For the First Erotic Scene

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It was the third week of production and Catherine McNamara spent the later part of the night reviewing the storyboard in her hotel room, sorting out minor details for the next day of filming.

The budget for this movie was capped at $30 million, making it the most costly production in her career as a director, and the pressure was on. Even more daunting, this was her first horror movie and the studio expected it to be able to compete with all the other upcoming films of the same genre.

So Catherine was left with no choice but to be bold and creative in order to differentiate her product. It was a challenge she was up for.

Right when she figured out the details on how to film key scenes for tomorrow, there was a stop to her thought process. Her phone buzzed and the icon on the screen showed the face of a youthful and attractive latina woman; her starlet for this feature.

Alejandra had texted: ‘Cath, do you have a minute? i know you’re still awake in there’

Catherine texted back ‘How??? hmmm???’

‘standing outside your door… i can hear the tv in background.’

Staying in that old hotel was necessary for shooting certain scenes they’d need. But as an unintended consequence, there was less privacy it seemed. Or as she’d later find out, maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing…

Catherine turned the tv off, put her notes aside, and hopped out of bed to check her appearance. She was in a small tshirt and sweatpants. Given the time of night, she was braless, so she slipped on a thin sweater to make sure that her nipples didn’t poke through.

When she opened her door, there was Alejandra, dressed in slim fitted jean pants, sneakers, and a small striped tshirt. The actress leaned one arm against the door frame in a cool manner, with a sly smile on her face. Her brown skin looked sexy against the blonde streaks dyed in her hair. And although her limbs were rather skinny, she had curves in all the right spots.

An effortless beauty.

“Like I said,” Alejandra winked. “I knew you were awake.”

“I’m always awake, Ally. What can I do for you?”

“If you have some time, I’d love to talk about some of tomorrow’s scenes. I’m feeling a little insecure about some of the new script changes.”

Catherine nodded understandably. “A sit down in my overstuffed hotel room kind of chat? Or a drink at the cafe in the lobby?”

Alejandra took a peek inside the hotel room. As described, it was overstuffed with storyboards, papers, and production devices scattered around.

“Hmmm… I think a chat like this requires a little more intimacy. How about a rooftop meeting?”

“You can get us on the hotel rooftop?” Catherine asked curiously.

“I can get us anywhere.”

“Nice. Let me find my room key first.”

Catherine grabbed the key card, slipped on something for her feet, and headed out the door.


They went to the rooftop of the hotel and the view was gorgeous. It overlooked the city on the warm night and they stared with her forearms leaning on the brick counter.

It was their first time working on a movie together. Already they had the kind of chemistry where they could stand there and listen to the sounds of the city without there being any awkwardness at all.

Finally, Catherine spoke first. “What did you want to see me about?”

“I think you know…” Alejandra’s seductive voice lingered.

Of course Catherine knew. The script (along with all the last minute changes) she wrote was bold, risque, and above all else, sexual. Erotic horror is a niche genre in the industry, but the studio had faith in it given the talent and star power of everyone involved.

“Okay, I think I’d be fine with small changes. Nothing major. We can negotiate.”

“I’m not looking to change the new material,” Alejandra replied.

“Then? Is there too much nudity for you?”

“Honesty, the sexual stuff I’m okay with. It’s just that I’m afraid I might look like a goofball doing the demonic position stuff.”

Catherine thought about this for a moment. “How so?”

“Well, showing my tits is one thing. I can live with that. I have a spectacular pair of small tits, in case you hadn’t noticed.”

“Ally, everyone knows that you have spectacular tits.”

Alejandra laughed. The most the public had seen of her body were a few brief scenes of her luscious butt, and a side view of her left breast and nipple in a previous movie. There was also a nip slip the paparazzi caught of her on the beach, which made its way around the internet.

“All I’m saying is, it might look weird,” the actress said. “I did a rehearsal this evening in my hotel room, with my hair stylist watching.”

Catherine raised an eyebrow. “The orgasm scene.”

“Yep, exactly how you described in the new script edits. I mean, I did all of it. I acted possessed, I rolled around in bed, everything. Now that part was fine. She gave me rave reviews for it. I still made it look sexy when I pulled my top and exposed my breasts. But when it came to the orgasm part, she couldn’t keep a straight face. In fact, she was cracking up, casino şirketleri which made me laugh in return.”

“Well, why do you think that is? It seems like a perfectly doable scene the way I imagined it.”

