Foreplay Ch. 01

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Note: Unlike my last two submissions, I actually did not make this up. This is how I really had my first sexual experience. And even if the reading isn’t as erotic as maybe I’d like it to be, the experience itself was one of the most heart-racing and exhilarating experiences of my life. So keep in mind that neither of us did this before, and this is only my third submission yet to this website. Enjoy!

Also, both of us are 18.


My lover Brittany, my brother, grandmother and I had all just finished having dinner together at home. Brittany and I had been together for seven months, and the trust level between the two of us was and still is stronger than diamonds. Our love was better than any love we had ever had for anyone before. She and I could tell each other stories that we wouldn’t otherwise dare speak aloud, and we’d tell them with ease and lack of awkwardness. She had beautiful chocolate colored skin. I had very light skin. If I went out in the sun for more than an hour I’d be red as strawberry.

My grandma gave us privacy for about two hours, and she had went into the other room. We were in the living room, and she was laying against the arm of the couch, and I was lying atop her, with my head resting against her breast. Her heartbeat was so soothing just by listening that I could have fallen asleep.

She and I are accustomed to the act of rubbing each other, not really in a sexual way but more like caressing the other’s back or arm or tummy. You find that if you’re a touchy-feely person, stroking your skin softly with fingernails is extremely pleasant and soothing.

I never went underneath her shirt to stroke her before. I decided to act boldly while we lay there, talking happily to each other. I asked if it was okay, as I lifted her shirt and stroked her bare belly. She was unsure at first, but warmed up to the idea quickly. For several minutes I kept stroking her bare tummy with my fingernails under her shirt. It was a really sexy shirt, too.

For some reason, I don’t know why but my hand insisted on climbing up her torso ever so slowly, until it startled me when my hand made contact with her breast. I apologized, and went back down a little.

I scooted myself up so we met shoulder to shoulder, and I looked deeply into her eyes, and she into mine. Her beautiful, brown eyes; you could get lost in them quickly.

My boldness increased, and as I stroked her tummy, I raised my hand once again, slowly, and then took my index finger and drew it in a line across her breast above her bra. My breathing slowly started increasing with adrenaline. She looked at me, and as her cheeks blushed, her smile relaxed and slightly lowered, converting into a slightly sexy look, like she knew what I was doing.

I asked her again, “Are you okay with me doing this?”

She said, with some hesitation, “M-hm.”

So my fingers went back to her breast, swirling in circles around where her nipple was. God, her breasts were so perfect. They weren’t too small or big. They were just absolutely perfect. But then again, everything about her was perfect. I continued petting her breast gently with my fingers, and running my fingertips along the seam of her bra.

I asked her, “Does this feel good?”

“It feels kinda weird, and wrong,” she replied.

“Just trust me,” I said with a smile, “I will g├╝venilir bahis never hurt you.”

She simply replied with a quiet “Okay.” Then she added, “So long as there’s no, like, removing of clothes.”

“There will be no removal of clothes,” I promised her.

And then, I went for my next move. I removed my hand from her shirt, with a grin on my face, and lay my finger upon her chin. Her head looked up, and I slowly pulled my finger down from her neck, and then stroked the crevice between her breasts. As I reached her breasts, she gave a positive giggle, and closed her eyes, a small smile still forming on her face. But instead of stopping there, my index finger drew down…a little further.

I went right past her tummy, and felt the seams of her pants. They were black dress pants, they had a zipper and four buttons on them. They were really cute in my opinion. I went slowly down, still always looking her directly in the eye, and feeling my finger meet the fly of her zipper. I said, “The absolute moment I make you uncomfortable, tell me without hesitation.”

But as I gripped her zipper and began pulling it down, she said, “Well, um…”

I instantly removed contact with the zipper and pulled back. I kept looking at her with hope that she’d say it was okay. But I wasn’t willing to rush her into anything, so I was willing to stop if she wanted to. This was just an exploration for me. Both of us were very much new to this. I had never done this before, and neither had she.

“Alright,” she said finally, almost forcedly.

“Okay, baby,” I said. “Remember, it is not my intention to hurt you, nor to make you uncomfortable.”

“I know,” she said.

I reached the zipper again and slowly pulled it down. It was a rough zipper, like ripping cardboard apart.

“Well, um,” she said again. “This kinda counts as removing clothes.”

“No it doesn’t,” I said, and she gave me a confused look. “I’m not taking off your pants. I’m just loosening them.”

“Oh, well then…I guess…it’s okay.”

So, with a chuckle, I continued doing it. I thought I could do so sensually and slowly, but the buttons were a pain in the ass so I just pulled them open hard. I exposed her purple and white panties. The pattern was polka dot, and they, like everything else about her, were beautiful. I imagined what was lying beneath them, how much more beautiful her crotch would look if I removed those panties too. But too soon, too soon.

But instead of going straight for her crotch, I simply continued stroking her belly, slowly moving towards the inseam of her panties. I could tell her adrenaline was pumping, because she was blinking faster than a strobe light.

“Easy, my love,” I said, as my fingers slowly found themselves under the seam. I slowly went down into them, a prickly feeling on my fingers as I passed her pubic hair.

It was at this point that she grabbed my hand and pulled it away. “Okay, I think that’s too far.”

I pulled back like she asked, and told her, “I swear I will not hurt you at all.”

Supposedly with an absent mind, she replied with “Okay.”

So my fingers went back down, and passed her pubic hair just barely, and I felt the very tip of her clitoris, and gasped. I had never touched another person like that before. My adrenaline was over the roof.

But she grabbed my arm t├╝rk├že bahis again, leaving me with a huge tease, and I pulled my hand back. “But I don’t think I’m ready for…that, yet.”

