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Freshman Year Roommate Pt. 22

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Everyone is over 18 years of age

John went away for his officer training. It was inevitable, but I still dreaded it. If you’ve fallen madly in love and spent every day with someone, only to have some separation forced on you, you know the feeling. So as he was very busy with his training, I threw myself into preparing for law school. As the actual start of classes approached, I got my books and early reading assignments. That was plenty to keep me busy, and it really helped. Regular calls with John helped, too.

Those calls actually were pretty tame, considering how we tore up the sheets when we were together, although we’d sometimes be a little playful. I’d tell him how he had the hottest ass in the Army. He’d ask if I’d taken a survey. And sometimes he’d tease me. He told me about this one Pakistani-American officer he worked with who had beautiful skin color and an ass that was amazing. I’d pretend to be offended, and we’d end up laughing together.

Some days felt like they dragged on forever, but most days, I got so lost in my work that they flew by. Well, okay, with the occasional breaks to lie on the bed and stroke out a load while I imagined my hot man was there with me.

Finally, finally, finally, the day came. He was coming home. He had a short break before he was deployed to his first post. Yes, as much as I wanted to see him and hold him again, that news was going to be part of this visit–where were they going to send him? With the Army, it could literally be the other side of the world. But I tried not to fixate on that. I wanted to focus on the happiness of seeing him again.

He could only give me a rough idea of when he’d get back, within a couple of hours. So I went downstairs and sat in the lobby with one of my books. Constitutional Law (we call it “Con Law”). Not the lightest reading, but it would require me to focus, so maybe that would be a good distraction.

When I got down there, I spread out on the lobby couch. It was across from Phoebe’s office, so I said hi. She smiled. “What brings you down here, handsome?”

I smiled back. “Just waiting for someone.”

“Oh, I see! Would this be your fiancé?”


“Good for you, hon. You must be so excited!”

“Yeah, I am. It’s been so tough to be apart.”

She smiled, and then she said she’d leave me alone to read.

It still was a while. I looked up every time I heard someone coming through the lobby door. Each time was excitement and then disappointment, until finally, this vision in green came walking in. That uniform didn’t even show off his best curves so well, but that didn’t stop him looking very hot.

I tried to be nonchalant, just to tease him. I didn’t put the law book down. Just looked up and said, “Hey, soldier, new in town?”

He smiled that radiant smile of his. “They warned me about ambushes in training.”

“Too late! I’ve spotted you out in the open.”

He walked over, and I tossed the book aside.

He sat down next to me, stroked my hair and said, “god, I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you, too, babe!”

And we were kissing. Suddenly, I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, that Phoebe was out of her office and leaning on the counter in front of it.

We stopped kissing, and she said, “Oh, don’t stop on my account. I do love my soap operas.”

We both started laughing. I said, “You’re the worst!” and laughed some more.

She laughed, too. “Oh, come on! I’ve waited three months for the big reunion!”

We both laughed. Then John, ever the smooth one, got up and went over to Phoebe. He leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “How’ve you been, Feebs?”

“Doing just fine, thanks. I’ve tried to keep Jess out of trouble, but you know what a wild man he is when you’re not around to supervise.”

He said, “Why am I having trouble picturing that?”

“Well, he’s wild about his studying.”

“Now that sounds more like him!”

“But I did hear that he and some hot guy put a mark on the ceiling over the tub with a champagne cork a few months ago.”

John looked to be blushing a bit.

She added, “Well done, boys.”

And John said, “Okay then, I suppose we should head upstairs to chat and discuss current events.”

She laughed. “Yes, you do that.”

With that, we headed for the elevator. As the door closed, I pushed the button for the seventh floor and then moved in close. He smiled. “Remember, there’s a camera in here.”

I smiled back, grabbed him, ran my hands to his ass, and kissed him deep. I didn’t care. Let Phoebe have her little thrill, if she wanted!

As the door opened on 7, I gave a little wave to the camera, and we headed to the end of the hall, back to our home. We were inside in a flash, and we were saying how much we’d missed each other, never really stopping making out as we did.



“You know, there are lots of hot men in the Army.”


“And not one of them was of interest. All I needed was you.”

And our lips were mashed together again, kissing like Bodrum Escort horny teenagers, our tongues finding each other.

We broke the kiss for a moment, and he panted, “I’ve needed you for so long. Please put that hard cock in me! I need it and your loads!”