“Some of the details were a bit awkward,” Alejandra noted. “I mean, my legs were spread underneath the blanket, my tits were out, and both hands clasped onto the bed sheet. That part looked good. And I must say, the demonic possession face, I totally nailed that. But to do all of that, and have an orgasm at the same time because of whatever is possessing me?”

Catherine gave a half shrug. “Point taken, but I still think the scene is doable. We just need to work at it.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I definitely think the scene can be done. I was hoping you’d give me some acting advice or something, before I make a fool of myself on set. You know how embarrassed I can get if I do a horrible take.”

“You’re a great actress. You really are.”

Alejandra blushed. “I feel the same about you. So, Ms. Actress-Director, got any tips you can share with your starlet?”

The comment made Catherine feel proud. She had come from a long line of Broadway actors, and had several rave reviews of her own (both as a stage actress and a writer), before becoming a full time film director. It was nice being acknowledged and remembered, especially from someone in Alejandra’s generation.

“First off, I’ve done nude work before,” Catherine said proudly, yet in a secretive tone. “It was about, maybe 7 or 8 years ago, for a stage production. I bared myself for a brief scene in front of hundreds of people every night. So I know what it’s like as a woman taking off her clothes for the sake of art. I would never ask any of my actors to do something I’d never do myself.”

“I know. I did my homework. And possibly a little firsthand insight.”

There was a sly smile on Alejandra’s face, which made Catherine squint her eyes in wonder.

“Were you there?” Catherine asked.

Alejandra nodded. “My drama coach in high school used to rave about your work after he saw your previous production. He loved your acting and writing. Anyway, when I turned 18, I begged my parents to buy me two tickets to your latest show. I begged for months. My parents are immigrants and they barely spoke English at the time, so they thought I was crazy for paying all that money for Broadway tickets, when I can just watch tv at home for free.”

“And when you purchased the tickets with their money, did you agree with your parents that you were indeed crazy? Surely there are much much better things for an 18 year old girl to spend her money on.”

“Nope,” Alejandra shook her head and smiled. “After I took my best friend to go see your show, I was mesmerized. I mean, I was hooked. Back in high school, I thought I was the shit when it came to acting. When I saw you, I realized I was just shit. I was nothing. So I stereotypically got a part time job as a waitress at my dad’s Cuban restaurant, and I took professional acting classes late at night.”

Catherine smiled proudly. “And 8 years later, here you are.”

“Under your tutelage,” Alejandra added.

“You know, suddenly I feel embarrassed.”

Alejandra seductively bit her lower lip. “Why? Because I saw you masturbating on stage?”

“That, and you probably caught a glimpse of my breasts for that particular show.”

“Not a glimpse. Your boobs were on full display.”

“Ahh, well you got your money’s worth that night,” Catherine joked.

Alejandra winked. “I certainly did.”

As a woman who interacts with countless people on a regular basis, Catherine knew when someone was coming on to her, and this was it. But work was work. And there were important matters on hand, so she brushed it off.

“There are a few tips I can give,” Catherine said.

“Sure, anything would be great.”

“Some are a bit… unorthodox, shall we say.”

“Unorthodox is my style,” Alejandra smiled. “Let’s hear it.”

“When doing a nude scene, I always try to keep calm by telling myself that it’s all for the sake of art. Every night, before I went on that stage, I thought about how beautiful the story was, and how necessary the scene was to that story. I’ve always thought of myself as an artist, as pretentious as that sounds.”

“That’s actually what I admire about you. I want to mature into a serious artist someday, much like yourself.”

Catherine was flattered and didn’t bother hiding it. “Thanks. That’s sweet. Which leads us into more of a method acting mindset.”

“Now we’re getting somewhere.”

“When I got nude and masturbated on stage, on the bed, underneath a bed sheet, it was because my character had an intense desire. So as an actress, I embraced that. I’ve never been an exhibitionist in my real life, but I became one for that part. I stopped looking at stage nudity as something scary, and instead saw it as something thrilling. I imagined the audience desiring my body, my breasts, and my masturbation in all its glory. It always got me psyched up.”

Alejandra licked her lips. “Did it work?”

“There casino firmaları were a couple times where, if the scene had gone longer, I would have cum and made a mess of the sheets.”

Alejandra’s eyes lit up. “The behind the scenes secrets. Very nice.”

