Friday Night

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So, it’s Friday night and I’m getting dressed to go to the club. I take special care because tonight I’m going to find a woman and have sex with her. I need it badly. I’ve been celibate for too long and I’m tired of masturbating myself to sleep every night. So, I choose my clothes carefully.

First my underwear.

Silk? Definitely.

Black? Yes.

Revealing? Oh yes!

I want her to drool over me as I make my approach. A black bustier with a bra that leaves my nipples uncovered. It hooks in front and reaches to my navel with long stocking fasteners attached. My panties are brief so that my cunt hair peeks over the top. Sheer stockings complete the first phase. On top I choose a silk suit, dark blue, cut fairly mannish to match my feelings. Tonight I will be the dominant partner. Under the jacket I wear nothing so that my tits are partly exposed. The skirt reaches halfway down my thighs and I know that when I sit it will ride up giving the girl a glimpse of my panties. A pair of strappy black sandals with 3 inch heels and I’m almost ready. Dark red lippy and dark eye shadow. My hair piled high. God! I look fucking sexy!

As I walk into the club the heat and the sexual tension hits me. It’s a gay club with a very liberal policy as to the activities that its clientele indulge in. The dance floor is crowded with couples, both men and women. They are dancing, fondling, kissing, rehearsing the sex that will surely follow soon. In the alcoves round the floor some couples are already deep in the throes of love making, oblivious to all around them, lost in their passion, their raw lust for their partner of the moment. I see one girl suddenly drop to her knees and bury her face in her partners’ cunt. My nipples stiffen at the sight and my cunt oozes juice into my panties.

I walk to the bar and order a large vodka and tonic and as I sip it I gaze around, reveling in the sheer pleasure of being in such a sex charged atmosphere, knowing that soon it will be my turn to be satisfied, my turn to release the built up tension that racked my wanting body. I notice a young casino şirketleri girl standing along from me. Tall, short red hair, a voluptuous figure barely concealed beneath her skin tight red dress, her nipples plainly visible and her mound outlined clearly. She catches me staring and smiles. Her tongue licks along her full, kissable lips and I know that she is the one. I move closer. Introduce myself. Her name is Jo and we talk for a while, hands touching hands, knowing what will follow as sure as night follows day.

We move to the dance floor, arms round each other. Her head falls to my neck, her lips brushing me softly, my flesh burning to her touch. I stroke her back from the shoulders down to the cheeks of her tight bum. My hands cup the cheeks, pulling her hips into mine, grinding her cunt against mine. She turns her face and our lips meet for the first kiss, soft, gentle, tender at first, until the passion and lust take over and we devour each other, tongues dancing. Our hands now take on a life of their own, exploring, touching, stroking, teasing, working each of us up to a fever pitch. I must have her and soon.

“I want you, Jo,” I whisper.

“Yes. But not here. I want you to myself.” Her mouth so close to my ear that the words are almost inside my brain.

“Yes, my love. Anywhere you say,” I whisper back. “Do you have somewhere particular in mind?”

“I have a place near here,” she says. “It’s private, secluded and we can do whatever we want.”

She won’t take me there yet. She teases me, making me stay with her on the dance floor, making love to me with her hands and lips, driving me wild until I fear that I will orgasm right there. I burn and ache for her. She is a witch, casting me into the darkest realms of lust and wantoness. I will do anything this girl tells me I know. Gone is the dominance that I had envisaged. I am now a slave to my desires, entrapped by her, needing her to release me, free me from this burning, aching wanting.

Suddenly, without any warning, she takes my hand and leads me quickly to the door.

“Are we leaving now?” I casino firmaları stutter.

“Yes. It’s time. Follow me.”

Blindly, obediently I follow her across the dark car park till she stops at a car, unlocks the doors and tells me to get in. I slide into the passenger seat and as I do my skirt rides up high over my thighs, showing my stocking tops. Her hand strokes my thigh and touches the bare flesh just above the stocking. I moan and try to slide down onto her hand but she pulls away and starts to drive. In a few moments we pull into the driveway of a large house, set back amongst trees and surrounded by lush gardens. Silently we get out and walk to the door. Inside she grabs me and pushes me back against the wall, her hands tearing at my jacket, ripping it off to expose my tits and the nipples distended and red with longing. Her mouth surrounds one and sucks it in deeply as I grab her head and push back against her. As her tongue lashes my nipple I feel the first wave of my orgasm hitting and I scream out loud as shock after shock takes me.

After a moment she pulls away and gazes at me.

“Oh my darling. You needed that, didn’t you?”

“Jo, my sweet, you have no idea how much!”

As we walked further into the house I told her how long it had been since my last time with a real woman and she gasped and said that she couldn’t possibly have lasted so long without sex. We finally found ourselves in a large lounge with two or three large sofas and we sat. She poured me a drink and we talked. Told each other all about ourselves, our lives, our hopes, our secret desires. It was like I’d known her for years and I felt no embarrassment sitting there with my tits open to her gaze.

“Now, my darling Carole. Now we are going to make love. Slowly, lovingly, tenderly.”

Her words set me afire again and I reached out, took her face in my hands and kissed her softly on the lips. Her fingers found my nipples and we kissed deeply. I pulled down her dress and her magnificent tits fell into my waiting hands. They were firm, full, capped with dark red nipples that stood güvenilir casino out proudly, inviting my mouth to suck at them. I needed no formal invitation and I hungrily took one into my lips and sucked it hard, my teeth nibbling and scraping it. She moaned and writhed against me as I alternated between each of her tits, licking round the aureoles, sucking, nibbling.

“Oh, Carole,” she moaned. “You are driving me wild. Kiss me all over. I want your tongue on me, in me.”

I slowly moved down her body, pulling her dress down as I did until it slid over her hips and I threw it onto the floor. My mouth was kissing her tummy, my tongue diving in and out of her navel, my hands still playing with her nipples. I reached her mound, smooth, shaved, glistening. Almost roughly I pulled her legs open and gazed in awe at her beautifully formed cunt. It was the most wonderful sight, with dark red outer lips and pinker inner ones. The hood that normally covers the clit was withdrawn and I could see the little bud shining wetly with her juice. My mouth brushed against her and she trembled, sighed and pushed my head in hard to her hips. My mouth was suddenly engulfed by her hungry cunt and she writhed against me , fucking my face and screaming as she came. I drank her, sucked her, licked her, loved her and she came again, a smaller one this time. I pulled away, climbed back up and kissed her full on the mouth, giving her a taste of her own cum juice. She licked my face as though she couldn’t get enough of it.

“Now, Jo. Let’s do it together.”

I stood, stripped off the rest of my clothes and fell on her, my cunt on her face, hers on mine. Like hungry animals that hadn’t been fed we ate each other. I pushed fingers into her cunt as I sucked and she did the same to me. We were totally lost in lust. In what seemed like seconds we were cumming together, writhing around so much we fell to the floor in a heap. It continued all night, sometimes tender, sometimes rougher. We explored our deepest, darkest fantasies, including inserting fingers into arses as we fucked. We talked. We talked so much, and loved so much.

It wasn’t going to end here. We both knew that. This was to be the first of many, many nights of passion. This was the beginning of our journey into our inner selves. Life would never be the same again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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