I went back to kissing him and started pulling his clothes off as we awkwardly walked to the bedroom. Awkwardly, because we were turning as we moved, one of us walking backwards–or both of us sideways–as we went. That and stripping off clothes at the same time, trying not to trip as the pants came off.

Once we were naked, I looked him up and down. “Big dick there, stud. Are you sure you don’t want to be in me?”

He shook his head. “No, I know what I need, and I need you to take me!”

I threw a towel on the bed to try to keep things a little neat this time, and we quickly jumped on it.

It’s funny. In my head, I’d planned to admire him in his uniform again–he did look amazing that way–but I guess my horniness overwhelmed me! Not that I had anything to complain about.

We were kissing and running our hands over each other. Since way back in freshman year, I’d never gone so long without him. Three months was an eternity, but now I had him back.

As we were kissing, we wound up with him on top of me. I held his head in my hands, our mouths maybe an inch apart. I was so in love with this man! “I’ve missed you so much!”

“Prove it, stud! Make love to me!”

“Don’t you need time to… prepare?”

He got this interesting look on his face. I don’t know exactly how to describe it. Then he said, “I fasted yesterday.”


“I didn’t want anything to slow us down. And I think it worked. I feel ready to go!”

I went back to kissing him. He wanted this so bad he starved himself in anticipation of it?

I already had lube on the nightstand. Really, I thought maybe I’d be getting my ass pounded, but it still worked out fine. I reached for the bottle, and he took it, rubbing some over my dick. I gasped, “Take it easy, hon! I haven’t had anything but my own hand in three months. I don’t want to blow my load too fast.”

Then he smiled, poured some lube into his hand and reached back to work a little into his hole. If you’ve never seen a very hot man (and there’s none hotter than my man, if I do say so!) preparing himself to get fucked… well, let’s just say, it beats any porn I’ve ever seen!

Then he reached lower and took my throbbing dick in his hand. He slowly lowered himself and I felt the head connect with his hole. An “ohhhh!” escaped his lips as his continued lowering himself, the weight of his body helping push my dick inside him. It was so tight and hot in him! After three months without him, it was amazing I didn’t cum the moment I was in that tight hole.

He continued down my shaft until the whole thing was inside him. Then he looked down, smiled that gorgeous smile and said, “I can’t tell you how much I’ve needed this!”

He stretched both hands towards me, and I knew what he wanted. I intertwined my fingers in his, and he leaned further in, sliding up a little on my dick. Then he had my arms pushed back, and he said quietly but intensely, “I love you so much!” as he started moving up and down my shaft.

“I love you, too! But take it slowly to start. I don’t want to cum too fast!”

And he did. Slowly raising himself up and lowering all the way down. It was an athletic sexual performance, those powerful swimmer’s legs slowly making love to me. I was running my hands over him and was in paradise as my beautiful man rode me. His words echoed my thoughts: “Oh my god, I can’t believe how good this feels!”

And after another minute, “Oww, oww, oww!”

I was caught off guard. “What’s wrong?”

He yelled and was sort of laughing, too… “Charley horse!” and grabbed his thigh. Then he sort of rolled to one side as he lifted off me. He was grabbing his leg and rubbing it.

At this moment, I have to admit that I wasn’t the best partner… I started laughing, too. “This is so romantic!”

John said, “This is very nice. Your concern is so touching!” but I knew he wasn’t mad. He couldn’t suppress his own laughter.

“You’re such a stud, lying there, writhing in pain. What is the Army recruiting these days?”

And he laughed some more. “Bastard! I’ll get you for this!”

“Oh, be quiet, you, and roll over.” I straddled his leg, so I could massage the cramp. He moaned as I massaged, but not the fun kind of moaning. That didn’t matter, though. I was taking care of him, and relieving his pain was as important to me as great sex. “How’s that, hon?”

“That’s helping. Just not too deep. It really hurts!”

“Yeah, I think I’ve heard that before.”

He chuckled. “No, I like the other stuff nice and deep. You make that great!”

“Mmm,” and I rubbed my dick on his lower leg as I was straddling it, while I kept massaging his thigh.

“One thing at a time, stud!”

“Yes, sir! But I think your riding might be done for today.”

“Maybe, Bodrum Escort Bayan but a few more minutes of that wonderful massage, and I’ll be wanting that dick back inside me.”

I was glad he was as horny as I was!

I kept working on his leg, and I could feel the muscles loosening a bit. “You know, this is a sexy leg.”

