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First Time with Family Friends Pt. 02

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James was pleasantly surprised by how normal everything was after losing his virginity to his straight family friends, Josh and Matt. After they fucked, the three of them had watched some TV and fallen fast asleep, only to be woken up bright and early the next morning by an alarm on Matt’s phone. It was their first day of skiing on this tri-family Christmas vacation, so they wanted to get out on the slopes while the snow was still fresh.

The three of them had a fantastic day skiing. But in spite of the excellent weather and snow, James was distracted the entire time. He couldn’t stop thinking about getting fucked by his hot, older friends. Losing his virginity obviously made a huge impact on him, especially since the sex was so good. All he wanted was to go back inside and do it again, but he knew he couldn’t suggest that. After all, they were here to ski and both Matt and Josh were straight. James figured it was probably going to be a one-time thing.

Around 4pm, the lifts started to close. Completely wiped, the three of them went back to the chalet to pack up their gear until tomorrow.

“So what’s our plan for tonight, boys? I think our folks made dinner reservations at 7pm, so we still have a couple hours before then,” said Josh.

All James wanted to do was return to the room and get fucked. But he definitely couldn’t say that. He had to stay cool!

Thankfully, Matt suggested the next best thing. “Let’s go have a drink to wind down in the room. I have some beers in the fridge.”

When they got to the hotel room, they took off all their wet snow gear and threw it on the shower rod to dry. Always the jock, Josh completely stripped down and laid down naked on the bed, flexing his muscles in their full glory.

“What?! It’s not like we have anything to hide anymore!”

More mature, Matt stripped to his boxers and sat down next to Josh on the bed, leaving a few feet of room between them. “Hey James, could you grab us all some beers?”

Still fully clothed, James went to the minifridge and pulled out three cans, putting one on the bedside table for himself and handing the other two to Josh and Matt. As he approached them, he could smell their sweaty, manly odors. James loved the smell emanated from their bodies after a long day of exercise. Fulya Escort He was so turned on, he had quickly sprang a hard on and sat down on the other bed to hide it.

“Dude, why not get comfortable?” suggested Matt. “You must be so hot in all those clothes.”

James knew Matt was just being nice, but he also didn’t want to reveal his erect dick. Still, he was really overheated and wanted to relax. So he slowly began to take off his clothes, hoping his boner wouldn’t be visible through his black boxer briefs. But of course, when he pulled off his pants it was clear as day. Josh noticed first.

“Looks like James is getting a little excited by the sight of my huge muscles!” He laughed at his cockiness only half seriously.

Matt looked right at James, who quickly went red. “No need to worry man, it’s not like I’d be any different if two hot girls were nearly naked in the same room as me. Especially at your age!”

“Thanks, man,” said James awkwardly. “To be honest, yeah, I’ve been super horny all day. Getting fucked last night was awesome.”

Almost too quickly, Josh took advantage of the opportunity. “Well if you want to get some more action, why don’t you come over here and suck me off?” He grabbed his soft dick and started stroking it, flexing his arm muscles and smiling.

James was so horny, he didn’t need to be asked twice. He got on his knees in front of Josh on the bed, hovering over his hardening dick. James had never given a blow job before but knew how from watching porn. He slowly lowered his face towards Josh’s penis, taking in its strong, manly smell. His lips touch the head and Josh let out a sigh. Slowly, he wrapped his mouth fully around Josh’s cock and began to bob up and down, getting lower and lower each time.

James knew he was doing well because of Josh’s loud moans. Josh grabbed the back of James’ head, slowly guiding him lower on his dick until he was deep throating him. James gagged on the rock solid, 7 inch penis in his mouth, fully unaccustomed to sucking anyone off.

Josh was encouraging. “Goddamn I love getting my dick sucked. Eventually you won’t gag as much dude!”

After a few minutes, Josh yanked James off his dick and motioned over to Matt, who was now fully nude and casually Fulya Escort Bayan stroking his dick. James pulled off his boxers as he began to slip his mouth around Matt’s enormous 9 inch cock. Thank god James had started with Josh, because Matt had no patience at all. He immediately pressed James down deep on his member, making James gag. Matt obviously loved being in control, grunting loudly as he forced James to deepthroat him. But James loved this submissive role. He had so much to learn but knew he was making his two friends happy.

