Forbidden No More

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“Night, Geoff,” I called as my boss left.

As the resident organizational over-achiever, I constantly stayed at work after everyone had gone home to finish the filing. If it wasn’t in my system, I’d never find it. I had tried in the past to get everything in order before the work day was over, but that had resulted in a day of confusion. This way, I could sort through the files at my leisure and get them into an order I understood.

I slipped out of my dark grey suit jacket and searched through my purse. Once I had my iPod clipped on the waistband of the straight skirt brushing the tops of my kneecaps, I slipped the ear buds in and got down to filing.

I know that, if I have music, I’m going to subconsciously dance to it. I also know that I am a very bad dancer. This is why filing alone in a semi-dark law office was ideal for my quality iPod time.

“Love, the kind you clean up with a mop and bucket…” I chanted along with The Bloodhound Gang as I slipped the next to last file into the cabinet. I bumped the drawer closed with my hip and grabbed the last folder in rhythm. “Hieroglyphics, let me be Pacific, I wanna be down in—”


My left ear bud popped gently out of my ear as I turned to look horrified at its current possessor, Caramon. He was trying not to laugh.

“Gee-zus Cam!” I shrieked turning red. “How long have you been there?”

“Through most of Closer and about half of Bad Touch,” he snickered. “Anyone ever tell you you’re a shitty dancer?”

“You didn’t seem to complain at the last ball,” I snapped.

“So, modern dance escapes you in favor of the intricacies of sixteenth century tedium,” he joked. “Yeah, you’re officially a rennie.”

I laughed and found the drawer for the Chen file and stuck it where it was supposed to go.

“You know,” Cam teased, “no one else could ever find anything in these cabinets.”

“That, Cutie,” I teased right back walking over to him and pushing my index finger into his chest, “is what I call ‘job security’.”

We both had a good laugh over it. Geoff is Cam’s step-dad, but he’s better than the biological that no one ever talks about. Cam doesn’t even go by his given name because his father named him. Instead, everyone knows him as Caramon, his persona in our reenactment group. This kid is the only person I know that can get away with using the name of a character from Dragon Lance instead of something he made up.

“Wha’cha doin’ here kiddo?” I asked once I’d caught my breath. “Shouldn’t you be out buying tobacco and porn? It is your birthday after all.”

“Eh, I did that before I registered for the draft,” he shrugged. “You can only go to so many porn stores before you start seeing the same thing over and over. When I got bored, it scared me. Then I remembered that I had Geoff’s Palm Pilot in my car. Thought I’d drop it off.”

“Dude, he’s gonna kill you! He’s been lookin’ for that damn thing all day.”

“Yeah, I know. Why do you think I’m leaving it here instead of taking it home? I put it in his top desk drawer, so he’ll go ballistic when he finds it so easily tomorrow. Hey is that a new shirt? Oh my god, it’s silk! Where the hell did you get a silk, poppy-print shirt?”

Let me make something abundantly clear. Cam is not gay. He’s not even curious. The kid is just way into fabrics because of reenactment. He can spot silk at fifty paces and realize it’s poly-silk at twenty.

“I made it, Stupid,” I chuckled. “I found this stuff at Jo-ann’s, isn’t it pretty?”

He reached over and rubbed the fabric between his thumb and two fingers. “Duponi even, I’m impressed.”

“Eh,” I shrugged, “there was a sale.” I was trying not to notice that his hands hadn’t left my shirt and were no longer moving but resting on my stomach.

I’ve known Cam since he was fifteen. It was immediate – I met him; I got a crush on him which was stupid seeing as I was a happily married twenty-two-year-old at the time. I’m also scared of his mother. However, almost two-and-a-half years later, the crush remains and is a secret to no one, not my husband, not Cam, no one. Everyone knew I’d do the kid in a second if it was legal.

“So, I guess I’ve gotta stop calling you kiddo now, huh?” I giggled trying not to let on that kocaeli escort I was fully aware that he was touching me. “Of course, I call thirty-year-olds kiddo, so you’re S.O.L.”

I realized I was babbling about a second before he kissed me. “Shut up,” he whispered in the kindest possible way. “Just shut up.”

His voice had a husky quality I’d never heard before. It turned me on more than he usually does. All it usually takes is a glance at his nice firm ass to make me all damp and tingly. Now he had his hands at my waist smoothing the silk over my skin slowly while I reached in his back pocket and found his wallet.

“What are you doing?” he moaned against my neck as I used my free hand to stroke his immediate hard on through the thick denim of his jeans.

“Checking your I.D.,” I panted. “If I do, Rose can’t try to call me on statutory later.”

Rose is Cam’s mom. She’s both the sweetest and most forbidding woman you’ll ever meet. She is most likely the only reason I haven’t found myself in his tent during the Renaissance Faire here in town. If I ever touched her boy before he turned eighteen she’d cut my fingers off joint-by-joint before she called the police.

Cam laughed as I flipped open his billfold and turned the driver’s license window to where I could see it. “Nineteen Eighty-Nine,” I confirmed. “I guess that means that I’m just bad, but not a rapist.”