He laughed. “Can you focus, please?”

“Not really. Have you ever felt how amazing it is inside you?”

“Umm, have I felt what it’s like to be inside myself? That seems like it would be challenging to accomplish.”

I dropped down, sideways next to him on the bed, and kissed him. “My hands are getting tired, big guy. Is that leg feeling better?”

“Yes. Thanks, babe. I think it’s going to be sore for a bit, but it’s definitely better. And from what’s pressed against me, your hands may be tired, but it seems another part of you is full of energy.”

I kissed him again. “Ready for more?”

“Yes, please! Want to do it face-down?”

I didn’t say a word. Just straddled that amazing ass of his, and I rubbed my hard dick in his crack. Then I pushed it down to tease his hole with the head, and he moaned and pushed back. I backed off, so he wouldn’t get what he wanted just yet. I was enjoying this! “Does the big stud need some dick?”

“Don’t tease me! You know I do!”

“Well, I don’t know. Last time I gave it to you, you jumped off mid-fuck. Maybe you’re not committed enough!” And I teased his hole again.

He was looking back at me and got this really amazing/dirty smile on his face. Then he did something I’ll never forget. He said, “yeah, tease my hole, babe. That feels so good!” as he ran his hands back to my ass. “Mmm, such a hot ass. I love how it feels in my hands.” And then he somehow managed to hold my ass with his powerful hands and, in one thrust, pushed back and pulled me hard, so he impaled himself on my dick. It was an amazing maneuver! Simultaneously, we both said something like, “Oh, fuck!” and then we were at it hard!

I couldn’t even be playful anymore. It was too intense. I started fucking that tight hole hard and fast. We weren’t doing our long, slow strokes now! It was a hard, slamming fuck. He was moaning, “Oh, fuck, Jess, yes! Oh, baby, that feels so good!”

I was just as verbal! “I’ve missed you! I love you so much! This is amazing!”

I was so glad for the bonus of our commitment… raw sex every time, nothing between us, as my flesh moved in his. I knew I had to be leaking of flood of precum into him as I kept slamming him and the wet sounds of our fucking filled the room, me thrusting into his guts and him pushing his ass back, so we met in hard collisions over and over and over.

I was glad I’d lasted this long, but I knew it wouldn’t last much longer. I was way too turned on by having my hot man back with me. “John, I’m going to cum soon!”

“Give it to me, baby! I’ve waited so long. Fill my hole! Give me your seed!”

I was grunting with each thrust as I felt my balls getting ready to spray a big load into him and my dick getting that little bit harder that happened as I was about to cum. “Gonna cum, babe!”

“Yeah, give it to me! I need to feel it!”

A few more thrusts, and I felt that all-over, tingling, intense orgasm sweep over me. Then that most glorious feeling, as long spurts of semen were shooting from my body into his. Each spurt was bigger than when I cum any other way, and it was all I could do to keep from collapsing on him right then. At the same time, he was saying, “Yes, give it to me! I can feel that flood in me! You’re so amazing!”

I couldn’t even respond, but I kept thrusting in him the best I could, as my dick kept pulsing out a giant load. Fuck, this was so great! I was practically shaking from the pleasure!

Finally, the waves of pleasure started to subside, and I laid on his broad back. It’s a rare man who could turn me on just from the shape of his back muscles–even if I wasn’t fucking him–but he had that, too. He was such a magnificent example of the male form!

I kissed his neck and shoulders and said, “that was amazing, my love.”

“For me, too!”

“But you didn’t cum, did you?”

“I don’t need to. My life was complete again when I felt you breeding me.”

“Sweet talker! But yes, you need to. I need you to! So how should we make that big dick of yours give up a load?”

He started to move under me, so I lifted up. He rolled over, and I dropped next to him on the bed. He was lying on his back, his big dick pointing up. He said, “how about a handjob?”

“After you let me breed that magnificent ass? That seems unfair. How about you get on top and fuck my mouth?”

“You sure you can take all this dick, roomie?”

I loved when he talked like we still were freshman roommates. Even though we’d come such a long way, there still was something exciting about thinking of those early days when he was the unattainable straight guy the school had assigned as my roommate. The one I wouldn’t even dare flirt with!

“I’m willing Escort Bodrum to try. I haven’t been with a lot of guys, so you may have to be patient with me.”

