Friend with Benefits

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I can’t take it anymore. I have to see you. I have to take the risk. The sun has just gone down. I grab my keys and jump in my car. I drive down those familiar streets that I have driven on so many times in the past. Except this time it is different. This time I am heading to see my dirty little secret. My friend with benefits…..many benefits.

I turn down your block and park 3 houses down from yours. I grab my cell phone and send you a coded text. One that says “I am here.”

Your response is, “are you crazy?” Knowing that your husband and kids are all in the house, I know that it is the craziest idea I have ever had. Trying to have my way with you while your family is so close.

I sneak up the side of your house and wait by the side door. You slowly open the door and step outside carrying a bag of garbage. Obviously the excuse you used to go outside. I grab you around the waste and pull you to me.

You almost scream out loud, but my mouth covers yours and I kiss you hard and deep. The lust and passion is overwhelming. At that moment, I don’t care who sees us. I feel you sinking into me. You are surrendering to your passion.

You start kissing me back…hard. You are ramming your tongue deep into my mouth. We are breathing like a couple of marathon runners at the end of a race. I reach up and grab one of your huge tits and bahis firmalar─▒ start massaging and pinching your nipple.

You are running your hands through my hair and down my back. All the while your husband and kids are walking past the window that is just above where we are standing.

I rip open your bathrobe and am glad to see that you are naked underneath. I bend down and take your nipple into my mouth, sucking and twirling my tongue around your areola. I drop to my knees and slowly start kissing down your stomach.

I can smell your juices and I reach my hand up to take a sample. You are on fire and your pussy is streaming juices down the sides of your legs. I run my finger up and down your slit and slowly stick my finger inside you.

You bite down on your lip to try and keep from moaning out loud. I pull my finger out and stick it into my mouth. You taste like sweet nectar. You pull your right leg up and place it over my shoulder. I reach down and find your sweet pussy with my tongue. Reaching up and spreading your lips, I slip my tongue as far into your pussy as I can.

You are grabbing the back of my head and pulling me into you. I clamp my mouth over your pussy and start sucking. I move up to your clit and suck it into my mouth. I start flicking it with my tongue and nibbling on the soft folds of your vagina. This is driving ka├žak iddaa you crazy.

You are thrusting your hips forward in a fucking motion and ramming your pussy into my mouth. I hear you take a short gasp of breath and then you start vibrating. You aren’t moving except for the vibrations coming from your pussy. Then, like a dam opening the flood gates, you coat my face with your juices. I try to lick up as much as I can, but there is just too much. You are creaming all over my face.

As you come down from your orgasm, I slowly kiss my way back up to your lips. We have another kiss as you lick your juices from my mouth. I can’t believe that I just ate your pussy with your husband walking around next to the window. You realize that we could be spotted at any moment, so you grab my hand and we sneak to the back of the yard just behind the garage.

You spin me around and push me back into the garage and start ripping at my jeans, trying to tear them off of me. I grab the buttons and unhook my waistband. You grab the top of my jeans and slide them down to my ankles. Dropping to your knees, you take my dick all the way into your mouth.

I can hardly stand up, you are sucking with such force that I think you are going to suck my insides right out of the tip of my dick. You pull my dick out and with your tongue, start licking all over. Kind of like ka├žak bahis a big lolly pop.

You reach up and cup my balls in your hand and pull them into your mouth. You are twirling your tongue around and gently sucking one then the other into your mouth. You stick out your tongue and lick from the base to the tip, then opening your mouth wide, you swallow all of my dick and slam your face into my lap.

Attacking my manhood with all the passion and lust of a prisoner that hasn’t been with a human in years. I can’t take it anymore. My balls tighten up and I feel the tingling sensation running up the back of my legs.

I grab your head and shove all of my dick into your mouth. The first blast goes right down your throat. You pull my dick out of your mouth and the second blast hits you right on the bridge of the nose. You grab my shaft and start stroking the rest of my cum from deep within my balls. My dick pumps more of my cum onto your face. You are licking and slurping my dick trying to get all of my cum into your mouth.

You sit back and lick your lips, trying to get all the leftover juices that were splattered across your face. Wondering what you are going to do about my cum all over your face and hair, I decide to help you out. I love the taste of my own cum, and I start licking my semen from your cheeks and forehead.

After a few minutes, you are ready to go back into your house and face your family. One more deep kiss, and I jump over the fence, heading back to my car. I wonder when I will next meet my special friend with benefits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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