For Your Pleasure as Much as My Own

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The click click click of the rain on the metal awning awakens her. She has been alone, waiting for him to show up. So many things are running through her mind as she paces the room waiting for some sign that he has made the long trip successfully.

She can’t decide which is stronger. The beating of her heart, or the tingling in her groin. She has wanted this weekend for months now and she absentmindedly runs her hand up her inner thigh as she closes her eyes and thinks of the sound of his voice the last time she heard him.

“I will be there soon,” he whispered over the phone, ” tonight when the clock strikes 8. you will be mine… just mine.” and with that he had hung up the phone.

She was lost in the rhythm of the rain and the throbbing in her heart and pussy. “I hope he is the man that I think he is” she thinks to herself. “I hope I don’t disappoint him.” she is jolted back to reality as she hears both the chiming of the eight-o-clock hour and the forceful rapping on the door.

“He’s here.” she smiles, and opens the door and throws her arms around him and kisses his lips. Startled as the bellboy pulls away from her embrace wiping the lipstick from his mouth with a nervous smile, “I, uh, have a message for you.” he stammers and hands her the sealed envelope. As he walks away with a tip in hand she can see him stagger, still woozy from the kiss he had received from the near naked woman.

She looks at the envelope and pauses for only a moment before she rips the top open.

Her hands shaking with anticipation, she unfolds the letter and reads…

“I have been unavoidably detained. Please take the car and go to the restaurant, I will be along as soon as I can break away.”

Tears started to flow as she crumpled up the letter and made a perfect 3 point shot into the waste basket. Dejectedly she walks around getting her things and taking the slow walk to the car. As she makes the drive to the restaurant she starts to seethe with anger. “How can he do this to ME. Get me all excited and dressed up just to let me down. It just isn’t right!” punctuating the last statement with a hard rap on the steering wheel. It was only then that she realized that she was crying and screaming at the same time, and that during her tirade she had been pressing down progressively harder on the gas peddle.

The sudden flashing of blue and red lights woke her out of her childish tantrum. Composing herself as she watches the cop get slowly out of his vehicle and move with graceful authority toward her now open window.

“Evening Officer,” she said, doing her best Marilyn Monroe impersonation. “I’m sorry if I was going a bit too fast, I just plumb forgot what the speed limit was.” as she uttered those words she ran a long slender finger provocatively down her cleavage.

“Out of the car ma’am,” was the stern reply for the less than impressed officer. “turn around and place your hands on top of the car.” he said matter of factually as if he had never even noticed the plentiful amount of breast that was pushing from the top of her blouse.

Shaking kadıköy escort as she turned to face the car. Feeling the cool steel beneath her palms. All at once she felt his foot spreading her ankles farther apart and firm hips pressed to her bottom.

” I am doing this as much for your protection as my own ma’am.” he said firmly. With that he brought one wrist and then the other behind her back. The tight cuffs being attached to them.

His breath hot and short as he whispered in her ear. “Or perhaps I mean as much for your PLEASURE as much as MINE.” he said with a haunting giggle.

Her body at once pressed against the vehicle. She could hear the rustle of a buckle being undone and then the sound of a zipper moving downward.

She was unable to move…or maybe deep down she did not want to. His hips were firm to hers and there was no mistaking the desire. She could feel him growing as he let his pants fall with a thud to the pavement.

Suddenly her bound hands felt the firm, warm flesh of his cock as he placed it between them. Instinctively she wrapped her fingers around his swollen appendage and he started to pump his hips.

Her face pressed against the cold glass of the car in sharp contrast to the heat from the officer and the heat building between her legs.

“Oh God,” she thought.” how can I be doing this? I should be screaming in fright.” and still her hands gently stroked his manhood as he grabbed her hips and pumped slowly.

She could feel the slow trickle of moisture as it ran ever so slowly down her thighs. She wondered why no one stopped to come to her aid on this somewhat busy street. Then she realized that in the dark of the night and with the position of his body to hers it must have looked routine.

The betrayal of her body was a shock to her. She had always been careful of her choice in partners and had only had a few. She had left the hotel hurt and disappointed because her man had not shown, she had driven recklessly to get to him and now here she was with a strangers cock between her gripping fingers…and she could think of nothing else but how good it would feel inside her. How she longed for it to stretch her tight nether lips and fill her completely.

A soft moan escaped her lips as she realized how close to an orgasm she was.

She could hear his panting, knowing that he was getting close too. Then all at once he stopped. His rigid member pulled reluctantly from her grip as her fingers tried desperately to keep it there. She started to look back at him.

“Don’t!” he shouted and pressed her against the car and then a piece of cloth of some sort sent her world into complete darkness as he tied it behind her head. Trying to look for even a hint of light was useless, she was blind.

The clunk of the car door being opened and her body being lifted and then tossed into the back seat shook her back to reality. Again she thought of screaming. But as she opened her mouth it was immediately üsküdar escort filled with the tip of his pulsating cock. The smell of his sex was strong and …wonderful.

