Frank Seduces The Baby Sitter

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My name is Eve Colton. I’m 20 years old, and I’ve been told that I have a very provocative body. The men seem to like my 38DD breasts, and my long legs. All the guys my age are always asking me out. Went out with a few, but I like older men the best. I find that they can give the lady more pleasure, and they can last longer in the sack. I expressly like one guy, her Dad’s friend Frank.

Eve was watching the baseball game, one guy in particle. Frank is one of the hottest looking man there. Frank ‘is in his mid 40’s, with huge board shoulders, and a sexy, flat tummy. Eve looked up in the bleachers and saw Frank’s wife Ann. Eve knew some things about Ann, she was sure that Frank doesn’t know. I’ve lived next door to Frank and his wife for the last two years. I even watched his baby girl a couple times.

[the phone rings] “Hello…Yes Mrs. Witt… yes I can be there by 8… Okay goodbye” Eve said. I was going to be spending the night at Frank’s house taking care of his kid, while Frank and his wife was going to her parents in California. I pack a bag and knock on the door at 7:56. “Oh good I’m running late. Frank will be home around 11, would you six him something to eat. The guest room all ready for you. The baby’s sleeping. See you later” Mrs. Witt said, as she rushed out the door when the cab honk the horn.

I stood there, surprised but feeling glad that Frank wasn’t going. I went to the kitchen fix a quick dinner, left to keep warm in the oven, went upstairs to check on the baby. She was awake and wanting to play. I took her out of the crib, and brought her downstairs. We play for as hour when the doorbell rings. I pick up the baby to answer it. “Hello my dear, There’s my granddaughter. Would you be a dear and pack an over night bag for her, I want to have a sleep over with my granddaughter,” Grandma Witt asks. I ran upstairs to do it, and also call Frank, I couldn’t get a hold of him, but I knew that he wouldn’t mind. The last time he had told her that his mother can pick the baby up any time. I brought the bag down and off they went. I look at the clock, and saw that it was still a few hours before Frank would be home.

I sat on the couch and watch some TV, but that got boring, I went in Frank’s den and saw his massive video collection, when I started reading titles I knew that they were porn movies. One caught my eye titled “THE BABYSITTER DOES DADDY”. I put the tape in, and sat back to watch. I was so into the this canl─▒ bahis guy getting his cock suck by the babysitter, that I didn’t hear Frank come.

“Well Eve are you enjoying the show?” Frank asked.

“Oh yes, I was thinking about watching another when this one done,” Eve said.

“Thank you for cooking dinner for me, it was great” Frank said.

“Your welcome I like cooking for you” Eve said. Frank turn to leave when I told him that his mother took the baby for the night.

“Good. Where is Mrs. Witt?” Frank asked.

“She said she was going to her parents for the week. ” Eve said. Frank went up to get a shower. Frank wasn’t happy to hear that his wife went on that trip. He knew she wouldn’t be at her parents, she was spending the week fucking her Boss. Well two can play at this game. He’d have to be careful, but he knew who he wanted. He has watch her grow into the most provocatively, stack young woman. She was sitting downstairs watching his private tapes. Frank slide on his robe and went down. Eve look up when Frank walk in.

“Why don’t we watch this one” Frank said picking up the tape, and handed it to her. Eve reads the tape. “SEDUCING THE BABY SITTER”

“I noticed most of your tapes are about baby sitters, Why is that?” Eve asks. ” I’ve always wanted to fuck the babysitter” Frank said.

Eve turn to watch the screen. The scene show a older man with a enormous cock being suck by a very young girl. The girl had her hands tickling the mans balls, while his cock was sliding down the back of her throat. The man’s hand was slowly moving down to her pussy, while his other hand was cupping, and squeezing her tit. pinching her nipples. The next scene show the man lifting the girls legs onto his shoulders, and easing his cock in her pussy. Eve watch the guy pull his cock out and plunge back in. The man kept plunging his cock, then stiffen and erupted. That’s where the tape ended. Frank got up, went to the bar and grab the wine, two glasses, put the tape in. Frank handed Eve a glass of wine, and sat back in front of Eve on the floor.

