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Fishing with Steve

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I had an experience a few years ago that I want to share with your readers.

A close friend of mine, Steve, and I went fishing at a local lake, it was the middle of the week and there weren’t very many people out on the lake. We both love to fish, but we hadn’t been fishing together in sometime, so on this particular day, he called me up and wanted to know if I wanted to go fishing with him. There was no one at home, wife was at work and the kids were in school, it was the same for him. I told him, that I would love to go, and that it would take me a few minutes to get my fishing gear ready and that I would be ready when he got there.

When he got to my house I was not quite ready and invited Steve to come into the house while I finished getting ready. I told him I just had to find some shorts to wear and then I would be ready. Steve was wearing a pair of loose khaki shorts, T-shirt and sandals. I had a pair of shorts similar to his and decided I wanted to wear the same. As I was getting ready Steve followed me around the house; we were talking about fishing, wives and work. Steve being a man I didn’t think anything about changing in front of him, so I took off my jogging shorts and started to put on my khaki shorts. I looked up and Steve was staring at my cock, I didn’t think anything about that either, as a lot of men look at other men, just to compare. When he saw that I was noticed him staring, he kind of blushed and said ” I see you don’t wear underwear under your shorts either” I told him that I rarely wear underwear when I go fishing. It being a hot summer day I told him that I needed the extra ventilation. He laughed and told me he didn’t wear underwear under his shorts either and as he said this, he pulled the leg of his shorts up and exposed his half hard cock, which by the way was about 7 inches. He said that it felt good when the wind blew under his shorts and cooled his balls off. We both laughed and started out the door to go fishing.

While we drove to the marina I couldn’t help but glance toward his shorts every now and Ataköy travesti then, while we talked. I looked over at him once and the head of his cock was barely poking out of his shorts, this excited me and I am straight. I started laughing and told him that his horse was trying to get out of the coral. He looked down and pushed the head back inside, I told him I had the same problem with these shorts. We both kind of chuckled and I told him see, as I pointed down at my shorts, and there was the head of my cock poking out. And on the tip was a small drop of pre-cum.

I noticed that our cocks were similar in size and girth, except that he was cut and I wasn’t. He is semi hairy and I am not. My balls are fairly nice size with little hair on them and his balls were about the same size and a little more hairy. We both were in good physical shape, I worked out with weights and ran a good bit, where as Steve just ran and did a little cardiovascular workout only. We both had slightly graying hair; we were both only in our late 30’s.

When we got to the marina we launched the boat and were quickly on our way to our first fishing spot. As we were heading up the lake I could feel the wind blowing up my shorts legs and it felt so good, so good in fact I started to get another erection. I hid it pretty good under my life jacket, so he didn’t see anything.

After fishing for what seemed like an eternity and not catching anything we decided to find a shady spot and drop anchor and eat a bite of lunch. So we went up a creek channel and found a nice secluded spot to drop anchor and eat a bite. As we were eating we talked and drank a few beers. He was up on the main fishing deck and I was on the back fishing deck. We were facing each other as we talked and ate, I kept noticing while we talked that his cock was very visible, balls too. I don’t know why it excited me so, but it did. I told him again, that his cock was hanging out, he acknowledged that he heard me by looking down at his cock, then looked over at me and said, “your cock has Bahçelievler travesti been hanging out the whole time”. I looked down and sure enough it was hanging out big time. I apologized and started to push it back in, he told me that it didn’t bother him, if it didn’t bother me. We laughed again, and I reached down and gave my cock a yank or two and told him that the wind felt good on it anyway. I told him how sweaty and hot my balls felt in these shorts and he agreed, as he pulled his cock out and started fanning it. I commented on how big his cock was, which surprised me. And he just looked over at my cock and said that mine was pretty good size too. I looked down at it in a kind of proud manner as I pulled on it a little. When I looked back up at him he was stroking his cock as well. Then he made the suggestion, that since we were in a secluded spot we could take our shorts off and really let our cocks get some fresh air. I quickly agreed with him and we started taking off our shorts and T-shirts. We both laid back in our respective seats while we drank and talked, all the while we both seem to be staring at each others cock and stroking our cocks at the same time, while we talked. I told him that sitting out in the open naked had made me horny and he agreed. I started really stroking my cock, and Steve did too. Then he asked me if I had ever touched another guys cock, I told that I hadn’t and he said that he hadn’t either. Then he asked if I minded if he touched my cock, I told him that I didn’t mind. He got up out of his seat walked to my side of the boat, kneeled down on one knee and just looked at my cock for a few seconds. And then lightly reached out and started stroking my cock with the tip of his fingers, as he did this I sucked in my breath and told him, “damn that feels good”. And then he grabbed my cock and jerked it up and down a few times. The whole time while he did this he was jerking himself off.

After what seemed like hours he stood back up and stared down at my cock while he was playing with his cock. Bahçeşehir travesti Then I told him, that I wanted to touch his too. He let go of his cock and pushed his hips at me, in a “go ahead gesture”. I gingerly reached out and started to rub his shaft, then his balls. When I looked up at him, he had closed his eyes and was moaning slightly. His cock looked and felt so good in my hand, I couldn’t help myself. I leaned down and took the head of his large fat cock in my mouth, it felt so hot and soft. Softer than I had expected. When he felt the heat of my mouth on his cock he reached down and started to push down on my head, like he wanted me to go down farther. I pulled back and told him to sit down and I would really suck him off. He sat down and I quickly dove down between his parted legs and took his cock back in my mouth and sucked and licked the length of is cock, from his balls to the top of his large mushroom cock head. I again took his cock deep into my mouth and as I did I was rubbing his balls. I could feel his balls rising up as they got ready to spew out his seed. I felt him stiffen and moan louder as he grunted ” I’m fixing to cum” I just kept sucking I just had to feel his spunk hit the back of my throat. 3 or 4 more strokes later I got my reward as he shot the first of what seemed like many loads of his hot cum into my waiting mouth. The taste was slightly salty but not all-together bad taste. After I finished milking his cock, I stood up and he saw the remnants of his cum on my lips. Then he said he wanted to suck my cock too.

I sat down and he started sucking and licking for all he was worth. He kept squeezing my balls and rubbing my ass as I pumped into his hot waiting mouth. I knew I was not going to last long. A few minutes later I told him that I was going to cum and that it felt like it was going to be a big one. He grunted and kept sucking faster, I felt the first wad of cum shoot out, and I kept shooting load after hot load into his mouth. I had never cum so much in my life. He kept sucking and milking my cock to get every drop. And when he finally let go we both sat down exhausted.

We both agreed that, we didn’t feel guilty, because we both still loved women. But that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take care of each other’s needs every now and then. And believe me we made it an almost weekly thing.

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