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Footrub Friday

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I was sitting around my house watching tv and just waiting for my girlfriend, Karen, to come over after she went out with some of her friends for drinks. Karen is a gorgeous, buxom brunette, about 5’10” with long hair and captivating brown eyes, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her after a long few days apart. I rose when the doorbell rang and opened the door to find Karen dressed sexier than I had ever seen her. She obviously had gotten changed after work and looked jaw-droppingly hot in a short sparkly silver dress, sheer pantyhose, and matching strappy silver heels. I couldn’t even speak-my breath was taken away as I stared. “Hi baby!” she purred, giving me a hug and a long, sensuous kiss. Her seductive perfume filled my senses as she pressed her sexy body against me. I held her close, my cock starting to swell and press against her when I heard heels clicking and female laughter coming up the sidewalk. “I invited Simone and Rachel over for a “nightcap”. I hope you don’t mind.”

I didn’t mind in the least. Simone and Rachel were two of Karen’s sexiest friends, completely opposite types but equally hot. Simone was a gorgeous punk chick, actually a couple inches taller then Karen, and very slender. She had long black hair which she wore in sexy bangs, always wore red lipstick and heavy eye makeup, and had lots of tattoos on her arms, legs and shoulders. Simone played bass in a local girl band that was just starting to get big. They were all very sexy and really talented, but it was hard not to just stare at Simone’s body when they played. She was very assertive and wild onstage, but quiet mostly when you hung out with her. Eventually when she got to know you she was really funny and interesting. Because of her lifestyle, I assumed she had a kinky side, but wasn’t sure what she was into. She usually wore torn black jeans or a short kilt with a black band shirt, but tonight she was all glammed up in a short, sleeveless vintage black lace dress with black stockings and sexy high-heeled boots which made her tower confidently over all of us.

Rachel was a petite, sexy blond girl who everybody just wanted to spank. She was about 5’2″ with long, curly hair and stunning ass and perfect tits. Rachel came from a very wealthy family and always wore the latest designer clothes. She had light blond hair and very striking brown eyes and heavy eyebrows, kind of like Gwen Stefani or Lady Gaga. Because of her classic blond looks and tight little body, Rachel had always had guys fawning over her, and there was something that was extremely sexual about her all the time. It was actually hard to have a conversation with her sometimes, since when she talked to you, it was impossible to not start daydreaming about eating her out or sucking on her ample tits. It was embarrassing to have to ask her to repeat herself, but she would always give you a triumphant smile that said, “I know you were just thinking about fucking me, and you’d do anything to touch me,”,and then patiently repeat herself. Even though sometimes people would automatically assume she was bratty and snooty, she was a very sweet, good-hearted girl. Still, everyone, including her, knew that she would always have anything, and any man she wanted. Rachel always looked hot as hell and tonight was no exception in her tiny, tight red tube dress, sheer pantyhose and matching red stiletto heels.

The two girls hugged me from either side as we greeted each other, and Karen joined in from behind, completely surrounding me in warm, beautiful women in the sexiest outfits imaginable. Eventually they stepped back, giving me more time to drink in the sight of their beautiful bodies in their provocative dresses. “Oh my God!” I exclaimed, finally being able to speak, “You all look incredible! Why’s everybody all dressed up?”

“Because it’s Girls’ Night, bitches! WOO-HOO!” Karen shouted out as her friends cheered along. They were all pretty fired up and rowdy tonight, which made things even sexier, but I still couldn’t wait until her friends left because I absolutely had to fuck Karen long and hard the second after they took off.

We all came inside, the girls removing their shoes and boots, showing me even more of their legs and their sexy silken feet, which I knew were going to be a distraction. I was surprised that all three of them were wearing stockings, even though it still wasn’t fashionable for young women to wear. On the occasions when Karen surprised me with a garter belt and stockings in bed, she saw how it drove me wild and made me fuck her endlessly until we both collapsed in a sweaty pile. Once, in my dreamy post-orgasmic state, I blurted out how I had always had a fascination and obsession with nylon-covered legs, how lucky girls were to get to wear stockings, and how if more women wore nylons today and knew how much power it gave them over men, they could rule the world. She winked and said “I know.”