“Spread your legs, so I can lean back” Frank said. Eve move her legs on each side of Frank. Using the remote Frank turn on the tape. Eve took a big sip of wine. She watch the scene unfold before her. It was Frank and his wife. “This was when we were first married, the sex stop when she started her job” Frank told her. Eve watch as Frank turn to face the camera. Eve gasped bahis siteleri when she saw Frank’s enormous, hard cock. Eve felt Franks hand caress her calf. Frank had turned his back to one of Eve’s leg, while he softly caressed Eve’s other leg. He heard her gasped. He knew the tape so well, that Eve had just saw his wife sucking him. With his other hand, he untied the belt on his robe, and stroked his cock. The hand on Eve, moved up her knee, and back down slowly. Eve’s eyes were glued to the scene, Mrs. Witt was bending over a chair, her head resting on the seat, her legs placed around the chair and her feet over the arms. When Frank had his hand squeezing the base of his cock. “Ohhhh your so huge” Eve said, not realizing she it a loud. “Does it make you want it”

“DEEP INSIDE YOU” Frank said harshly. Eve looked to see Frank was just an inch from her pussy. Frank lick Eve’s pussy lips. “Ooooooooooo…Oh God Yessssss…feels so good” Eve hissed. Frank grabbed Eve’s ass and roughly pulled her to his face. Eve felt Frank’s tongue fucking her. Eve grasps the seat cushions, and pushing her hips in his face. She felt the tingling building, burning hotter and hotter. When she climax, her hips arched, almost knocking Frank over. Frank wrap his arms around her, calming her, whispering. ” I want to taste those luscious tits. I want your pussy wrapped around my hard cock. And I want to film us fucking.

“Frank said , kissing the side of her neck, moving to her titties. Taking her nipples, and sucking them. “Yes. Oh Frank I’ve wanted you for a long time” Eve said.

“I’ve wanted you when you turned 18 years old” Frank said kissing her mouth. ” Come to bed with me” Frank said pulling Eve to her feet. Walking her up the stairs while was rubbing his cock up and down the crack of her ass. At Frank’s bedroom door, flattens her against the door.

“I’m going to slide my cock up your pussy so much tonight, that you’re not going to want another man’s cock touching you” Frank whispers, sliding his cock between her legs. “Open the door baby” Frank says, licking Eve’s neck. ” Climb on the bed, while I get the camera ready. ” Frank said. Eve layed back and watched Frank point the camera at the bed at her. She spread her legs and slide her finger up her pussy. Frank look thou the lens, and saw Eve, he watched her. His cock gave a jump. The cameras set, he walk over to Eve. Frank position Eve, and move her legs farther apart. Frank eased his cock bahis ┼čirketleri in Eve. Frank plunged his cock deeply.

“Oh your so tight” Frank said. Eve wrap her long legs around Frank, as he moves in her. Frank is trying to go slow, but she so tight that he’s having a hard time of it. Franks moves his hands up and cups Eve’s breasts, squeezing her firm, round melons. Frank knew Eve was ready to cum, his thrust his cock harder and faster up her pussy. As she was climaxing, he rubbed her titties and nipples hard. Eve squeezed her pussy muscle, it sent Frank over the edge and he exploded, filling Eve’s pussy.

Frank pulled his soft cock out, a little of his cum drop out. Frank lay back, waiting for the world to stop spinning. “Eve, Did I hurt you?” Frank asked. “No”

“When can we you do it again?” Eve asks. Frank turns on his side, caressing Eve. ” Lets cool off. I want to fuck you by the pool: Frank said as he helps Eve up. Franks grabs two towels and they go outside. He drops the towels and jumps in. Eve sits on the side, watching Frank. “Frank. I don’t want to hurt you, but your wife…” Eve says, as Frank puts his hand on her lips stopping her.

“Eve I know where my wife is, I don’t care, I have you. You are better in every way than her” Frank told her, as he sat down on the pool steps. Eve saw that Frank was sitting, with his cock out of the water. And he was getting hard. Eve move between Frank’s legs, and stroked his cock. She bend and lick his cock head, tasting a drop of cum. “Mmmm he tastes good” Eve thought to herself. Frank was getting his cock suck. He has wanting to feel her lips wrap around his cock. It was even better than he had fantasized. “Ooooooooo…suck me…deeper…yes…faster! OH, Oh. OH, OHHHHHH.”

“Stop baby, hold back a minute.” Frank said, breathing hard.

“I want inside you pussy” Frank said.

“Where?” Eve asked.

“Here” Frank said. Pulling her to the grass near the pool. Frank layed back and pulled Eve to him.

“Ride my cock Eve, Ride me hard, as hard as you can baby. I need you now. Wrap that hot juicy pussy around my cock. ” Frank said roughly. Eve lower her pussy onto Frank’s enormous cock, grinding him into the ground. Frank grabs her ass cheeks, squeezing and roughly pushing and pulling Eve on his cock. Frank flip Eve under him and plunged into her. Frank kept plunging deeply up in her until they climax together. When Eve got her breath back she kiss Frank. ” Get rid of your wife, because I’m not leaving your bed ever.” Eve stated.

“She won’t be coming back ever.” Frank told her.

“Let’s go inside and watch the tape we made” Eve said.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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