First Time for a Marine

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I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 24 years old.

I was very introverted and I couldn’t talk to women in person, in a social capacity, outside a regular circle. If it weren’t for the internet, I’m pretty sure I’d still be much the same. I’d be on my way to being a real ’40 year old virgin.’ I was very sexually frustrated.

It wasn’t that I was “saving myself for that ‘special someone.'” I was really THAT shy. Hindsight being 20/20, I had a few girls throw themselves at me, more-or-less. But, I didn’t know any better at the time.

It was my fifth year as an active duty Marine. I was stationed on the island of Okinawa, Japan. I was desperate and had resorted to placing a couple of ads on free personals sites. I chatted with a few women, but nothing ever went beyond that.

I had been chatting with a young lady for a week or two. She was stationed on another base on the island. It was a Thursday night, and I was cleaning my room; as was normal for a Thursday. I had my computer on with a chat window open. After a while, she chimed in and asked what I was up to. I told her I was finishing up with my cleaning. She said that she wished I were there with her, because she could really use a massage. I went along and said that I wished I were there to give her one. She responded that if I gave her one, she would give me “something special.” I asked her what that may be, to which she said “come find out.”

I didn’t have a car, and shared this with her. She said, “I guess that’s too bad…”

I leapt from my computer, quickly ran down the hall and asked a friend to use his car. He was a bit apprehensive, but he handed me his keys.

I ran back to my room. On the screen, she was asking if I were still there. I explained escort kocaeli to her that I had gotten car keys from a friend and could be over. A moment later, a phone number popped up, she told me to call her.

I called her, and she gave me directions to her barracks and her room.

It was almost an hour drive before I had made my way there and was knocking on her door. She answered in a babydoll nightie, and quickly invited me inside. It was very dark inside. I took my shoes off and followed her further. She laid on her bed facedown and looked back at me. She asked me, “are you ready to give me that massage?” I shyly answered “yes.” I climbed onto the bed, still fully dressed and straddled one of her legs which were slightly spread. I started rubbing her shoulders. She suggested I take my pants off, so I did. I stripped down to my boxers. As I did this she slid the nightie up and off. I went back to rubbing her back. She kept telling me to go lower. I made my way to her lower back, then her ass. I realized she wasn’t wearing panties. She told me lower again. I was massaging the back of her left thigh. She began writhing and moaning beneath me. My hands had moved to the sides of her leg. Soon my knuckles of my right hand were grazing her pussy, which was very wet. Soon, her hips rose off the bed and SHE was rubbing her pussy over my hand. I moved my hands further down her leg. She quickly turned over into her back and grabbed me by the neck much like a Muay Thai fighter.

She pulled my head down until my face was between her legs. I had read a lot about this, and seen it in porn; I began licking her pussy. I started at the lowest part and licked my way up to her clit. I dove my tongue as deep into her opening as I could. I absolutely gölcük escort loved the taste of her. I knew I would be hooked on eating pussy. She moaned and guided my head where she wanted me to lick. She had me suck on her clit while I licked it. It wasn’t long until she clamped my head tightly with her thighs, her body stiffened. She went limp and was breathing heavily. I had to catch my own breath after she had been pulling me in so tightly. I exhaled onto her clit. She jumped and squeeled, then went limp again just as quickly.

She pushed me onto my back, and literally tore my boxers off me. My cock sprung free. I didn’t think myself big, compared to guys in porn. But from various magazine articles, I am supposedly average at 6 inches. She gasped slightly and whispered, “nice…thick…” She grasped me in her hand and began licking and sucking me. This was better than I had ever imagined. She stroked me and swirled her tongue around the head of my cock. She only did this for a few minutes.

She asked me if I brought condoms. I answered, “yes.” She told me to put one on, so I did. My imagination and fantasies hadn’t prepared me for the sensation I was soon to experience. She grabbed and guided my cock to her pussy and told me “slow.” I rubbed the head up and down her slit like I had read about so many times. Then I eased in very easily, just the head, and held still. She used her legs to pull me closer. I more fell off balance and sunk the rest of my length into her in one motion. She gasped as I bottomed out. Here I was; completely inside a woman’s pussy, for the first time. I started to move, but she told me to hold still. I stayed still for a moment, until she said “go ahead.” I slowly started working my cock in izmit sınırsız escort and out of her. I alternated between quick-firm strokes, and long-slow strokes. She was breathing heavier and heavier with each movement I made. Soon she was moaning and digging her hands into my back.

She let her grip loose of me and had me ease out of her. She turned onto all fours in front of me with her head low. I felt her hand come from between her legs and grab my cock. Again, she guided it into her pussy. I grabbed her hips and started thrusting into her. She immediately started moaning and getting very vocal. Soon, her pussy was grabbing my cock tighter and I quickly emptied my load into the condom.

She collapsed forward onto the bed facedown, breathing heavily. I sat next to her not knowing what to do.

She turned to me and took the condom off of me. She wrapped it into some tissue and threw it into a wastebasket. She told me to lay back. She got up and got a washcloth wet. Then she cleaned my cock, which was still standing at attention, and very sensitive. She seemed surprised that it stayed hard through it and made a sensuous “hmmm” sound.

I heard her open a drawer. Then soon felt her rolling a new condom onto me.

Before I knew it, she was straddling me with my cock inside her. She told me to just hold still. She grasped me with her pussy muscles and moved her hips slightly for a few minutes. Then she started riding me more vigorously. I couldn’t help but lift my hips off the bed and meet her thrust for thrust. She rode until I filled that condom too.

She discarded that one the same as she did the first one. Then she cleaned me again. By now I realized it was almost 1:00 a.m. I had PT at 5:00a.m., meaning I was only going to get about 3 hours of sleep that night.

She said she understood, and I made my way back to my own barracks.

Somehow, I managed to wake up in time for PT.

I got to hook up with her a couple more times. She showed me much more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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