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First Time Bottom, Married Guy

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I had joined a hook up site months ago. I am married, but have this urge to fulfill some man on man fantasies. I consider myself to be versatile, because I have had fantasies of ramming my cock into another man, but also submitting myself to having a man slide in and out of me as well.

About 60% of the guys on the site list themselves as bottoms, 30% as versatile, and about 10% as tops, and about 80% flakes that would like to talk the talk but never committed to actually meeting.

In the beginning it didn’t matter to me. I hooked up with guys that said they were bottoms, which they were. Then I was able to meet up with some versatile guys, but they always seemed to have a reason for not topping, so I did.

Then there were the tops. They were usually the biggest flakes, or would ask for you to bring alcohol or drugs or something, which just made me feel like they were just some addict or alcoholic using gay sex to get their fix.

I did meet up with one top. His wife was out of town, and he was only a couple miles away.

When I got there and we got undressed, and started playing around, he asked me if I would top him, because he said my cock was so perfect.

No, I am not huge, only abou 6 1/2 inches, and medium width, not too skinny, but not a beer can either. I believe he was telling the truth, because he was so tight, but he took it like a champ, and I am apparently a very patient lover…to start off that is. I had fun, but was disappointed that I still hadn’t had the chance to bottom.

Then yesterday I had to go into work early, so I left early. My wife was going to be getting home late that day, and didn’t know I got to leave work early, so I checked the site out. There was a top who was very persistent on hooking up with me, so I got really excited and was messaging him back and forth.

He gave me his address. He was so controlling in telling me what he wanted to do, and how he was going to fuck me. I got about a mile away from his address when I got another message, and he told me he was a shy guy, and nervous, but if I brought him some beer, that would help.

Damn, I couldn’t believe this guy. So domineering, then “shy?” “nervous?” and asking for alcohol? So I messaged him back and told him that “I am not the one,” and to “keep looking.”

So..when that fell through, I was resigned to just go home and watch some porn and jack off, but right before I got onto the interstate to go home, I seen a message from a guy less than a mile from me that said “hi.”

So I checked out his stats and pic. He was about my age, but was 7 inches shorter and about 80 lbs lighter. I am usually attracted to bigger guys like myself, but I’m open to checking things out. He did have some chest hair and said he was versatile, but his face was blocked out in his pic, so that’s all I knew.

I responded “hey.”

He then asked what I was looking for.

I told him that even though I was usually a top, I was really only looking to bottom today.

He asked if I had any pics to send him of my body, since I only had a pic of my cock on the site.

I didn’t. I don’t Fındıkzade Escort want to risk the chance of having that on my phone to be found by my wife or kids.

So I pulled into a gas station, checked to make sure no one was looking in my direction, and opened up my shirt and sent him a pick of my chest.

He said that maybe we could meet and see if it would work out.

I liked his honesty. He was from out of town, so he gave me his room number at his hotel right around the corner.

I got there and nervously walked through the lobby and around corner after corner until I got to his room and knocked.

He opened his door, and I immediately noticed that he was better looking than I expected. He was also way smaller than me. I started thinking about how I could pick him up while I nailed him, and all the different positions I could f**k him in ( because up to this point, I was used to guys changing up and only wanting to bottom).

He had sports news on the tv, and sounded very masculine, so that was very nice, knowing that he wasn’t feminine at all. Which I don’t have a problem with, only that some try to hide it, and I hate people acting fake.

He sat on his bed like he was going to watch tv, so I sat next to him, but not too close. I felt like maybe he needed to feel out the situation, before going further.

He had a scruffy beard, and kinda looked a little redneck. This actually turned me on a lot.

Apparently he liked what he saw. Before we even really started talking, he started rubbing his cock through his pants. I looked at him and gave him a nod to let him know I was interested, so he stood up and pulled his cock out.

WOW, it looked to be at least 10 inches, but not too thick. Which I thought to myself was actually a good thing if he actually fucked me, because it wouldn’t stretch out my virgin hole that much.

I leaned over and took him into my mouth and sucked him for a good 5 minutes before I stopped to pull my chick out. I wasn’t sure how much I should take off, because some guys only like to expose what parts they are actually going to use. As I was pulling my cock out, he took his pants all the way off, so I followed suit. As he was pulling his clothes of, so was I. Eventually we were both completely naked.

We both got back onto the bed. We embraced, and he kissed me. To tell you the truth, he wasn’t the best kisser, but his scruffy beard was rubbing my face. It was definitely turning me on.

We were side by side, but I started felling him trying to pull me on top of him, so I layed on top of him, but braced myself so I didn’t crush him. We Grinded, naked making out for at least 10 minutes. Then I rolled us back onto our side, and he continued that until he was on top. He was really grinding me hard. I still wasn’t sure where this was going to go, but I was all in no matter what. He then went down on me, and oh…my…god. He took me all the way into his throat…and left me there while he sucked. This was that best throat f**k ever. I know I’m pretty good at giving head, but I was in awe of what he was doing.

After Fındıkzade Escort Bayan a few minutes he started licking and sucking my balls and taint. He put his arms under my legs while he was doing that. I thought he was about to rim my ass, but I was disappointed…for the moment…because he didn’t.

