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Lisa Wong was a slut. She wasn’t quite sure how it had happened, but she was fairly sure it had something to do with wanting to be accepted by the cool kids when she got to the United States from her place of birth, China. She was smart enough to learn English quickly, but to fit in perfectly she had started letting the guys around her ‘take advantage’ in a way that made it clear that she was the one letting them do so.

That was back in sixth grade, the year when she lost her virginity. Six years later Lisa lived at a boarding school and was on top of the world. She was popular, attractive, and the various campus authority figures didn’t really have any idea about all the illicit activities that filled her time. The only problem was that she still had to actually go to classes and complete assignments. Her school’s faculty had apparently suddenly figured out that the majority of students were cheating their way through high school, and it seemed people were getting caught every other week. So Lisa had a problem actually doing her class work, as she had been one of the cheaters up until it became too dangerous to continue.

Then she realized a solution. Her femininity gave her power. If she offered herself to boys in exchange for their assistance writing papers, copies of their notes from class, and other mundane work, her problem would evaporate. Now she just had to find a boy who would be good for the task in each class. And it would have to be just one. If her papers mysteriously switched voices every week, one of the teachers would catch on and she could be suspended or expelled.

She tried to pick boys who were both weak in the girl department and not utterly revolting in appearance. No matter what, they wouldn’t be up to her normal standards, but she had a purpose to sacrifice for, and compromises could be made. Besides, one penis usually didn’t look too different from another. This would be a challenge to her seduction abilities.

Her first choice was a boy named Matt from her science class. He had accepted her invitation to study happily enough, and after about fifteen minutes of actual tutoring, Lisa was having trouble concentrating, and decided to make her move. She put her hand on his thigh, and Matt immediately stopped talking.

“Matt, I’m sure you’re at least a little familiar with my reputation.” He nodded. “Well, I don’t really want to be tutored. I would much rather that you do the work for me, give me your notes, things like that. I won’t bother asking what in particular you’d want in return, I know you’re not exactly an experienced deal-maker for things like this.

“Why don’t we translate this into money. I’ll give you two hundred “dollars” of services to do my Genetics work for me for the rest of the semester. The only thing I remain responsible for is tests and checking what you come up with to make it look a little more like my work and style.

“That two hundred works like this: five for a handjob, ten for a blowjob, twenty to fuck me, and twenty-five for anal. What do you think?”

Matt bit his lower lip. “What other conditions are there?”

“I want a B+ in the class. If you get me an A-, you get twenty-five extra, and A is fifty extra. Anything under B+ and you lose twenty-five per mark down. So don’t spend it all unless you’re confident of the grade, because I’ll get the cash from you not to mention let my friends know not to go to you next semester, when this could become a major pleasure career for you. Other than that…you can’t spend it all early on because then I don’t have any guarantee you’ll finish the job. We’ll figure out a monthly maximum or something.”

Matt had to ask, “Do you have any STDs?”

“Not that I know of. I make a lot of guys wear condoms to fuck me. The ones I don’t I know are clean, like you. I’m pretty careful. Most of my reputation comes from my oral skills, not from rampant fucking. Does that put your mind at ease?”

“Yeah. This sounds like a damn good deal. Lisa, you have a new business partner. Expect me to be talking to you when things are gonna be due for class.” She smiled broadly and impulsively pulled his face to hers for a quick kiss. She was standing up to leave when he disrupted that plan.

“Oh, uh, Lisa…” He pointed to his crotch.

“What can I do for you?”

“How about a blowjob for the first time?”

“My pleasure, partner.” She slid to her knees and reached to open his hidden treasures. His cock popped out and surprised her with the intensity of erection that he had gotten from simply talking about sex with her. Lisa was flattered, and far from disappointed with his size. Since they were in a fairly secluded portion of the school and it was late in the evening, she decided to reward him especially and removed her shirt and bra, unveiling her pert B-cups.

She leaned into his lap, and swirled her tongue around his cock, and then engulfed him. To keep her first ever employee pleased, she didn’t give him a quick blow that would have brought him off in a matter of a couple of minutes; she prolonged it and could halkalı escort tell that Matt was in extreme ecstasy.

