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Football Game Fails!

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Preface: This is based on events that actually happened to me in high school! I’m sure over time I’ve embellished it in my mind (I was definitely not as skillful back then as I make myself out to be) but that should just make it more fun to read! I think pretty much everything mentioned happened. I also think a bit of background helps put this more in context so I’ll give you some of that too! Hope you enjoy!

Also, to clarify since this is a high school story. This happened my senior year, so everyone involved is over 18 years old or older!


There was a time period towards the end of my junior and into my senior year where I could have been described as a bit boy crazy… In hind sight what happened was I was a dumb horny high school girl that had just discovered sex. This led to me “dating” numerous guys back to back so I had someone to experiment with sexually. I say dating because we basically exclusively had sex. This was before it was like a thing to have friends with benefits plus we wouldn’t have been mature enough to handle that anyways.

This story takes place during my senior year and involves Todd (real name withheld), one of these guys that I was hooking up with. Todd was an asshole, no other way to say it. He had probably asked me out because he had heard I was having sex with guys I was dating and I had close to the biggest boobs in our class. He was the kinda guy that never met my parents but was the first to convince me to do anal.

His redeeming qualities that let my dumb teenage brain overlook the facts that he was a terrible guy were that he was athletic, he was decent looking, and he had a car. His Nissan Xterra was actually the center point of our relationship. Our “dates” included us making up plans to go out to eat and see a movie or something that we could tell our friends and parents, then instead going through a drive through before parking on the side of a dirt road somewhere and fucking in the back of his car. His back seats folded down entirely flat which gave us a decent bit of room for activities. I’m so short I could actually almost stand straight up on my knees. Because he was such a gentleman he took me on the dates multiple times a week and sometimes even picked me up to drive me to and from school.

At some point though he made me mad about something, and my teenage girl brain decided to handle this in a classic fashion, by withholding sex. The thought of this was exciting to me, it made me feel powerful through sex but since our existence as a couple was entirely predicated on us humping like rabbits what it more turned into was me not letting him have an orgasm. I would tease him as much as I could constantly rubbing him through his pants at school, rubbing my ass up against him, letting him feel me up then during dates and edging him, stripping, and letting him get me off using a vibrator he had bought and kept stashed in his car. Honestly I think he was enjoying it more than me. I had told him he wasn’t allowed masturbate and I really think he was following that instruction because he knew it would lessen the excitement. The plan was to do this until the following week when I told him he would be allowed to do anything he wanted to me. The Friday of this week we went to our school’s home football game. This was a rural town so these games were hugely popular and basically everyone attended. Anyways, I think thats all you need to know, lets get started!


Todd has picked me up and we’re headed to the game. Because of the before mentioned situation at this point anytime we are together is entirely focused on how horny he is. The idea of driving him crazy like this really excites me and of course he likes it as well. We’re driving along and I’m fully doing my part for the build. I’m leaned on the center console reaching across and stroking his cock with one hand while the other feels the tension building in the muscles in his arm and chest through his shirt aside me giving him some of my best dirty talk.

“Yea… your cock is sooooo hard right now,” I tease, “It just makes me wonder how you’re going to cum next week. Will you let me blow you until you bust all over my chest or are you going to put your entire load in my pussy…”

His breathing deepened and could see in his eyes that he was imaging each of these scenarios.

I continued, “I bet you’re going to make me get on my hands and knees and fuck my ass again… you know how sore I was last time, am I going to have to say I pulled another muscle during practice to explain why I’m walking funny. I think that worked last time, I don’t think anyone knew you spent over an hour stretching me so your cock could fit in my ass”

His cock was hard, rock hard. I could see the veins in it bulging along its length through the undone zipper of his jeans. I sat back in my seat, and undid my own jeans. I kept one hand reached across the console stroking his erection but moved my other hand between my own legs and began to massage my clit. My fingers slid down the front of my panties and over the smooth shaved Anadolu Yakası Escort mound to reach my pussy.

“I’m sorry Todd, I’m just so excited for your punishment to be over. I think I’m going to have to… play with myself right now… I know you won’t mind,” I explain.