Her tongue wrapped around it as he slowly slid it deeper inside. His groan letting her know the pleasure he felt. She was his now. She knew this. As she lay on her back with her head off the side of the seat he rocked his hips and fucked her mouth slowly at first and then with an increased tempo that sent spasms through every part of her body.

She sucked him deep, her cheeks hollow as she suctioned his penis wanting him to fill her mouth with his love juice.

Feeling her dress rise slowly she started to pull away.

” Keep sucking!” he hissed and pressed it down her throat making her gag on him.

She could feel the stiff night stick as it rubbed her now molten hot flesh.

“What a night NOT to wear panties.” she thought almost laughingly.

Moaning loudly as he pressed the firm rod to the entrance of her cavern and said “Yessssss!” almost pleading with him to plunge it deep.

She writhed, not sure how much longer she could take the sexual torture being done to her. She wanted to cum NOW!!

again came that haunting laugh. One almost recognizable to her but yet she was unable to place where she might of heard it before. That train of thought was broken as the night stick slid into her and he started to thrust it in and out.

“That’s it my little slut. Take both of them deep.” and she did.

Then once again as quickly as it started. He was gone. No cock in her mouth, no night stick filling her wanton pussy. She almost cried. This was unbearable!! She wanted to be fucked and she wanted it now! How dare he leave her so close to cumming! How dare he leave her…..

and that was when she knew.

But comprehension was short lived. In the next moment hands gripped her tender breasts. A masculine hip with a throbbing shaft plunged between her thighs. His grunt evidence of the force at which he impaled her. His girth almost ripping her apart. He was so large!

She wrapped her legs around his hips and dug her heels hard into his thighs. She could feel the sweat on his body as he pounded her aching pussy.

No reprieve, no moment to catch a breath or collect a thought. Just raw animal mating. Her hips writhed and bucked. Her sounds were not any she had ever heard come out of her mouth.

He did not stop…she wondered if he ever would and she wondered if she ever wanted him to.

Over and over again he assaulted her tender flesh with his manhood. His balls slapping out a tempo on her ass. The pain of laying on her bound wrists, and the relentless pounding of her body left her breathless. Wriggling to get more comfortable only led to harder thrusts from this officer of the law.

“YESSSSSS!!!!” she heard herself shout “I am going to cum!” her hips uncontrollable as she pushed, to meet his piston like hips. Diving him to hit the back of her cervix with each stroke.

His only tuzla escort answer was more relentless pounding. They were both lost in their desire for release and it came. Not as a gentle wave crashing against the shore, but as if a dam had burst from years of built up pressure. As if the walls that had held back her juices had given way to a life time of pent up sexual frustration.

Her sobbing was not that of sadness but that of pleasure. Just when she thought she could take no more his throbbing cock let loose a torrent of white hot sperm. At once mixing with her own. Their combined juice spilling out of her as he pummelled her very tender lips.

When the juices stopped flowing she felt him pull from her. The only sound the heavy breathing and the pounding of their hearts. Tiny drops of his sweat fell like raindrops on her overheated body. Sometime in the fury of their coupling her shirt had been opened exposing her naked flesh.

She was suddenly aware of everywhere his mouth, teeth and hands had been and she couldn’t move.

Then tender hands started to dress her. She felt the fabric once again cover her body as he gently smoothed her clothes and then brushed her sweat drenched hair back into place.

He released the cuffs and placed her hands on the wheel.

“I am going to let you go this time, I think you have paid your debt to society.” he murmured. “Don’t remove the blindfold for three minutes and I want you to count out loud so I can hear you.”

She did as she was told and she heard the police car pull away.

She composed herself as best she could and pulled back onto the road. Her mind whirling as she made her way to the restaurant and the man who was waiting for her.

“What will I tell him?” she thought “how can I explain what happened”

When she arrived he was already seated at the table. He didn’t rise when she came in but stayed planted in his seat.

“I am so sorry to be late,” he apologized. ” I will try not to let it happen again.” and with that he smiled an odd smile.

They ate and drank. They held hands and whispered words of love to each other and she felt at ease.

“You look different tonight,” he smiled at her. “almost as if you have just been laid.” he chuckled at his own words.

She blushed.

“I have taken the liberty of extending our stay. “he stated as he paid the bill and left a generous tip. “I want us to really explore our desires and our fantasies this week. After all this trip is as much for your PLEASURE as my own.” he said with a wink.

She froze where she was. “What did he just say?”

And then she remembered that laugh and those tender hands that felt so familiar.

“Did I ever tell you that I have some great friends in the sheriffs department?” he said as he started to rise. ” They even let me take out an old patrol car once in a while just for fun.”

And as he rose to his full height and started to walk away she saw that he was wearing the pants of a Sheriff’s uniform and glancing out the window she saw the patrol car in the parking lot.

“I don’t have to return it until tomorrow,” he commented over his shoulder. “perhaps we can find some more offenders that we can…” and with that his voice trailed off.

Smiling she got to her feet and felt the tingling in her most private of places. “Yes,” she whispered under her breath. “Maybe we can.” and she ran after him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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