Lisa’s head bobbed up and down very methodically, and Matt, having never received a blowjob before, was awestruck by the sensations running through his body. He could feel Lisa’s throat muscles working on him every time she took his full length into her mouth, past where he assumed she must feel the urge to gag every time he entered.

Whenever his head wasn’t thrown back in pleasure and he was able to concentrate enough to look down at her intensely focused operation, Matt was even further stimulated. Lisa’s round Asian features and smooth skin looked even better when they had just the slightest coating of perspiration and a tint of red from the blood rushing to her face as she became aroused. He also could look past her head to her exposed chest wobbling up and down with every stroke.

It was during one of these glances at Lisa’s body that Matt couldn’t hold back any longer. He burst the floodgates of his orgasm without warning Lisa that it was arriving. Taking his rush of semen completely in stride, she swallowed every drop and coaxed more out of him with careful use of her lips. Not a single pearl escaped her grasp.

“That was…amazing. Lisa, I had no idea how good a deal I was getting out of this. You can expect a high return on your investment.”

She smiled as she reassembled her outfit. “Good. Call me when you’d like the next payment.” She strolled out to find a ‘partner’ for the sake of her history class.

That partner was Phil. He was definitely ideal for this duty. He was a good student, she had seen some of his writing and it was quite nice (she would actually have to dumb down the vocabulary to keep the teacher off the trail)—but most importantly, he was definitely attracted to her. She had seen him check her out virtually every day in class.

She got him alone in the hallway after class and took him to an isolated corner to make the same pitch she had made to Matt the previous evening. “So whaddaya say, Phil? Any interest?” She gave him an alluring look and leaned closer to him as he stood against the wall.

Surprisingly, he didn’t collapse in an overwhelmed stupor. “I’m very interested, Lisa. There’s a few questions, though. First, what would the rate be if I wanted to bring a friend in on the action?” Lisa hid her shock well, and thought quickly. “By himself? Or with you at the same time?”


“For just him, anything would cost normal plus five. Together? It would be the cost of whatever you wanted to as if each act was a separate thing, with no extra charge for him. Think of it as a bulk discount.” The open, frank discussion of what Philip planned to do in this relationship was definitely turning Lisa on, and Phil’s pants were bulging.

He nodded. “Foreplay?”

Lisa smiled and cooed. “No charge for whatever you want to do to me before you make your ‘purchase’.” “And what if I want to go past my original budget by paying cash? Can I translate it directly into my account?”

Lisa’s eyes widened. Phil was completely in control. No shyness. She had approached him about business, and he was attacking the deal to his maximum benefit. She was undeniably turned on by the unexpected turn of events. “You can deposit directly, no problem.”

“We need to set a couple more prices. How much extra for you spending the night with me afterwards, sleeping in the same bed, naked?” She shrugged to hide her shiver of pleasure. “So small a favor would cost five.”

“Non-penetration fucking?”

“Any body part you can make it work, ten.”

“What if I stay inside long enough to cum again?”

“Five extra.”

“And if I start doing one thing and change gears to finish in another?”

“I charge for where you finish plus five, no matter how many changes.”

“I’d also like the base pay to be two-fifty instead of two hundred.”

“You’re that good?”

“I know that there’s no one else who fits what you’re looking for. You need a male who’s in the class, not getting any, competent, and won’t give away what’s going on. Your second pick options are…weak. Besides, this isn’t something you offer as payment because you’re repulsed by it. You like sex, and it doesn’t make that much difference to you whether I get a few extra handjobs as long as you get your grades. So I press my advantage.”

Phil had such an accurate grasp of the situation and was so dominant in their negotiations that she wanted to push him to the floor and fuck him right here. “I see. I’ll accept your condition.” They shook hands. “A pleasure doing business with you, Phil.”

Phil moved deeper into the corner, gesturing Lisa to join him. She moved closer, a bewildered expression on her face. He pulled her into him and whispered into her ear. “I would like a sample of your talents, Ms. Xia…right here, right now.” He moved his hands around her hips rubbing the band of exposed skin between taksim escort her too-short shirt and skintight white-denim jeans.

She moaned. “What can I do for you?”

“A simple handjob will suffice.”

Without another word, Lisa moved so that she stood next to him on his left, reaching her right hand for his zipper. Bringing out his extremely hard cock, she was once again pleased by the size and form of her partner. Perhaps this would be an even better bargain than she had initially thought.