Karen sat down on the end of my sectional couch and shouted out her typical Friday night mantra, “I need Anadolu Yakası Escort weed and a footrub immediately!” I sat down next to her while she put her legs up on me and started packing a bowl of my stash of killer skunk weed. As she adjusted herself and lit up, her nylon-clad calves slid up and down my still-stiff cock, which her friends hopefully didn’t notice as they sat down, Simone on the other side of me on the sectional, and Rachel in a chair next to us. After taking a hit, I passed the bowl over to Simone, again being teased by any movement I made by Karen’s silky legs against my cock and balls. Then I got to work on her feet, slowly stroking her long toes and and sexy arches while the girls and I casually talked about work, current events, etc., while occasionally following a movie I was watching, and getting more stoned, not to mention I had smoked a little before they came.

As I continued Karen’s massage, I felt very strange touching her so intimately around her friends, especially since in this situation we would usually start making out passionately and eventually go up to bed. I also couldn’t stop staring at the girls’ legs and feet. Every time one of them would innocently curl their toes or cross their legs I would become overwhelmed with lust and need. Karen stretched herself out and moaned softly as I heard her legs swishing together and seemingly getting longer as she relaxed. She seemed to be getting really turned on by my hands on her, while we all pretended to be concentrating on the movie. “Mmmmmm, thanks Chris,” she purred as I finished. “Now can you please hand me that blanket? My legs are getting a little cold.” After grabbing the blanket, I reluctantly covered her feet and legs. “Awwww thank yoooouuuu. You make me feel so spoiled.”

“Shut up bitch!” Simone laughed. “Stop bragging about how comfortable you are when there’s no one here to rub my feet. Guys want us to wear these towering slutty shoes for them but they never want to give us massages later. What’s up with that?”

“I wouldn’t know,” bragged Karen. “Chris always takes care of me. In fact, he can give you guys footrubs. I don’t care, and I don’t think he would mind, would you, Chris?” She wiggled the sole of her foot against the ever-present bulge in my shorts, hopefully not noticed by anyone but me.

“Umm, okay, if it’s definitely okay with you…” I stammered, not believing my luck, but also trying to not let the girls know that I had been a slave all my life to a powerful stocking fetish and this was the most diabolical tease anyone could concoct for me.

“What? It’s just reflexology. It’s totally legit. Why don’t you girls open us a bottle of wine and bring some glasses here? You can borrow my boyfriend but I’m not getting up!”

As soon as the girls walked out of the room, Karen sprang up from the couch and pulled me to my feet. She immediately pressed herself against me and started kissing me passionately, wrapping her long, slender arms around me, and sticking her hands down the back of my shorts and underwear, grabbing my ass and pulling me even closer to her. “Thanks for taking care of my friends,” she whispered in her sexiest voice, before sticking her tongue in my ear and panting slightly, driving me crazy. The next thing I knew, my shorts and underwear were on the floor around my ankles and Karen flashed me a wicked smile as she shoved me, off balance, back down on the couch.

Thinking this was a prank, I quickly grabbed for my pants to pull them up. I didn’t want her friends to see my cock! As I got my shorts halfway up, she darted her slick feet in between my legs, blocking me from covering myself, as well as completely paralyzing me every time her silky soles or toes touched my inner thighs. I flew into a panic as I heard Simone and Rachel coming down the hallway, adjusting the legs of my shorts and bunching them up around my knees, hopefully looking like I was still wearing them. I quickly covered us with the blanket again literally one second before the girls walked back in, carrying a bottle of red wine and four glasses. Seemingly, we were in the exact position as when the girls had left. Only this time, my cock and balls were completely exposed, and my knees were bound together by my shorts waistband. Not to mention Karen’s silky toes were starting to sneak up my inner thighs. She smiled innocently as she began her torment.

“Okay, I’m first,” stated Simone, as she slid herself closer to me on the couch, her dress riding up her black-stockinged thighs, wiggling her long toes seductively as she stared right at me and smiled, taking a big sip of wine. Her black toenails and ankle tattoos turned me on even further as I stroked her feet and ankles. She didn’t seem too awkward or shy about having her friend’s boyfriend intimately touching such an erogenous zone on her. It was almost like she automatically expected me to serve her and give her pleasure. As I rubbed and stroked Simone’s feet, ankles and toes, Karen Avrupa Yakası Escort kept my cock and balls trapped between her feet and very subtly stroked me to the point of coming, innocently chatting with her girlfriends about seemingly harmless topics, never acknowledging what she was doing to me. As I continued to massage Simone’s pretty feet, she eventually started moaning softly, while squeezing her legs together and breathing in deeply, and I wondered if she was having a secret orgasm, as the pre-come slowly dripped out of me onto Karen’s foot, making things slicker.

