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It was another one of those nights. I was out at one of the local bookstores, trying to cure my hunger for cock, and there seemed to be no good candidates. Let me tell you a little about myself. In all accounts, I’m straight. I love the way that a woman looks, sounds, feels, etc, but, as I am sure there is with many guys my age, I have this constant, seemingly undying desire to give head to men. Sounds stupid right? Well, as I found out from many chat rooms, I am not alone. Anyways, back to the sex…

Just as I was about to give up and drop a few bucks for a quick jerk off session, in he walked. He was about 6’2, sandy blonde hair, very athletic build, kind of like a la Crosse player. I had never seen him here before. He walked in and looked at a few of the “now showing” boxes on the wall and then began to wander the halls. I followed him and stood in the doorway to one of the rooms, signally my desire for some company. Seeing that I had already perused the hallways, unless he was looking for old or fat, I was in like Flynn. I myself am 23, about 5’10”, decent shape with no fat, etc. He walked back towards the room I was in and kind of hesitated at first and then walked in. THANK YOU GOD!!!

As we walked in, I locked the door and then put some money in the machine. I looked at him, and told him to watch what he wanted because I was here to suck some cock. I got on my knees in front of him and just as I was going for his fly he backed away from me and stopped me. I looked up at him and gave him a confused look. That’s when he told me his story.

It seems him and one of his buddies were at there apartment with these two girls and they had been smoking and drinking and the conversation had turned to sex. The guys had wanted to see the girls have sex with each other and the girls had agreed, on one condition. The guys had to give each other blow jobs. They guys, saying that they were straight, said no way, but came up with an idea that satisfied the girls… get another guy to suck them both Küçükköy Escort off. They didn’t mind getting blown by a guy because they could watch the girls, but he said there was no way that they were taking a dick into their mouths. And that brings us to where we are now.

This was an absolute fantasy of mine. Watching two (hopefully) hot college girls make out and go down on each other and getting to suck two hot guys off. What a turn around to my evening. And I thought I was going to have to jerk off alone tonight. 🙂

I agreed, but I told him that I would have to check out his cock to see if it was going to be worth the trip. He pulled down his pants, and his cock was like that of his body…perfect. He had lifted his shirt so that it was out of my view and I noticed that on his legs, his cock, his stomach, and his chest….he had no hair. CAN MY NIGHT GET ANY BETTER? Oh yeah, there’s going to be another cock and two hotties, so I guess it will. Anyways, back to his cock. Due to his nervousness, his cock wasn’t hard, but it was easy to imagine what it would be like when it was. He was about 5″ hanging flaccid. No wonder these girls wanted to see this. Yummy. I leaned in to take his cock in my mouth and he stopped me and told me to wait till we get back to his place. TEASE.

So, I followed him back to his place. It was only about 10 minutes away and when we got there, not much was said. As we walked to his apartment, he introduced himself as Cody. He asked if I would like any smoke or anything to drink when we get inside and I agreed.

We got to his apartment and we went inside. On the floor, sitting next to each other were two amazingly hot girls. They looked up wickedly and began to smile from ear to ear. I guess I can see why. You hear about girls being together all the time, but you don’t ever see guys together, especially for the entertainment of women. Anyways, I was introduced to them. Katrina was blonde, about 5’2″, swimmers body, very toned, I would Küçükköy Escort Bayan say about a size 3 with full b-cup size breasts. She had the most amazing pouty lips that I have ever seen with a great tan that accentuated her figure by giving her more definition. Jaime was a brunette, about 5’5″, nice college girl body; full c-cups that I could tell were as firm as my hard cock. She had a face that reminded me of Sarah Michelle Geller. Big eyes, innocent looking and I must say, the best ass I’ve seen in a while…you know the type, small, firm bubble butt, kind of like that of a sprinter. Anyways, they were just wearing some shorts and tank tops. God, I was going to love this.

Cody’s friend came back from the kitchen and I met him. He too was about 6’2″, maybe a little taller, black, excellent shape. He was introduced to me as Derrick. The girls handed me a joint and I started smoking. I passed the joint around and after we were all pretty blazed, I could see that the girls were already getting started. They were kissing each other, arms wrapped around one another and then Jaime looked at us and said, let’s all get naked. I am sure the guys, after seeing this, didn’t care what happened, because they immediately stood up and started undressing. I did so myself and then I noticed them. Both of the guys were now naked and almost completely hard. Derrick was about 8″ and thick as my wrist. Cody’s was not quite as thick, but still, thick, about the same length and delicious looking. The girls told me to get in-between them and start sucking them off so they could watch. I moved so fast, I was there before I even realized that I was moving.

I grabbed these cocks and began to stroke them. I stood between these two gods and made it so they could see the girls. They were grabbing on each other and Katrina was playing with Jaime’s pussy. They were sort of sideways kissing so they could watch the action. I took Cody’s cock into my mouth and heard him moan. I heard him say, “I Escort Küçükköy don’t care if this is a dude, his mouth feels great.”

I continued to suck him and stroke Derrick and then I switched taking Derrick into my mouth. He too let out a moan and said, “Damn, this feels good.”

I did this going back and forth and by now the girls and crawled up and was less than a foot away from me. They started asking the guys how it felt and they said they loved it. Then it got fun. Katrina said, “I want you all to treat him like one of those porn stars. Rub your cocks on his face, beat him with them, face fuck him, do it all. Then cum all over his face.”

Well this set them off. They started pulling me from one cock to the other, grabbing my head with their hands and face fucking me. They made me tilt my head back and they rubbed their rods all over my face and they kept slapping me with their gorgeous cocks. They kept calling me a dirty fag and the girls were rubbing on the guys and telling me to take more of their cocks in my mouth. I was just a toy for their sexual whims and I never wanted it to end. I got to suck on those magnificent cocks for over 15 minutes and then Cody grabbed my head with one hand and told me to open my mouth. The girls got really close and then he unloaded with squirt after squirt of his cum. It fell upon my face, my tongue and my chest and just as he was finishing, my head was whipped around by Derrick who came all over my hungry tongue and my face. The girls were so hot that they just fell onto the floor and went to town on each other. I sat there and watched as I cleaned myself up. After the girls were done, I noticed that the guys were starting to get hard again.

The girls said they had an idea. They sat me in the middle of the couch and had the guys stand on either side of me. They started giving me head as the guys once again face fucked me. I was in paradise. I came pretty quickly, as you can imagine and still got to suck these guys off too but the girls came up to help me finish them off.

I ended up staying the night and we all drank and smoked some more. We ended up becoming really good friends and whenever the smoke or drink puts us in the mood or whenever life just puts us in the mood, we get together, if you know what I mean. 🙂

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