Fit to be Tied

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I happen to believe that sex in hotel rooms is incredibly hot. I’m not sure why exactly, maybe anonymity, maybe because it’s “neutral” ground or even that there’s very little chance of phones, kids, knocks on the door… Regardless, one of my fantasies involves a hotel room…

We agree to meet there vs. ride together, to enhance the anticipation. I already have a room for us but before we start towards it, I turn to face you for a hug and you kiss me, a super hot, hello kiss and start my body pulsing… At the room, we are still kissing, hot, you’re steering me through the room towards the bed, but you’re stopping every foot or so to take more of my clothing off, button by button and I’m undoing the buttons on your shirt and pants so by the time we get to the bed, I’m in bra and underwear only and you’re in jeans and underwear, no shirt.

You push me on the bed and stand up in front of me and I start to undress you but you stop me. You tell me to lie on the bed. I can see your cock hard in your pants and I want to unleash you and lick the very tip… You produce a little bag, I hadn’t even noticed. You produce a blindfold and start to put it over my eyes. I can’t see what else is coming out of the bag at this point, I just hear rustling. Then in what seems like a long time but really isn’t, I feel your lips on my wrist, little kisses up the inside of my arm and one on the top of my breast, still in a bra. I feel something soft but not fabric, maybe felt or merino wool-like being wrapped around my wrist and then I feel you kissing my other wrist and up my arm in the same way. You take my other wrist and I feel the same unknown texture being wrapped around that one. As I start to move slightly, I realize you have my hands tied together over my head and fixed to the headboard of the bed. Oh this is getting interesting… Just the sensations already running through me as we kissed and undressed each other had me getting wet; now I can actually feel drops of my wetness on the insides of my legs where my pussy lips have been rubbing together and against them.

You pull my panties off, spread my legs wide and start kissing my toes and my instep, then my right ankle as you wrap the soft cuff around it too. I feel your absence, as I lie there with my hands tied over my head and one ankle being secured to the foot board of the bed. I feel your breath moving up my leg towards my pussy, but I can’t feel your touch, just your breath and they go down my left side ending with your lips kissing my toes. I feel you pull that ankle to the side also and internet casino I am starting to drip with excitement. I feel you lifting my hips into the air and I feel a pillow being placed under my lower back – pushing my legs apart even more and making me feel that they’re tied. Not in an uncomfortable way, but definitely secured so I’m not going anywhere until you’re finished with me. This is HOT! All you’ve done is “secure” me and blindfold me and I am on the edge of orgasm, anywhere you touch me could be the place that pushes me over the edge. You’re loving it! To have such power over when I cum or IF I cum, excites you too. You can feel your rock hard cock trying to bust out of your underwear and jeans so you quickly pull them down and toss them aside.

I can’t tell where you are exactly. Sometimes I hear a sound that makes me think you’re one place, but then I hear another sound that makes me realize you’re somewhere else. The anticipation, the wondering what exactly you’re doing, picturing you walking around with your dick sticking out straight – its all winding me up in a big way. I feel you back on the bed again, I assume with play things in hand but I’ll find out right? Before I realize what’s happening, I feel you rubbing your cock on my lips and I open them part way to lick you and suck on the very very tip until you pull it away, then you gently slap it a little over my lips, teasing me as my tongue darts out to taste the pre-cum droplets at the tip of you. Damn you, but at the same time its so hot I literally am dripping. At this point you could nibble my gum-drop sized nipples for all of 5 seconds and I’ll be gushing everywhere! I want you in my mouth. Now. You won’t let me have it though because you know I can cum from giving you head (and always do) and you want complete control of when I get release.

I feel your hands, warm and a little oily starting to rub my body. Over my breasts and stomach, down my sides and around my shoulders, neck and arms. The oil isn’t too oily and it doesn’t smell funky, its clean and nice. You rub my thighs with it, picking them up one at a time and then move down my leg to my calf, around the strap holding my ankles down and then to my foot. Then you move away again and I’m just me, tied to the bed, not sure where you are in relation to me. That’s when I feel it, the very tip of one of your fingers tracing the outside edges of my pussy lips as you gently kiss my neck. YOU DRIVE ME WILD! Oh.My.God.I.Can’t.Stop!! A shudder goes through me as I have an orgasm, just from your touches and canl─▒ poker oyna not even through full penetration. If you had slammed your cock into me, I would have fainted from pure pleasure. Wow, that was a feeling like I haven’t had in a while. I want to cling to you but I’m acutely aware that I’m still tied up. Something tells me the sweet torture is just beginning… and I’m up for it so I hope you’re ready for the need you’ve created…