He crawled back up my body and we continued grinding and making out. He was definitely taking the lead, which was very nice. He asked me what I wanted, and that he just wanted to give me pleasure.

I felt that I needed to see where I could take this. So I told him what I told him earlier. “I would really like to bottom.” I said.

Then he smiled and said “ok.”

He walked over to his suit case and appeared to grab lube. That’s when I realized, that in my nervousness, I had forgot my condoms in my truck, but I was actually on the verge of my greatest fantasy.

He came over, and while standing, stuck his cock back into my mouth. After a few minutes he asked me how I wanted it. I told him that I wanted to be on my back. So he told me to scoot my ass to the edge of the bed where he was standing, so I did. He then started applying lube to my asshole, then started fingering me, lubing me up so good. I thought at this point, if I changed my mind, at least I got fingered and it was feeling real good.

Holy shit, I think this is really going to happen.

By this time he was so hard, it looked like it was over 12 inches at this point. My legs were spread, and he was lining up. I felt his finger enter me for just a second, then I felt it.

He was slowly pushing his cock into me. I knew it wasn’t all the way in. He was only going in a couple inches, maybe three, but he was definitely f**cking me. In and out. I was in heaven. It felt so good.

He was talking to me the whole time. It was so hot.

He was asking me what I wanted. I felt like he was patient and courteous, but at the same time, I felt like me telling him what I wanted was turning him on more. I felt so submissive, and it was turning me on more and more.

I started calling him “baby” mostly because that’s the only thing I could think of since I still didn’t know his name.

“Does it feel good?” he asked.

“Yes.” I replied.

“I want to make you feel good.” he said.

“It feels so good. I want more of you in me.”

He then started sliding more into me. 4, 5, 6 inches. And every time he put more in me, I could feel him slide almost all the way out before sliding back in a little more than the last time.

“Oh my god…it feels so good.” I said.

“It feels great to me too.” he replied.

“I want you to put it all in baby, I want to feel your whole cock slide in and out of me.”

He then put his foot on the bed.

“I’m gonna give it all to you baby.”

And he slammed into me. It didn’t hurt, it felt amazing. I felt myself about to cum, but I learned years ago how to control that, and made myself stop. I didn’t want this to end yet. I wanted him to keep fukking me as long as he could. At one point I clinched my asshole.

“Holy Escort Fındıkzade shit baby, that felt amazing?” he said.

So I clinched it again, and held it clinched. I know he like it, I swear I heard him actually giggle a little.

“I want to feel your cock swell in my ass when you cum.” I said.

“I’m not going to cum until you do.” he replied.

Apparently he could control himself too. Since it was getting near the time I would need to head home, I told him to keep slapping his balls on my ass the way he was, I would cum in no time.

So he picked up his speed and was slamming into me hard. After a couple more minutes, I told him I was starting to cum, and he started moaning. I could feel him swelling inside me and shooting spurt after spurt inside me while I was cumming. He then leaned over and we kissed some more. He then walked to the bathroom to clean up. After giving him a few seconds, I followed and started cleaning myself off. I realized that I shot all over my stomach and chest, nearly hitting my neck.

He offered me his shower.

I knew I didn’t have enough time, and the thought of getting into the shower with him would make me want to do a lot more, so I told him “No thanks. I have to get home.”

We both went back to the bed and started getting dressed. When he was dressed, and I was pulling my pants up, he reached over and grabbed my cock again and started rubbing it. We looked into each other’s eyes, and he said “Sorry, I just had to feel it one more time.”

I rubbed him and told him I loved his huge long cock. I asked him when he was leaving town, and he said he was just there for the night and was leaving in the morning.

“Damn…I wish I could meet up with you again.” he said.

“I do too.” I replied.

Then as I was finishing getting dressed, he asked me about any nearby restaurants, so I told him about a few. He said he was going to get a Lyft, but I told him I would drop him off on my way home. So we walked to my truck. On the short drive, he told me that he really had a good time and wanted to know if I would meet up with him next time he came into town.

Which I excitedly answered, “Yes. Definitely.”

He then asked if it was alright to message me his contact info, so I said sure.

I pulled into the restaurant and that’s when he turned to me and said, “Oh, and by the way, my name is Mike.”

“I’m Jakob. It was awesome meeting you Mike.”

As I pulled away, I felt so good. I really hope he will come back into town soon, and will really send me his info.

I waited until I was stopped at a red light, and pulled the site up on my phone, but no message. I thought to myself, “maybe he was just being nice”, and “maybe he’s waiting until after he eats.”

I felt like a school girl with a crush.

About an hour later when I was at home, I acted like I had to use the bathroom, and pulled the site back up.

Bingo…email and cell phone number.

“We should get together when I get back into town.” he messaged.

“Definitely.” I responded, followed by my email and cell number. Now when he gets back in town, I don’t have to be on the site to see his message, and chance missing out.

Oh well, I guess we will see.

It just happened yesterday, but I’m hoping it won’t be too long before he gets back. Until then, I will keep checking the site. I hope to hit gold again soon.

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