“It was. I learned a lot about myself from that performance. More importantly, I learned a lot about the craft of acting, writing, and directing. And about audiences. It was a pivotal moment for me.”

“Did it change your sexuality at all?” Alejandra asked.

“As in, did it make me more deviant?”

Alejandra nodded.

“You’ll find out after you do the nude scene tomorrow,” Catherine replied coyly. “I suppose doing a nude scene is different from person to person.”

“Thank you. I love your tips and I’ll take them to heart.”

“It’s a big scene tomorrow,” Catherine said. “A pivotal scene, in fact, so I want you as comfortable as possible. We’ve got to be on top of our game.”

“Exactly. Is there anything else? I know you’re holding out on me.”

“What makes you say that?”

“I was there, remember?” Alejandra said suggestively. “I saw you perform that scene on stage. As a woman, I knew there was no faking that. The way your body moved. The look on your face. Those gasps. It was real. And I want to know your secret.”

Catherine looked like a woman who was caught. “To be honest, I cheated a little bit.”

“How so?” Alejandra inquired.

Catherine was blunt. “I used a small vibrator underneath the bed sheet.”

“Oh my. How naughty. How smart.”

“I know, right? The director thought it was a cool idea, as long as the vibrator was quiet enough. Now keep in mind, Broadway shows are very low budget, so it wasn’t like I had an assistant or anything. I had to go to the seedy part of the city to a sex shop and buy one. I had a long conversation with the cashier, an awkward dorky guy in his early 20’s, about which vibrators are the most silent. He even let me test a few of them.”

“You tested vibrators in front of him?” Alejandra asked curiously.

“Just the sound, Ally. Just the sound. Although at that stage in my career, I would have probably used it in front of him if he would have bought the vibrator for me. But that’s a different story.”

They both laughed.

“A vibrator, huh?” Alejandra remarked. “Do you think we can pull that off on set tomorrow?”

“You mean you’re crazy enough to try it?”

“I only learn from the best. According to my old drama coach, you’re a woman to learn from.”

“I’m flattered.”

“But seriously, could we pull that off?” Alejandra asked again. “It sounds like a great way for me to, you know, look like I’m in pleasure, even with my hands clasping on the sheets. It would look so realistic.”

“Are you sure you’d be willing to do that?”

“Yep. I love your script and all the scenes we’ve shot so far. I can’t ruin this movie with any sort of bad acting.”

Catherine agreed. “You raise a compelling point. Are you sure though?”

“Whatever you can do, I can do.”

“In that case, we can do it discreetly.”

“Which begs the question,” Alejandra said. “Do you think we can get a vibrator by tomorrow? The shoot is at 8 am right?”

“Yes. And we can’t switch the time slot either because we have to leave the hotel by the afternoon. The schedule is tight.”

“Bummer. It would have made a practical acting tool. Oh well, I’ll keep on rehearsing that, and hopefully we nail that scene tomorrow.”

“Unless…” Catherine’s voice trailed off.


Catherine sighed. “This is going to sound crazy, and I’m going to regret even bringing this up. In fact, I regret this already.”

“Let me guess,” Alejandra said with a wicked expression.

“Go ahead.”

“You have a vibrator in your room.”

“How did you know?” Catherine asked.

“You seemed shy all of a sudden. And people are shy about their masturbation habits. Plus you seem like a woman who travels with a vibrator– no offense. With your daily workload, I can’t blame you.”

“Well, it’s about to come in handy. That is, if you’re interested in using mine for tomorrow morning. The thought of sharing a vibrator seems kind of gross, but somehow, I doubt you’d mind.”

Alejandra smiled. “Not at all. I’d be honored to use your vibrator. We’ll be sharing spiritual energy that way.”

“Was that a joke?”

“Nope. As a yoga practitioner, I study the importance of energy flow.”

Catherine playfully scoffed. “What have I done? It’s not too late to change strategy, is there? Surely there’s a better way.”

“Ms. McNamara, the decision has already been made. As an acclaimed director, your instincts must be trusted and followed. As your student and actress, it is my obligation to follow your orders, or risk the fate of becoming the worst actress this world has ever seen. That’s not something we can risk, can we?”

“Since you put it like that,” Catherine played along. “No, we can’t risk that. Our reputations are on the line and you must orgasm like never before. Only the most dedicated güvenilir casino of actresses can pull off such a complex scene.”

Alejandra held out her arm. “Shall we?”

“I suppose we shall.”