Then he switched gears and got right down face-to-face. Smiling at me but also looking incredibly horny, he grabbed my face in one hand, kissed me, and said, “I think you’re actually a cock-loving slut who wants every inch of my big dick.” Then we were kissing again, long and deep as I felt his dick pressing against my leg.

We broke the kiss, I groaned and said, “You may be right!” He smiled, and I slid down the bed a little. He stuffed a pillow under my head, and I watched the hottest man I’ve ever known straddle my chest.

“Yes, baby, give me that big dick!”

The playfulness set aside, we’d done this so many times and there was no hesitation. He moved up so the head of his big dick was on my chin. This was a moment I loved, looking up at this gorgeous man, naked, hard and towering above me. “My love, please give it to me. Put yourself deep in my mouth!”

No other words. He just slid forward, working his length into my mouth. I moved just right, so I could take it all. Before long, his balls were hitting my chin, and he was in my throat. Then out. Then back in, his long strokes letting me revel in the feel of that big, throbbing piece of meat using me for his pleasure. For our pleasure.

Each time he pulled back, I could taste him leaking on my tongue, and that made it even better! Oh, fuck, this was amazing. I was holding his ass as he thrust into my mouth. I couldn’t imagine much hotter than that. He normally had amazing staying power, but after three months without and the fucking we’d just done, I don’t think it was even five minutes before I noticed his balls pulled tight and his breathing changing. I knew the signs, and I was so turned on by the thought of what was about to happen! My own dick was hard again, but I wasn’t touching it. I knew there was more fun to come! So I made this just about his pleasure, no matter how much I was enjoying the act.

“Jess, I’m getting close.” I just went “mmm” around his dick. And he kept thrusting, even faster now. Then he said, “So good.” More thrusts. “Oh, fuck, here it comes, babe!” And he pushed deep, as I felt his dick swell more and give me pulse after pulse of his semen, firing it right down my throat. I was looking up as his muscular chest heaved and I felt each shot of cum traveling the length of his dick, to be swallowed by me. I held his ass tight, making clear I wanted him to stay right where he was, unloading in me. Shot after shot after shot, like his whole being was shooting into me as he moaned.

He nearly fell forward, grabbing the headboard to steady himself, as he slowly eased that dick back halfway, so I could taste some of his cum on my tongue. That also gave me a chance to take a deep breath of air. Fuck, this was so hot! I licked around the head of his dick and he shuddered. “Easy, hon! That was intense!”

I just moaned and clamped down on him and sucked that big head. He laughed, “Stop!” Then he pulled all the way out moved down and kissed me. Our tongues intertwined. He said, “I love how dirty you taste, with some of my load in your mouth.”

I wrapped an arm around his head, and we kept making out. As hot as our sex life was, I missed kissing and holding him even more! After quite a while, we finally moved to just lying there. I was running my fingers between his pecs, and I said, “So, are you going to give me an update?”


“Don’t be coy. You know what I mean. The update I’ve been dreading for ages. Where are they sending my man?”

“Oh, that. Well, I suppose you have a right to know.” I smacked his butt. “Oww!”

“Oh, please, I think I hurt my hand on that thing!”

He laughed. “Yeah, they told me where I’m being deployed. But just remember, no matter how far away I am, I always love you and always will come back.”

“John, just tell me.”

“Are you sure?”


“Okay, okay. I’ve been assigned to the far-off land known as…” I was going to kill him for these pauses. But I guess I taught him to be a smartass, so I deserved some of this. “… Fort Meade.”

I blinked and thought for a second. “Wait, Fort Meade. Isn’t that?”

He smiled. “Maryland. About a 45 minute drive from here.”

I think I may have screamed. I know I threw my arms around him. I was so happy. I kissed him and held him and yeah, maybe cried a little.

I said, “So what are they going to have you do?”

“Well, I can’t get into details.” I guess he saw the look on my face. “Really. A lot of it will be classified. And yes, I trust you with anything, including my life, but it’s better I don’t share this. If you don’t know, you can’t slip up. And there are other reasons. It’s just better we be strict about this.”

“Yeah, that’s fine. I get that. But can you give me a general idea?”

“Sure, I think that’s fine. I’m going to be working on systems security, to protect military and civilian electronic systems. That much, I can tell you.”

“Sounds like interesting work!”

“It is, and it’s why they wanted me. It’s why I got silver bars instead of gold,” referring to his higher starting rank. “I worked on some similar concepts in school, and they want me to help them build on that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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