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Reggie and Beth had been friends for the last 5 years growing up next store to each other through middle school and now towards the end of their high school years they grew closer and closer. Both had dated and messed around with the opposite sex but neither had gone all the way yetÔÇŽas they were both waiting for the right person to have there once in a lifetime moment with. Reggie was an all conference basketball player and ran track in the summer and Beth was all state on the swim team and currently worked at a local restaurant waiting tables. Reggie’s parents had left town on a second honeymoon cruise of the Bahamas and with not having much going on decided to rent some movies and call up Beth.

Reggie: Hey Beth I just rented some movies want to come hang out for a bit after work tonight?

Beth: SureÔÇŽneed me to grab anything on the way?

Reggie: Just grab a pizza on the way back and we will be set for the night. When do you get done?

Beth: I should be done in like 15 minutes so I’ll see you soon.

Reggie: Ok see you in a bit’

Beth: YepÔÇŽbye

Reggie had been planning this for weeks as he was going to finally get up the nerve to ask Beth to the final dance of the yearÔÇŽwhile they both were great friends Reggie was always scared to ask her out as he didn’t want to risk losing her as a friend. He knew that this would be one of his last chances before the end of the year and they both went away to college. Though they would only be an hour apart Reggie knew she’d meet other guys and move on with her life. Reggie waited nervously and set up the couch bed, changed, grabbed a blanket and some pillows and went into his room to grab his secret stash of Hard Lemonades. He grabbed the movies and preheated the oven as the door rang and he ran to greet Beth at the door still wearing her black slacks and white button up T-shirt though she let her long blond hair down on her way over.

Reggie: Nice duds hun. Did you put them on special for me?

Beth: I got down with work, stopped grabbed a pizza and came overÔÇŽI can run next door to change if you want. Smartass!

Beth gives Reggie a playful shove giving him the pizza and hoping down on the couch bed. She sees the pile of movies and starts flipping through them, as Reggie unwraps the pizza and sets it in the oven starting the timer, and walking behind Beth and starting to rub her shoulders as she grabs a cheesy looking vampire movie and looks up at him.

Beth: And just what do you think your doing?

Reggie: You looked tense from a long days work and I thought you could use a little shoulder rub. What movie did you pick? I see niceÔÇŽnothing like a cheesy horror flick to pass an hour or two.

Reggie stops rubbing her shoulders and pops the tape in and walks over to the frig grabbing two Hard Lemonades and laying on the bed next to Beth who has taken off her shoes and socks and is sitting up on the couch looking up at Reggie. Reggie twists the top off the bottles and hands one to Beth before bahis firmalar─▒ taking a swig and setting his on the table. Beth smiles sweetly before taking a sip and setting hers down on the floor next to the bed, before looking over at the screen then back to Reggie.

Beth: I see what your up toÔÇŽnaughty boy! You’re going to wine me, dine me, and then have your way with me huh?

She winks before leaning in closer to Reggie playfully. Reggie leans close into her ear and in a whisper speaks softly.

Reggie: That is the plan.

With that he pecks her on the cheek then flops down on the bed with a smile on his face, while Beth fakes a shock and smirks down at him, before grabbing a pillow and slamming it down on top of him before rolling off the bed clutching a pillow and smiling at him with a cute little smile that looks perfect on top of her 5ft8in frame with pouty blue eyes and the reddest lips imaginable. Reggie covers up in fear of more shots before grabbing a pillow of his own and chasing after her before she stumbles onto his parents bed and he comes behind and smacks the pillow against her ass and then runs off laughing.

Beth turns with the pillow gripped in her hand and chases him into the living room knocking him down onto the bed where she smacks the pillow against his chest then falls on top of him and plants a huge kiss on his lips parting them ever so slightly letting it linger for a few seconds before breaking the kiss looking down at him and backing up slowly till she hits the wall. He gets up with a look of lust in his eyes as he tosses the pillow at her and pins her arms against the wall and plants a huge kiss back parting her lips and letting his tongue snake into her mouth and tangle with hers as he presses his hips into her slightly.

He takes a few steps back drops the pillow and pulls her over to the bed and lays her down on it and starts to caress her sides as he returns to passionately kissing her on the lips in soft slow kisses savoring every moment as there hands roam over each others backs and sides. He breaks the kiss and leads a small trail of wet kisses over to her earlobe where he sucks on it gently before blowing on the wet lobe sending shivers down her spine. She rolls him over so she lays on top of him and starts running her hands up the front of his shirt as she leans over and whispers into his ear.

Beth: I’ve wanted to do this to you for a long long timeÔÇŽand I am going to make sure that I get everything I’ve wanted from you finally!