I bat my eyelashes and smirk at him. Soon I have to pause my strokes on his shaft as I can feel an even deeper tightness building in him, he’s close. I tighten my grip slightly, my hand staying still while feel his member throbbing between my fingers. I continue to rub myself, moaning slightly and making a show of it. Over a few minutes I can feel the excitement subside as he backs away from a climax. immediately I start to rub his length again. I repeat this process for a while, resulting in his cock leaking precum on my hand and me getting myself reasonably close in the process. I eventually have to stop however as we get closer to the school. More cars are near us and we wouldn’t want anyone seeing anything improper happening.

The school itself is the only thing for miles. It is surrounded on all sides by farm land. The games brought in more people than the schools parking lot could fit so most people ended up parking in a designated dirt parking lot next to football field. Todd pulls into the lot and we park. We get out, I check in the mirror making sure my makeup is still good.

I’m short, small overall really. A this point in time, I’m 4’10 and around 95 lbs. Visually I was just known for my boobs though. Despite being that size my breasts are huge with me wearing a 30DDD/F bra. To try and combat my barbie doll look I would spend years working out and playing sports to get a more toned athletic look but only ever ended up making my waist smaller and making it worse. My face is round with green eyes and straight brown hair that goes down just past my shoulders.

I’m wearing skinny jeans with a cute white button up blouse with a light blue pattern and white converse. My hair is pulled back into a braid. Todd is wearing jeans with a t-shirt under his blue and white letterman jacket (our school colors). There are tons of people around making their way into the stadium. The games brought in probably close to a thousand people, pretty much everyone from our town. We work our way into the game and begin to make the rounds saying hi to different people and before going to sit with some friends to watch the game. The game is going well, its a close game so far. Midway through the second quarter Todd offers to take me to the concession stand to beat the halftime rush. Walking, that way he whispers in my ear that he wants more. Being the blossoming boss babe I was at the time I tell him to text me exactly what he was going to do to me next week. We step into the line for the concession stand and he whips out his phone and starts texting me. Moments later my phone is buzzing in my back pocket. I pull it out and read the message:

“You’re going to suck my cock and then I’m going to fuck your ass while you rub your pussy,” it said

I look up at him, tilting my head and giving a sarcastic surprised face and he starts typing on his phone again.

“I’m going to fill your ass with my cum but I’m so hard I’m going to have to fuck you again. I’m going to pound you over and over until you’ve completely drained my balls. I’m going to fuck you so hard you might not be able to walk at all this time.”

I flash him another mocking shocked look before responding:

“What do you want to do right now?”

he responds in an instant:

“Blowjob while you make yourself cum in the locker room?”

“Deal.” I fire back.

We reach the front of the line and he buys me the bag of sour worms I want and we were head to the locker rooms. This was something we had done before, these were the locker rooms separate from the football locker rooms and were in a separate building, behind anything in use for the football game. They would be locked up to make sure no one could get in. We went around the back door of this building. The door was partially broken at one entrance and could be opened if it was leaned on in just the right way. The doorway was out of sight, on the side of the building away from everyone and in a recess in the building so it was pretty easy to break in since someone would essentially have to walk up to the door to see anyone opening it.

I stayed at the end of the recess to be on watch for anyone coming while Todd went to pop the door open.


“Fuck!” I heard Todd exclaim from the doorway.

The door had been fixed. Todd tried for several minutes unsuccessfully to open the door but couldn’t get it open. There was a look of desperation in his eyes as I walked up to the door to see what was happening.

“We can just do it here” Todd suggests.

I around, the door was recessed into the building by around ten feet, there is a concrete walkway to the door that we’re standing on with grass on either side before the walls of the building block us in. It was pretty secluded. I start to turn back to Todd, Kartal Escort thinking the situation over. I wasn’t about to get caught doing this but it was a pretty discrete location, it was dark, no one would be able to see, we could get away with it most likely, the concrete is hard though and I’m definitely not playin…

As I turn back to face Todd, his cock is out. His pants are unzipped with his package fully erect through the opening of his underwear. In an instant he grabs me and we start making out.