Uninvited, Phil reached his left arm around Lisa’s narrow body, his hand finding its way to her own crotch, where he started slowly unfastening buttons, then reaching down for her cunt only to discover that she wasn’t wearing panties. Her extremely smooth, Asian skin was stimulating in the extreme to his personal tastes, and as more of that skin wrapped around his member, he throbbed and moaned softly.

Lisa turned her head and whispered into his ear, “Mmmm, Phil, you get off on that minor chance of discovery, don’t you? Oh! I see you’ve found my clit! But do you know what to do with it? You know I can bring you off any time, right? With your cock in my hands, I could probably get you to agree to almost anything. It’s the ultimate power, Phil, and you let it stand right next to you while you try to finger me off.”

She silently quaked in place, her knees wobbling, barely not screaming out. “Oh my god! I am not an easy woman to please, but something about the way you just stuffed your hand into my box brought me off. I think this is gonna be a lot of fun…when you cum all over…your semen scattered in all the different locations we fuck…your seed spraying all over every part of my body and inside of every orifice…”

Phil couldn’t hold back. Lisa’s pumping hand accelerated as he neared his peak, and her other hand was cupped in front of his cockhead. His spurts were thick and full of creamy semen, overflowing her small, feminine hand to leave a large drop on the carpet. Lisa looked into his eyes, lifted her hand to her mouth, and deftly inhaled the sperm off of her hand, swallowing it immediately, then licking the remainder off of her hand.

“No extra charge.” She smiled, and while they both composed themselves, she literally couldn’t stop smiling. Walking away, she made sure to give her hips a certain extra movement that she knew would have Phil captivated with desire. What the heck, Lisa thought, I might give him extra credit just for giving good orgasms.

She went back to her dorm room where her roommate Kaori was shaving her legs. Lisa, being a very horny person, had had more than her share of lesbian encounters, too, for the simple reason that she didn’t care if the tongue or fingers were attached to a male or not. Kaori was her most frequent female partner, and they were both frequently happy to work together on a male guest. For them, it was like something between a hobby and a job, and they loved it.

Kaori, seeing her roommate, continued her naked work casually, asking, “So what’s been going on today?”

“You know how the teachers are cracking down on copying?” Kaori nodded and made I disapproving ‘mmhmm’. “Well, I decided that I don’t want to do work, so I’m hiring guys to do my work for me. All I have to do is make it look more like something that I would do.”

“Well, I can tell how you’re paying them by the look on your face, but if these guys are desperate enough to do a whole extra class worth of work for a little sex, they can’t be that good.”

“Matt’s acceptably good. Phil actually made me cum with just his fingers. I swear that was the most unexpected thing ever.”

Kaori paused mid-thigh. “You’re telling me that Phil, that nerd, is a hot lover?” Lisa moaned in response. “Damn. So when do I get in on it?”

“I’d recommend having him do a class’s work for you, too, if you’re in any of his. He’s smarter than he looks. He just doesn’t work very hard for himself.”

“If he’s smarter than he looks, that’s pretty good. I have him in my history class. How much credit are you making standard?” Lisa told her two hundred, then explained how Phil had renegotiated. “Damn. That’s not what I would’ve predicted he would do, asking about all the prices like that. Wow. I mean, we’ve sold ourselves before on occasion, but this is different, it’s long term.” Kaori’s Hawaiian parents would disown her if they knew she had sex for money. “I’ll talk to him later tonight.”

She called his room around eight o’clock, finding him alone and willing to talk more personally. They met in a secluded grove that was within the small campus’s borders, but since it was dark no one would see them unless they got fairly close. The moon cast a shallow blue light on both of them. Phil was nervous, but he had managed to find out from public computer information that Kaori was Lisa’s roommate, and he presumed that had something to do with it. When his roommate had asked who was calling, Phil explained it away as Kaori wanting him to work with her on a history paper… not, strictly şişli escort speaking, an inaccurate guess.

“Hey Phil,” Kaori said, casually sweeping stray hair behind her ear as she turned and addressed him with her quiet voice. Phil could almost feel the pheromones pulsing from her, and figured that Lisa must have given her all the details about the morning.

“You wanted to see me?”