“Thank you, Chris,” Simone cooed, wiggling her toes. “Let me have some of that blanket too,” she said, grabbing a section of it and nearly exposing me, before stretching out and very lightly grazing my naked hips with her soles and toes. We all looked over to Rachel, who was sitting on the chair with her toes pointed towards each other. I started to panic, not wanting to have to walk over to her and be exposed, with Karen’s soles both now laying flat on my hard cock anyway.

Instead, Rachel got up very slowly, stretched herself out, her ass and tits jutting out irresistibly, and started walking over to me, staring hungrily at me while Karen teased my cock further in her ever-changing silk prison. Rachel’s pussy was right in front of my face for about ten seconds as she stood in front of my coffee table. She bent down low to clear a space on the table and sat down before me, her tits almost popping out of her dress, and slowly extended her foot towards me.

“Listen Chris, I need you to be completely honest with me because I’m worried about something. These shoes are a little old and I had them on all day. My feet don’t smell do they?” With that, Rachel lifted her foot a couple of inches away from my nose while wiggling her toes innocently. I gasped involuntarily as Karen wrapped both sets of silky toes around my hardness, giggling.

“Eeeeeew Rachel, what the hell?” Simone said laughingly, pressing her feet against me. Actually Rachel’s feet did smell a little bit like dried sweat and expensive Italian leather, and I found it deliciously erotic. I just didn’t know how to tell her that.

“Umm, they don’t smell bad. They’re fine,” I said.

“Oh that’s good. I know there’s guys who are weird about it. Like they’ll buy old stockings or shoes on the internet and sniff them and get turned on by that. Can you imagine that?” Actually I could.

“Well I just think all women are amazing, and I appreciate them totally, from head to toe.”

Rachel smiled, fully aware that she owned me now, and gently placed her feet on top of the blanket, pressing Karen’s feet against me even more, and purred, “Okay, you can appreciate these then!”

I stared, almost drooling, at her perfectly pedicured tiny feet, her toenails a wicked deep red which matched her dress, and slowly pulled them towards me. I could tell by the look she gave me that she was pretty used to having men at her feet. I rubbed them slowly and thoroughly while she gazed into my eyes, eventually leaning back on the table, arching her back and stretching her tight dancer’s legs out in front of me. I grabbed as much of her ankles and calves as I could and strove to drive away all of Rachel’s stress. When I finally was finished, she purred, “Mmmmmm, that was so good, I feel great now! Karen, your boyfriend did such a good job with us. How can we ever repay him?”

“Let’s give him lap dances!” chimed in Simone, making us all laugh, though that sounded great to me.

“Hmmm maybe,” said Rachel, curling her toes subtly. “But I think first we should let him experience how good pantyhose can feel firsthand. I know I really enjoy the sensation of wearing super silky nylon, and besides, it’s pretty obvious he has a nylon fetish!” The girls all giggled while I must have turned beet red with embarrassment.

These were all totally outrageous suggestions and I never expected Karen to approve, but she simply reached into her purse and pulled out a pair of black pantyhose and handed it to me. “Here you go-I always carry a spare! Go ahead into the bathroom and put these on for me, and we’ll take care of the rest.” I very quickly slipped my shorts back on while they were looking elsewhere, stood up and walked sheepishly into the bathroom. Closing the door, my heart was racing as I slipped off the shorts and underwear, slowly sliding the tight pantyhose from my toes all the way up to my waist.

It felt incredible. The entire bottom half of my body was being constantly stimulated and lifted up by the stretchy nylon and spandex, and my throbbing cock and balls were pulled up and trapped inside the tight silky panel. I heard the girls giggling and putting on some sexy music outside the door. Since there was no way to calm down my raging erection, I pulled my t-shirt down over my crotch and ass as well as I could and walked slowly outside. The girls squealed and applauded with hearty approval as I stood İstanbul Escort before them. Someone had put a dining room chair in the room, facing the couch.