He was laughing so hard he had to push away from me. “Shut up!” he gasped among laughter. “Has anyone ever told you you talk too much?”

“Yeah lots,” snickered. “In fact, there was a time that my dad—”

I was hoping he’d stop the babble the same he had the last time, and my wish was granted. This time, he was so violent about it that he pushed me up against my desk to press against me. I wound my hands through shoulder-length auburn hair as he slowly unbuttoned my shirt.

“Do you know,” he panted, “that I am legally a virgin right now?”

“Is that right?” I giggled. “Some would beg to differ.” I had known his last couple girlfriends and had been pretty damn jealous of them.

“Unlawful sex,” he murmured using the legal term for two minors consenting to each other. “I’ve never had legal sex.”

“Is that a hint Cam?” I was trying to use my most sultry voice to entice him.

“No,” he spat sarcastically, “it’s a casual observation. I’m just feeling you up for my health.”

I played along. “Well, far be it from me to jeopardize your health…”

“Shut up!” Now he was laughing, and I suddenly realized my shirt was completely unbuttoned.

“Make me,” I suggested.

He used those beautifully toned muscles he’d developed from five years of sword fighting to lift me onto the desk. Carefully, he scooted me so my ass was on the edge, but my pussy sat in mid air. “Lift up,” he commanded hooking his fingers into the leg strings of my black micro-fiber panties.

I straightened my arms and lifted my ass a couple inches above the desk and felt the thong slip out from between my butt cheeks and detach its now soaked crotch from my own. Cam took the tiny triangle of fabric between his thumb and two fingers and rubbed it like he had my blouse. Even as turned as I was, I could see his fingers slipping through my cum. “Geez, Jess, you’d think you were happy to see me,” he smirked.

“Well, whoever would think a thing like that?” I drawled in my best Southern Belle impersonation as I spread my knees as wide as the pencil skirt would let me. I knew he could see my pussy if he just looked.

Instead, he stepped in at an angle to me so his boner rubbed against my right shin. He brought my chin up and began to gently invade my mouth with his tongue. I could tell he’d been chewing Doublemint before he showed up. He nipped my lip gently, pushed my blouse off, and began to work my bra clasp with his left hand. His right trailed down my stomach and across my hip and thigh to land between my legs.

I gasped into his mouth as his fingers trailed up my cleft between smooth labia. A moan escaped me and vibrated his lips when he found my clit and began to stroke it gently at first then with differing pressure. Without taking his thumb off my now screaming clit, he spread my lips and pressed two fingers into my pussy so kocaeli escort bayan slowly I screamed in frustration. Luckily, Cam’s mouth was still muffling mine, so it was a barely audible cry within the dim office. Not that it mattered anyway; we were the only souls in the complex.

The two rough fingers inside me started to slide easily as Cam began to fuck me with them. His fingers were so thick they filled me easily while I rocked in a miniature orgasm. I’d forgotten that he was messing with my bra clasp until it released and he used his free hand to lift my arms one by one and pull it off me. The chilly office air hit my heated skin and made my nipples stand on end.

Cam leaned back and looked at them with a grin on his face. I felt his fingers bend upward inside me and squealed my approval. This time, he didn’t muffle my moan as he proceeded to press on my sweet spot hard enough to send electric tingles through my body.

Instead, he ran his tongue along the groove of my neck where my pulse ran faster by the moment. He nipped my collarbone and licked down my sternum and between my breasts. Excruciatingly slowly, he continued his trail along the tender underside of my breast and circled up until he had my nipple in his mouth. He sucked on it to bring it fully hard and tender then rolled it between his teeth roughly. His teeth got tighter and tighter until I thought I’d have to tell him to stop because of the pain. Then he released and played with it with his lips and tongue. After so much pressure, it was tender and willing. I dug my fingers into the desk as my breath dragged into my lungs.

All of a sudden, his thumb was on my clit again, and the sensation of him brushing against my swollen sex along with his fingers on my g-spot and tongue on my nipples made me cum all over his hand. I could feel his lips smile as he trailed away from my wanton nipple, and he kissed down my belly.

He moved my hand on top of the small crumple of fabric my skirt had become and managed to get from my navel to my inner thigh without his tongue ever leaving my skin. Anticipation wracked my body, but he didn’t make me wait. His teeth were on my clit just like they had been on my nipple. Clenching just short of pain then relieving it for a slick tongue to swirl against a raging clit.

I whimpered softly when he took his fingers out of me. “I was enjoying that,” I teased while panting.

“You’ll enjoy this too,” he muttered from between my legs. The vibrations of him talking went through his teeth onto my clit, and I moaned at the same moment a tiny orgasm leaked through my pussy. He put a hand soaked with cum up to my chin. I didn’t have to be told what to do with it.

Willingly, I cleaned his fingers and palm of my cum. I’ve always been someone who is easy to lubricate. Some women have vaginal dryness where my pussy could supply a fountain. I cum easily, and I cum hard.