Well… I guess we’re doing this…

“Fine…” I start sneaking words in through the advances of his tongue into my mouth.

“But just…” my hand moves to his cock and I start to jerk him off “a blowjob.”

His hands are undoing the buttons of my shirt.

“Todd…” I begin to protest.

My free hand tries to stop his with no success


My shirt is undone

“a blowjob”

he grabs my arms, lifting them above my head, forcing me to drop his erection but sliding my shirt off and throwing it onto the grassy part ground next to us and looking into my eyes.

“Then do it.” He snarls and forces me to my knees.

I’m close enough that his cock is instantly dragging across my face. My knees on the bare concrete is instantly a problem.

I start to complain again, “My knees…” I’m cut off as he grabs the hair on the top of my head and forces his cock into my mouth. He drags my mouth up and down his shaft. I fight to inch toward the grass on my knees and pull him with me. He follows and after a few shuffles as I blow him we’re there. As soon as my knees hits the grass the next issue is apparent, its wet, like instantly soaked through the knees of my jeans wet. Oh well, I’ll deal with that later.

My knees start to sink slowly into the mud as begin to focus on the task at hand. I start to bob my head back and forth purposefully, pressing the flat of my tongue firmly against the underside of his cock. My hands reposition, one to the base of his dick and another massaging his balls. As I start to blow him on my own he releases his grip on my hair, letting me work under my own power. At this point even in the heat of the moment I’m cold. The sun has gone down and I’m kneeling in a mud puddle, water is soaking through my pants onto my knees and shins, with just my bra to protect my upper body from the night air. The activity keeps my focus though and I hardly notice as I work his shaft. I start to take slower more, deeper, more purposeful movements down his length following my lips with my hand, jerking him as I blow him. His girth bulged out slightly around my lips and hand as they glide along his member. I’m starting to get into it. Other than the cold and the mud I like the spontaneity, I work hard, letting the pleasure build in him with each motion. I start to notice as Todd’s body stiffens and he comes close to a climax again. I can feel the throbbing in his balls as pull my head back off his cock, stroking it slowly as looked up at him with the head of his penis just inches from my lips.

“You know…” I start in my teasing tone again “It might b…” he cuts me off.

“Ash…” he starts to say my name in warning but in the same moment blasts the first load of his cum in my face.

The initial load splatters into my partially open mouth, letting his cum get both in my mouth and around my lips and chin. Caught off guard I can’t even move as his second burst lands right on the bridge of my nose. I squeeze my eyes shut and start to move my head back, as it adds to the coating of my face. The thick rope gets me square in the middle of my face going from the bridge of my nose up to nearly my hairline before snaking back down over my eye and onto my cheek. The next one come as I’m starting to get out of the way, it lands on my chin and swings down to my neck and chest area. My hands move back to try and protect my face. I shift my weight to one side as I try and step back up onto my feet and out of the way. Unfortunately, my foot slides in the mud and then slips out from under me entirely. This leads to my life flashing before my eyes as I fall face first towards the concrete. Luckily I’m able to twist, and instead land back in the mud shoulder first.

My entire body weight pushes right through the grass and sinks my entire side into the mud. I turn onto my chest as I continue my descent which softens my fall but lets my bra and cleavage effectively scoop the mud up, entirely coating my bare chest and filling the cups of the bra. Mud and water join the mess on my face as it squirts out from under me and into the air. I finally come to a rest, laying on my chest, stuck in the mud. This all while Todd, the great guy that he is, watches in shock and has instinctively taken over stroking his own cock to ensure he is able to continue shooting every bit of cum he’s saved over the last week at me from afar. Rope after rope rains over me throughout the entire process.

The entire thing happens in an instant. I lay, freezing in the mud for probably a full 30 seconds as I process Maltepe Escort this chain of events. Eventually I scramble back to my feet to find Todd, standing there holding his dick in one hand, trying not to bust out laughing. I immediately start berating him with a flurry of whispered curse words. I am covered in mud and cum, my jeans are soaked, my bra is soaked and literally full of mud. Mud has somehow gotten in my hair, the only place it miraculously hasn’t gotten is in my mouth, which is partially full of Todd’s semen. I start to clean myself up and literally have to take my bra off to try and get the mud out of it. So now I’m standing outside freezing, entirely topless, covered in cum and mud, only to have another realization. I can’t find my top. I ask Todd and we look for a second before he finds it, in the mud, under his foot, where it has been since I drug Todd to the grass.

