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I can still remember the day when I first saw a corselet. It was in a shop in the town where I grew up and a friend’s mother took us in there so that she could collect one. The shop was located down an alleyway and their window display featured mannequins wearing the restrictive underwear or foundation garments as they are more commonly known. This was the 1980’s and fashion trends had moved away from this restrictive and some might say uncomfortable underwear, but to me I had a moment where I wondered what it would be like to be cocooned inside one of these satin items and feel the wiring, boning and zips pressing against me. As a young adult woman I had a moment where I saw something I thought looked wonderful.

The shop was incredibly old-fashioned back then with women dressed in identical clothing serving and stock displayed in glass counters. I remember my friend’s mother being handed her purchase in a large brown paper bag at a time when most shops had switched to plastic and taking advantage of the opportunity to market themselves.

I forgot about the experience and never thought about it again until a year ago. I had moved away from home after university and my parents moved too. They both died within a year of each other and I found out then that they still used the solicitors in the town where we lived. I was invited Çanakkale Escort to visit the solicitor to sort out the final details of the estate and so one morning I set off to revisit the past. I was in quite a state at the time as losing both parents in a short space of time and I was currently going through a divorce.

I decided to walk from the station and because I was early had planned to have a coffee but as I got closer to the alleyway where the underwear shop had been I got curious. I stopped and peered down expecting it to have closed years ago and the site change hands just like all of the shops in the vicinity but as I looked I could see it was still there. Not much had changed, the window still displayed a selection of corsetry and foundation garments on mannequins but the display was not dated. I was curious now and the stirrings of my youth when I imagined what it would be like to wear one of these things came back.

I went inside and it felt like not much had changed. The assistants still wore the same matching blouses and skirts but were younger and there was a young woman who I later learned was the Manageress. “Can I help you,” one of them asked and instead of mumbling something about just looking or escaping, I proudly said I’d like to buy a corselet. I was shown a range and told about Çanakkale Escort Bayan the features of ones that had a crotch or suspenders for FF nylons, which they also stocked. I asked if I could try one on and after measuring me they found one my size.

Putting it on was a challenge as it was restrictive and tight but eventually I squeezed myself into it. It felt quite uncomfortable to begin with but soon I acclimatised myself to it and started to enjoy the sensation. I had also been lent some stockings to try and once my ensemble was complete I couldn’t help but spend time admiring what I had felt had become an unattractive figure into the stylish woman I could be again.

I decided to go ahead and purchase it along with some stockings and they put everything into one of the large brown paper bags I had seen so many years ago. I smiled as I could see business was good and when I asked about it they told me that they had women from far and wide visit or send orders as they struggled to obtain the high quality foundation wear they sold. I was a bit worried about taking the bag to the solicitors and so they agreed to hold it for me until later.

The business at the solicitors was straight forward and was over within an hour. As I left I smiled at the thought of picking up my package and returned Escort Çanakkale to the station via the shop. On the train back I kept thinking of the contents and wondered if I should change in the train loo. Halfway back curiosity got the better of me and I went to change. I had worn a skirt suit for the day, one of the few chances I got nowadays and I must admit I felt fabulous as I put my jacket and high heels back on after changing into the corselet and stockings. I looked around the carriage afterwards at the men on the train and wondered if I should invite one into the loo for a quick shag but decided not to.

As the train arrived at my destination I strode off it feeling great and walked home where I was glad to find I was alone. I felt so horny by now and rushed upstairs to the bedroom and still fully clothed my hand reached up my skirt and I started to touch myself through the fabric of my knickers while my other hand massaged my breast though the fabric of my blouse and the thick fabric of the corselet underneath. Soon I was getting excited and my hand slipped inside my now wet panties and I stimulated myself first running the outside and then sliding a finger into my now soaking snatch. When my climax came it was immense and I had forgotten how could it could feel.

I now have a selection of foundation garments and I wear them most days. I have decided I like the feel of being confined inside them and it has made me feel like an attractive woman again. I have also been experimenting with corsets, especially bustless ones that allow my large breasts to be exposed when lovemaking and I will tell you more soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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