Your lips in random places on my body makes me wiggle a little, like being lightly tickled only not. I feel your finger tips start to twist one of my nipples – you know how sensitive my nipples are and that you can make me come just by twisting and touching them; you’re such an attentive lover. I feel your arm shift positions, though you haven’t let go of my nipple once. I wonder what you’re doing and before I can even get the thought out of my head, I feel you. I feel your tongue licking my pussy, I have waited for you go down on me and I am delirious! For a moment, I wish you would turn around so I could suck your cock at the same time. Just as I’m thinking about how to get your cock into my mouth, and how hot is is that you could literally sit on me and make me suck it – because I’m still tied up – I’m on the edge of coming again. That’s when I feel your finger again on the outside rim of my pussy, then slowly, you insert your finger in my pussy but just inside, I don’t even think you’re in to your first knuckle, but it doesn’t matter because I’m having an orgasm regardless.

I love this, my new favorite sensation is this – you eating me out while you use your finger to play around the opening, or finger me at the same time. I can’t even explain in intelligent words how hot just thinking about it makes me. It makes me cum over and over and its really nice, wet, slippery lubed up for anything come. I’m lying here tied to the bed, you are having your way with me – and I’m already thinking that it doesn’t matter what you do, I’m up for it. ANY fantasy that you’ve ever had – I’ll fulfill it for you right now. I am 100% open to anything and everything that you want…

I feel ice on my nipples – when did you get ice? – then you running it around my lips (ALL sets) and then you’re gone again… where are you, what are you doing? I can’t hear you, I can’t see you, I can’t even sense where you are in the room – and just as I start to think I know where you are; I feel a dildo and I know EXACTLY where you are, you bring me to the edge, but don’t let me cum and then you’re gone again. Really? This poker oyna is just wrong! You cannot tease me like that, turn about is fair play and I’m going to drive you WILD when its my turn!! But before I can even fully finish that thought, you remove the blindfold and you’re on top of me and pushing yourself deep inside me. The thrusts are amazing and I want to move and throw my legs around you but I can’t. At the same time I ache to touch you, I am completely turned on from the fact that I can’t, that only you can touch me. You positioned everything in just a way that you have great access to really get into a rhythm and you’re pounding my pussy, hitting me in spots that feel amazing.

As I’m climbing again, getting ready to squirt all over you, you lean in and start kissing my neck and I know I’m going to faint. This feels SO GOOD! Your lips move to mine and you start kissing me like you own me, all the while pumping away and you blow my mind. I feel your rhythm change and as we’re locked in one of the hottest kisses ever, I realize you’re going to come and I can’t stop myself. The only reason our lips leave each other is because we’re both crying out! The explosion is one of the best ever. Holy shit, in that moment, you own me. I am so yours in every way. As you lie on top of me, and kiss my neck again softly, lovingly, I am completely spent. I am aware again of the fact that I still can’t move my arms and legs – I feel vulnerable but at the same time completely at ease. After a few minutes, you release my arms and legs and we adjust ourselves on the bed; pull up the sheet, wrap ourselves around each other and fall into a much needed nap…

When we wake up, I take your dick in my mouth to ready you for round two. I can taste us mixed together and it’s an amazing turn on. You groan, head by me is better than you’ve ever had before, and sit up pulling me to the shower. You said the mirror in the bathroom will be in the perfect place to bend me over in the shower so you can see my breasts hang and sway back and forth with every thrust. After you pull out and cum all over my ass, you turn the shower on so we can soap each other up and get ready to leave.

We dress and leave, back to the real world. In the parking lot, as we say goodbye with a kiss that only lovers can share, I tell you that was one of my fantasies, fulfilled completely. You smile and we hug and I get into my car. Just before you close the door, you lean I towards me for a kiss. Your lips sort of grab the corner of my mouth playfully and I start to feel burning in my pussy again… And you smile an impish smile, knowing exactly the effect you’re having on me. You say, we’ll see each other again soon, drive carefully, and close my door. Within minutes, I see your text, asking me when we will see each other again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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