Cam stuck his tongue in my pussy while I cleaned him up. I gave up trying to be quiet and just screamed like I needed to. It had been building inside me, and I knew it would come out sooner or later. He laughed while making sure to keep his teeth on my clit so I’d scream again.

I don’t know how long he fucked me with his tongue, but by the time he was done, all the nerves in my body were firing and I was pinching my own nipples to cum almost constantly. It was an eternity of fucking good oral sex which is very near to what heaven must be. Orgasm made me go numb everywhere but my nipples and my pussy, but he just didn’t stop.

Just when I thought I was going to have to force him to come up for air, he stopped and stood up with his boner against my knee again. He kissed me with cum on his breath while his hands flew to his zipper. The teeth of the zipper sounded through the office, and hot cock pressed into me.

“Boxers just don’t work for you, do they?” I mused in my most seductive voice.

“Nope, and briefs are too tight,” he shot back while he dug in his pockets for a while before remembering his wallet was on the desk next to me.

Instinctively, I reached in my purse and unzipped the hidden compartment. “Looking for this?” I giggled pressing a Trojan into his hand.

“Yeah, thanks,” he muttered. kocaeli escort His eyes were dilated, and his breathing was labored. I could tell he was getting to the primal male setting provided by his DNA.

“Here.” I grabbed the condom from his fumbling fingers and opened it for him. It wasn’t until I got it out of the wrapper and almost onto the tip of his cock that I saw how big what was supposed to go inside me was. “And I thought Daphne was exaggerating,” I gasped referring to his last girlfriend while I rolled it on.

Cam didn’t reply but put a hand to the small of my back and rammed himself into me. A mix of agonizing pleasure and delirious pain jolted through my body as it attempted to adjust to him while he thrust. Once everything fit, he pressed against my knees, making me spread them as far as I could, and began to fuck me so hard I had to hold onto the edge of the desk to keep from sliding back.

The desk rocked in time with us to the point that I was afraid it would fall. Apparently, Cam had the same thought and managed to lift me up without popping out of me and set me against the wall. Now with gravity working against me, he fucked me harder and harder until my breath became audible above his and sweat began beading on the triangle of chest I could see between the lapels of his shirt. Not wanting it to seep through, I took my hands off his shoulders and unbuttoned it then supported my weight while he shrugged it off.

When he put his hands back under my ass to begin pounding against my pussy again, he spread my butt cheeks and snaked a pinky into my ass. I clenched everywhere. Only a few people had ever done that to me, but I knew I liked it. It was only a matter of time before I climaxed hard.

Cam lowered his head and sucked my right nipple into his mouth for a few moments before letting go. “Jess,” he moaned, “I want to cum.”

“Mmm hmm,” I squeaked.

“I want you to cum too,” he panted. All of a sudden I could feel the pulse in his cock that always signals me when a man’s about to unload. “Help me,” he begged. “Jack yourself off or something, please, just…oh god…please…”

He pulled my nipple back into his mouth and began laving it with his tongue. I wanted to cum so badly it hurt, so I followed his plea and managed to move my skirt up and get my right hand against my clit. It felt so good, I couldn’t help but rub it for all I was worth and was surprised to discover my left hand on my other nipple, abusing it just like Cam was my right.

“Yes!” he groaned and went back to raking the peak between lip-covered teeth.

My clit was as hard as his cock was, and I pressed in on it hard while he plowed into me as hard as he could, smashing into my hand and therefore my clit with every undulation. His speed increased as did my finger on my clit and his tongue on my nipple. My climax started in my head and washed through me, clamping down my body as well as my pussy.

“Fuck!” Cam screamed and seized. The throbs pulsing through his cock continued several more times before he collapsed limply against me and the wall.

We stayed like that for a long time it seemed, two sweaty, oversexed bodies just panting against each other. A bang in the hallway reminded us that the complex had a janitor who only came in after hours. He helped me off him and back into my suit. I located the brush I had in my purse and combed out the tangles. Cam slipped his shirt on and rolled the now full condom into the trash can then dropped a piece of paper on top of it.

No sooner had he zipped up his pants than Travis, our janitor, walked in.

“Oh, Miss Jessica,” he drawled in his New Orleans accent, “I didn’t know you was still here.”

“I was about to leave, Travis,” I said as apologetically as possible.

“Now, Miss Jessica,” he scolded, “you know I don’t like you here this late. Some awful man might come right in this here buildin’ and do somethin’ awful to you.”

“Well, Cam was here with me,” I said dismissively.

“Well, yes, Mr. Alcman was here to make sure nothin’ bad did happen,” he said slowly as I snickered. Travis was very much the Southern gentleman and outright refused to call Cam anything but his legal name. He stuck his nose into air I knew was filled with sex and debauchery. “Hey, do y’all smell somethin’?”

“I have to go,” I replied quickly. “See you guys later!”

In an instant, I had my purse in my hand, my jacket on one arm, and was sprinting out of the office like it was on fire.

It was worth the wait.

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