“Yes. I was talking to Lisa today, and it seemed to me like the two of us may have some common interests.” Her hand reached out and gently slipped onto his left torso as her voice shifted into pure ‘sultry’. “Any thoughts?”

“I believe that we do have some ‘common interests’. However, since it will take even more effort for me to produce a third paper on each assignment than it takes to make the second, I’ll need somewhat more compensation.”

“Three hundred?”

“I was thinking that, in addition to that three hundred, you could arrange for me to meet some of your other friends. And don’t pretend like it would be out of your control to get some of them to do me professionally. Besides, after tonight, you’ll be able to honestly tell them that they’ll enjoy it.” He paused as her smile grew in reaction to his assertive comments. “Same terms as Lisa?”

“We’re like a franchise, baby…” Kaori leaned into Phil, kissing him passionately. “What do you want today?”

“Get on your hands and knees.” She did, and Phil got behind her, unzipping her miniskirt and sliding it down her thighs. As he had guessed, she wasn’t wearing panties. He got his own clothes out of the way quickly, and put two fingers into Kaori’s upturned pussy, earning him a moan. He had started with his fingers to make sure that she was wet and ready, but was surprised by how much juice she was already releasing. This woman was an absolute nymph!

After a few strokes in and out to get things warmed up, Phil took his fingers out and brought his cockhead to the entrance of her pussy lips. Eager to be impaled on him, Kaori reached a hand under herself and pulled his cock to her exposed orifice. Without pause, she shoved her hips backward, bringing his entire length inside of her. “Ohhh! Yeah, that’s good. Some boys would cum just from that move, Phil. I’m glad to see you’re more resilient. Keep fucking me, Phil, don’t stop. Keep going for as hard and as long as you can.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. Before she was even done with her first sentence, he had started thrusting. Back and forth. In and out. Kaori was so juicy that it was almost effortless; her muscles were both eagerly clenched when he was pulling out and open when he was once again filling her with his flesh. Phil was amazed at her abilities, and he could tell that she was trying to bring him off as fast as possible. He was determined that those hour-long masturbation sessions would pay off in endurance now.

After a little over ten minutes of blissful, uninterrupted bombardment, Kaori suddenly groaned out loud, slamming herself all the way back on his cock. Phil broke into a grin—she was cumming! Her contractions were too much for his inexperienced cock, and he burst. Creamy, thick semen blasted throughout Kaori’s insides, filling her again and again. Phil could feel himself spasming, making tiny thrusts in and out to coax more fluid from his body, until he was done and leaned forward putting his chest to her back as they both took deep breaths to recover.

“So, Kaori…think your friends might be interested?”

She nodded eagerly.

A month later, it was Saturday morning, and Phil’s roommate was at home, leaving the room to Phil. His eyes opened and he recalled the prior evening’s events with pleasure. What really struck him was his position on the bed, lying on his left side spooning with a girl on either side of him. Behind him was Lisa, her right arm laying on the side of his ribs. In front of him was Katie Stewart, a gorgeous, black-haired fireball who used Kaori and Lisa to keep her slutty behavior a controlled secret, handpicking guys who wouldn’t ruin her reputation. As evidenced by her insistence that they fall asleep with his cock buried in her ass, that reputation stood to descend all the way to ‘jizz-hungry ass whore’.

Phil had been more than happy to oblige her request. Now that he was awake, it was obvious that lying between two naked beauties would bring him to life, and his cock grew hard entirely within Katie’s soft, tight ass. This, naturally, woke Katie with a moan.

“Ready for more, tiger?”

“For your wonderful body, Katie, I would be ready whenever you wanted.”

Lisa slipped her hand around both our bodies to grope Katie’s right breast. “Mmm, it is a wonderful body. C’mon, Phil, fuck her in the ass. She wants it so much…”

Lisa moved her thin body sensuously down to the foot of the bed, and Phil rolled over onto his back pulling Katie with him, never exiting her creamy white rear. Katie leaned forward until she was kneeling with one leg on either side of Phil’s hips, her spine perpendicular to his, impaled on his cock. Lisa then moved forward again, also straddling Phil, over his upper thighs. Wrapping her right arm around Katie’s ribs, she pulled their bodies together, tit to tit and mouth to mouth. Her other hand descended to Katie’s clit even as she began to thrust up and down on Phil’s iron hard tower. Katie moved her arms in a similar fashion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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