They locked arms and headed towards the stairway.


Once they returned to Catherine’s messy room, the mood between them had changed. They were like two women who came back from a night of drinks and the party was still ongoing. The notion of retrieving a vibrator gave them a weirdly festive vibe.

The mood toned down once they both kneeled in front of Catherine’s luggage, which was laying on the ground, ready to be opened.

“I still feel like an idiot for suggesting this,” Catherine said.

“You have a device which gives convenient orgasms, and you’re sharing it with your friend, for the sake of your multi-million dollar soon-to-be-hit film. That makes you a genius.”

Catherine couldn’t help but see the logic in that. “Interesting point.”

She opened her luggage and they were like two pirates opening a treasure chest. But instead of gold, all they saw were stacks of neatly folded clothes. Catherine pulled her clothes aside to reveal a small container, which had the real treasure they were looking for.

There were two vibrators inside. One was a pink 6 inch device. The other was about 3 inches, silver color, and there was a small remote control next to it.

“I’m assuming we’re using that one.” Alejandra smiled and pointed to the small vibrator. “Compact and tidy.”

“Most of all, silent enough for discretion.”

“This will be our secret.”

“Perfect,” Catherine agreed. “For a moment I was worried that you’d want to be open about this. In which case, people will wonder where you got that vibrator and things would lead back to me.”

“First of all, if anyone found out, I’ll just say that it’s mine. Secondly, I don’t want anyone knowing either. God, can you imagine the headlines? I’ll constantly be questioned about it.”

“So will I. I don’t want my film sets to have a reputation for using real sex acts. People will say I’m a pornographer.”

Alejandra gave a playful ‘are you kidding me?’ look. “Your last film was pretty sexy. And by that I mean, when I saw it in the movie theater, I heard guys adjusting their pants and women crossing their legs.”

“That was all in the name of art,” Catherine blushed. “Fine art. I like showing the reality of life in each performance piece.”

“Just like your old theater performances,” Alejandra smirked.

Catherine blushed a little harder. “You just couldn’t resist, could you?”

“I’m a bad girl. Sometimes I can’t help myself.”

“A lot of my work has been pretty raunchy. Sure. But I’m proud of everything I’ve done. Including my work on stage.”

“And I’m proud of what it made me do later that night.”

They both laughed in amusement.

Catherine squinted her eyes at the joke. “You’re kidding? Right?”


“So you… enjoyed my performance later on?”

Alejandra nodded proudly. “What can I say? I was 18 and curious. Seeing you on stage really triggered something inside me and I couldn’t wait to get home to, you know, contemplate what I saw.”

There was no shame whatsoever when Alejandra had admitted masturbating to the stage performance, and it was the first time anyone had ever told this to Catherine’s face. Was this supposed to be a compliment? If so, society is certainly evolving and people are a lot more open. Catherine tried not to be a prude about it.

“I’m flattered,” Catherine said, trying to sound unfazed by it. “But couldn’t you have found another star of your late night… whatever …”


“You know why.”

“In my opinion, you’re severely underrated as a sex bomb,” Alejandra stated as a matter of fact. “I know you like to be taken seriously, but come on Cath, you’re hot. You were hot then, and you’re hot now. You’ll always be hot.”

“I’m almost 39.”

“The perfect age, some would say.”

Catherine raised an eyebrow. “What would you say?”

“I’d say that rehearsal is a good idea to make sure we know what we’re doing. And since this is your vibrator, we better try this now, under your supervision. It’s better to fix the kinks now than embarrass myself later on set.”

As a director, how could Catherine ever refuse an actress who needed her guidance for a big scene?

“Okay,” Catherine said. “How about you step into the bathroom to change? I’ll arrange the bed. And when you’re ready and in-character, we’ll begin.”

“That’s a plan. I’ll be back.”

Alejandra went to the bathroom and Catherine wondered if this was really happening. She watched her actress walk with a strut. There was an air of excitement as the impromptu rehearsal was about to begin.

She went to her bed and moved away all the papers and electronics on it. For a moment, she imagined herself laying on the soft sheets alongside Alejandra. What a nice feeling that must be, but she shook it off. There was work to be done.

After fixing the bed and making the sheets nice and neat, Alejandra stepped out of the bathroom wearing only a tshirt and panties. She had no issue showing off her slender legs, which were nicely curved around the hips. And it was also clear that she was braless too, as the scene had called for.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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