FIrst meet at university

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This story is mostly true, a few bits may have been altered to work better.

I had been at university for 2 weeks, managed to get through freshers week and was looking forward to studying. But by far and away the real excitement was the fact I was now living away from home. I had chosen Leeds as it had a good reputation for science, and was 4 hours from home so no chance of my parents or brother turning up unexpectantly. I had some money saved from my summer job and my first purchases were a pair of high heeled patent open toe t-bar sandals, black shiny opaque stockings, panties bra suspender belt and a french maids outfit. I just loved putting them on and standing in front of the mirror just looking at myself all dressed up. I was still worried about people finding out as I lived in dorms with 5 other guys on my floor. I used to hide my girly things under the bed behind a drawer!
Anyway, I had looked online before getting to Leeds and found two gay pubs on Call Lane (honestly this is what the road is called, and did have ladies of the night!). I finally plucked up the courage to head down one night after a few drinks. I was wearing my bra, panties, stockings and suspenders under my tight jeans and white t-shirt. Into a backpack went my maids oufit and heels. I arrived at the pub and walked past it about 5 or 6 times, getting very nervous as I had never been to a gay bar before. I finally plucked up the courage to go in and was immediately stopped at the door by a bouncer. Panic set in as I thought he would want to search my bag! But no, he just wanted to check that I was 18 and that I knew this was a gay bar. I showed him my ID and he let me in, saying “try not to get eaten alive!” as I walked past him. I had major butterflys in my stomach as I entered the bar. It looked just like any other pub, lots of guys (mostly old men) stilling around drinking. A few people looked up at me as I walked in and I got a few smiles. I went over to the bar, ordered a redbull and double vodka and sat down at a table. A few minutes later a guy sits down next to me and asks me my name. We chatted for a bit, he bought me a drink and he then wondered off to talk to some other people. I started feeling quite at ease. After chatting to a few guys I ended up at a table with Jon, he was 47, a little overweight, around 6″4 with a pretty big build. After chatting for a bit and another drink which he bought for me, he asked me if I had just come from Uni. “No, why” I asked as it was a Saturday.
“Just wondering why you have a bag with you that you seem to grasp so tighly whenever anyone walks past”
At this point I was pretty drunk, and decided just to tell him
“Well, I have a dress and some high heels in the bag”
“Really??” Jon said, raising his eyebrows. I was waiting for him to start laughing but instead said “interesting! why do you have those?”
“I love to dress up as a girl” I said rather quietly.
“Just a dress and heels?” he asked
“No, full gear” I leaned over to him and whispered “I’m wearing stockings panties and a bra under my clothes right now”
“Nice!” said Jon. “So what are you looking for? I guess you came here to find guys?”
“Yes” I replied nervously “I’m hoping to find a guy who would let me dress up for him”
“What would you do for a guy that let you do that?”
We moved over to a table at the side of the room out of the way, and Jon asked me to show him my stockings. I rolled up my trouser leg to my knee so he could see I was indeed wearing stockings. He took my calf in his hand and gave it a really hard squeeze. His hand was big enough to completely surround my calf.
“Anything you say?” he asked me, giving my leg another hard squeeze. I was so horny at this point, this was the first time a guy had laid hands on my stocking clad legs, even if it was a bit hard.
“Anything” I whispered as I sighed.
“Right, I am called us a cab” said Jon

So Jon and I get into the taxi, both of us in the back. He sits very close to me and puts his hand on my leg, again giving it a hard squeeze. He sees me looking at the taxi driver
“Don’t worry about him, he always picks me up from the bar” and leans over onto me and starts to kiss my neck whilst grabbing my body.

At this point I am a little scared, but also horny and know at least he is ok with me dressing up when we get to his.

The taxi drive seems to take a while and i start to think how am I going to get home! I have no idea where we are going. We eventually pull up and get out the taxi. It is a fairly non descript street with rows of town houses. He guides me to his house and nods for me to walk up the steps to his front door. As soon as he is behind me I feel his hands on my ass “Mmm, very nice” he mutters. As I get to the door he leans against me, putting the key in the door and I can feel him pressing against me.

Once we get in he tells me to go up the stairs to the bathroom and get changed.
“Come back down when you are ready, I will be sitting in the lounge just here”.

Up I go, very very nervous, what if he is playing a joke on me, or what if he laughs and kicks me out when he sees me dressed up? Oh well I think, I’m here and a bit drunk, and so want to dress. So I take off my tshirt and trousers, standing in a strangers bathroom in bra, panties stockings and suspenders, about to slip on my heels and maids outfit. I can’t stop my legs trembling as I do up the strap on my t-bar patent heels. Once I am ready, I look down at my stocking clad legs and my heels, seeing my toes poking out through the peep toe and I get hard. God do I feel so horny. I make my way down the stairs into the lounge to find Jon sitting on the sofa with a drink in his hand. He jumps up and says “WoW! You look amazing. I wans’t sure about this dressing thing, but just WoW!”