Suddenly, Matt got on his knees as he held James’ mouth on his dick. He rolled James onto his back, straddling his chest.

“Want me to fuck your face? I think you’re going to love it.”

James didn’t know what was coming for him. Matt began to thrust his dick deep into James’ mouth. He began with slow, long pushes but quickly sped up. Each time, James could feel Matt’s dirty blonde pubes touch his lips. He heard Matt grunt with each thrust and felt his sweat roll down from his armpits and chest onto James. The bed creaked as Matt got faster and faster, slamming his cock deep into James’ mouth.

James had been so distracted by Matt’s enormous cock in his mouth that he didn’t even notice Josh getting up from the bed. But he was suddenly reminded of his presence by the warm feeling of Josh’s lubed-up fingers rubbing his asshole. He couldn’t see Josh at all with Matt still straddling his chest, but soon he felt 3 fingers slide inside his hole.

After a few seconds, James felt he legs lifted onto Josh’s shoulders, who began to press his rock-solid dick against James’ asshole. He was right behind Matt, who was still throat-fucking James like there was no tomorrow. Without saying a word, Josh pushed his dick fully inside James and let out an enormous gasp, like he was relieved to be fucking this young twink again.

“Fuck yeah, James, you’re tight as ever!”

James couldn’t believe that, yet again, he was being fucked by his two friends at the same time. With each thrust, Josh slowly pulled his dick almost entirely out of James and then slammed it back inside, which pushed Matt’s dick deeper and deeper into James’ mouth. Matt was obviously loving this too.

“You’re a fucking natural, dude! Escort Fulya My slutty girlfriend can’t even take two cocks like you.”

The bed creaked as Matt got faster and faster, until eventually James knew Matt was going to cum.

“Fuck man, I’m so close!”

He rammed his dick deep inside James’ mouth and exploded. Matt’s massive dick throbbed as it shot warm, salty cum down James’ throat. James continued to gag, not able to breath as Matt’s seed filled his mouth. He swallowed all that he could, but still some came out of his mouth and streamed down his cheeks.

Exhausted, Matt rolled off of James and laid down next to him and Josh. But what Matt did next surprised James the most. He scooped his own leftover cum from James’ face and grabbed James’ cock, lubing up his dick and beginning to stroke it as Josh continued to fuck him.

“So you’re gay now too?” Josh teased Matt. “It’s one thing to fuck a hole, but another to stroke a dude’s dick.”

“Hey, if James is letting us use him to get off, why shouldn’t we return the favor?”

James was in heaven. He looked over at Matt, who was intently stroking away at his raging dick, lubed up with Matt’s own cum. He could still taste it in his mouth and smell Matt’s scent in his nose from all the face fucking. At the same time, he made eye contact with Josh, his legs pressed against his gorgeous, tanned body and firm muscular chest. James couldn’t tell whose sweat was whose, but he was wet from all the bodies rubbing against him.

“I’m gonna cum, man!” Josh screamed as he began to shoot his seed into James. The feeling of warm cum inside him send James over the edge, his dick erupting as Matt continued to furiously beat him off. His load splashed up onto his chest, pouring down his stomach and onto the bedsheets below. He felt Josh’s cock throb inside him, still shooting cum out into his ass.

Josh pulled out his dick from James and jokingly collapsed between James and Matt on the bed, smiling and laughing from all the endorphins. There was so much cum and sweat on the bed, there was no use in trying to wipe it up.

“Damn, dude,” he chuckled. “I know I’m straight, but fucking you feels pretty incredible. I’ve never shot a load like when I’m inside your ass.”

Matt responded. “Yeah man, you can see why I wanted to jack him off. This champ deserves to have his mind blown after all the cum he’s gotten out of me!”

James laughed. “Any time dudes. You better believe I’m loving this the most. Just let me know when you’re ready for round three!”

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