Rather than frown, like I’m sure she expected I would, I simply smiled gently and said, “It’s all right, my love.”

She knew it would have been awkward if she told me to stop, so she didn’t. Surely she didn’t really want to do this at first. But, she was slowly warming up to it, and becoming a little more accessible gradually.

“How about this, then?” I asked, just moving past the seams of her panties and just rubbing on top of them. I wasn’t really stroking her anymore, but actually rubbing gently.

“Uh, uh, uh, okay,” she said, still blinking.

I inched my face closer to hers, staring her right in the eyes. It was not to make her even more uneasy, but to sooth her. “Baby, I want you to trust me. This is not meant to be an uncomfortable experience. I promise that I will not hurt you, and if I ever do, tell me, and I’ll immediately stop.”

“Okay.” Okay seemed to be the only word she knew right at this moment. Her heart was racing past the speed of sound like mine was.

I stroked her where the top of her clitoris was. I could feel the wetness between her legs. Either she was just sweating profusely, becoming wet, or both.

I gently pushed her right leg apart from her other. And now her blinking dramatically increased. We both giggled quietly. “I won’t hurt you,” I said.

“Okay,” she said once again, hesitantly allowing me to spread her legs apart.

And then I rubbed her crotch again, above her panties. It made my heart flutter, and my hands shake. I saw her eyes close slowly as she felt the pleasure spread across her body. It wasn’t a fast or deep rub, just a gentle moving in circles. I wasn’t sure if I was doing this right or not, but I could tell that even if she didn’t want to admit it, even though it felt wrong, that she was liking this.

She and I giggled again. I had never made such a bold move before. It was very new to me. I surprised myself just how brave and bold I really was.

After a few minutes, as we sat there in silence, I stopped rubbing. I reached for my water bottle. I turned around, and saw her sit there in that position. It was so sexy from my new angle. She was just leaning back against the arm of the couch, pants undone, legs spread apart. She was actually smiling this time. Oh, she loved it. And she looked so hot.

I dehydrated myself from how anxious I was. My hands were shaking. I asked her how she was, as I redid her buttons and fly.

“I feel okay,” she said. “I’m kinda shaking and blinking fast.”

I chuckled. “Yeah, you and me both, baby.”

It was at this moment, right after I put her pants back together, that my grandmother came back from the room, ready to leave the house to drop her off. It felt like coincidental and perfect timing. I can’t imagine my grandmother’s reaction if she saw me sticking my hand down Brittany’s pants. As she passed, she and I looked at each other with a huge grin on our faces, like we were hiding something. I stroked and patted her back gently, and kissed her passionately as soon as my grandma left the front door. And we kissed a lot. But before we made departure…

“I just wanna try one more thing,” I said.


I g├╝venilir bahis siteleri lifted her shirt again, and went beneath it. I felt her gorgeous breasts, and rubbed them for a moment. But then I grabbed the seams of her right bra cup, and pulled it down. Just the sight of her nipple made my heart start fluttering again. I had seen breasts several times online, same as any teenager. I had seen sex and masturbation before on the internet, same as any teenager. But this experience felt so much more real to me. It was even more enjoyable. It felt almost too real. I loved it!

I moved my finger around her breast until I felt the lump, and as soon as I felt that, my adrenaline pumped up to maximum. Just touching her like that made my heart climb out. It was so intense; so intense.

So I lifted her bra beneath her breast, exposing her. I looked down her shirt, and saw a glimpse of her nipple, and gasped, giggling. “Wow,” I said, looking at her again. “you’re so beautiful, baby!”

She giggled quietly. “Thank you.”

I smiled and continued stroking the tip of her nipple. I felt it quickly becoming erect. She was so goddamn gorgeous. And so then, I made my boldest move yet. I went down to her breast and kissed her gently, and continued to kiss. She stroked the back of my head softly. She was so sexy. This whole thing was so hot. She and I both loved it, I could tell.

I smiled, and then put her bra back up, and fixed her shirt.

“Now,” I said. “That wasn’t so horrible, was it?” I smiled really wide.

She laughed. “No, it wasn’t.”

But as though she and I couldn’t feel more adrenaline, I told her, “I want to do one last thing, before we go.”

She laughed again. “Okay,” she said.

I grasped her hand. I held it in mine for a minute, kissing passionately.

Soon, I found the courage in me, and felt ready. I brought her hand close to my shorts.

“Wh-what are you doing?”

“Just trust me.”

And as soon as her hand made contact with my crotch, I saw her eyes blink faster than a machine gun at full speed.

She didn’t stroke me, she kinda lost sight on what to do. I helped her relax her hand. And I guided her hand to gently stroke me in small back-and-forth lines. I sighed with pleasure. The adrenaline of the experience provided more pleasure than the actual contact, but since this was our ffirst time, I wasn’t surprised that she didn’t quite know what she was doing.

“How’s that feel?” I asked.

Her face was flushed. She was probably shocked that she had the courage to do that. “It feels…interesting.”

I smiled, and then she removed her hands from my crotch quickly. Even if that was too bold, it made both our hearts pump so hard with excitement that it didn’t even matter. “It’s time for us to go, we better get you home. It is getting late.”

“Okay,” she said, and I grabbed her hand and helped her stand.

Before we left, I gave her a hug, and stroked her back. The shape of her back felt so perfect in my hands. There’s something about a woman’s shape that really gives guys satisfaction. It’s hard to explain. It’s kind of a primal thing, I suppose.

So I clutched her hand, gave her a kiss, and led her out of the front door and went home with her.

End of part one

Hopefully that was better than my first two, I know the first one was cringey. That one was the first sex story I ever wrote. So I’m slightly more experienced. Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

Additional reminder: Both characters appearing in this story are exactly 18 years old.

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