“They look great, but the shirt’s got to go. It’s ruining the whole look,” Karen said teasingly, as she pulled the shirt up over my head and ordered me to stand up straight. “Much better,” she purred as her friends surrounded me, running their hands over my chest, touching my thighs and squeezing my ass.

“Well I guess he likes them,” teased Rachel, no doubt referring to my stubborn cock, still fully hard. Simone was putting her boots back on, I guess because they made her look especially hot for my dance. Karen immediately took charge.

“Okay, have a seat. I’ll let you get a lap dance from Simone, but you have to let me make out with Rachel for a while we watch you,” she said, smiling wickedly. “You don’t mind do you? Of course, I’m also going to have to make sure you behave while my friends dance for you. The girls already know this, but another great thing about nylons is that they have so many uses. Isn’t that right, Rachel?”

Rachel, who was behind me giggled, “Oh definitely,” as she pulled my hands behind the chair easily and wrapped another pair of stockings around my wrists, tying them efficiently behind the chair. I was still struck dumb, and my heart was racing faster than ever in my life when Karen stepped over to me and jammed her tongue down my mouth in a long hot kiss, while sliding her hands up and down my silky thighs. “Thank you for being such a good boyfriend,” she whispered, I tried to wrap my arms around her, but then remembered I was still tied.

Karen gave me a little pout, pursing her lips at me and slowly pulled away as Simone’s spiky boot heels started clicking my way. Simone towered above me, looking down with fire in her eyes and a sexy smirk as she walked closer to my chair, still fully clothed but looking incredibly erotic. I was worried that I might come as she stood with her pussy right in my face for several seconds before she very slowly straddled me, her nylon legs rubbing sensuously together with mine!

“Karen, do we still have any weed left?” asked Simone, ignoring me for a second.

“We do have some,” said Karen, passing Simone a new pipe. “But I think we need to conserve it by sharing hits.”

“I agree,” snickered Simone, flicking the lighter. “Okay Chris, get ready to breathe in,” she said, taking a deep hit and holding it in a few seconds. She then pressed her red lips against mine, prying my mouth open and filling my lungs with chronic weed smoke. I was shocked by her kiss and nervously held the smoke in my lungs, when I felt Rachel’s petite hand turning my head to face her. She kissed me, slipping her tongue between my lips and literally taking my breath away. After a few seconds she pressed herself against Karen in a passionate kiss, feeding her the smoke as their breasts pressed together sexily. Karen exhaled just as Simone took another hit, and we repeated the chain three more times as I pulled futilely against my bonds.

“Oh well, that’s kicked. Let’s go over to the couch,” said Karen as she wrapped her arm around Rachel’s waist. I stared at their asses and the backs of their legs as they stepped away together. Simone moved her head forward and kissed me deeply, very gently but constantly, as she ran her hands all over my body, driving me wild. She then started kissing my neck and chest, while I stared helplessly at Karen and Rachel making out heavily on the couch, their nylon legs entwined, grabbing at each other’s breasts and legs.

“You belong to all of us from now on,” Simone whispered in my ear as she pressed herself tightly against me, nibbling and licking my ear. “It’s what Karen wants…Mmmmmm, you know I’ve always liked you, but now that she says I can do anything I want with you, we are gonna have so much fun together!” I looked over to Karen, but her head was leaning back as Rachel peeled down her spaghetti straps and started slowly sucking on her tits.

Simone looked me in the eyes and ran her fingers behind my knees and up my inner thighs, causing me to moan involuntarily. “Do you like how they feel? You should probably get used to them. I know Karen’s really enjoying putting you in stockings and this will be an ongoing thing, she says.” Simone lightly scraped her nails across my silk-covered balls and kept teasing me as I groaned helplessly.

“You know, I should have a talk with the girls in my band. We might need an obedient footboy. I mean there’s so many guys at our gigs begging to lick our pussies, we might as well get someone to do that and take care of our aching feet too! Hmmm, I think you deserve to get a little air.”

And with that, she ripped a hole in the crotch of my pantyhose with her fingernails, releasing my rigid cock but still leaving my balls trapped inside the nylon material. “Would you like that, Chris? Four pairs of sweaty legs and feet up on you, taking turns having you serve us? Of course, we’d have to have you properly dressed for the occasion, right?” she teased, tickling my balls again while I squirmed. I heard a moan and we both looked over to see Karen gazing at us with Rachel kneeling in front of her, licking and kissing her way up her satiny thighs.

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