I smiled back at him, still thinking he was just being nice.

“Upstairs again now” he said to me, in quite a firm voice. I start to walk up the stairs, by the second step Jon’s hand is on my ass, by the forth step I can feel his fingers running up and down against my boy pussy through my panties. We get up to his bedroom, quite a big room with a big mirror and bed with iron railings for a base and head board.
“Stand in front of the mirror, take a good look at yourself” he pretty much orders me. I’m standing there as he moves behind me, his breath on my neck. I start trembling again, can’t stop it
“Nervous are we sexy” he asks.
“It’s my first time doing this” I say
“Mmmmmmm, good” Jon smiles and grabs my ass, giving it a good hard squeeze
“Don’t worry sexy, I will go gentle with you this first time”
“Thanks” I say
“You might not be when I am finished but lets see how it goes” he replies. God, I am so nervous now but so hard and horny.
“So now that you are dressed, it is time for the anything” jon smiles again as he says this. “have you ever been tied up before?” he asks. I tell him no but is something I have thought about. He goes over to a set of drawers and opens the top one, pulling out a ball gag, set of cuffs and a leg spreader
“I normally introduce these after a couple of meets with a boy, but as you want to dress, I’ll use them now ok”
I nearly came there and then, what had I got myself into? and why was I feeling so horny about it!
Jon comes over and puts the ball gag on me, then fastens my wrists behind my back. Finally, he puts the leg spreader on me as I am standing in front of the mirror. He takes his time, running his hands over my stockings
“I love your heels, makes your ass stick out, perfect for fucking” Standing behind me I hear Jons belt buckle open, his zip opening, his trousers dropping and hitting the floor
“Time to see if you really haven’t done this before, you better be tight bitch”
I feel his cock pressing against my boy pussy, probing and pushing against my hole through my panties.
I moan into the ball gag as his hands grab hold of my hips, pulling me tight against him. His hand wonders over the front of my panties feeling my hard cock
“Mmmmmm, good you are enjoying this aren’t you bitch” he whispers in my ear.
he guides me onto my knees, helping as the leg spreader is making it hard for me to balance
“good, you have your panties on over your stockings, otherwise I would have to cut them off” He pulls my panties down to my knees.
“don’t worry bitch, I am not going to fuck you yet, you need to lube my cock up first, I wonder, can you deep throat?”

Jon loosens the ball gag so it drops around my neck and then moves me side on to the mirror. Standing in front of me with his semi erect cock in my face, he takes hold of my head and says “open your mouth bitch”
I open wide and he laughs “greedy thing aren’t you, start by licking my cock”
I use my tounge, licking the head of his cock, running my tounge around it
“Mmmm you are quite good at this” jon says as he pushes his cock into my mouth.
I start sucking, working his cock in my mouth with my tounge, forward and back he moves my head, I can feel his cock getting bigger and harder in my mouth.

“theres a good bitch” Jon moves his hands away from my head and I hear him shaking a bottle

“ever tried poppers slut?” he asks. I shake my head and mumble, can’t speak with his cock in my mouth
“just take a big long drag when I hold the bottle under your nose”

It hits me, the smell like marker pens at school, I take a big long inhale, feeling my face flush, heartbeat race, waves of pleasure going through my body, my feet balling in my sexy heels, senses highlightened, feeling the suspender straps against my skin, I am in heaven. Then it happens, Jon grabs my head tight and rams his cock deep into my mouth down my throat. The gag reflex hits as he holds me tight
“Thats it slut, take my cock deep”
He proceeds to fuck my throat, thrusting into my face, I can’t breath, my legs trembling, wanting it to stop but loving it at the same time. Just as I think I am going to pass out, he pulls his cock out of my mouth, my throat spit dripping down my chin, and coating his cock.
“oh yes you will do nicely” Jon says as he stands over me, letting me get my breath back.

“Take another hit of poppers bitch” He holds it under my nose again and as I know what is coming, I take 2 or 3 deep inhales. As soon as the bottle is removed, I am back to having my head held tight, his cock ramming into my throat.
I take a look out of the corner of my eye at the mirror and see myself, tied, on my knees, this big guy standing over me, his cock in my mouth. It’s all I can do not to cum at the sight of it. He continues to fuck my throat, this time reaching down and pinching my nose. He doesn’t let up until my vision starts to darken, my arms and legs struggling against the restraints as I try desperately to get some air.