Reggie looks up at Beth puzzled as she begins gently nibbling on his earlobe before he starts to slowly unbuttoning her shirt. She leans back giving him more access as he finishes unbuttoning her shirt and tossing it to the side revealing her crimson red bra holding two perfectly round 36 C breasts. She reaches down rubbing them slightly before pulling his shirt over his head and rolling onto her back with him straddling her. He leans down and passionately starts kissing her again letting ka├žak iddaa his tongue toy with hers and exploring all over her mouth. He reaches behind her and easily unhooks her bra letting it lay loose over the top of her breasts. As she starts to lean up to let it fall off the timer rings. They break they’re kiss and she looks at him with an evil smile before moving from under him and walking to the kitchen holding the bra loosely over herself. She turns off the timer and the over letting it open a bit before walking towards the bed looking at his growing tent in his pants and smiling. She lets the bra fall onto the floor before smirking and getting down on her knees in front of him.

She runs her hands up his legs and over his erection gently rubbing it through the jogging pants before gently pulling his pants and boxers down to his knees and placing a small wet kiss on the tip of it and then wrapping her lips around the head and sucking the precum off the end before looking up at him and smiling as she climbs up on the bed next to him. She leans into his ear and whispers.

Beth: Ain’t I A tease?

She starts to gently run her hand up and down his shaft for a moment or two before he grabs her hand stopping her and sliding off the end of the bed and pulling her legs and wrapping them around his head as he grabs her zipper in his teeth and unzips her black slacks before kissing her panties and then wriggling her black slacks down and off her lovely long legs. He plants small wet kisses all around her now damp panties as he lets his fingers caress her now hardening nipples between his fingers in small circular motions. She moans and arches her back a bit as he lets his hands slide down to her panties and with sliding a finger in either side of the matching crimson red panties slide them down and onto the floor next to the rest of the clothing. He smirks as he stares up at her clean shaven crotch and starts planting small kisses on her knee and inches up a little at a time spreading her legs with his hands and as he gets to her pussy lips he plants a kiss on either side and then kisses back down her leg to her knee and then slides up next to her and whispers in her ear.

Reggie: Two can play at that game.

She giggles a little bit as she runs her hand down and starts stroking his cock more firmly and faster this time as they kiss once again and he lets two fingers slide down and enter her pussy moving in and out slowly while letting his thumb grace against her clit sending a wave up her spine as she starts taking control and slides down the bed kissing and sucking on his nipples and then kissing down further till she starts running her tongue around his belly button moving in a slow sensual fashion as her breasts rub against his hard cock. She moves her body around in a circle letting her breasts rub against his cock making him even harder as she kisses down until her lips hover over the head of his hard cock, where she moves her lips over it up and down and up and down squeezing ka├žak bahis her lips over it harder and faster as she takes more and more into her mouth each time as he moans and whimpers slightly in extreme pleasure.

She lets a hand slide down and start fondling his balls ever so gently kneading them in her hand before slowly starting to run her hand up and down the base of his cock as she runs her tongue in a circle around the head. She can feel him start to swell up and looks into his eyes as she engulfs his whole cock in his mouth forcing him to shot load after load of cum into the back of her mouth as she begins swallowingÔÇŽafter he finishes and his body stops shaking she cleans him off and slides up next to him toying with his nipples before passionately kissing him on the lips there tongues playing with each other before he breaks the kiss and rolls her onto her back. He slides his hands down over her hard nipples and down to her wet pussy and starts stroking two fingers in and out of her and running his thumb against her clit as he slides down till his tongue stands straight from his mouth inches from her nipples.

She arches her back up trying to reach his tongue but he moves it each time she tries to reach him. He smirks then flicks his hard wet tongue across her hard aching nipple moving it all around in a small circle before kissing over to the other nipple and running his tongue from the base of her breast all the way up to the top running directly over her nipple. He stops smiles and moves his lips over it and begins pulling on it gently with his moist lips, before wrapping as much of his mouth around it as possible and bobbing his head up and down taking all of it in his mouth and letting it all out until he just has the tip of his tongue against her hard nipple. He lets his hand slide out of her wet pussy and brings it up to her mouth where she gives a cautious lick and smiles before he slides down further leaving tiny kisses down the center of her body before he sticks his tongue into the top of her wet slit barely coming into contact with her clit but making her moan slightly.

He moves his tongue only a tiny little bit down and then back up toying with her clit before running his tongue up and down her slit making his quiver and moan loudly as she started convulsing in a wave of orgasmic bliss. He moved his lips over hers and lapped and sucked all her juices from out of her as he darted his tongue in and out and in and out moving faster exploring all over getting all the juices possible before her orgasm began to fade and he slide up next to her once again beginning to get erect which she noticed and with a few quick strokes he was fully hard again. He looked into her eyes and began to speak.

Reggie: I’ve never you knowÔÇŽgone further than this beforeÔÇŽso be gentle okay?

With that he winked at her and kissed her hard on the lips before breaking the kiss and with a bit of a worried look on her face began to speak.

Beth: You haven’t? UmÔÇŽwell me eitherÔÇŽI was kind of hoping you would be able to take the leadÔÇŽ

They both nervously smiled at each other as the phone rang and they looked at each other and smiled breaking the nervous situationÔÇŽ

To Be ContinuedÔÇŽ

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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