure Terry, name it.”

“Would you lick my asshole, I just love how it feels.”

Ever the obliging lover, Ray kneeled down between my legs and softly licked my clean asshole. As it loosened up a bit, he began to stick the tip of his tongue inside a little.

“Oh Ray . . . Ray . . . that’s feels so nice baby.”

I reached over to my night table as Ray was concentrating on the wonderful feelings he was giving my asshole, and pulled out the tube of anal-ease that David and I rely on. Ray looked up and I handed it to him.

“Put some of this on your cock, Ray. It’ll make things go smoother,” I winked.

“Terry . . . honey,” he hesitated, “I may be too big for anal sex. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I’ll let you know if you’re hurting me Ray . . . and who knows, maybe I like to be hurt,” I cooed.

Ray slathered the super-slick lubricant on his cock, which took probably half the tube, and put the tip of his man-monster against my asshole. I began to rub my clit, sending shivers through my legs and stomach.

Ray obviously knew what he was doing. He put just part of his cock head in my asshole. As it stretched a bit, he fed more of his cock head in. Finally, Ray had his entire fat cock head in my asshole, and he just left it there as I rubbed my clit even harder.

Slowly, slowly, he began to slide his shaft in my asshole. I gasped, as the telephone poll sized cock began to fill me up.

“You OK Terry?” Ray worried.

“It’s incredible Ray – just keep going.”

It was a new sensation for me, being filled up this way. I was sure the human asshole was not intended to envelop something this large, and my nerve endings had to adjust to this new sensation. But once they did . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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