“Time for a break bitch” Jon says as he fixes my ball gag back in place, grabs the leg spreader bar and drags me across the floor over to the bed. He lifts me up onto the bed, puts me on all fours and fixes my wrist cuffs to the leg spreader, putting my arms under me between my legs so my ass is stuck up in the air.

he rumages around a little behind me, then puts the bottle of poppers back under my nose. I take another deep inhale, boy am I loving the buzz poppers are giving me. Next thing I feel is a cold wetness against my boy pussy as he squeezes lube against it, followed up my something hard pushing against my hole. In it goes and it feels amazing, is this it? is this what i feelsl like to have a cock pushed into you? I thought it was supposed to hurt. Then I hear pumping, Jon had inserted an inflateable butt plug into me “don’t worry slut, this is the smallest one I have, you should feel it properly in a moment”

I start to feel a fullness as the butt plug grows in size, pressure building inside me, trying to fight the urge to push it out, but when I try I can’t.

“Right bitch, that is enough air for now, back in a minute” he then slaps my ass very hard with his big hand and gets off the bed. I moan through the gag as he slaps me

“ohhh, you like that do you, well when I come back you are going to get ten hard ones, on each cheek”

After what seems like ages but was probably only a couple of minutes of being left on the bed, my wrists tied under me to the leg spreader with my ass stuck up in the air exposed, Jon returned to the room. Taking a log drink of the beer he had in his hand he climbed onto the bed and gave the butt plug another couple of pumps and tapped it a few times. It felt so big in me and when he tapped it I let out a moan
“good, you like that don’t you slut, time now for your spanking”
He sat next to me on the bed and put one arm around my waist holding me tight. Then thwack! His hand spakning my ass in a quick hard motion. I moaned and tried to pull away but he held me tight.
“Mmmmmmm bet you liked that slut”
After the first smack, his fingers lingered on my cheek, gently running over the hand print. The tingling sensation was amazing. He held the poppers under my nose and I took another big inhale and he proceeded to keep spanking and stoking my bottom. The pain and pleasure sent waves through my body, every time he spanked me I tied to pull away but he kept me held tight as he dealt out the punishment.
“Right thats 10 each, it’s about time you got fucked”
I wanted it to stop but also so wanted to be fucked all I could do was let out a moan through my gag.
He released my wrists from the ankle spreader and tied them to the head board. I was face down on the bed, leg spreader pushing my legs open wide.
I heard the butt plug deflate and Jon pulled it out, the feeling as the pressure released was intense and once he removed it I could feel my ass gape, opening and closing
“So inviting,mmmm” said Jon. Another deep inhale of poppers and jon was on top of me, I could feel his hard penis pushing against my tight hole. I could feel his head pressing, probing and slowly opening me up. I was so close to cumming, the waves of pleasure going through my body, the realisation that I was about to be fucked, that I was all dressed up, his hands over my stockings, my heels felt tight on my feet, I was in heaven
His head slipped into me and a wave of pain hit me, I screamed into the gag
“oh you are very tight slut” said Jon as he thrust hard deep into me
The pain became even more intense and I thrashed around trying to ease it but Jon held me tight
“yes thats is slut”
The pain started to subside as he started thrusting into me, to be replaced by an amazing feeling of his cock deep in me. My cock was rock hard, each thrust sending waves of pleasure through my body. I could feel the sheets below me get wet with my pre cum.
He pulled his cock out of me and rammed it back it deep.

I orgasamed, cum shooting out of me. I had never cummed like this before, each spurt causing my ass to clench hard on Jon’s cock, his moans of pleasure as I shot load after load for what seems like ages.

I collapsed unable to move, just lying there panting as Jon thrust away, fucking me deep and hard

“Wow I could feel you cumming slut, I knew you were loving it”

His verbal abuse increased
“yes slut take it, you dirty whore, take my cock, you love it you bitch” as he pounded away on my ass. I just lay there exhausted, taking his cock hoping he would cum soon
Sure enough after a few more minutes, Jon groaned and shook as he came, ramming me with 4 or 5 really hard deep thrusts.

I felt his body weight fully on me as he collapsed on top of me and lay there for a while, his cock still in me, breathing deeply in my ear.

Finally he rolled off me, cleaned himself up, left the room for a few minutes then returned to release me.

I slowly got up, my ass red and sore as he handed me my clothes.

“Hope you enjoyed that, if you didn’t rememeber don’t tell guys you will do anything” Jon laughed.

“I’ve ordered you a taxi, if it the same guy who dropped us off don’t be suprised if he asks you for a blow job!”

“If you want more you know where to find me, I am in the pub most nights. Oh and I did go easy on you tonight, next time will be harder so come see me if you want”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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