It is even more soaked than I am. I spend so time wringing it out. The white fabric is now stained with mud, Todd and I use it as a towel to try and wipe as much if the cum and dirt off of me as possible. I use my phone’s camera to try to salvage my makeup but there is so much cum and mud I end up trying to wipe it off entirely with little success. As the mud dries it its begins to flake off. As I pick it off it leaves behind streaks of makeup and cum. I dump the mud out of my bra but the padding at this point is acting like a sponge. I squeeze it out the best I can but its so wet that I’ll freeze if I put it back on! This means I’m now topless, with nothing I can put on, essentially in the middle of this football game. Luckily I have a t-shirt and some makeup and things in Todd’s car, I just have to make it there. I get Todd’s jacket from him and put it on. There is a pretty substantial size difference and the letterman swallows me, but it’s all I have. The only way to the car is back out the front gates which requires walking in-front of the home stands that are filled with essentially every person in my life. The only good thing is that while my hair has some mud in it, with my braid it isn’t very noticeable. Everything else however is awful: My shoes are soaked and my jeans are also wet and covered in splotches of mud. I’m entirely topless under this oversize jacket that when zipped all the way up looks ridiculous on me. My face is covered in wildly smudged of makeup and noticeable, rapidly drying cum. I’m a mess.

So now I have to walk to the car. We leave the privacy of the nook in the building to find that it’s now halftime. This means everyone is leaving the stands and walking around and no I have to walk through a crowd of everyone in the town: people I went to school with, teachers, neighbors, family friends, kids I babysat, everyone. I can still taste the cum in my mouth as we step into the sea of people. I’m having to work my way through the crowd, say hi, give polite nods to everyone, all with cum on my face, topless under the ill-fitting jacket. It is humiliating. I fell terrible, I’m so embarrassed. A few people even notice how disheveled I am and ask if I am ok. We get to the stands and Todd gives me his keys before he peels off to return to our group while I continue to the car. As I walk through the crowd alone I make a shocking discovery. While giving a wave and a smile to a friend group in the distance while I walk out the front gate I realize I am turned on. Like knees weak, heart racing, fingers trembling horny.

My mind searches frantically for why I would feel this way as I walk through the empty unlit parking lot to Todd’s car. I reach the car and open the door to the back seat, his seats are already folded down so I crawl in onto the big flat area to get the bag I kept in his trunk. I sit criss-cross in the back of the car and open the bag. I still haven’t figured out what was happening but one thing was for certain, I was turned on. I shut the car door behind me and unzip Todd’s jacket so I can begin to put on a new shirt when something else in the bag catches my eye: the cheap blue vibrator that Todd bought for us to use on each other. The decision was instant, I an so horny, I’ll just masturbate really quick and get back to the game in no time. Plus, I deserve it, that was miserable.

I take the vibrator and slide the bag behind me to use as a pseudo pillow and lay fully on my back with my feet towards the rear of the car. I undo my skinny jeans and slide my hand down the front of my panties. My eyes cross in pleasure as my fingers slide over my opening, instantly they’re slick with my wetness. I begin to run circles around my clit as my empty stare focuses on the roof of the car. The view reminds me of the first time Todd fucked me, it was in right her. I bobbed my head lazily up and down simulating the view I had that night. He was a selfish lover, it was the first time we did it but he was insistent that he fucked me with my legs over his shoulders and luckily I was flexible enough to oblige him. He was relentless. The position folded me in half as he fucked me like I was recording my first porn film. Right from the start he threw his full strength into every thrust he made in me. He threw himself into each motion so forcefully that it rocked the entire car. Looking back, it would have hurt so badly if the idea of him dominating me so thoroughly hadn’t instantly made my pussy wet around his shaft.

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